Joe Sims was your typical everyday teenager, he was 18 years old and finishing up his senior year in high school and was looking to graduate near the top of his class. He typically ran track everyday after school but today his practice was rained out and he had to return home early. He was not to horribly upset as he was tired from all the practices they had been doing lately and was looking forward to a day off.

He walked quietly to his car in the rain and threw his gym bag into the backseat as he pushed the start button and the car roared to life. As he griped the shifter and was about to put the car into drive his cell phone rang. He quickly grabbed his bag from the backseat and ruffled through it trying to silence the annoying ringer. He finally finds it under his jeans as he answers it. “Hello.”

“Hey babe did you get rained out today?” asked the perky voice on the other end of the phone.

“Yeah, we did, I worked out in the weight room for a bit but I am not to upset about it though I wasn’t looking forward to another practice today.” Joe said as he yawned and stretched his legs trying to get his 6’4 inch frame comfortable in his small car.

“Well you know you could come by and see me at work before you go home today, between school and work and your school and track meets I would like to see you more.”

“Kara I would love to but every time I come by that place I end up smelling like onions all night.” He said with a laugh as he jokes about his girlfriends job.

“I was just joking babe I know you hate this place, but it is paying the bills that daddy isn’t picking up so a girl’s got to do what a girl’s go to do.” Kara said with a grin as she twirled the phone cord around her long fingers.

“I tell you what this weekend we will go out and have a good time, I know we haven’t seen each other enough lately with your college finals coming up and all my practices. But I am sure we can get together this weekend.”

“Okay babe sounds good to me, you know I love you and be careful on the drive home.”

“I love you too and I will.” Joe sighed as he threw his phone back in the bag. He loved Kara so much they had been together for so long but it had been getting harder and harder for them with her already in college and him still finishing High School. He began to talk out loud to himself as he took the long way home to think. “I love her so much, but we never see each other. I am so tired of waiting on her to be ready to have sex. But I care for her like no other.” He played point counter point with himself on the entire ride home not ever really resolving anything. But he had grown to find this self arguments therapeutic more then anything.

He turned the steering wheel of his car and pulled into the driveway along side his mom’s car. He had beaten his dad home again. He quickly grabbed up his bag and headed inside the house, yelling for his mom he got no answer as he headed towards his bedroom. Joe threw all his bags into the chair in his room as he turned on his radio, music blared from the speakers as he stripped down to nothing. “I need a shower bad!” He laughed to himself as he smelled his arm pits.

Joe then walks across his room stopping to check himself out in the mirror flexing his muscles and then laughing at himself for acting so silly. He opens the door to his private bathroom and is met by the sight of his mother in his shower. He freezes with shock as his eyes trace up his mothers body. The hot steam of the shower barely obscuring anything from his view. “Oh my god” he whispers to himself under his breath as he is shocked at the sight of her body.

Lana Sims was in the shower letting the steamy hot water relax her every muscle as she soaped up her hair. The water and soap running down her tan body blissfully unaware that her own son was looking at her naked as she soaped herself.

Joe thought he should move, but could not his body was stuck there his eyes glued to his mothers body, he traced her 36DD breasts with his eyes over and over again. All his friends had always joked about how his mom was the perfect milf but Joe never payed them any attention until now. He couldn’t help it he felt his cock getting hard as he looked on.

Lana finally rinsed all the soap from her face and body as she turned off the shower and opened the door to discover her son looking at her. “Oh shit! Joe I am so sorry I thought you had practice today, and your dad still has not fixed the shower in our room I apologize so much for this it has to be embarrassing for you.” She said with a smile as her guys saw her sons big hard cock.

“Ah no its cool mom.” Joe stammered to answer as he quickly turned around to hide his cock from his mom. “Isn’t it a bit embarrassing for you as well mom?”

“oh kind of sweetie, but you know me I don’t let much bother me.” Lana said with a laugh as she wrapped herself in the white cotton towel. She had always been a free spirit her and her husband married shorty after she became pregnant with her son she was only 36 and he was 18, they had actually grown up together somewhat. “If you give momma a quick second to dress I will be right out okay.”

