Deirdre and I had heard that a great way to see the world on a cruise was to book on a freighter. The idea was that many ships have luxury cabins and small staffs and for a fraction of the cost of a regular cruise, you could still see the world in style. We used a reputable travel agent and booked our 8 week passage aboard the MV Iktar. She was 245ft of container ship with a crew of 18. Her registry was Liberia. There were three other couples booked on the same vessel.

We sailed out of Long Beach and headed south, along Baja California and then traced the Mexican coast. Almost every day, we were in a different, warm, sunny port. The food aboard ship was great and the accommodations were fully adequate. There were no real ship-board activities except for a small swimming pool attached to a 30x30foot recreation room and bar service by the two stewards. The rec room had a small gym, seating areas, a pool table, ping pong table, video arcade games and a nice “home theater” set-up.

We passed through the Panama Canal, traced along Belize and then headed toward Jamaica. Two of the other couples and one of the stewards disembarked there. A week later, we were headed toward Africa. When we got within sight of land, we again headed south and rounded the cape and then headed north, bound for Madagascar. For several days we did not see land. The captain explained that we were getting in to dangerous waters so we were 300 miles off shore, to avoid pirates. I recalled reading news reports about pirate activity and I became a little alarmed, but the captain seemed very confident that everything would be fine. He said as an added precaution, we would run with minimal lights at night and we should pretty much stay in the interior of the ship after dinner for a few days. He had made the trip many times without incident.

It was a Sunday night, I’ll never forget that. After dinner, Deirdre, Ann and Cole, the other passengers, and I went to the rec room to play cards. For an hour we drank brandy and played bridge. Heavy drapes were pulled across the windows which made the room seem small. The women were both pretty smashed and we were on our last hand. I had been opening feeling Deirdre up and I knew she would be a wildcat once we got to our stateroom. At about 11:00 we felt something change. At first I couldn’t put my finger on what had happened. Then I realized that the sensation of forward movement had been replaced by a gentle sideways rolling. The ship had stopped. It was the first time we had stopped while underway. A chill passed through each of us as we all began to suspect that the change was not good.

Suddenly a large black man, wearing a dark blue sweat suit and no shoes, carrying an AK47, entered the room. He just stood by the door. My mouth went dry and my hands began to shake. Deirdre gasped and nearly jumped into my arms. A few minutes later, an averaged sized white man came in. He too was dressed in dark clothes. He wore shoes. He had a holster around his waist, but did not carry a rifle.

“Well, well” He said. “Who the fuck are you?” His English was good, with a slight South African accent.

“We…we…We’re” Cole stammered.

“Shut the fuck up! I don’t care who you are.” The man approached us menacingly.

Cole seemed to become indignant. He stood up and shouted. “We’re all American citizens. You had better leave us alone!”

The man stepped forward and slapped Cole so hard Cole was knocked back into the chair.

“I am Colonel Isan, you are my prisoners. Now shut the fuck up.” He produced a walkie talkie and spoke to someone. Shortly thereafter five more black men rushed into the room. They quickly came to us and tied me and Cole to our chairs. Our mouths were duct taped. The knots were tight and the ropes were very rough and dirty. Our wives were physically restrained by two men, but they were not tied up.

Ann was a tall brunet with blue eyes. She was slightly tanned and in excellent physical condition. Deirdre was much shorter, only about 5’3″. She has an excellent petite body with augmented boobs and tan skin. Both women were wearing shorts and tees as the daytime temperatures were near 100 F even at sea, and the nights were also very warm.

The men spoke in some foreign language and then Colonel Isan stepped toward our wives. He produced a pocket knife and used it to cut the clothing off of the women. Each struggled somewhat but he reminded them that they could get hurt if they struggled while he was using the knife. Soon Ann and Deirdre stood, naked, in front of us all. I had never seen Ann nude before, and this was not an optimal situation, but I have to admit she had a damn fine body. She was lean and very nicely toned. They both tried to cover their pussies, but Isan moved their hands away and his men held their arms back which served to thrust their breasts out nicely. Shortly, they stopped struggling. I noticed that Deirdre still seemed to be very hot from our public play. Her nipples and clit were stiff and erect. Deirdre is almost totally hairless anyway and she keeps herself shaved, so everyone else in the room could see the obvious signs of my beautiful young wife’s arousal as well.

Isan savagely pinched Ann’s big nipples until she screamed, then he put a finger into her pussy and twisted it around in there as he used his thumb on her clit. She was a sobbing mess after just a few minutes. I thought I saw the muscles of her nice ass clinch as he stroked two fingers in and out of her a few times. Then he turned to us. He used the knife to cut away the fronts of our shorts and then made the women pull out our “little white cocks”. He and his men laughed when they saw our size. Now I’m considered well-endowed, about 9 thick inches, and Cole was packing some sausage too, but our captors seemed unimpressed.

As some sort of cruel joke, Isan made Ann and Deirdre suck our cocks. Both were forced to suck each of us. Deirdre started with Cole and Ann started with me. I felt ashamed as I realized that my cock was eagerly responding to Ann’s warm soft mouth and I could hear Cole as he responded to Deirdre’s skilled cocksucking.

“Yes, the little one seems to like what she is doing!” Isan said as he probed my wife’s pussy with his thumb. “This little bitch’s twat is dripping already!” He laughed. “She will do just fine.”

Colonel Isan said something to the men and they took Ann out of the room. She screamed and shouted, pleading to be left alone, but they dragged her through the hatch anyway. Cole’s protests were rewarded by one of the men holding his nostrils closed until he blacked out.

