Mr Martinet looks at the clock she will be here in five minutes. He smiles to himself and thinks of the scene he is going to play out to help Greg who had phoned a couple of weeks ago. He had been intrigued by his story and plight, but what convinced him to help is the way he had got his name and number. Mrs Mary Edwards is going to suffer before he extracts the truth from her.

Greg had started as an online dominant in a number of BDSM websites, before finding Penny and making her his real time submissive. That was just over two years ago and while it started out as an exciting adventure these past nine months it had drifted into tedious routine. He is sure that it will not be long before the relationship ends. They have talked about it but neither can see a way out and have resigned themselves to the inevitable.

Then last month he overhears the neighbour’s cleaner, Mary a plump woman who was most probably older than she looks, next door in the garden having a cigarette talking on her mobile phone about her weekend away, how she had been disciplined and used in every hole. She had laughed, no giggled like a girl as she had described some of the activities she had been made to do. Well she admitted to the person on the other end of the phone she did not need much persuasion. It was clear from the description of the things being done to her that she was a submissive and had been on a BDSM weekend. She mentioned her Master and it was obvious to Craig that this man is using her in very innovative ways with some interesting techniques. She also let slip how she had invited one of his friends round to the house she cleans, when the owners were away, and had been tied to their bed, which she reckons never saw any action, and had her arse used till she screamed the safe word. Her laugh at this comment was loud and dirty.

Later that day Greg ‘accidentally’ bumped into the cleaner, tells her how he had overheard her telephone conversation and asked her about the disciplining. Her face dropped and it is clear she has made a mistake. Then he uses this knowledge as a threat of telling her employers, who are good Catholics and have a very moral streak, to get the name of her disciplinarian along with his phone number out of her. In fact he continues to use the threat to ensure he has her a couple of times a week, always in the garden, always on all fours and always in both holes, Mary obviously loves having her anus used by the squeals of delight when he enters her, so the threat is just part of the game, or so he thinks, Mary knows different. The thought occurred that if the situation with Penny did not get resolved then Mary will be a more than adequate replacement until her can find a younger model again.

Greg tells all of this to Mr. Martinet when he phones him, after all he wants to get on his good side and does not want to be seen to be deceiving him. All he does is make Mr. Martinet angry, not with him but Mary. All he asks of his submissives are two things, first that no one but him uses their anus and secondly, all sexual activity is to be reported to him, either by asking in advance or by written report afterwards. Mary had failed on both counts. This was not the first time Mary has disappointed him, she will be dealt with in due course.

Penny parks her car in the side street off the main road, about 100 yards from the house she has been instructed to go to. It had been a bit of a shock, then a thrill to have Greg, her Master tell, no order her to visit another Dom he has been talking to. He explained that she is the price he has to pay for the help he has been given. Money has not changed hands, instead she is to be provided for him to use for the evening. The thought of being under the control of another even for an evening had been a daunting thought at first, but it became more exciting the longer the thought remained. She has to admit that life with Greg has become predictable. As she presses the button on the remote that locks the car she feels her breath grow deeper and her heart beat faster. Oh my god she thinks, will I be able to do this. Steeling herself she pockets the keys and walks back to the corner and along the main road.

The e-mail instructions have been very precise in what she should wear for the evening. The type of underwear, the shoes, the stockings, the skirt and its length along with the blouse which has to be unbuttoned to her navel. She is to carry nothing, no bag, purse or money. The only thing allowed is the keys to her car. The night is drawing in, and the sun has disappeared behind the clouds making the slight wind feel colder than it really is. When Penny turns the corner the wind catches the open blouse and makes it billow and expose more of her bra covered breasts than she wants. She pulls it back into place and notices that the car heading towards her has slowed a little as the man driving looks goggle eyed at her. The road is busy even at this time, but thankfully has no one walking on her side of the pavement.

The houses are set back a little with short driveways. Curtains are not dawn yet, but lights are on and Penny can see normal life going on. Hedges vary in size so a couple of houses are blocked out completely. She counts the houses along the road after finding the number of the first one so she can workout the one she is going to, it is further along the road than she likes as a few cars have honked their horns as she tries to keep her blouse from taking away all her dignity.

