Scooter grabbed her hand and pulled Cat to her feet. Her sleepy eyes, barely open, questioned.

“C’mon, love, let’s go for a walk.”

Cat perked up as he put his arm around her waist to pull her close. She gazed up into his glistening eyes. Scooter languidly kissed her delicious lips, before setting a slow pace for their walk. The ocean breeze teased her nipples and bottom. So did his fingers. His caresses and the proximity of his muscled body warmed her from the tip of her head to the soles of her feet. They walked together quietly, enjoying the moonlight, the sand, the gentle waves breaking far away. Occasionally, Scooter paused to kiss her neck, caress her soft shoulder, whisper nothings in her ear. Cat purred with contentment.

They finally reached the destination Scooter had in mind all along. The jetty. He gently pushed her down to sit on the cool rocks. Kissing her, he kneeled in the sand before her. His lips touched her thigh, her calf, he licked behind her knee.

“mmm… salty woman, my favorite.”

His hands reached up to touch the soft skin under her breast. He kissed her soft belly, cupped her bottom, caressed her thigh. He nibbled her nipple, stroked her back, worshipped her. Cat’s hand reached out for his already hard cock, lightly touching it with her fingers. Their sighs blended into the night air.

Scooter rose to his feet, towering above her, and pulled Cat to her feet as well. Her hands still on his cock, she urged him forward, needing him close. Scooter savored the nectar of her kiss, while searching for other nectar. His fingers gently touched the outer lips of her cunt, wet and sensitive. Cat groaned, her other hand toyed with his taut cheek.

Scooter ordered, “Turn around.”

His cock pressed hard between her cheeks. Cat’s cunt pulsed as juices escaped down her thigh. He grabbed at her breasts, roughly kneading them, crushing nipples.

Cat begged, “Take me… please.”

In answer, Scooter bent her over the jetty, forcing her hands to find a hold on the slick rocks. His cock teased at her crack, then slid lower to the wet heat waiting for him. He touched her lips with the smooth head of his staff, teasing her with small movements. Cat thrust her ass higher in the air, needing him. He pushed in just a little bit and then stopped again. Her bottom wiggled provocatively. He kept so still, controlling. Then a little bit more. Her cunt expanded to take what he gave, pulsing around him. He needed her to take all. She wanted. Waiting. He edged another inch, another inch, slowly filling her hotness with the hardness that was just for her. With one last push, he thrust his cock deep inside her, filling, touching. Her sigh broke the silence of the night.

His hands held her hips in place as slowly stroked, feeling every quiver of her steamy valley. Cat’s sighs unconsciously escaped as she held herself still. Then he rode her hard, then stopped altogether.

Cat begged, “Please. Don’t stop. I need you.”

He thrust deep while smacking her perky fanny… hard. The burning of his hand print cooled by the sea breeze, Cat’s cunt pulsed again and again. She was so desperate for him to pound her, but knew not to beg again. Scooter slid his hard cock into her hot honey slowly, maddeningly slowly. He reached around to stroke her clit. Cat gasped.

Scooter whispered, “You like that, don’t you?”

Scooter’s finger stroked faster and faster, his thrusts still maddeningly slow. Cat, unable to hold still, pressed her pelvis closer to his finger. Her breath ceased for a brief eon, letting him know in the many familiar ways that her explosion neared. He shoved his cock deep as she lost her tenuous hold on reality. As her walls throbbed around his cock, he held fast- not ready to let go yet. Scooter took his now dripping wet finger and gently caressed her rosebud.

“Oh god, yes,” she groaned.

He teased the hole oh so gently with his finger as she purred. Scooter slowly slid his cock out of her pulsing cunt, rubbing it against the entrance. His cock was so wet with her honey. Cat held still, wanting. Scooter pushed the head in just a little bit. Cat’s breath let out, as she relaxed to let him in, wanting his shaft to plunder her bottom. Scooter knew he had to go so slowly, he was a stroke away from losing control, he wasn’t ready for that yet. He also knew he needed to be gentle. What he didn’t know was that Cat was beyond ready. She was desperate for more. She wanted more fullness, wanted his cock to fill her ass. Scooter entered her hot, tight hole, each millimeter more enticing, more enrapturing, more energizing. Finally he gave her all. Cat started breathing again, a little. Her breath escaped in a sigh that Scooter interpreted correctly as intensely pleasured impatience.

Scooter admonished, “Be patient, Cat. I can’t, I won’t hurt you.”

Cat whimpered, “Fuck me now.”

Scooter’s control snapped as he stroked out and pounded her, punishing her for her impatience. Her maddening moans fueled the blazing fire. He slid his hard, throbbing cock in and out of her bum, driving them both to frenzy.

“Cat. I ….”

“YES. Now,” she begged.

Scooter’s ram plunged and at last, his face contorted in ecstasy that only the moon could see, he filled her bum with a hot load of cum. Cat screamed as he came, the pleasure of his orgasm filled her with so much more than liquid.

Totally spent, Scooter sat down in the sand against the jetty and gently pulled Cat down onto his lap. Her head naturally tucked onto his shoulder. The tide slowly came in washing away the evidence of their lovemaking. They stared into the distance, moonlight dancing on the water, arms wrapped tightly around each other.

Inexplicably, their heartbeats began to quicken at the same instant. Scooter caressed Cat’s bare shoulder, warming it again. She sighed, turned to caress his chest. She loved the heat that emanated from his bronzed body. Her fingers tingled as she touched.


“hmmmm?” she murmured, turning her face towards his.

Scooter took her lips, what he wanted. He nibbled her lower lip. She opened to enjoy his gentle prodding as their tongues entwined, like playful dolphins, darting side by side.

Cat sighed, “I love your kisses. I need your kisses.”

Scooter held her face in his hands, “I need you, Cat.”

The words swirled in her ears, wrapped around her heart, expressed what she felt down to her toes. This man, this place, this night forever embedded in her soul.

She turned on his lap, straddling him. Scooter took a hard pink nipple into his mouth, sucked, then gently bit. Cat’s sigh encouraged him to bite harder. She held hard to his shoulders. He massaged her other breast as she edged her pussy closer to his hardening cock. The wetness of her lips rubbed against him, teasing him to full attention. He couldn’t get enough of her. She couldn’t either. She felt naked without his body close to her. Preferably in her. Just thinking about him made her cunt drip. Ready and aching. She wiggled her cunt closer to his cock and claimed it. She slowly impaled herself on his hardness. Slowly. Her wet heat claiming him, telling him that she needed him too. Her sensitive passage nearly frantic with wanting all of him buried deeply inside her- touching parts that no one else could satisfy.

Scooter kissed her beautiful mouth, hearing all the words she didn’t say. The words he meant too. He stayed so still, his bum implanted in the sand, his back against the jetty, and let her ride him. Let her set the pace. Let her claim him. Let her ride slow, then fast, then slow. Let her wiggle. Let her kiss him when she wanted. Let her thrust her glorious tits in his face when she needed. Let her take all the time she needed. Let her take him. Until neither of them to take any more. Then he helped her ride as they both exploded in the ultimate ecstasy. Pounding, mind shattering ecstasy that left them spent.

The pinkness of morning surprised them. They ran to their blanket, threw on their clothes, and curled up together. Hearts beating as one until both fell asleep.

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