Warning: this story contains mild pee play.


“Wow, you guys didn’t waste any time, did you?”

Hannah seemed a bit buzzed when she walked through the front door. Seeing Julia and I cuddled together on the couch under a blanket, she correctly assumed what had happened between us. Namely, that we had fucked. That must have been hours ago, since the sun was beginning to come up now.

Groggily, since we had both been asleep, I rubbed my eyes and slowly came to. It took me a moment to remember what had happened, but feeling my younger sister’s warm body beneath me was all it took. Only a few hours ago, I had fucked this gorgeous little beauty’s ass. The couch was a dried sticky mess between us where my cum had leaked out of her and pooled. We would have to clean that up before Mom and Dad got home at the end of the week.

Hannah stumbled inside and closed the door behind her. She was wearing a cocktail dress, and I could hear a car pulling out of the driveway. Thankfully she hadn’t driven herself, since apparently she had gone drinking with some friends.

“How was your night?” Julia asked, maybe trying to deflect the conversation from what we had done.

“Not as good as yours, I take it.” Hannah sat on the couch next to us, and noticed the large stain between us. She just smiled. “Damn, I missed all the fun.”

Julia stretched and kicked the blanket off of her. She glanced back at me and winked.

“We didn’t do anything, really,” she said, stretching the truth almost to the point of tearing it.

I just smiled. Hannah wasn’t buying it, but since I had actually been inside her pussy briefly not that long ago, she obviously couldn’t scold us.

“So he took your virginity?” she said, looking seriously at Julia.

Julia stood from the couch and casually rubbed at her pussy. “Nope, she’s still untouched.”

Hannah raised an eyebrow. “But…you were both…”

I just shrugged, and my smile wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried.

She nodded. “Oh, I see. You took her ass cherry then. Good job, I’m jealous.”

My morning wood was at full stiffness, and I wasn’t doing anything to hide that fact. Hannah stared openly at it, still a bit hazy from her partying. She sloppily reached over and grabbed it, and even though I was surprised, I didn’t budge.

“You need to wash this thing off then,” she said, tugging on it in mock masturbation. “How about a dip in the pool?”

I almost laughed at how obvious she was being, but then I realized that she probably wanted to fuck me. In fact, now that I had messed around with both my sisters, and we had the house to ourselves, they no doubt both would expect some sexual interaction with me. If I didn’t need to pee so bad, I might have made a move on her right then. But she was right. It had all started with the pool. We should keep that going.

“Ok, meet you out there after I pee,” I said.

She nodded, and stumbled her way through the kitchen to the back patio, leaving a trail of her clothes behind. She walked outside naked and waited on the ledge.

I glanced at Julia, getting a nice look at her naked body, and she seemed to enjoy letting me.

“I have to pee too, want to join me?” she asked, then turned without waiting for a response.

We both went to the bathroom and she sat on the toilet. She held it until I was there too, and she lifted herself off the seat a bit so I could watch.

“Try to do it with me,” she said, showing a kinky side to her I never imagined existed.

“I don’t know if I can, I’m too hard.”

She could see that, and the look of lust in her eyes told me how aroused she was. This was going to be the best day of my life, I could tell.

“I don’t wanna gross you out or anything,” she said, standing up and moving off the toilet. “I’m not into sick stuff or anything, but I’ve always had this weird urge to pee on a guy.”

I honestly didn’t know what to say to that. I wasn’t prepared for her to reveal something on that level. But it spoke to how open we were being with each other. I had opened a can of something by getting involved with her sexually.

She turned red. “It’s sick, huh?”

I shook my head. “No, no…I just can’t believe you said that. I don’t know what to say.”

“I know it’s gross.” She stepped into the shower. “You don’t have to do it. But we could just do it in here and then shower right after. I can have the shower running while we do it if you want.”

I watched my hot sister, trying to hold her bladder while I decided what to do, and seeing her in this completely open, sexual state really had my balls raging. I would do anything she wanted at this point, if it meant I could cum all over her sexy body at some point.