Mr Martinet looks across the room at Greg, who is examining his watch.

“Don’t worry, she will be here soon. I think she is both intrigued at what will happen and scared of letting you down, if what you have said about her is true.”

“It’s all true.” Says Greg a bit defensively as he covers his watch with the sleeve.

“Good.” Replies Mr Martinet, “Then I will have a most pleasant evening.” He smiles, but Greg looks less than pleased, he might even be having second thoughts.

Penny reaches the driveway of the house. It is detached with a porch, much like most of the others she has passed on along the road. She feels flushed and is sure she is red in the face. Her breathing is harder now and her heartbeat can be felt in her ears. She is unsure about what she has let herself in for, but she is also excited. She is sure it is just the wind chill that has made her nipples so hard, at least that is what she wants to believe. With a deep breath she walks up the drive. The gravel crunches.

The porch is lit up and as she reaches for the bell she notices an envelope stuck to the door. It has her name on it and the instruction ‘enter the porch and read me’. Her eyes widen and she bites her bottom lip. She looks around, but can see no one. Opening the door she enters the porch and takes the envelope down.

Inside is a short note with a list of instructions, she reads it carefully:

Penny, you will remove all clothing and place them in the wooden chest to the right of the door.

You will then knock three times.

Then kneel to the left of the door and wait.


Penny’s eyes widen, she reads it again. Looks around the well lit porch and realises that she will be seen by anyone passing. The hedge is quite high, but the gap for the driveway is wide. Another look makes her realise the porch is brick built for a third of its height, but glass to the roof. She figures that if she keeps low, then she will be able to get undressed without being seen and if she kneels down low, then she will only have her head and shoulders showing above the bricks.

With this plan in mind she starts to strip and keeping low she manages to get all her clothes off without being observed. Folding her clothes as she goes she places them in the chest. Hunched down she turns to the door to knock. Penny looks up as the door knocker is high and she will have to stand to reach it. Panic sets in. She looks towards the road to see cars going past the end of the drive. Surely they would be looking at the road and not down the driveways. Controlling her breath, Penny counts to three, stands with her back to the road and knocks three times quickly. Dropping back down before the third knock has finished. She turns and stares out at the road again. A couple are halfway across the gap. Have they seen her? No, they are to busy talking as they go by.

Penny kneels down low to the left of the door and waits. Her arms folded across her chest, shaking, ready to jump at the slightest noise.

Greg goes rigid and starts to rise as the knocks sound through the hallway and into the sitting room. Mr Martinet raises a hand and motions for Greg to remain seated. It is after all necessary for him to be out of sight of Penny when she enters the room.

“Wait. At least we know she has arrived and followed your orders to come to my house. It remains to be seen if she has followed the instructions I left at the door however.” Mr Martinet smiles at the puzzled look Greg gives him. “I have not told you the detail of what will take place this evening, only the outline. Now to see if Penny can be brought back into line and become the submissive you want her to be, we must test her and give you enough information from this evening to keep her off balance so to speak. She must never again feel comfortable in her submissive position, she must always be wondering what will happen next. I expect she is nervous if not a little scared of what you have let her in for.”

The puzzled look has not left Greg’s face. “I don’t understand,” he says.

“Let me explain and tell you the predicament your little slave is in right now while I make us some more tea.” As he leads Greg out to the kitchen he says, “ten minutes or so on that hard floor dodging the walkers and runners as they pass my drive should be long enough this time for her.”

He is right, Penny is a bundle of nerves as she kneels and waits. Each person that passes causing her to duck down. While she is not adverse to topless sunbathing, or being displayed at the BDSM parties Greg had taken her to. This is totally different. It is not a natural time or environment in which to be naked. She has been warming to the thought of grabbing her clothes out of the chest and running. It will be letting Greg down, but after she has explained he is sure to forgive. Isn’t he?

With the tea made and steaming in the cups, Mr Martinet leaves Greg to carry them back into the sitting room as he goes to the front door to introduce Penny to the next stage of her evening. He opens the door quickly causing Penny to jump and for a moment regret not making her move a few minutes earlier.