“On your knees, little white bitch!” Isan ordered my wife as he sat down on a chair in front of us. “Make me happy, suck my cock.”

Deirdre had that deer in the headlamps look as she knelt in front of the man. Her little white fingers trembled as she pulled down the zipper on his trousers and then reached in to pull out his cock. It was only a little larger than mine. I could see that it was not particularly clean looking. Deirdre closed her eyes and began giving Isan head. I taught her this particular art very well. She knows how to use her tongue, her throat muscles, the movement of her head and suction , and finally her deep throat to produce a mind-blowing sensation. I was surprised to see that she seemed to be doing a good job on Isan’s dick. He moaned softly.

I noticed that Cole was once again conscious. His nose was bleeding, but he sat silently watching my wife. His cock was erect.

“This little bitch knows what she’s doing!” He reached down and caressed her tits as they swung between his legs. “Fake tits, but nice anyway.” He said.

One of the black men said something to the Colonel. Isan nodded and the black knelt behind my wife. Without any preparation, he plunged his fingers into her pussy. She yelped but kept sucking Isan’s prick. The man laughed and said something.

“He says her twat is very wet. She likes this rape shit!” He continued to play with her very sensitive nipples. “You love this rape shit, don’t you bitch?”

Deirdre shook her head, but her body was betraying her. I saw the black pull out his cock. It was a good 12 inches long and very hefty looking. He rammed the not-fully-hard bludgeon into her pussy. I heard her moan as the man began fucking in and out of her,

Soon Isan was bucking his butt off the chair and breathing in loud bellows. “Fuck you little cunt! Fuck!”

I saw him hold her head down as he apparently unloaded a massive volley of rape ropes down her open throat. Deirdre loves the taste of cum so I knew she would swallow it. Much to my surprise, my wife began avidly licking and cleaning his balls and cock as soon as he released the grip on her head. At the same time, she kept up the rhythm of fucking the big black who was plowing her from behind.

Soon the black was unloading his balls into my wife’s apparently eager pussy. She groaned and moaned and her body thrashed as the man pumped into her a few times then sat back.

Isan said something to the other men and they eagerly took their places as he dressed and left the room. Each of the men ravaged my pretty wife repeatedly over the next several hours. Deirdre’s mouth, pussy and ass were soon dripping with black seed. Gobs of cum matted her hair and her body was scratched to the point of bleeding. Finally she crumpled to a heap on the carpeted floor.

I had seen Cole spontaneously ejaculate twice as my wife starred in the live sex show just a few feet in front of us. My own cock and balls had emptied themselves three times, so there was a pool of cum on the floor in front of me. One of the men pulled Deirdre by her hair until her face was at the puddle of my sperm. “You licky.” He ordered her. She took only a few minutes to understand the order and then she began licking up the puddle on the floor. One of the men pulled out his big black cock again and began peeing on Deirdre. He moved behind her and aimed his stream so that it was hosing her ass and pussy. His hot steaming piss seemed to enliven her for a few more minutes. My once again swollen cock ached. I felt sick and disgusted at not being able to control myself as I watched my wife being humiliated. I also felt like I could kill Isan with my bare hands.

The clock on the wall said it was 7:00 a.m. when Isan came back into the room. He said something to his men and they lifted Deirdre and carried her from the room.

“We are done here.” He said. “We are taking the little cunt with us. She is a good prize and will bring good money when we’re done whoring her.” He laughed and then he left Cole and I alone in the room. We immediately began struggling to free ourselves, but made no progress.

Two hours later, Ann came into the room. She was still naked and, like Deirdre had been, she was covered in cock sauce. She began crying hysterically when she saw Cole’s bloody face and shirt.

“They’re gone!” She said as she began freeing us. “Thank God, they’re gone.”

We carefully explored the ship and found that we were the only people aboard. The crew had apparently been abducted, killed or they had abandoned the ship. A number of the shipping containers had been opened and a lot of cargo was strewn about. Our staterooms had been ransacked and all of our valuables were gone as well. There was no sign of Deirdre.

Later that day, a frigate from the Indian Navy came along side and a team boarded our ship. Ann was taken to the ship’s surgeon and he examined her for injuries. He told Cole and Ann to abstain from sex until Ann was tested for STDs. We explained what had happened and I told the Commander of the frigate that I wanted to search for my wife.

“My dear Mr. Jones, I know you think you want to find her, but it is no use. If they keep her alive for a few more days it will be a miracle. Longer than that and she will be infected with every disease a woman can get from a man. She will be ruined for any decent man. She will be badly drugged, mad, and sick and dying. You will be better off if you just hold on to the memory of her and let the reality of her fate remain a mystery. A pirated wife is no good to anyone but the pirates.”

In spite of the advice, I spent a year searching for Colonel Isan and Deirdre. At first there were a few leads, but they all faded to empty hope until there was nothing. .

One time, in Mogadishu, I followed a lead to a bar where a small built white woman was the featured attraction in a live sex show. She looked like a shadow of my once beautiful wife as she took on all comers on stage. Her scrawny, haggard body was scarred and dirty and her eyes were like empty portals into a lost soul. When I called her name, she looked at me with a blank stare. There was no recognition. I’m certain it wasn’t her.

Several times I heard that Isan and an American women he had with him had retired and disappeared. I returned home and slowly began to rebuild my life. But I keep a picture of my beautiful, sexy, sparkling-eyed Deirdre close.

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