“Ok, I’ll do it.”

She seemed giddy, and she turned on the shower. I got in the stall with her, and we both just stood there in front of each other. Seeing each other naked was one thing, but relieving ourselves in front of each other, much less onto each other, was a completely different story.

“Ready?” she said, spreading her pussy lips with her fingers and tilting her pelvis up as far as she could.

“Where do I aim?” I asked.

Julia smiled devilishly. “Anywhere you want.”

I couldn’t hold it anymore, and neither could she, so when trickles of pee began to fall under her I also let loose. It didn’t take long for both of us to be at full stream.

I wasn’t the type to do anything humiliating or disgusting, so I had to hold my erection down a bit to keep from hitting her near her face. She, on the other hand, had to do the opposite so she could hit anything higher than the floor. My pee stream arched upwards and began splattering on her legs, and I kept raising it until I was splashing her stomach and tits with my pee.

She seemed delighted, and in return she arched her own stream higher so that it began splashing onto my arm and the hand that was holding my penis. Feeling her warmth touch my groin and splatter all over my crotch was surprisingly arousing. It was definitely the naughtiest thing I had ever done with a girl. And probably the most extreme I cared to do.

We both kept it up for a good minute, and the shower was washing it all off immediately after. By the time we were finished, we just stood there under the shower staring at each other. Julia was panting with arousal, and looked possessed. She lunged at me and started kissing me hard.

I pawed all over her body, and after a few minutes we broke it off. She grabbed the soap and handed it to me. I began lathering up her body, especially her tits and her ass. She purposely massaged soap into my pubic hair and used the suds to get my penis nice and frothy.

“Hot dog me,” she ordered, and spun around.

I obeyed her, and pressed my firm length between her buttocks. I slid myself up and down, fucking her ass cleavage. She seemed to enjoy it, and I thought about sticking back in her ass. But the soap would sting, so I refrained. Besides, I would be getting into that ass plenty from now on.

“We better go outside now,” I said, remembering Hannah waiting for us.

Julia didn’t let me go that easily. “I feel like I’m on fire! I’m a virgin, but I have had stuff up my pussy before. I want your dick in me, now!”

She leaned back against the shower wall, and I cautiously moved closer. She grabbed my dick and aimed it at her entrance. I moved slowly, but sure enough there was no resistance to my penetration. She groaned so sexily as I buried myself, and when I was all the way in, she hugged me tightly. Not just in a sexual way, but more in appreciation.

“Thank you,” she said, her face buried in my chest.

I had to hold myself back from fucking her in two, but I kept still and silent while she enjoyed the moment. It was nice, I had to admit. But I was aching to cum.

“Hannah will want some,” Julia said, looking up at me. “You’ve given me your load already, she needs it now.”

I nodded, and we slowly withdrew from each other. Her pussy clenched tightly onto me, not wanting to let my dick go. We both composed ourselves and went dripping wet through the house out to the pool.

Hannah was wading her legs in the water, patiently waiting for us. She smiled when she saw us.

“Hey, you got wet already,” she protested. “Not fair.”

Julia leaned down to her sister as she passed by her to get into the water. “You get him first.”

Hannah beamed, and as I approached, she still seemed buzzed. I felt like maybe I shouldn’t take advantage of her in this state, but she had wanted this already. There was no question.

“Wanna wrestle?” I asked, mirroring our initial encounter in the pool.

Julia floated on her back away from us, giving us space. She was being really cool about this. I would have to make her feel really special later.

“Of course,” Hannah said, and splashed her way into the water.

I dove in after her, and pretended to chase her. She squealed and led me on, all the while with Julia pretending to be oblivious. Our bodies touched and I felt that initial excitement of our forbidden encounter, and couldn’t wait to get inside of her.

“Shall I tackle you?” Hannah asked, strangely as if she needed my permission.

I leaned back against the ledge of the pool and let her approach me. She swam slowly over to me, and from the look in her eyes I could tell this wasn’t going to be a mock-violent movement. She carefully and methodically placed her body over mine and reached down for my penis. With no hesitation, she placed it at the entrance to her vagina and settled down onto me.