He gives her a cursory glance then moves into the porch and stands in front of the chest. He messes the neatly folded clothes tutting as he does, making sure that she knows he disapproves. Penny opens her mouth a few times as if to say something, but shuts it as quickly. He is taller and bigger than Greg and has an air of authority about him. Then to her utter horror he closes the lid of the chest, secures the clasp and threads a padlock through the ring. Locks it and puts the key in his pocket. Turning he looks at Penny properly for the first time and sighs.

“Kneel up girl, don’t slouch.” He barks.

Penny kneels up immediately, surprised at her involuntary reaction to his strong voice. Then realises her breasts will be visible from outside. Slowly she tries to lower herself without being obvious. But he clearly knows what she is doing and steps forward, places a hand under her chin and raises her head so she has to kneel up straight.

“My name in Mr Martinet and you are here at the bidding of your Master. Tell me girl, what is your name?” He is now holder her chin firmly and Penny can hardly move her mouth to reply.

“P..P..Penny… sir.” She manages to splutter out.

“Are you called that because like a penny you are worthless?”

Penny’s eyes widen, she is shocked, she has never been spoken to like this before.

“i… erm.. i… whaaaa.” Again Penny splutters but this time it is meaningless noises.

Mr Martinet looks straight into her eyes and sees how confused she is already. Good. He releases her chin with a flick. “Stand up and face the porch door.” Penny does not move. “Now,” he barks.

Penny jumps. She starts to move, but not quickly enough. Mr Martinet reaches out and grabs the single plait that Penny has been instructed to wear her hair in. She now knows why as it gives a good handle as she is hauled upright and turns her to the porch door to face the driveway and the main road.

“Put your hands on the door frame and lean into it. Stick your arse out.” To emphasis this last point he slaps her butt cheeks hard. “I have to get you ready to enter my house.” He smiles to himself and wonders just how confused she is right now.

“Ouch.” Penny’s bottom smarts at this slap. As she does not want another she places her hands on the door frame and looks down the driveway. She feels her ankles being tapped by his foot and opens her legs. She has never felt so exposed as at that moment.

Mr Martinet has discussed Penny’s acceptance of anal plugs with Greg and is appalled to find that they had never used anything larger than four inches. He has explained how that is not good enough and a regime of anal expansion is required. This will take the form of introducing larger and longer plugs over the coming months. Greg has agreed that Penny is comfortable with four inches and the fun of having her plugged had started to disappear. This is about to change. Mr Martinet can see that Penny is visibly shaking as he steps back into his house to the small table that has the tube of lubricant on it. He squeezes a good finger full out of the tube and stands behind Penny. With unerring accuracy his gel covered finger tip finds her puckered anus.

“Relax girl and let my finger enter you.” He says as it touches and then starts to swirl around the entrance before he pushes it in. Penny is not ready for the cool feel of the gel let alone the fact that this stranger is now driving his finger into her bum. Pulling and stretching the opening. She closes her eyes and grunts at the movement and the sensation. When he removes his finger she feels stretched and wet, very wet. She opens her eyes and looks down the drive at the little old man and his dog. He has stopped and the dog takes the opportunity to pee on the bushes. He just stands and stares at Penny and has obviously witnesses her being prepared. Horror rushes through her, but also a sigh of resignation.

“Ah, there’s old Harry and his even older dog.” Mr Martinet laughs at his own joke. Penny has not noticed that he has stepped inside and returned. This time he has the plug with him. Six inches long and shaped like an extended bomb. The end is broad and would dig into the cheeks on either side when fully in place. “You know,” he continues in a conversational tone, “he has the happy knack of walking that dog past here whenever I am preparing a girl to enter my house.” He laughs again, “think I’ll invite him in one day and let him have a play. How about tonight Penny? Should old Harry be allowed in to play with you?” She shudders and whimpers.

