Welcome back! In this chapter, Matt finds out who he is. Disclaimers are in part one. Of course, all characters are over 18. Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2

Matt and Sheila were walking hand in hand through the blackness of the rocky wasteland that lay in every direction beyond the Sanctuary of Forsaken Souls. They slowly picked their way among the rocks and sand, and a charred breeze blew over them.

For the most part, they did not speak. There was little to say after Matt announced his intentions to Sheila.

He was going to bring her to the Valley of Judges. He was confident that she should be judged.

Sheila held that it was insanity, but she plodded on. She craved his touch, particularly the way his big hands encircled her neck when they fucked. Besides, eternity was a bore, and she was enjoying Matt’s companionship more than any other soul she had been screwing in the Sanctuary.

“Ow!” she cried, stubbing her toe and stumbling. Matt steadied her.

He lifted her easily into his arms and cradled here, and resumed marching through the dark waste.

“I’m okay,” she said after a few minutes.

“So am I. I could do this indefinitely.”

“Look,” she said, pointing to the horizon. “See the redness?”

“Great!” Matt said as he saw it. “We’re finally heading out of these dark wastes!”

“And heading into Avernus. It’s a fiery lava field full of demons. Are you sure you don’t want to turn back now?”

“There is no turning back,” Matt replied.

“You’ll change your mind when you see it,” she warned, but to no avail. He insisted on moving forward, and carried he while he plodded on towards the red light.

After a few miles, Matt noticed that it was becoming possible to pick out the rocks that were strewn along the hill, so he let Sheila walk, and they picked up the pace a little. Looking over at Sheila, Matt admired not only her supple, feminine curves but also the purpose in her step, the focus in her gaze.

She in turn would frequently turn to look at him, the goliath of a man, the dim glow from the horizon accenting his mountainous muscles. She wondered what their potential was. Could he fight the demons with his bare hands, and win? Such a mortal was unheard of, or at least very rare. He would have had to have been a mighty prophet to have such a strong spirit.

The dirt gave way to bare rock. They made their way over a rise and surveyed the lands beyond. Black volcanic rock was lined with veins of lava.

Suddenly they spotted a creature emerging from a cave. It was a marilith, a six-armed woman who from the hips down had a powerful, massive snake tail. Her torso was a sickly jaundiced color and her hair was writhing with snakes. Her lips were the color of seaweed and she bared sharp fangs. The obscene creature had full, heavy breasts that it was cradling seductively. It brandished an assortment of blades in its hands.

“Get back!” shouted Matt as he placed himself between Sheila and the demonic creature.

The demon moved with surprising alacrity, slamming Matt with her tail and sending him sprawling. She lunged for him, coiling her trunk-like tail around his body and squeezing. She held her blades at the ready if needed.

Matt struggled, pushing out against the demon’s crushing constriction attack. Slowly, he pushed back against her, and she cursed him in her demonic tongue and began cruelly carving out his eyes and flaying the flesh from his face. He tried to shut his eyes as her serrated cleaver tore into his flesh and popped his eyeballs.

A lesser soul would have given up, but Matt was determined to make the snake bitch suffer. He reached out with both hands, groping wildly and grasping her forearms. He pulled on her arms with a sudden jerk, until she was too close for swords. Then, he head-butted her.

He could only hope that his technique had been effective. He twisted his arms around hers, snapping two of her arms off at the elbows. She recoiled in pain and tried to slither away, but he lunged for the sound and got her tail. He squeezed until he crushed the powerful corded muscles underneath, leaving much of her tail paralyzed.

The marilith tried to move, but her tail was dead weight on her body. She flailed at the ground and dropped her weapons in an attempt to crawl away from the giant’s crushing arms. Matt however was feeling his way up the rest of her tail. He sat down on the small of her back and grabbed the her head, pulling and twisting it.

The snakes in her hair bit his arms repeatedly, filling them with venom, and she tried to pull his hands away with her arms, but he held on with desperation and twisted with all his might.

Unable to rip her head off, Matt tore her other arms off. Now with six arm stumps flailing, she was all but helpless as he proceeded to pound her face into the rock. He grabbed her head with both hands and slammed it into the ground, over and over. Each time it made a sickening sound like rotten wood crunching. He kept going until her head had been crushed to a pulp.