Joe without a word closed the bathroom door and grabbed his clothes off the floor, he quickly dressed himself in his dirty laundry and ran out the door and down the steps. “What the fuck was that!” He said aloud to himself as he looked at the massive tent pole in his pants. He could hear his mom calling for him as he made the quick decision to get out of the house. He quietly closed the door and walked down the road in the rain trying to think about anything but his mom’s naked body.

Lana steps out into the hallway in just enough time to see the front door close as she calls for her son one last time. She smiles to herself as she feels her body tingling knowing she must have really had an impact on him as he left the way he did. “Well girl you still go it!” She laughed to herself as she walked into her bedroom and dropped her towel to the floor. She eyed her own body up and down, she worked hard to stay in shape her breasts were 36DD but still firm her tummy was flat and firm and her butt was a bit rounder then she liked but it too was firm.

Lana eyed herself up and down some more as she thought about how big and hard she had made her sons cock. The more she thought about the more turned on she became her hand slowly working its way to her pussy she teased herself in the mirror as she started to get more and more turned on her excitement was broken up by the sounds of the front door slamming shut.

“Honey, I’m home!” Lana’s husband Steve yelled from the doorway as he tosses his brief case on a nearby table.

“Hey sweetie, I’m in the bedroom!” Lana yelled back as she continued looking over herself in the mirror teasing her clit slowly.

Steve raced up the steps to see his wife, as he reaches the top of the stairs he can see his lovely wife standing there fully naked teasing herself. “Oh my Lana, what are you doing?” Steve questioned as he swallows hard and loosens his tie.

“I need you right now!” Lana says as she exhales hard and grabs her husband and pulls him in closer. Their lips meeting as all of Lana’s built up lust takes control of her body as her tongue forces her way into her husbands mouth. Their tongues swirling together as she begins pawing and pulling at his clothing.

“It is good to see you too baby!” Steve says to Lana as he pulls his lips away from hers just as she drops down to her knees and begins to suck on his just freed cock.

Lana’s lips wrapped tightly around Steve’s dick as she sucks it up and down fast and deep. She drools and slobbers all over his meat as she sucks like she has not sucked in a long time.

Steve picking up on Lana’s out of control lust wraps his hands up in her hair and begins thrusting his 8 inch thick cock into her mouth. He groans hard as he begins fucking her mouth pulling his cock nearly out before thrusting it all the way back in his balls slapping her chin. “Fuck yeah!” He groans as he has not had his wife in such a way in years.

“Fuck me baby! I need it so badly!” Lana begged for the relief she needed as her fingers worked over her pussy as Steve pulls his cock from her mouth and slaps it on her lips.

Steve grabs his wife picking her up from the floor and tossing her on the bed as spreads her legs wide teasing her pussy with his cock before finally inserting it balls deep into her. “Oh fucking hell, baby you are tight!” He groans as he continues pulling out and then shoving it back into her fast and hard.

“Oh yes baby I need it, I need it harder!” Lana’s body was on fire as she needed to cum and she needed it bad. Steve’s cock was thrusting and pounding her hard, both their bodies covered in sweat as both groaned and moaned together. ” I want to be on top, let me ride your dick.”

Steve wraps his arms around his wife rolling them both over and pulling her on top of him. He grasps her large breasts and begins squeezing them hard as his wife begins bouncing her ass up and down her pussy lips spread wide to take her husbands cock.

Lana can see herself in the mirror as she bucks her hips up and down on Steve’s dick. She can feel her body burning as she nears the relief she has been craving. “Oh fuck yes!” She screams a loud as she begins cumming on her husband’s cock, her eyes clinched shut her body quivering.

Steve still not satisfied as it has been a long time since Lana had been so horny like this he wraps his arms around her and continues fucking her. His hands grasping her hips thrusting upwards into her faster and harder.

