Red academy for girls is an advanced school for those between 18 and 21 years of age, who wish to excel in the future of art, science, literature, and athletics.

After I had told Trisha my story, she had a blank expression. She sat there staring at me as she took dainty little sips of tea. After a few more minutes of utter silence, sheset the cup down and put a foot on the edge of the table to prop herself back.

“I think we can all just keep this a secret Mercy. Lilly and April as sweet as they may be won’t be very empathetic to your condition.” Trisha said, only it didn’t sound like Trisha, this was all business. And her eyes were glazed over.

“That will be okay.” I said quietly. She was starting to scare me with that dull spaced out expression that made me feel invisible.

“Please leave.” Trisha said without moving, without focusing her eyes on anything in particular. I got up slowly as walked myself out. Once out in the corridor a weight I didn’t feel building fell off my shoulders. For being as nice as she was usually she had a cold side.


I could taste her fear in the back of my throat, but right now I had to digest what I’d been told. It wasn’t possible for someone to engineer a person. The technology did not exist. Of course neither did demons and I met one in the flesh. And there was the undeniable evidence from earlier in the locker room.

I picked up the tea cup and flung it against the wall. It shattered and left tea running down the wall. Yet again an unexpected enemy entered my border and violated me. Damn, it!

I threw the other cup against the wall and screamed in rage. Next the chair was hit against the table cracking all the wooden legs off.

Anger was a good emotion, anger showed no weaknesses.


April and I heard the commotion coming from Trisha’s room and saw a boy who happened to be passing by knock on her door. That is the biggest mistake the poor thing could make.

“She’s in a rage again, and it sounds like a monstrous one this time.” Lilly said. I nodded.

“Let’s go find that new bitch, Mercy, she seems like a likely candidate for this one.” I said turning.

“Suspicious,” Lilly said matching my stride. It certainly was.


I panted about to smash a picture frame on the hutch. Next would be the table which somehow remained intact. A knock interrupted me. I opened the door and saw a guy standing almost right against the door.

I grabbed him by the shirt and flung him down on the table. I kicked the door closed. The man looked at me with big green eyes and struggled to get up on the wobbly table. I put my knees on either side of his hips and pushed him back down.

“Shhh,” I said bringing my face close to his. I must have looked mad; of course I was on the verge of insanity. I could taste his fear and also the hints of lust. I kissed him hard enough to press his lips hard into his teeth enough to draw blood and then I sucked his lip drinking the blood. I felt his hands rest on my hips and I immediately grabbed them and pushed them against his shoulders.

I ripped off what was left of my shirt and his greedy little paws reached for my breasts. I tied his hands together with the strips of shirt that had been clinging to me. He struggled against the binding and I grabbed a knife from the chaos around the table and cut off his pants and boxers. His throbbing cock was free and I pulled my pants off.

He reached once against towards me and I drove the knife hard into the table top barely above his shoulder. He tasted like fear once again. Grabbed his dick and pushed it against the entrance to my pussy. He moaned from under me and I started to push myself down on him. He looked at me and watched as I bobbed up and down on his cock moan softly.

I got completely off of him and walked out of his vision. He whimpered making me smile.


April and I walked up beside Mercy and before she could react hooked our arms into hers. We had started hauling her back toward Trisha’s dorm when she recognized us.

“What are you doing!?” She yelled at us.

“Showing you the destruction you caused,” April said.

“Troublesome child,” I muttered. Hopefully, Trisha had calmed down enough by now.


The windows that sat beside each other were smashed out and the boy was tied with his hands out the window. Blood from broken glass ran down his forearms but he didn’t seem to notice.

I sat with his cock in my pussy and licked the fresher blood from his arm. I didn’t move.

“Please, god, move,” He begged. I gave him an annoyed look. He wouldn’t shut up which was my fault for bringing him close to cumming three times now.

“I suppose you want release now right boyo?” I whispered into his ear.

“God yes,” He moaned. I got up off of him and he was started to fight when I went into my room. I retrieved a box. I brought it back and he settled down.

I pulled his hips out from under him and his cock closer to my face. He got the wrong idea and smiled. I retrieved a bottle from the box and a didlo and gingerly lubed the dildo up. His smile vanished when he became confused.

He understood when I pressed it against his ass. He tried to struggle but I managed to get it a little bit in.

“No take it out,” He cried grunting. I slowly pushed it the rest of the way in. He clenched his teeth but his cock remained hard.

Before I could continue the door burst open.


The two lesbians practically threw my through the door. I landed onto a pile of rubble that had once been the possessions in a conservatively furnished dorm room. It looked like a tornado had struck.

Glass crunched as Trisha came forward naked except for a bra that somehow had managed to escape the destruction then I heard the groan. Some guy was naked and was tied with his hands out two broken windows. He seemed worse for wear. He was bloody and had bruises across his face and legs. Also he seemed to be extremely aroused.

Trisha was kissing April. April was just standing there. Lilly had disappeared.

“Trisha, who is that boy?” April asked. Making Trisha look at the boy and then she noticed me. I didn’t even have time to become horny because she looked insane. That glazed over look was still in her eyes like the last time I saw her.

Lilly finally arrived again. Before anyone realized it she had tazed Trisha making her pass out.

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