The demon’s corpse dissolved into thin air, and a rush of light began pouring out of Matt’s body. His eyes and mouth glowed, as did all of the wounds in his face and arms. Energy filled his being to the core, and flooded out. In a blaze of light his wounds were healed, the poisons purged, and his strength renewed.

“You can fight them! You can!” Sheila jumped for joy, hope filling her heart.

“That was too close,” he said. He scanned the skies, both eyes in sharp focus. “Quick, there are others coming this way. Come on, run!” He led her towards a cave that he spotted not far away.

As soon as they had entered it, however, their surroundings seemed to dissolve and change. They found themselves in a strange hallway lined with doors. Dim green light from the far end of the hall illuminated the way, and from the cracks in the doors, came light of other colors, from red to yellow to white.

A ferocious-looking demon with the legs of a bull and the head of a white wolf and a battle axe turned and spotted them. A snake growing from its back hissed at them.

“Quick!” Sheila called, opening the door next to her. She tumbled through it, but when he attempted to follow the door had already slammed shut and was locked.

The demon, a molydeus, was almost upon him, and it was swinging a wicked looking battle axe.

Matt lunged for the door across the hall, and tumbled through. Little did he realize that like Sheila, he had walked through a one way door to the lair of a demon.

He was ankle deep in hot water, inside of a cave. The walls were illuminated by an intense red glow.

“Sheila!” he called, spinning around.

She was not there. The room was unoccupied, from what he could tell. The cavern was ringed with a series of stalactites and stalagmites that formed a wall, there was only darkness beyond. One side of the room had a smooth rock formation that protruded from the shallow water to form an island large enough to lie on.

The cave was about the size of a typical living room, and there were a few shelves with books and candles.

Opposite from the side of the room with the island, the floor beneath the water seemed to drop away, the water was deep and black.

No, there was something there. As he watched, a female slowly emerged from the water. She possessed surpassing beauty, dark red lips curled in a seductive smile and her steaming curves were dripping with rivulets of hot water from the water she had just emerged from. The sight of her generous curves and nearly hairless pussy almost overwhelmed Matt. He took note of her horns, bat-like wings, and a tail, and even if he had no idea what a succubus was, he suspected it would tempt him in order to defeat him.

He made a lunge for her, sure that he would break her scrawny neck with a quick twist, but the floor was too slippery and he couldn’t pounce as fast as he hoped. She dodged and levitated to one side. He plunged into the hot water, creating an enormous splash that rebounded throughout the room.

He was now submerged in the water, heated from a hot spring somewhere. It made his body tingle all over and he shut his eyes tight to keep the water from stinging them. He kicked for the ground below and felt nothing but water. With a stroke from his arms, he reached the surface, sputtering, and hurriedly wiped the water from his face. Blinking, he scanned every corner of the room only to find the succubus reclining on a rock as if it were as soft as a couch.

She was propped up on one elbow and smiling with amusement. Matt’s body was growing hotter every second he stayed in the water, and the heat was making him dizzy. Her sexy laugh was quite unmistakable, even amidst the splashing and through his waterlogged ears. He struggled to pull himself up out of the water. The rock was smooth and slippery and he was forced to reach forward, place his palms flat on the rock and very slowly push his body up out of the water until he could lift a knee up over the ledge.

“My my, what have we here,” she mused, as his muscles flexed and he made his way up onto the ledge. “Such an amazing specimen. You look good enough to eat.”

Matt was so dizzy he could barely take a step forward. Was it the heat, or something else? He took a step forward and clenched his fist. He tried to reach back, but his body would not respond.

“I wouldn’t bother trying to kill me in my own lair. You don’t have a prayer in hell.” She giggled. “Oh, I rarely get to use that one,” she sighed wistfully. “Really, big man, why bother?”

She took a bottle of perfume down from a shelf. Pointing it at Matt’s face, she squeezed the pink bladder several times, releasing a series of pink clouds that floated towards him.

His cock twitched with the very first puff of perfume that hit his nostrils, the flowery musk made his mind spin harder with each cloud that hit.

She walked up to him and pressed her fingertips against his rigid abs. “Truly amazing. Who are you?”

“I don’t know,” he managed dumbly. “Call me Matt.”