Lana’s clinched eyes slowly open as Steve’s cock keeps pounding into her without mercy. Her eyes take a few moments to focus, as she realizes she can see the outline of her son Joe standing in the doorway his impressive teenage cock in his hand stroking it hard. Lana tries hard to keep her eyes diverted as so Joe does not know he is being watched. Joe stands in the doorway in what he thinks is just out of sight stroking himself hard. Having just came home from his run in the rain, he had hoped the situation with his mother would just have gone away, but having come home to such a sight as these he was losing control of himself much the way his mother had moments earlier with Steve.

Steve holding Lana tightly continued his thrusting as he neared cumming inside her. “Oh baby!” His gripped tightened as his cock jerks and explodes inside her. “I needed that so badly.” He said breathlessly as his wife rolled off him onto the bed. Her pussy filled with his cum as she rubs it then slowly sucks her fingers.

Joe having seen his parents finish sneaks off to his room to hide and finish what he started in the hallway. “What the hell is wrong with me that is my Mom?” He sits on his bed stroking his cock like crazy still.

Steve and Lana both get up off the bed catching their breath as they gather up the clothes they left scattered about the room. Steve holding his clothes in his hands heads into his bathroom.

“Babe you still haven’t fixed that shower.” Lana says with a smile thinking in the back of her mind how she would never been in the mood she was in had it not been for the broken shower.

“Why do you look so happy about that?”

“Oh no reason.” She grins as she twirls her long brown hair.

“I guess I will just have to use the guest bathroom.” Steve says as he heads down stairs to the other bathroom to get cleaned up.

“Oh yeah the guest bathroom.” She laughs aloud as the sudden thought of the guest bathroom enters her mind. She giggles a little to herself as she thinks about how if she just used it earlier then none of these thoughts of her son would be entering her mind right now.

Steve and Lana share a quick shower where the thoughts of her son once again enter her mind and while soaping her husbands cock she gives him a quick hand job in the shower. He grasps the side of the shower as his cock explodes again covering the walls of the shower, Lana smiles as she closes her eyes and thinks about it being her son she was jerking off in the shower.

Joe finally relieving himself the best he could, gathered his composure and headed down stairs meeting his parents just as they were exiting the guest bathroom. “Hey sport, how was track today?” Steve playfully slugged his son in the arm as he questioned him.

“Uh well it was canceled so, I uh just doubled up my time in the weight room.” Joe answered as he carefully thought out an answer all the while his face turning a deep shade of crimson.

Lana walking slowly from the guest bathroom as she listens to Steve and Joe discuss their days, and heads into the kitchen. “I can’t quit thinking bout him what am I going to do?” She asks herself as she begins to prepare dinner.

Joe and Steve sit in the living room and flip channels on the television as they wait for dinner. They make small talk about a variety of things. Joe sits there and holds his end of the conversation the best he can even though his cock is still semi-erect. Steve more interested in the episode of Sports Center then the small talk with his son, is unaware to his sons discomfort.

“Dinner is done!” Lana yells from the dining room as she sets the last plate on the table and takes her seat.

The two men rush to the table both quite hungry, Steve from his exploits earlier and Joe from over working himself in the weight room then running off as seeing his mother.

Lana tried to just eat her dinner and not think about her son, but it was not working the image of his teenage cock was still so fresh in her mind. She and Steve had been married since he got her pregnant at 17 years old. She loved her husband with all her heart but after so many years things were just so routine. The idea that a studly 18 year old boy was aroused for her, set her pussy on fire. She was unaware as to what all the teen boys in the are thought of her, all of them always telling Joe how they wanted her badly.

Steve and her had often talked about doing new and kinky things in the bedroom like they did in their youth. But these days more often then not, he was just all talk. In their younger days after their son was born and he stayed out with his grandparents, they would often engage in wild sexual exploits involving toys or other people joining them. But as they got older he just slowly stopped it all and their sex life became very vanilla. And now as she sat there looking across the table at her own son her mind racing 100 miles per hour. She knew what she needed and as wrong as it would be, it was her son she needed.

“So Joe, sweetie how was your day?” Lana asked as she took a bite to eat. Then slowly wrapped her full red lips around a straw she had placed in her drink.

“Well you know mom pretty average, nothing special” Joe stammered for the answer not knowing what his mother was possibly hinting at wanting to know.