As Harry stands and watches, even with his failing eyesight he can see that she is a pretty girl, nice sized tits and is it a legal requirement these days to have their cunts shaved. Everyone that he has seen at this house has been the same. He isn’t sure what goes on, but he does enjoy watching the naked women as the next bit of the performance begins. Yes, it is very enjoyable to see this next bit. He can just make out the man behind the girl as he reaches down. He has one of those dildo things in his hand. Yes he has, looks like he’s lined it up and…….. Penny grunts again as she feels the end of the plug open her anus. She is trying to relax but it makes no difference, it is going in at the speed that Mr Martinet wants it to, which is quicker than Greg ever does. She can tell it is fatter and she feels her passage stretch to allow it in. But will it never stop coming, oh it is so long, she grunts again as it continues its journey into her anal passage.

Finally her sphincter closes around it so that only the flat round end protrudes from her. She can feel beads of sweat on her brow and she is breathing heavily. But now she can relax, it is over, it is in. She gentle tightens her bottom muscles which confirms it is much bigger than anything she had felt in there before. She feels full and strangely content. Her eyes refocus on the old man outside, he is tugging at the dog lead trying to hurry away. Harry has an important task to perform as usual after he has watched a young girl being plugged. The image will last long enough for him to have his pleasure. Then a cup of tea, yes that will round the evening off nicely he thinks.

Mr Martinet pulls first one arm then the other behind Penny’s back, the touch of cold steel and the click tells her that she had been cuffed. It registers on a subconscious level. Penny is not ready for the real world just yet. Her real world at the moment is six inches of hard plastic and the muscle spasms it is causing.

“Kneel by the door again girl. Now.” Mr Martinet barks the last word at Penny, knowing it will make her jump. “And say ‘yes sir’ after each instruction given. Do you understand Penny?”

Penny looks round, startled and not really knowing what to do or what has been said. She is still inspecting the plug with her anus muscles and starting to feel a dull ache now that the initial stretching has been done.

“If I have to repeat myself girl, then you will be thrown out as you are on to the main road. Do you understand?” He points this time to the spot to the left of the house door. Penny’s reeling senses some how managed to grasp that she should return to the position.

“Yes sir,” she whispers and groans when both she and the plug moved.

“Speak up girl.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir.” She manages between moans of discomfort.

Awkwardly, from the combination of the plug and the cuffs Penny kneels down and slumps to below the porch wall level. As she manoeuvres herself into a semi comfortable position, Mr Martinet steps back into the house and to the small table, re-emerging with a dog’s collar and lead in his hands.

He looks down on her and shakes his head. “Kneel up girl.”

“Yes sir,” Penny raises herself up squirming under the influent of the plug as her anus moves around it into the new position and conscious now that she will be visible, albeit only her head and breasts, from the road once again.

“Lift your chin girl.” As Penny does the dog collar is placed around her neck and secured by the buckle at the back. Mr. Martinet then clips the lead to the collar and lifts it up. Penny’s neck extends and then she has to kneel up further as Mr Martinet continues to pull upwards. The looped handle of the lead is slipped over a hook by the door, meaning Penny has to kneel with a straight back or suffer being choked. This has raised her to a full kneel and now even her navel is above the wall of the porch.

She turns her head slowly or tries to towards the road it is not easy with the lead pulling her head up and the collar tight against her neck. No one is there she sighs and sags, but immediately pulls herself up again as the collar digs in to her throat. As she turns back to the house and door again, she is in time to see it closing. She is alone in the porch, she is alone and naked, she is alone, naked and unable to move, she is alone, naked, unable to move and visible to anyone who cares to look. She would gulp if the collar allowed it. A tear forms in her eye. What has she allowed herself to be drawn into.

Greg looks up from his chair behind the door when Mr Martinet walks in and over to the table where his cup of tea is waiting. It is not possible to see what has taken place, but he had heard Penny’s voice and the tremble in it. She is scared, he can tell, but it seems she has done as she is told. Mr Martinet takes a sip of his tea before turning to face Greg.

