Author’s note: Mostly true, the situation changed a bit to spice things up. While I didn’t sleep with “Kathy’s” mom (not for lack of desire, she was hotter than “Kathy”!), the motel event did actually happen.



It was the early 1990′s and I was 33, stationed in Savannah, Georgia. I’d been there for about four months and got a part-time job delivering pizzas, figuring that the extra cash would help and the time spent working would keep me out of the bars and out of trouble.

Kathy, my new girlfriend, worked there also. She worked at the same pizza store and we’d been dating for two months. Kathy was a 24 year old short little hottie with huge boobs, but not especially pretty. What she lacked in looks, though, she more than made up in body and personality. It was always great to hang out with her. We were about to take the next step in our relationship, meeting her parents, the next day. I hoped that hurdle was the last before I got into her pants.

It was a Thursday night, and the following day was a training holiday (ie, day off for you non-military types), so I volunteered to work the closing shift. It was about three minutes to closing and I had already cashed out when the phone rang. I gave Gary, the manager, a disgruntled look as he reached for the phone to take the order.

“C’mon, man,” I pleaded, “you can ignore it this one time. I’m ready to go home.”

Gary gave me a stern look and picked up the phone. “Thank you for calling [big pizza chain with mafioso overtones], may I take your order?”

I saw him jot down the order (yeah, no computers then) and I started making the pizza even before he hung up. After he did, I glanced up at the clock: 11:02 PM.

“You realize that I’m off, right?” I said.

“Just pay for the order with your tips and go home after the delivery,” he replied. “If they stiff you, I’ll reimburse you tomorrow.”

I checked the address. It was in “The Hood” as we called it. There were several places in Savannah that a pizza guy, especially a skinny white one like me, had to keep his head on a swivel or else someone would liberate all his cash, accompanied by bruises or some cuts. We’d had two drivers robbed in the last six months and normally Leon, a massively-built black guy that nobody messed with, delivered to this area. The irony was that for all his mean looks, Leon was probably the nicest guy anyone would ever have the pleasure of meeting. Unfortunately for me, he was off that night to study for finals at the college he was attending. I was going to have to make the delivery.

Twenty minutes later, I nervously walked up with the small cheese pizza and twenty-ounce coke in hand. The delivery address was a sleazy motel that I’d never delivered to before. I knocked on the door to room 3 and waited. It was on the ground floor and I was angled so that if the door opened and I saw a knife or a gun, I could drop the food and make a break for it.

When the door opened, I was more surprised than if there HAD been a knife or gun sticking in my face. The woman that answered the door was probably in her mid to late 50′s with salt-and-pepper hair cut into a bob. I could see that life hadn’t been kind to her, and her face showed years of hard living. She was a few inches shorter than me and a bit on the thin side. The truly surprising part was that she was wearing a full-length nightgown that was completely see-through.

Her tits were small and kind of flabby, and she had the “old lady pooch” of a belly. Other than that, however, she wasn’t too bad to look at. She had nice legs.

“Uh….pizza!” I stammered, averting my stare and looking past her and into the motel room instead. I noticed that there wasn’t a single light on in there.

She turned and walked to the back of the motel room, leaving the door wide open. With her back to me, I noticed that she had a really nice ass. She pulled some cash from her purse, then turned around and stood there as if she wanted me to come into the room.

I’m a Star Wars geek. I wasn’t surprised to hear Admiral Ackbar’s voice saying “It’s a trap!” in the back of my mind, so I wasn’t planning on walking into that room. I shoved the pizza box out in front of me and repeated, “Pizza.”

She gave me an exasperated look and simply stuck her hand with the money out. I glanced around the dark room and didn’t see anyone, so I gathered up my courage and walked into the room over to her. I took the cash and set the pizza and soda down on the desk next to her purse. I thanked her as I started to walk out, but I made the mistake of looking into her eyes.

The second my eyes met hers, I knew I was going to fuck her. I could see it in her eyes…pleading, yet triumphant. The sexual connection between us was such a shock that I stumbled and almost fell. As I regained my composure, she had walked over and closed the door. It was almost pitch black, the only light coming around the edges of the curtain from the streetlights outside.

My breathing was rapid as she walked up to me, then I felt her slowly dropped to her knees in front of me. Nimble fingers unbuckled my pants, unzipped my jeans, and fished my half-hard dick out of my pants. The sensation of her wet, soft lips sliding down the head of my dick was exquisite. I’m sure that the situation heightened my senses…the dark, the mysterious woman, and all that, but she had the best mouth that ever covered my dick.

I felt the head of my cock nudge against the back of her throat, then her mouth slowly slide off it. Her tongue ran itself around my cockhead before the whole length disappeared back into her talented mouth. One of her hands caressed my balls while the other ran itself up and down my belly under my shirt.

She was mewling softly as she hungrily sucked my dick faster and harder. I knew it t wouldn’t be long before my dick would explode in her mouth, and I told her, “Jesus, lady, you’re going to make me cum!”