“Well that is good. Oh and Steve sweetie you really need to fix our shower. Poor Joe here came home early and walked in on me showering in his.”

Joe sits there silent as his face turns a deeper shade of red he ever thought possible.

“I thought you said you doubled your work out and just now got home?” Steve asked wondering if his son had lied to him.

“I did, I mean I uh did yeah I came home walked in on mom and well I uh figured I would go back to the gym since she was using my shower.”

“Neither of you thought to use the other bathroom.” Steve asked as he is confused about the situation.

“Nope” Both Lana and Joe answer at the same time.

Steve just laughs at them both and continues shoveling the food into his mouth. He was slightly older then Lana, and the last few years had worn on him. They fought a lot more then normal about everything from sex to money. He thought to himself that maybe this little sexual escapade when he came home was a sign things were turning a corner for the better for them. “Well son it is not like your old mom here isn’t hot stuff. I mean am I right or what? I mean couldn’t have been to bad seeing her in all her glory?” Steve tried to make light of the situation all the while not knowing the feeling both his wife and son had been having since it occurred.

“Actually no dad it wasn’t bad I can see why so many of my friends check mom out now.” Joe’s face burned as he got through that answer without stammering at all. And actually felt surprisingly confident as he said it.

“So Joe, did you see anything interesting on that second trip to the gym? Because I thought you just ran down the road after our little run in.”

“What mom?”

“I thought I saw you just go out the front door. I never heard your car start. And I thought I heard the front door when your father and I were still in the bedroom” Lana playfully raised her eyebrows, she really just wanted her son to admit he seen them and that he liked it. Her mind raced as to how hot that would be to hear him admit it.

Joe’s confidence quickly eroded as he wondered if in fact his mother caught him spying on them having sex earlier. “I uh well?” Joe stammered again and this time his mind went right back to the sight of his mother’s heaving breasts as she rode his father. His cock sprang to life again as he threw his napkin on the table and ran upstairs to his room.

“Okay, I’m lost what the fuck just happened here?” Asked Steve with a slightly angry tone as he too throws his napkin on the table.

“Calm down! Look here is what happened. He was about to get into his shower when he walked in and caught me in there. He was naked and he got turned on by me. And then he did just run off he hightailed in out the front door. So when you got home I will admit it I was turned on by the fact I turned on a teenager. So that is why I was so horny, and while I was on top he caught us.”

“What?” Asked Steve as his mind struggled to comprehend the story he was just told.

“He caught us he was jerking off in the hallway watching. And well I thought it was hot. I just for some reason wanted him to admit it.”

“Oh my god, Lana what have you done?”

“Me, me what the hell have I done? I’m mostly innocent here he is the one who was spying on us.”

“We need to go talk to him right now, you know this right?”

“Yeah I do but, honey it is going to be way way uncomfortable.”

“Well I am sure you can find a way to ease his discomfort.”

Lana lays her napkin on the table unsure of what her husbands last comment was supposed to mean as she follows him upstairs to Joe’s room.

“Open the door son we all need to talk!” Yelled Steve as he knocked with a great deal of force on the door.

“Go away both of you please just let me get through all this myself. I don’t want or need a talk.”

“Baby its momma please open the door, I am so sorry.”

Steve grasp the door knob tightly as he throws his shoulder into it popping it open.

“Get out please!” Joe pleads as he sits there his cock hard as steel and bulging his pants.

Lana slowly sits beside her son and kisses his cheek before she wraps her arm around him. “I am so sorry I don’t know what came over me baby.”

Steve grabs a nearby chair knocking all the stuff out of it he drags it over to the bed side to sit int front of them and join the talk. “Mom is just a bit wild sometimes sport, she is sorry that she freaked you, but you are 18 I mean should she really still be having to hide things from you? So you saw us is it really a big deal?” Steve tried his best to downplay the situation as his thoughts wandered back to the old days that he too missed, of when he watched his wife fuck and suck other men. His cock slowly began to stir in his pants as well.

Lana looked at her husbands bulging pants and then looked to her sons bulge as well. Her pussy dripped with excitement as he realized she had two throbbing dicks all for her.

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