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Mark sat listlessly on the sofa in front of the television. Tonight’s news was dull, he thought, and dull news made for a happy society—for everyone else. Mark was among the unhappy. His hot little wife, Marilyn, was at her mother’s attending to the broken wrist mother-in-law had inadvertently acquired falling off a dirt bike. Mark sympathized and had driven Lynn to the airport the instant she could throw an overnight bag together but sympathy did not make up for loneliness. Worse yet, he was horny—really horny.

He was half-way through the bourbon and soda he’d made in an attempt to dull the feeling when the phone in his pocket buzzed insistently.


“Marky, darling, Marilynn called and told us about her mother’s accident and that you were alone for a week. You poor thing! Why don’t you come on over to our place for some ‘company’?”

Mark swallowed. Going to the mayor’s residence for the evening would certainly cure his horniness but it would come at a cost. As a young journeyman stonemason, Mark had been sent by his employer to discuss a project with Her Honor, Shirley. Over the course of the next week she not only seduced but took possession of him, adding him to her informal harem of virile young lovers. Shirley was his mistress in every sense of the word. She had trained Mark to her satisfaction and then watched him ‘escape’ into marriage with Marilynn. That escape was but temporary. Over the last year both of them had become Shirley’s playthings and had taken up part time prostitution as a hobby—with Shirley directing, of course. Playing with the mayor meant playing by her rules.

“Uh, thanks for the offer, Shirley, but . . .”

“Stud muffin, get your handsome, manly self up, out the door and over here. You’ve got an itch that needs scratchin’ and so do I and so does Hercule. Move it.”

Years of conditioning took over. Mark slipped on his loafers, donned a coat and cap and climbed into his pickup, driving on autopilot while his conscious brain kicked and screamed against the idea. It was going to be a long night and he would consider himself lucky if the mayor decided not to try out a new riding crop on him or something. If luck was against him—well, it wouldn’t be the first time. Bondage, dominance, dildo harnesses and sex swings, Mark was only too familiar with all of them, from the receiving end! He frequently asked himself why he kept going back. The answer was that Shirley had him wrapped around her little finger—and she was a great lay!

People who went to the mayor’s official residence on official or social business all rang the bell on the front door. If you went in the back door, you were there to get laid. There was a place for your clothing so you could enter naked and that’s what Mark had learned to do. He was surprised, then, to find in the closet a well-shaped hanger bearing a silk smoking jacket and a pair of pajama bottoms. Pinned to them was a tag with his name. This was new. What was Shirley up to?

Changing into the provided garments, Mark took a deep breath, turned the knob entered. In the rear sitting room he found Shirley and her French husband, Hercule.

“Ah, there you are lover. We’ve been waiting impatiently.” Shirley took a drag on the mouthpiece of the hookah and handed it to him. “Here, baby, get loosened up. It’s going to be a long night.”

Hercule rose and handed him large snifter of brandy, then motioned him to sit down on the sofa next to his wife.

Mark looked from one to the other. “So we’re doing a threesome tonight? You’re entertaining Hercule and me?” He took a deep draw of the smoke and began to feel the effects immediately. This was some strong stuff!

Shirley turned languidly. Her heavy breasts jiggled unfettered beneath the suspenders of her silk jumpsuit. She reached out her hands and grasped the lapels of his smoking jacket, pulling the two of them close together.

“Yes and no, darling. We’re doing a threesome tonight but you are entertaining me and Hercule.”

“Now wait a minute!” Mark began to protest, “I do women and if I just happen to get done by another man I’m supposed to be blindfolded. You know that.”

Shirley pressed two fingers across his lips.

“You hush. Mark,” she locked an intense gaze on him, holding him captive with a stare, “stop trying to delude yourself. From the time we started having sex together I’ve used a dildo harness on you and you love it. Marilynn has learned to use one on you and you love that. The first night we all got together both Hercule and I took advantage of that fine ass of yours and you loved that, even though you didn’t know half the time it was my honey. And at the orgy in November your butt made a whole bunch of people feel good. You liked it. Well guess what, baby, at least half those people were guys and your prostate was just as happy with them as with a long chunk of silicone.” She leaned her face close to his and whispered, “And way down deep in your brain you know it, don’t you? Some people are born bi but anyone can learn to be and you have. Now take another couple of good hits and finish your brandy. You and I will start and Hercule will join us when he can’t wait any longer.”

She let go of his lapels and slid her hands over his chest and followed them with a long kiss. It started soft but grew more heated and hungry. She sucked his tongue into her mouth, pulling eagerly on it while running her hands through his hair. When she broke the kiss and leaned back slightly, she took his wrist and put the mouthpiece of the water pipe to his lips.

“Come on, Tiger, a big, deep hit and hold it,” and as he did she pushed the jacket off his shoulders and pressed herself against his bare chest, licking and nibbling his neck and ears. “And finish that brandy, baby. I want you nice and relaxed . . .”

Across the room Hercule smiled. Watching his wife prepare a young man for their mutual pleasure was always arousing. And this case was particularly satisfying. Mark, more so than any of the other studs in her stable, had resisted the idea that he could enjoy be used by other men. This, Hercule thought, was a great pity because the youth’s well muscled, smooth body made him an object of desire not only to women and bisexual/gay men but to men who thought they were straight. What his appeal might be was unclear but it included a natural golden skin, a perfect pair of bubble buttocks and, in Shirley’s hands, a boyish submissiveness that made him adorable. Hercule had taken great delight in sodomizing Mark each time the opportunity had been available but had wished that Mark would just acknowledge his desirability and forego the blindfold. Tonight, Shirley had decided, it was time that he did. Hercule felt his manhood begin to respond to the thought.

