At the end of the last story, my wife, had in her sights the next guy she wants me to share her with. A young, 20 something, well, built, dark complexion, about 6’2″.

His daughter had run into my leg with her riding toy and her Dad had hollered at her and when he did, my wife turned and they came face to face with one another. They both stood there eyeing each other up and down.

Finally, Jan, broke the silence and told him it was alright, she didn’t mean it, just not paying attention, like little ones will do. We walked with them to the playground where she wanted me to play with her. Dad said it was alright. As I swung her and helped he on the slide and jungle gym, Jan and Rick, his name, were deep in conversation, their faces only a few inches apart and she had her hand on his arm and I saw he would touch her bare leg, once in awhile.

She had her next lover, lined up. He did look like he was enjoying her also.

Meghan got tired of playing and wanted to go back to Dad.

As he got her things ready to go, Jan, said she invited him over for drinks later after he took Meghan back to her Mom.

He showed up around 8 that evening, dressed in nice slacks, sport shirt and deck shoes, of course, no socks.

Jan hollered from upstairs to fix him a drink, she would be right down. He asked for scotch on the rocks and I joined him. We sat in the family room talking about guy things and waiting for Jan. I wondered what she was doing up there.

We both knew what she was doing as soon as she joined us, carrying a glass of wine.

She had showered, fixed her hair and makeup and had put on a short skirt. and a camisole top that fit tight over her breasts and it was certain she had not donned a bra and as she sat down the skirt flew up as she dropped onto the couch, along side Rick. I saw she also, had not worn panties. She was bare footed.

“Tom, lets the three of us go out for a drink and some dancing, down at the beach”. Rick and I both agreed. I knew she wanted me to get comfortable around him. Little did she know Rick and I had already talked about a threesome. We were going to have some fun with her, put her on display.

“Jan why don’t you wear those really high heeled sling back sandals we bought last week.”

The three of us headed for the beach area and a well known club, that is hot with the swingers and singles.

Now Jan was no where the youngest woman there but she had a presence that told guys she was there to party. The band was playing when we got there so she pulled Rick out onto the dance floor and started dancing, rubbing against him would be more like it. While Rick danced in front of her, another surfer type, came up behind her, put his hands on her hips and pulled her back into his crotch. She turned around and said something, with a frown and he left her alone. I found out a little later what he had said to her.

After a few dances, they came back to the table. I had ordered drinks, so we sat for awhile and just watched. Soon she was gyrating on her chair. She grabbed me, “your turn, husband.”

There was a fast one, that she put on an exhibition to. Skirt flying up, giving anyone that cared to look a nice show of ass and probably close shaved pussy.

The next was a slow one and I took her into my arms and asked her if she wanted to go home soon and take Rick. She said she did, if I was alright with it.

I told her I was.

“What did that guy say to you.”

“He wanted to know if the two of us wanted to have a threesome with him and I told him that was already arranged with my husband.” No wonder he walked away mad.

When we got back to the house, she said, “Okay guys, I need cock and there are two here that will do just fine.”

We were in the living room and she started to undress as did Rick and I. She only took 10 seconds to get naked except for her heels.

She walked over to Rick, who only had his briefs to go.

“Let me unveil that big cock.” She gasped when it sprang out in front of her, half hard.

“Omg, that is marvelous, I love your cock.” She took it into her mouth and let him know just how much she did love his cock.

One she had it hard it stood straight out and was a good 8″ and thick. He had his pubes trimmed real close. She tried to deep throat him. She has no gag reflex, but there was no way, The mushroom head was just to big. Like shoving a purple plum down her throat.

As his legs were against the couch, she stood up and shoved him back onto it and climbed up with her feet on both sides of him, grabbed his shoulders and lowered herself down onto the head of that big cock. He reached under her and opened her pussy lips for her as she lowered herself a few inches, impaling herself on that big, purple cock head. I heard her gasp and her eyes got real wide and a groan escaped her lips as she slowly lowered herself onto him. She stopped, leg muscles straining, sweat starting to break out all over her body and said, “Tom, hold me up by my ass, as I lower myself all the way down on this stud, I don’t want to lose balance and hurt myself.”