She yanked her mouth off of me. “No!” she said in a loud whisper. “I need to get fucked hard.” She stood up, and in the dim light I saw her turn around, bend over the bed, and gathered her nightgown up around her hips. “Fuck me in the ass!” she commanded.

I was definitely wet enough from her mouth. I moved behind her, lined up my dick with her asshole, and slowly started pushing myself into her.

She obviously didn’t want gentle. She slammed her ass back into me and my cock slid smoothly deep into her ass. I heard her gasp in pain, but she didn’t pull away.

I immediately started to pump my cock in and out of her, but she hissed “Wait….wait…” It was difficult to keep from moving, to keep from twitching my hips and making my throbbing cock move inside her hot, tight ass. I was just about to give up and start fucking her hard when I felt her relax around my cock and heard her say, “Fuck me hard, honey.”

My hands grabbed her hips and I started pounding into her with abandon. With every thrust, she grunted in pain/pleasure. My thighs slapped loudly against the back of hers. I felt her hand brush across mine as it shoved it’s way beneath her, her fingers search for and finding her clit. She stroked it madly as I frantically fucked her.

“Unnngh….oh…..OH……..YESSSSSSSS,” she moaned. I could feel her asshole convulse around my pistoning cock as her fingers brought her over the edge to orgasm. It brought me to the brink.

“Fuck, baby!” I grunted as my cock throbbed deep into her ass. My cum exploded into her, filling her ass with sticky wet heat. It felt like it went on forever as she massaged me with the muscles in her ass.

Eventually I collapsed on top of her, exhausted. Even though it was short, I put all my energy into fucking her ass and it left me drained. My dick slowly deflated inside her, then popped out with a rush of my juices.

I slowly rolled off of her. As I laid there and caught my breath, I felt her stand. A moment later, the light in the bathroom came on and I heard water running. I watched as she came back from the bathroom, a washcloth in hand. Climbing on the bed next to me, she gently washed my dick with the washcloth, then tossed it on the floor and laid down next to me.

“Is there more?” she asked, softly. There was a hint of a smile in her voice.

“Yes, ma’am…uh, what’s your name, anyway?” I asked.

“Wanda,” she replied as she laid back on the bed.

“Nice to meet you, Wanda,” I said, rolling over onto my stomach next to her. I kissed a trail from her neck to her chest, ending up with one of her nipples between my lips. I licked it gently, then softly sucked it into my mouth.

“Ohhhh,” Wanda moaned. In the dim light from the bathroom, I could see her hand slip between her thighs again. She slowly stroked herself as I paid attention to one nipple, then the other.

As I said before, she had small, kind of flabby tits. It was obvious that they were sensitive, however, as she arched her chest up and pulled my head against her breast tightly with her other hand.

“You can bite a bit,” she whispered. My teeth instantly grabbed the nipple and gave it a quick, sharp bite. She rewarded me with a gasp followed by a long moan.

As I alternately sucked and bit her nipples, my hand slid down her belly and pulled hers out of the way. My fingers found her sopping wet pussy, and I quickly found the engorged nub of her clit. I bit down fairly hard on a nipple as I forcefully rubbed her clit. She gave out a cry, but didn’t pull me off of either. The rougher I was, the more she moaned.

“God, fuck me,” she moaned. “Fuck me now!”

I pulled my mouth from her tit. “Are you in a rush?” I asked.

“Yes….no…..I don’t know….God, put your dick in me, please,” she begged.

I bounced up and slid between her legs. Grabbing the back of her thighs, I lined up my dick with her pussy and shoved. She was sopping wet, and my dick slid effortlessly into her. She wasn’t very tight, but the heat radiating onto my dick and the warm wetness of her pussy was intense.

I had thoughts of making love to this woman, fucking her long and slow, making her cum again and again. However, I was so turned on that I immediately started pounding her hard. I was immediately rewarded when she came again, scratching my back with her nails and slamming her crotch up to me in time with my thrusts.

I continued pounding into her pussy. Her pure lust had turned me into a raging animal desperate to mate. I was fucking her hard, feeling like an 18 year old with limitless energy and stamina. I wanted to cum, cum deep into her incredibly wet pussy and fill it with my seed.

I heard her gasp another orgasm and dimly felt her fingernails pull more furrows into my back. I slammed into her deep and hard and held myself there as my cum boiled out of my balls and sprayed deep inside her. I came so hard that it made me shake.

Suddenly, my body reminded me that I wasn’t actually an 18 year old with limitless stamina. Drained, my quivering hands released her thighs and I slowly collapsed on top of her. Gasping for air, I felt her pussy give a few more soft contractions.

“Uh….” she said, her voice shaky, “you’re heavy.”

“Sorry,” I mumbled, using my last bit of strength to roll off of her. She immediately rolled onto her side, her head cradled in the crook of my shoulder.

Silently, we laid there together, both of our chests heaving. When I caught my breath, I gently started to pull myself away from her.

“No…..please stay,” she said. “Stay with me tonight.”