“Your little Penny is almost ready to be brought into my home. I think she needs some time in the porch to think over what has happened and wonder what else will happen to her this evening.” He smiles then laughs at the expression on Greg’s face. “Don’t worry, she will be very willing and attentive both this evening and I suspect for quite sometime afterwards. She looks to be good stock and with a bit of training a useable sub. Nice body, are the tits as firm as they look?” Greg nods weakly. “Good I’m quite looking forward to handling her.”

Mr Martinet had explained to Greg that he thought that his and Penny’s relationship has started to move from Dominant and submissive to a loving vanilla one. Greg had agreed. He also warned that he will have mixed feelings towards Mr Martinet and what is going to happen this evening, but it is in the long run a good thing and that the situation can be turned around. The matter of fact and perfunctory manner that Mr Martinet is talking about Penny is a step along that path back to where the relationship should be. Penny is to be thought of as an object once he has that idea in his head the rest will be easy. That is the theory according to Mr Martinet. For the next fifteen minutes, while he watches Greg closely, Mr Martinet talks about Penny, her body, describing in a crude manner what Greg must do to her over the coming week.

“I think it’s time to bring the girl in don’t you Greg.” This is more of a statement than a question, after all Mr Martinet is in charge. Greg nods a little taken aback by the conversation that has just taken place. Besides he wants to see if he has the resolve to carry out what Mr Martinet has outlined and he is also eager to see Penny being handled by another. This is both a scary yet exciting prospect. He sinks back into the chair and the shadows, invisible to anyone coming into the room till they turn round.

Scared and shivering, Penny has spent the last fifteen minutes continually glancing down the drive at the main road. Freezing when someone walks past and breathing again when they do not look at the house. She has been displayed and paraded before, but this is different, this time she has been just left, being seen is almost an after thought to the position she has been left in. The door opens making Penny jump yet again. She has up to this evening been a confident and assured woman, even when she has submitted to Greg. But now! The sight of Mr Martinet brings relief as she hopes her ordeal is over. She is shocked that she is relieved to see a stranger who will do who knows what to her, just so this time alone will be at an end.

“Stand up girl.” He takes hold of the lead and pulls up. Penny quickly scrambles up to stop her weight from being supported by her alone neck. It is not easy with her hands behind her back and no other assistance is given or offered. As she moves for the first time in fifteen minutes, the plug of hard plastic in her anus moves; her anal muscles scream their complaint as they have settled around their new friend. She almost doubles up as a stomach cramp hit her, but Mr Martinet’s hold on the lead makes sure that she does not and that the pain is felt to its full. Once standing up right it subsides to a dull ache. He smiles at the expressions on her face she is pretty but looks so much better when in pain.

He pulls her towards the door, causing Penny to take a long stride to catch up. The muscles around the plastic plug complain again and Penny groans.

“Did you say something girl?” Mr Martinet stops suddenly and turns on her.

“Nnnnnno sir, sorry sir.” She is still in the doorway and fears being put outside again. She tries to lower her head not daring to look at him directly, wanting only the relative safety of the house.

“You will only speak when spoken to.” He glares at her. Turning he pulls on the lead and makes Penny take three steps into the hallway of the house.

“Kneel.” A sharp tug downwards forces Penny to her knees. Passing her he closes the door then starts to walk down the hall. Penny is forced to scramble up again or be dragged. Her anus complains again at the sudden movement. This time she suppresses the groan.

Penny does not have time to take in the surroundings as she is pulled along the hallway. She does notice the change under her feet though as she is lead into a room and the soft carpet is replaced by smooth, hard wood. He does not stop pulling till Penny stands in what she assumes is the centre of the room. It seems that all the lighting in the room, such that it is, is directed at the place she now stood, naked, cuffed and full of plastic plug. A light aimed at her prevented her from seeing the room properly, but she gets the impression it is sparely furnished.

“Stand there and stop shaking.” Mr Martinet waits a few seconds while Penny gains what is left of her composure, the lead is unclasped and thrown to the ground in front of her. “Better.” He continues. “Now open your legs wider girl, they should be at least three feet apart.” He makes the point of letting Penny see him look down her body then her legs to her feet. She has never felt so naked. She opens her legs.