I took her ass cheeks in each hand with my thumbs in the crack, on each side of her little pucker. As she lowered herself down my thumbs started to open her hole up. I helped her down, now kneeling behind her with the thumbs up to the first knuckle in her ass and his big cock impaled all the way into her tightly stretched pussy. She sat there shivering and shaking until she had her first orgasm. Her mouth opened in a silent scream and then a loud one as I pushed my thumbs further into her ass. She fell forward onto him, pulling my thumbs and part of his cock out of her holes. He had not come yet, so he fucked her in that position until he did.

She climbed off and said, “Well, now that one is out of the way. Lets take this to the bedroom.” Neither of us argued with her.

In the bedroom, she got on her knees and sucked his flaccid cock clean of their mixture. Meanwhile, I stood watching, slowly stroking my rock hard cock.

It took about five minutes for her to get him completely hard again and crawl up on the bed on all fours and said, “Come on, stud, fuck my pussy. I want that big man meat in me now.” Not one to disappoint, he moved to her and without a bit of foreplay, slid his cock to the hilt in her cum sodden cunt. It wasn’t long before I started hearing the squishing sound of his cock sliding in and out of her.

“Baby, get over here and let me take care of that hard cock for you.” She said to me in a real sultry voice.

I climbed on the bed and knelt in front of her, grabbed her by the head and started to face fuck her. Rick and I got into sync. Every time he thrust forward, it would force my cock against the entrance to her throat. She was doing her best to get it past that point but the head was just to big. Each time it hit that spot, she would make a sound. What a feeling that produced on the tip of my cock. I knew I couldn’t last much longer but Rick looked like he was in for the long haul.

Shortly, my balls tightened and deposited their load into her mouth.

“Don’t swallow until you show us.” She opened her mouth and showed me and then turned and showed Rick.

“Should we let her swallow now, Rick.” “No let her keep it there for awhile, and she better now lose a drop.

“You heard him baby, he is in the driver’s seat tonight.” She smiled and closed her mouth.

It wasn’t long until he was ready to cum and as he did he hollered, “Swallow it, slut, swallow your husband’s cum.”

She did as she was directed as he filled her with another load.

We lay on the bed with her between us, Rick and myself laying on our side, playing with her nipples as she tried to recuperate. That was not what we had in mind for her. We were going to wind her up again and let her go.

I reached down between her wide spread legs and started running my fingertip around her distended pussy lips. Using my thumb to strum her clit, while doing so.

She spread her legs even further, letting his cum leak out onto the bed. I scooped some out of her and brought it to her lips, which she devoured like someone starving to death.

Was my wife becoming a cum slut?

She had enough and took hold of both our cocks. Rick’s being younger and stronger than mine came back readily. Mine she had to work on though. We had her on all fours by now and Rick was licking and fingering her ass. Just the sight of that made me hard for her.

“Guys, I want both of you in me at the same time. DP me, dammit.”

I told Rick he would have to have her pussy. There was no way she could take that big cock of his in her little rear hole. He said he sure didn’t mind that but that he wanted to get her ready back there for me.

“Not a problem. Do what you have to.”

“Geez, guys I am right here. Don’t I have a say in this?”

“NOOO!!!” We both shouted at her.

Between his tongue and finger, he had her moaning and squirming in no time. Then he worked the Astroglide into her and all around her little brown pucker.

Her ass was now ready as was her pussy.

Rick laid on his back stroking that big cock. From that position it looked bigger than 8 inches.

She threw a leg over him, stood up and lowered herself down, reached between her legs and aimed his cock at her wide open pussy. She didn’t hesitate to take it in and keep right on lowering herself all at one time until she was squatted over him and had him impaled to the hilt.

Then she slowly, let herself down until she was straddling him on her knees with her ass inviting me to penetrate it.

I lubed my now stiff as iron cock and put the head against her little hole. She knew what she was doing, as she pushed back against it. I slowly opened to allow the head of my cock to enter. Once she had that in, the three of us, stopped, unmoving until she was used to it and ready to fuck.

Rick was buried all the way in and I only had the head in. We started to fuck he that way, him in, me out. She started shivering right away. A sure sign she wanted to continue that way. We slowly fucked her like this for several minutes. It was harder than I figured it would be to keep in sync with one another.