I thought about it for a moment. I didn’t have to work tomorrow, and I wasn’t supposed to meet Kathy until the afternoon. “Okay,” I said. I felt her relax against me, one arm tossed across me almost possessively.

I don’t know which one of us fell asleep first. When I woke up, both of us were on our sides and I was pressed up against her from behind. I had a hand full of one of her tits.

While she softly snored, I untangled myself from her, got up, and did my morning bathroom routine. Seeing the motel had a coffee maker in the room, I made a pot. The smell must have woken her up.

“Good morning,” she said from under the covers. “Did you make coffee?”

“Yes,” I smiled back. I poured her a cup (“one sugar”) and brought it over to her.

“Do you know when the last time a man brought me coffee in bed was?” she asked.

“Seeing as how I just met you last night, no,” I laughed.

“It’s probably been decades,” she said, taking a sip from her cup.

I raised my coffee cup in salute to her. “Here’s to the next time being less than a decade,” I said.

Both of us lit up a cigarette and she gave me her story as we drank coffee and smoked. It turned out that she was married with an adult daughter that lived at home with them. Her husband wasn’t all that spectacular…overweight, overbearing, and she hadn’t had sex in a long time.

“So, do you do this often?” I asked.

She blushed. “No, this is the first time. I’ve been thinking about doing it for years, but I finally worked up the courage.”

“This is probably the wrong part of town to pick up strange guys,” I said. “You could have gotten robbed, or worse.”

She nodded. “I know,” she said,” but I didn’t want to have an affair, I just wanted to feel like a desirable woman again. I needed it so bad that I wasn’t thinking straight.”

“So how did you get out of the house without your husband knowing?” I said, curious.

“I’m supposed to be visiting my sister in Rincon,” she replied. “They don’t get along, so he’d never call to check up on me.” As she talked, her hand moved between us and gently grabbed my dick. It instantly sprang into full hardness.

I set my coffee down and leaned over her. I kissed her, a full lover’s kiss that spoke of the desire that she was causing in me. She responded, pulling me down on top of her.

I made the slow, sweet love to her that I had intended to last night, then left her basking in the afterglow as I went home. On the way out, I grinned at the unopened pizza box on the desk.

When I got home, there was a message on my answering machine from Kathy, reminding me that I was supposed to meet her parents that evening. Honestly, I did feel a bit bad about the spending the night with Wanda the day before meeting my girlfriend’s parents, but I rationalized it as just a one-time thing. She needed it, and I definitely enjoyed it, but it wouldn’t happen again.

I did some stuff around the house during the day, then about 4PM I took a shower, dressed in “meet the parents” clothes, and headed over to Kathy’s house. She answered the door and let me in, leading me to the living room. Her father sat on the couch, engrossed in some show or other on TV.

There was an immediate dislike between us. He’d spent some time in the military, having been drafted in the 60′s and thought he knew everything there was to know from his short term of service. After about 20 minutes, I gave up trying to correct his misconceptions about military life and gave Kathy a pleading look: Get me out of here.

Kathy asked me to help her in the kitchen. Once in there, she said, “Dad will probably take getting used to.”

“No kidding,” I said. She seemed a bit irked when I rolled my eyes.

Where’s your mom?” I asked, sneaking a slice from the carrot she was slicing up.

“Oh, she went to visit her sister yesterday,” Kathy replied. “She should be home any minute.”

Something twigged my memory, but I couldn’t put a finger on it. Stealing a second slice, I asked, “Oh? Where’s her sister live?”

“Rincon,” Kathy said. The sound of the front door opening and closing carried over the TV’s volume. “That’s probably her.”

“Mom! We’re in the kitchen!” she called out. She completely missed my choking on the slice of carrot. I managed to cover it. Surely, it couldn’t be…..

The color drained out of Wanda’s face as she saw me standing next to Kathy. She didn’t recover as quickly as I had, and Kathy had to ask her, “Mom…are you alright?”

Wanda nodded. “I’m fine, Kathy,” she replied, her voice strangled.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you,” I said. I acted like I hadn’t just pounded her pussy, fucked her asshole, and filled her with load after load of cum the night before. She shook my hand, then quickly left the kitchen.

Dinner went fairly well, if you exclude Kathy’s father being an ass the whole time. Wanda was quiet at first, but when she realized that I had every intention of keeping our secret, she opened up some and by the time dinner was over she was fairly chatty.

After dinner, I really didn’t feel like sticking around and visiting any more with her folks. I really disliked her father, and I was afraid that either Wanda or I would let something incriminating slip. I suggested that Kathy and I go see a movie and we left. Wanda was smiling as we left, giving me a big hug.

As we drove to the theater, Kathy said, “I’m sorry about Dad acting the way he did. He’s always like that, unfortunately. But, at least Mom really liked you.”

“Imagine that,” I said, smiling inwardly.

Kathy snuggled up against me. “Yep. She even told me that you were a keeper.”

Smiling, I figured I knew exactly why she’d say that.

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