Greg has bitten his bottom lip at they entered, knowing he has not to make a sound or Mr Martinet will end the evening and send them both home. He watches her gait as she tried to walk with the six inch butt plug secure in her anus. It makes him smile to see her obvious trouble as the unbending plug forces her anus muscles to adjust and readjust with each step. Now that she has stopped and has opened her legs, the end of the plug is visible as it nestles between her cheeks. His erection starts to grow.

“Did you shave your pussy this morning as instructed Penny?” His eyes have moved back up her body, Penny is red with embarrassment and now a little shocked at the frankness of the question posed.

“Y..y..yes sir” She manages to stammer.

“Then I will check to make sure it has been done properly.” Mr Martinet has always maintained that the first touch a Dom should make upon a sub must be sudden and intimate. As intimate as possible. The sub must be made aware through actions as well as words that they are just an object to be used as and when required. Any sign of warmth or care would undermine this, so the first touch is a bench mark. His hand shoots out and he grabs her pussy, his palm flat against the labia major, the heel on the mound and the fingers extended as far as possible. In this case they touched the protruding butt plug. Penny yelps and jumps.

“Quiet girl, you must expect to be handled intimately on a regular basis. Now keep still while I check your shaving ability.”

Mr Martinet starts to slowly grind his hand against Penny’s most intimate part, causing her to lift up on her toes and stare wide eyed and open mouthed as the motion becomes rough. With practised ease Mr Martinet bends his middle finger as he pulls back and up and positions it on her opening. It is wet. Then with a forward shove it slides effortlessly into Penny’s vaginal passage. A gasp escapes from her mouth. A few more circles and shoves with his hand hard against her sex and the finger is all the way in. The two fingers either side of the middle one then move a little inwards and take hold of the protruding edge of the butt plug. The circle and rubbing motion that he is now so rhythmically doing includes a new element as the butt plug is moved back and to. Penny’s legs nearly give way as it began it’s not to subtle movement deep inside her anus.

Greg starts to breathe hard as he watches his sub being man handled in this way, but keeps himself in check having been warned that it might spark a defensive reaction seeing Penny used. Mr Martinet takes the opportunity of Penny closing her eyes as she struggles to keep on her legs by looking at Greg and giving a reassuring nod. Greg is not reassured.

“Look at me girl while I handle you.” His voice is harsh and sounds a bit distant to Penny, but an extra hard rub made her eyes fly open. He looks straight at her and deep into her eyes, defying her to look away.

“You seem to have done a good job Penny. I cannot feel any bristling on my hand.” He smiles at the slightly puzzled look she gives back. The messages being sent from her body have already started to blank out all other thoughts and ideas. “You reach a satisfactory wetness very quickly as well.” He crooks his finger slightly inside her. It now rubs a little harder against her vaginal wall as he continues the hard circular motion. She whimpers in response. But her eyes never straying from his as they are locked tight.

“I want to ask you a question Penny.” His voice has now taken on a lilting tone. He knows that he has her full attention and the need for sternness has passed for the moment. “When did you masturbate last?”

“Wha….. ” Penny can hardly concentrate on what is going on in the room let alone a direct question.

“I told you not to make me repeat myself girl.” As he says this his hand starts to squeeze her labia as he circles harder. Penny whimpers again, but comes back to reality. “When did you masturbate last?”

“I… er… I …er…” Penny is having trouble now as the messages from her pussy floods her mind. She has never been manipulated like this before the sensation is overpowering. “Yesterday sir. My Master gave me permission to masturbate yesterday evening sir.” She manages to blurt out before moaning.

Mr Martinet continues with his manipulating of her pussy for a few moments, looking deep into her eyes, seeing more than she dare let him, then back in the lilting voice he used before he says, “I did not ask when was the last time you had permission to masturbate, I ask when did you masturbate last?

“I… er… I.. ooooo… I masturbated this morning sir.” Penny sags as this truth comes out. It has been an effort to for her to say this, he can tell. She clearly does not like to be seen to let her Master down and will have held out if she had known he is sitting right behind her.

“Why did you masturbate this morning Penny?”