As I pulled out once, I stopped until Rick was out too and when he pushed in so did I.

“Oh, my gawd, sooooooooooo fucking full, so good. Fuck me, fuck me hard, both cocks, fuck me hard.”

Not to be guys that wanted to disappoint, we fucked her in unison for at least 5 minutes until she told us she was getting sore and wanted our loads soon.

Neither of us hesitated. We fucked her hard for a few minutes until we both unloaded in he hot, now loose holes.

As she laid back on the bed, completely sated and cum flowing from both holes, she said she wanted to shower and get some sleep.

We all fell asleep in short order and didn’t awaken until early morning. What a great way to be woken up. She had both of our cocks in her hand and was slowly stroking them with her eyes closed.

“Tom, would you mind too much if it were just Rick and me for awhile. I want him to fuck me all by himself. I will take care of you after he leaves. Of course, you will have to take sloppy seconds.”

That would be a first for me. I often wondered what it would be like. Looks like I am going to find out.

I went and made me a drink while the two of them fucked without me. It was only a few minutes until I heard her scream and holler. “Oh, god damn, that is so fucking good, don’t ever stop fucking me.” I heard all kinds of moan, groans, swearing and then “Ohhhhhhhhhhh, Rick, I am gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm.” She can be rather noisy when she has an orgasm but this was like I haven’t ever heard before.

Then it was quite for a while. I would guess they were resting up for another bout, because soon it started all over again. Except this time I heard. “I am not sure I can take that much back there, Rick.” He wanted to fuck her ass. She has always been animate about not doing that with anyone but me.

I heard Rick say that he would take it real slow and that she could control the penetration.

She said she would try it but would have to go get some lube. Now I was really concerned. She was going to overstep the boundaries we had set. I decided to let it go and see where this was going to lead.

Then I heard Rick say, “where is the lube?”

“Rick, I can’t do this. I promised Tom when he started sharing me that I would give my ass to know one but him. I just can’t do that to him.”

“He doesn’t have to know. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“I’ll know and besides he is probably able to hear this whole conversation. Rick, as good as you are at fucking me, I am no longer in the mood and would very much appreciate it if you left now. This is not to say, that I would not want to see you again if you want but right now I have to make this right with Tom.”

He got dressed and left. I was in the kitchen, so he didn’t see me but I heard him saying some pretty harsh things about Jan. I can’t wait to see how she makes this up to me.

I heard the shower running and decided to got in and wait in the bedroom for her. See what she was going to do.

She took her sweet time, showering, drying off, drying her hair and rubbing herself down with lotion. I loved that, she was so soft and smelled so good. She was a freak for lavender. It was her.

When she saw me sitting there her head dropped and she said, “You heard all of that didn’t you. I am so sorry, honey, in the heat of the moment, I lost my head but as soon as I picked up the lube, I thought of you, put it back where you had it and you heard the rest.”

“I am glad you came to your senses, because if you hadn’t, this would have been the end of me sharing you.

She dropped the towel she had around her, walked over to me, sat on my lap and kissed me with a passion that I have not felt with her in a long time. While kissing her back, I rolled her off me onto the bed, and we hugged, kissed and groped, until she started to pull my clothes off. Once both of us were naked, she said, “go get the lube and take what is yours and only yours.”

After we were done, I realized what had taken her so long in the bathroom. She was squeaky clean, inside and out. The little minx knows me pretty well.

It was a couple more weeks until the itch struck her again and she wanted to know if we could go “trolling” as she called it for a nice big cock for her to fuck.

Her sex drive has not seemed to diminish much with age. She says her pussy is damp most of the time.

As luck would have it, one of our neighbor’s invited us to a cook out Saturday afternoon for his wife’s birthday. When we arrived, Jan, squeezed my arm as she looked around. A couple of the guys who work for our neighbor were there. He is a contractor and these guys were young, fit and tan. It couldn’t have been better picking for Jan, if she had ordered them up herself.

Jan herself is tan and fit and was wearing a sundress that came only to mid thigh, with spaghetti straps and was cut low enough to show most of her B cup boobs. She was wearing strappy sandals, with two inch heels, that showed off her tanned, smooth, muscled legs to perfection.