“That’s better,” she said, confident that he would not try to kill her anymore. “Mine is Aryella. Pleased to meet you.” She was close enough to sniff his cock, and she immediately sensed that he had been with another woman. The other thing she sensed was that he was a very pure soul. Practically a virgin.

“This Sheila you’ve been fooling around with, she can’t make you feel anything close to what you’re about to experience,” she went on, moving closer to him. Her face was about the height of his sternum, and she was very close to him.

“Oh my, oh my oh my!” she exclaimed. “I know I smell pussy here, but there’s something else I smell. Have you never, not once–”

Her green eyes burst into fire for a moment as she reached out to cradle his heavy nut sac. “You’re practically, for all intents and purposes, a virgin! What’s more, you’ve lived a long life. A long, horrible life no doubt, because for all those years you never once spilled your load! You never came! Not once! Not once!”

Aryella could hardly contain her excitement, and as she massaged Matt’s nuts, his cock grew rock hard and he shuddered. Her eyes continued to burn with green flames until she finally pulled her hand away.

Despite the way that evil intent was written all over her face, Matt found himself fantasizing about doing Aryella in all sorts of ways. His mind was not his own. He needed to escape, but where was he?

“Where am I?” he managed.

“You are in a small pocket dimension near both hell and the astral plane. It’s not much, but I’m sure you’ll find it cozy enough.” Aryella had woven many spells through her little room-sized realm, and she took pride in it. “Have a seat on that rock,” she added. “I wasn’t expecting such a special occasion.”

“What to wear,” she mused to herself, standing on the far end of the room. She turned her back to Matt and snapped her fingers. A full length mirror rose up out of the water and she posed in front of it. With a small arcane gesture, her reflection was suddenly clothed in lacy red lingerie, her ample breasts pushed up high and spilling out of half cup corset.

“What do you think, too tacky?” she asked as she looked at Matt’s reaction through the mirror. “How about this?”

She waved her hand and now her reflection had her wearing a Catholic schoolgirl’s outfit, except the pleated skirt was too short to be believed, and she wore thigh high stockings instead of socks. Her reflection’s dark hair was done up in cute curly pigtails.

“Not bad,” she chuckled. She turned to face him, and as she turned the outfit appeared on her. In one quick movement, she was modeling the schoolgirl outfit for him while giving him a mischievous smirk.

“I don’t understand how you got to live your whole life without letting loose a little steam, but I imagine that religion had something to do with it. I chose this outfit because it seems to be popular among repressed men. You must have been very, very repressed.” As she said that, she pursed her lips into a kissy face.

“I don’t know,” he replied. “I wish I did, I would tell you if I could.”

“You poor, poor thing. Don’t worry, as I begin to taste you, I’ll learn,” she said, strutting towards him while unbuttoning her blouse. Her horns and tail, those signs of her demonic nature, faded from sight. She looked like a young girl but her steps were hypnotic.

The red light in the cavern grew dim, replaced only by a white light on Aryella. She seemed to be walking on dry ground now, and for some reason she was not growing closer. It didn’t matter, Matt enjoyed watching her walk, watching her hips sway. She removed her blouse entirely and her heavy breasts were encased in a naughty red satin bra.

“Let’s get to know you, while you get to know me,” Aryella said, twisting the ends of her pigtails around her fingers and then releasing them with a bounce. “We’ll need some scenery.”

Illumination to the background returned, but now they appeared to be in a secluded forest. Actually it seemed to be a park, because there was a path, and Matt was seated on a bench. Aryella sat down next to him.

“Let’s cuddle for a moment,” she said, leaning her head against his muscular arm.

Her touch sent a warm tingling throughout his body. Even her clothes turned him on, the feel of the fabric of her skirt and her stockings against his hip and leg made his heart beat faster. He sensed that she was moving in on her prey.

She sensed something else. He had the mark of a guardian angel upon him.

She cursed, realizing that in order to make a move she would have to confront the angel. Succubi were terrible against angels, since angels lacked sexual ability. Even the weakest angel would defeat her.

“Please, don’t do this,” he said, sensing her hesitation. “Let me go.”

“For now, make yourself comfortable,” she said, getting up and walking away. The scenery, her schoolgirl outfit, everything melted away and they were back in her cavern.

She pulled a massive tome off of a shelf and began paging through it. She stretched out her wings once more, flipping pages until she suddenly stopped.