Now that the initial confession is out, saying more is not difficult. “Because I was aroused at the thought of coming here this evening sir.” Realising what she has said she quickly adds, “Please don’t tell him sir. Please don’t sir.”

“I don’t think I need to tell him that Penny. I believe that you will tell him.” He smiles.

Mr. Martinet’s hand performs a few more circles, eyes locked onto each other, her arousal is almost complete the pupils give Penny away an orgasm is will soon follow.

“Where did this take place Penny?”

“In the bathroom sir. I said I needed the toilet before my shower sir. My Master often watches as I shower, especially if I am going to shave my pussy sir. I needed a little privacy sir.”

“Was it a good orgasm Penny? Did you enjoy it more because it was not permitted, or because you were thinking of the delights that awaited you this evening?”

“I don’t know sir. It is good sir. All I could think about was this evening sir.”

As Penny finishes her confession, Mr Martinet removes his hand abruptly pulling it back and away, denying her the release of an orgasm. Penny then realises that it had been his hand that had been keeping her upright. She falls to her knees. Mr Martinet looks over her head at Greg who has now moved to the edge of his seat. His eyes are boring into the back of Penny’s head. He is clearly angry by her confession. Greg thinks of how she will be punished for this, it has been a corner stone of their relationship that he controls her orgasms that she can only orgasm and therefore masturbate with his express permission. He will also make sure that she is not allowed any private time again for this misdemeanour. He had been unsure about letting this evening happen and is doubly so when he saw her stilted walk as she came in to the room. He has to fight his emotions as watches her being handled, but now, yes it has been worthwhile. He begins to wonder what other things she has been doing behind his back.

“Stay where you are girl.” Mr Martinet returns to the sterner voice as he sees Penny make an attempt to rise. She does not know it but her next performance is about to begin. With her hands still cuffed behind her back she grimaces as the after effect of the rough handling her pussy has just endured starts to kick in. How she wishes she could give it a soothing rub. But this just helps to keep her distracted as Mr Martinet takes a black blindfold from his pocket and puts it over her head, then eyes. Penny gasps as the world goes dark and disappears.

“I have a little service I wish you to perform Penny. But as is my want, I don’t want you to see me as you perform it. Besides not being able to see will heighten your other senses which will make it all the more interesting for you.” Over her head he motions for Greg to join him. This is a planned part of the session that Greg knows about. He takes a moment to rise and join Mr Martinet his expression like thunder. He feels animosity towards the Dom who has just handler his sub in this rough and harsh manner, but it is fading fast as his anger grows towards Penny and the perceived lies and deceit she must have practised throughout their relationship. Can he ever trust her again, that trust is about to take another bashing. He takes his place a little in front of Penny and starts to undo his trousers.

Penny, her sight deprived is aware that there is movement, but can not tell what it is and has no idea that it is Greg that has just stepped in front of her. Then she hears the sound of a zip and groans inwardly. He is just like the rest, get them naked then get your cock in their mouth. She feels a bit disappointed as the evening so far had been so different which has made it scary yet exciting. It has not been like this with Greg ever.

Once Greg has removed his trousers and underwear, Mr Martinet stands behind Greg and over his shoulder he speaks so as to make the sound of his voice seem to be coming from the right direction.

“Now Penny, open your mouth.”

“Yes sir.” There is a note of disappointment in her voice that is not unnoticed by both men.

“Now, now Penny that is not the attitude I expect from girl who is going to perform for me. I want a bit of enthusiasm.” He smiles as he said this. Oh if only she knew what is about to happen.

“Yes sir,” is repeated with only a modicum of liveliness. Penny opens her mouth and waits.

Greg, who has not stopped glaring at Penny all this time, takes a step forward and without any ceremony puts his cock in her mouth. Penny closes her mouth and is pleasantly surprised at the fullness of the amount of meat that she has to work with. If she had not known better she would have sworn it is Greg’s cock.

A pair of hands then grab her head and the fucking begins. Mr Martinet had instructed Greg not to hold Penny as he would do normally when being serviced orally and to use a different stroke pattern when he starts to fuck her mouth. This is easy with Greg being so worked up with her and the strokes in and out of her mouth are strong and hard, not like the gentler teasing that they usually do.