By now Mark’s glass was empty and his jacket was a pile of cloth around his hips. Shirley straddled his thighs, one suspender fallen to her elbow leaving a breast bare for Mark to suckle ravenously. She pushed herself away, dropped the other strap and stood up, looming over him. She undid the drawstring at her waist letting the garment fall to the floor and reached down to undo Mark’s.

“Lift, Marky, it’s time you were naked. Yes, just like that and oh look at your cock! He’s in the mood, isn’t he?” She bent down and took the helmet between her lips. Sucking strongly, she ran her hand up and down the shaft, making him moan. “You always did like that, baby, but now I think I’ve got something else you want. Come on, honey, right over here where you can push that lovely thing inside me where it wants to be.”

She took him by the hand and led him over to a full length cushion on the floor by fireplace. She lay down on her back with her thighs apart and pulled Mark down on top. He took a breast in each hand and squeezed, making her gasp and then moan as he sucked hard on one nipple and twisted the other. Hercule’s smile broadened as he removed his smoking jacket and undid the drawstring on his trousers. Mark’s ass was up and looking very inviting. Not for the first time the Frenchman wondered to himself whether he was actually bisexual or whether he just had an anal fixation. Other men’s cocks held little interest for him but the butt on a fit young man was as appealing as one on a luscious woman, as Shirley had discovered within a week of their marriage. Introducing her to the joys of sodomy was one of his best memories of those times.

“Shirley,” Mark murmured, “you’re a witch, an evil, wicked, nasty—irresistible witch.”

“I know, stud muffin,” she chortled deep in her throat, “and you are the most delectable and delectably obedient man. You’ll always do just what I tell you, even though you think you should resist. You can’t. I like that in a man. Now fuck me, Mark. Take me long and slow. Enjoy every minute of it because I want to see the pleasure on your face. It makes me cum.”

They moaned a duet as he penetrated her then started humming and whimpering together. Shirley’s nails wrote erotic calligraphy on his back for long minutes until she shouted out in orgasm. She pressed her thighs together, trapping his solid member in a tight grip.

“Straddle my legs, Mark. It’s Hercule’s turn.”

Mark swallowed but as Shirley predicted, he obeyed. Hercule nodded in approval. Shirley held Mark tight to her body with her arms and was, he knew, squeezing his phallus with her interior muscles. The chap was going nowhere. Hercule leisurely opened a condom package and slipped it down over his erection. Dribbling lubricant onto the palm of his hand, he spread it copiously over the latex. If this had been a newcomer to anal sex or a nervous woman, he would have spent a proper amount of time massaging and relaxing her. But Mark’s anus was experienced. Regularly over the last few years it has provided delight to his wife and Hercule’s and assorted men and women of the town’s economic and political elite. He knelt down onto the mattress.

Mark felt the weight of the man behind him. Shirley tightened her hold around his chest as Hercule’s big left hand took hold of Mark’s hip. However much he still might wish to break and run, he was pinned between them with no escape. Yielding to the inevitable, Mark pushed out and felt Hercule’s cock slide between his buttocks and up his ass.

“There now, honey, doesn’t that feel just wonderful?” Shirley whispered gleefully in his ear. “We have you now, Marky, just the way we want you. Now, you hold still. Don’t move. We’re gonna make you cum, Herc and I, in a way you’ve never cum before. It will be great, darling, and you’ll want us to do it again.”

Hercule began to thrust. The nerves in Mark’s rectum sent delicious shivers to his brain at the same time Shirley’s contractions did the same for his manhood. And every time Hercule bumped the prostate gland, little sparks of delight burst behind Mark’s eyes. Shirley was right. They were going to make him cum. The couple was in no hurry, they didn’t have to be. They were taking Mark up to the very edge and then they would push him over, he could feel it. He started to whimper softly.

“Yeah, baby, that’s what we want to hear. Now you know how I feel when two men are doing me, how Marilynn will feel when you and Hercule fuck her together. There’s nothing like it, honey. Come on, Marky, pant. Build yourself up.”

The dam burst and Mark screamed in ecstasy, jetting his load into his mistress over and over until he, with a whimper, collapsed totally spent. Hercule, still solidly erect, withdrew to let Shirley gently roll Mark off with a kiss. Then she rolled more, onto her belly, and arched her back, lifting her hips and spreading her legs.

“Watch this, Marky. Hercule’s gonna pound my ass a good one. It may even get you excited enough to start over again. Ohh!” Shirley grunted as Hercule, kneeling behind her, leaned forward, pushed his cock against her anus and pushed. In a single thrust he was in to the hilt, his pelvis slapping against her butt. He put his hand on either side of her and with a snarl began to drive into her grunting with the effort. Shirley started to whine then to wail and finally yelled out, “Yesssss, oh gawd yes! Come on, you horn dog, shoot it in me!” until Hercule groaned and dropped exhausted onto her back.

Shirley turned a sleep smile towards Mark. “Go shower, honey, and then come upstairs to bed. I told Marilynn we were taking her lonely little lost hubby in until she gets back. You sleep with us tonight.”

“But I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“I know. So we’re turning in early tonight so you can get up early enough to go home and get your tools and stuff. Tonight you pack an overnight bag and come back here for dinner, y’hear?”

Mark smiled ruefully, “Do I have a choice?”


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