I groaned as I felt the second pussy this morning to accept my manhood. Hannah was thoroughly enjoying this, and her body movements and expressions weren’t toned down at all considering our sister could be watching. Julia was aimlessly floating on her back still, pretending not to see us. Honestly, I thought it would be sexy if she was.

“Fuck me,” I said.

Hannah began to move her hips, and we got a good motion going under the water. She began whimpering as I split her open, and her pussy was nice and tight around my cock. She was so wet, she must have been aroused for quite a while before we started.

As we began to speed things up and both of us were approaching climax, I felt Julia swim over to us. I glanced over at her in the midst of my approaching orgasm, and she smiled dreamily.

“Kiss me while you fill her up,” she said softly, and leaned in close to my face.

Hannah watched as I thrust sharply up into her, and I greedily sucked at Julia’s face. When she felt my explosion inside of her, she cried out and grabbed Julia’s shoulder while she came intensely. The three of us stayed like that for a good minute, Hannah and I cumming hard into each other and Julia and I kissing passionately. It felt so good to be experiencing both of them at the same time like that.

“Mmm, that was delightful,” Julia said, her eyes still closed.

Hannah drew in a deep breath. “That was pretty good.”

“I want more,” I said, still hard and buried in her.

Hannah smiled, and obediently she moved off of me so that Julia could take her place. She did, and I slipped easily into her soft opening as she propped herself up. I pawed at her tits and began to thrust up into her.

“Save some for my ass,” Hannah said, and then floated away blissfully while we went at it.

Julia and I were grunting as we smashed our bodies into each other, trying to outdo each other with the power we exerted. She was a wildcat, which really surprised me. I had always thought Hannah would be the one to do something kinky, but Julia had always been to proper and conservative. I guess that was out the window now.

“Do you want me to fuck Hannah in the ass…like I did with you?” I said between thrusts.

Julia looked savagely into my eyes as she dropped her hips down onto mine over and over. “I want you to fuck her ass, while I lick yours.”

I smiled, finding her new kinky nature amusing. What would she think of next?

We fucked for a good fifteen minutes, with Hannah swimming casually around us and finally settling herself on the ledge of the pool to masturbate her cum-filled pussy while she watched us. Julia had been climaxing wildly since about five minutes in, and was exhausting herself. I could tell she was getting tired.

“Maybe you should stroke off onto our faces,” Hannah suggested.

Julia smiled and nodded, and quickly hopped off of me to join her sister on the ledge. I got out of the pool and stood over them, beating my meat as they sat neatly alert watching. I wasn’t embarrassed at all to let them see me do this, in fact I felt proud that they both wanted me. I could feel the cum rising, but I wanted to postpone this as long as possible.

“You two should kiss,” I said, hoping they would go for it.

They instantly complied, as if they had wanted to and were waiting for my signal. When they began frenching deeply, I realized I couldn’t hold out like I wanted, and would soon explode again.

“Open you mouths!” I said, and bent forward to cum on them.

They both faced me with their mouths open, looking right up at my face. It was just like a porn movie, except so much sexier since these were my sisters! I groaned and began shooting off over them. I splashed thick cum across their faces, tagging their cheeks and splattering white across their tongues. I came so much I nearly fell over, it was so intense.

“Yes! Fucking yes!” Julia said, rubbing her pussy while Hannah eagerly leaned forward to suck on my dripping penis.

I watched her lick the cum off the tip, while Julia rubbed out a quick but sharp orgasm, and felt like things couldn’t get any sexier.

“How soon can you fuck us again?” Hannah asked, her cum-covered face glistening beautifully as she smiled up at me.

My cock twitched against her lips, and I sighed contentedly. “Maybe if you both lez out for me, I can do it quicker.”

Hannah winked at me, and then began licking the cum from Julia’s face. I watched my sisters clean each others’ faces, and then they began kissing again. This was going to be a great day!

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