It is only a matter of seconds before Penny has to breathe hard and loud through her nose as she begins to struggle to keep up with the relentless thrusting that Greg is doing. Taking a silent step backwards Mr Martinet slowly circles the pair of them as they indulged in this viscous display of oral satisfaction. Watching, studying Penny as she struggles to keep up with the onslaught from Greg.

When passing in front of Greg’s eye line, he looks up at the man who has exposed his sub for the liar she is and thrusts harder. Penny gags and tries to cough, but each time her mouth and throat are full of fleshy cock head. She is wrong, he is not like the rest of them, he’s an animal.

After a few more circles Mr Martinet sits down by the low table that has his cup of tea on it. A little cold, but all the more refreshing for that. He sips and watches. Nice action from Greg he thinks to himself. But his eyes always stray back to Penny and how her body shakes every time her mouth is full of cock, the wobbling on her tits is particularly pleasant.

Not sure of how long Greg can continue this assault on Penny’s mouth without exploding in it, Mr Martinet quietly replaces the cup and gets up. They have planned a little surprise for Penny and he is about to execute it. With a nod to Greg to indicate the next phase of their plan he stands to one side of Penny. Greg gives a look back at him that still has anger in it but understands what is about to happen. He takes a firmer grip on Penny’s head and slows the action down to a more even pace.

Once it is obvious Penny has become accustomed to this more sedate mouth fucking, Mr Martinet squats down so that he can speak directly into her ear. Penny’s face twitches as if she senses something, but is unable to do anything as the cock makes its way back into her mouth.

“Are you enjoying that cock Penny?” With Mr Martinet’s voice coming straight into her ear, she knows it is not his cock in her mouth. She tries to pull back, but the hands that belong to the cock have a strong grip and she can hardly move. He smiles as she tries to struggle but Greg has her held tight. With another nod, Greg starts to fuck her mouth again with gusto.

“Good girl,” he continues, “I think that you will receive a reward soon. Now be gracious and accept it all, any spillage will be punished.”

Penny’s head is spinning now. Whose cock is it? She is sure that the arrangement is for her to be used by Mr Martinet only, yet he has brought someone else into the equation. Oh my god, is it that old man from outside, he did say he would invite him in to have a play. No the cock is too firm, the thrusts too brutal to be that old man, but who is it.

Should she tell her Master when she gets home? What will she do, he may tell him anyway. The thrusts are more forceful now, she knows the cock is ready. Then it is pushed deep, it enters her throat, she gags which only stimulates the head even more.

Then it erupts.

She feels the first spurt as the cock throbs, then a second and a third. She tries to cough but is held firm. It takes all her swallowing ability to get the thick semen to go down. Trying to breathe hard as she does, she thinks she is going to suffocate.

The cock is pulled back so that the head lies on her tongue and she is able to gulp and take the last of the sticky fluid. She is breathing hard not knowing what to do, waiting for she does not know what. This is nothing like the sessions with Greg, she wants to be with him now, to have him soothe her and calm her heart as it threatens to burst out of her chest.

The sight of her throat as it bulges and bobs as Penny receives and swallows the precious juice has been a very pleasant sight for Mr Martinet as he remains squatting next to her. Mind, Greg has made it easier by keeping his cock deep in her throat as he pumps.

“Very good Penny. Now clean the cock. You would not want to owner to think you were an ungrateful girl after the lovely semen they deposited in your mouth.”

Penny can only grunt in acknowledgement of this order and starts to lick the cock head as best she can given that the hold on her head has not lessened and movement is almost impossible. After a few minutes Greg has softened and pulls his cock out of Penny’s mouth. For the first time in twenty minutes Penny’s mouth is not full of blood hardened flesh that is trying to knock her teeth and tongue down her throat. She gasps and takes a huge breath. Then opens and closes her mouth a few times as she tries to get her jaw to move normally again.

“Say thank you to the nice man for allowing you to receive his semen Penny.”

Another gulp but Penny knows she must follow the instruction.

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