Lifting a wing, she looked closely at Matt’s marking, and back at the marking on the page. “Rigel,” she breathed.

Rigel was a minor fallen angel. Since Matt’s guardian was a fallen angel, there had to be a dark purpose behind the mark. Rigel probably singled out Matt for a particularly terrible fate, one that would not only condemn his soul but be a victory for the dark dominion as well.

This was troubling to Aryella, because she hardly felt a victory for the dark dominion was necessary. Mankind was nothing but a playground of corrupted souls to her. Why bother making a point of it when no one in heaven was going to listen anyway?

She read a few words about Rigel, trying to make up her mind. The book didn’t have much to say. She decided to take her chances, but there was still the problem of dealing with the mark.

“Matt, is there something you’re not telling me?” She figured he must have been someone of great stature in life, a religious leader perhaps, or some kind of pope. Devouring his spirit elements would elevate her status considerably.

“I told you, I don’t remember.”

“You told me you wish you knew. I could help you remember,” she added, in her most helpful and sincere tone of voice.

“Really? How?” Somehow he was already onto her. “If it means sex, I don’t believe you.”

“Just one quickie. I’ll tap into your memories. We can experience them together.”

Matt shook his head. His cock was rapidly hardening.

“Not even a quickie? I’ve been so bored and lonely,” she teased.

“I don’t want to die,” he said.

“You’re already dead, but I see what you mean,” she shrugged. “You don’t want your soul being reduced to cosmic waste, ash, or whatever else it might be. But is hell so much better?”

“No,” he said defiantly. “I abhor you, creature! Let me go!”

“You holier-than-thou types can be so stubborn without the proper ambiance,” she sighed. The cavern grew dim once more, and Aryella enfolded herself in her leathery red wings.

When the light returned, it was from a massive window occupying the entire wall of a spacious bedroom overlooking an ocean vista. On one side of the room, the coast could be seen curving away, dotted with hillside villas. On the other side, white sand beaches.

The room itself had sparse, modern decor, and Aryella was standing near a footstool wearing a simple bikini. Once more, the horns, tail, and wings were gone. Matt was sitting on the edge of a massive bed.

“Just one quickie, I promise you’ll be fine,” she said, crawling up onto him, straddling his thigh. She sauntered over, swinging her hips. Her breasts were practically spilling out of her stringy top, and her juicy pussy was pressing hard against the confines of her thong.

She straddled one of his muscular thighs and ground her bikini-clad snatch on his upper thigh. She leaned forward, and her fingertips tingled as they stroked his broad chest.

She leaned closer, bringing her cleavage in gentle contact with his balls. He could feel her hot breath on his cock. It was already hard, but now it was straining so hard he could barely think. He felt a burning in his chest and his cock was throbbing and twitching uncontrollably. Aryella’s hair fell about her shoulders and tickled his abdomen. She tossed it to one side with a turn of her head and looked up at Matt with a sideways gaze. Her mouth was open, an open invitation to his aching desire.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes. One quickie.”

She took his veiny shaft in one hand, propping herself up over him with the other hand. Her fingers felt hot and silky, and relieved some of the agonizing twitching. Instead he felt a strong ache and throb, as his pleasure began to mount.

She licked the sensitive underside of his cock, and squeezed his shaft, stroking it up and down steadily. In seconds, his cock was about to erupting, and she locked her lips around it, drinking every drop of him down.

Matt felt an orgasm for the first time, intense but premature, and it left his whole body feeling tense and shaky. “Was that, did I come?”

“You most certainly did,” Aryella replied. There was condescension in her voice.

“Did you have to finish me off so quick?” Matt felt used, almost abused, having come so quick.

“Oh, why no. But unless you start being a little more compliant, I am not sure I want to do you any favors. You have a lot of spirit elements in you and I don’t feel like stretching this process out.”

“You want what? What about telling me who I am, why I am here, how I died?”

“You came too quickly,” she lied. “Besides, I was completely distracted by how good you taste.”

“You told me-”

“I tried. It’s a process. Next time you won’t cum so quickly.”

She smiled, and before he could say no, she let her breasts push up around his cock. A warm, sticky ooze seemed to seep out of her nipples, and she smeared it up and over his shaft, against his hips and abs. His skin lit up with sensitivity wherever the liquid touched. Up and down she pressed, coating his cock and hips in a film of warm goo.

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