Both guys, almost gave themselves whip lash turning their heads to look at her, when Bob, the host, said, “there is Tom and Jan. Come on I will introduce you.” He told them.

They were introduced as Jack and Brad. Both of their eyes went directly to her boobs. She looked at them and smiled. She had her next conquests. I wondered if she wanted both at the same time or one at a time.

She didn’t shake hands but reached up and hugged each of them as they were introduced, which surprised everyone but me. She was on the prowl. Brad made the first move and asked if it was alright with me if he got her a drink.

I told him yes and she said she would come with him to get it. I guess the choice had been made for her. She gave me a little wiggle of her butt and looked over her shoulder and smiled.

Jack said, “you know he is going to do his best to get into your wife’s panties.”

I told him, “yah, I know, you missed your chance. We are into sharing but he is in for a surprise. I am there with them. She will tell him that and see where it goes. If not, hell, take a shot, if you can live with our rules.”

Her and Brad came back with drinks for themselves and one for me.

The four of us talked for awhile and she gave equal time and smiles to both guys. She would touch each of them on the arm.

Finally, she must have had enough, because she whined, “Okay, which one of you is going home with Tom and I tonight. I guess she hadn’t told Brad, because he looked at her and then at me, like we were aliens from outer space.

“What the fuck is this? I thought this was going to be just you and I, Jan and your wimp hubby was going to watch.”

Whoa, wrong thing to say to her. “My husband is not a wimp and when he shares me he is there also. So get the fuck out of my life, Jack what are your feeling about this arrangement.”

“I have no problem with it all. You have enough holes to go around. That is all that concerns me. Getting sucked and fucked by the hottest cougar here.”

The three of us said our “good byes” and left for our place. Peoples eyes boring holes in our backs.

It took the three of us no time at all to get naked, telling Jan to leave her heels on.

My wife wants to tell the story from here.

I couldn’t believe it. Tom produced a coin and said, “Call it, heads for her boobs and tails for her pussy.”

He flipped the coin and Jack called tails. Tails it was. I hoped he had a talented tongue because I was one horny bitch.

Spreading my legs wide he put his shoulders between them and went for it. He opened his mouth and engulfed my entire pussy and shoved his tongue inside, while sucking my nether lips into his mouth. He kept this up, until I felt an orgasm start deep down. He must have felt me stiffen because he pulled away from my pussy.

“No, you fucker, nooooooooooo. I am sooooooooooo close, get back there.”

I felt something funny between my legs. It was my blood engorged pussy lips. He had sucked so hard, it caused my labia to be blood engorged and oh, so sensitive.

Meanwhile, Tom is stroking his cock over my face. A big drop of precum emerged and it dropped off and hit me on my cheek. I tried to get my tongue over to it but to no avail. He took his cock head and moved it around on my cheek, along with some more that had accumulated.

Jack watched this, stroking his cock, too. Both of them were driving me crazy. Both were jacking off and neither was in any hurry to penetrate any of my holes.

“I need one of you in me, right fucking now. I need a hard cock in my pussy, NOW.”

Jack lay down along side of me, his hard cock standing straight up. I was finally going to get some hard cock in my hot, swampy pussy.

I swung a leg over him and immediately, took the head of his cock and guided between my swollen lips and lowered myself down, inch by inch until I was sitting on him. As I bounced up and down, I felt Tom, rubbing my ass, with the head of his cock. I could feel his precum as he moved it around and in between my ass cheeks.

He stopped when the spongy head, touched my little brown hole. He pulled away and I felt a large drop of cold lube, poured over it and it ran down the crack of my ass.

With two fingers he retrieved the lube and pushed it back until he had a goodly amount around my now twitching hole.

Meanwhile, while sitting still, impaled on Jack’s rigid rod, I leaned forward to give my husband better access to the hole he was preparing to fuck.

Jack was thrusting his hips upward, against my pussy, as Tom was beginning to work his two fingers into my greasy, slowly opening ass hole. Soon he had two fingers in and working them around preparing me for his turgid cock.

I was soon going to be filled in both holes.

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