Stacy was a very successful rep of Metropolitan Agency. She quickly made a name for herself thanks to being a tall attractive blonde, and due to her aggressive outgoing can do attitude. She took pride in looking great for a 32-year-old woman. She had a sexy body maintained by working out religiously. She had light blonde shoulder length hair, great curves, a fuzzy well-trimmed blonde pussy, and supple C cup breasts. Stacy had thick nipples as wide as dimes centered in plum sized areolas, which always drove her husband and her past boyfriends wild. Despite Stacy’s working out frequently, she still had a little bit of a beer belly which she hated, but hid it as best she could with the form fitting clothing she liked to wear.

Stacy wasn’t without her share of enemies at Metropolitan Agency. She stepped on many toes on her way to success, and in many cases she could be a total bitch on wheels. There wasn’t one person in the office where she worked that didn’t want to put Stacy in her place. Despite being extremely successful in her job, Stacy was a notorious gossiper and back stabber. This was about to catch up with her and change her life forever.

Ryan (Stacy’s office manager) came in early Monday morning as usual to get on top of his agency’s business for the week. He was surprised to find a large sealed manila colored package on his desk. Not entirely sure what it was and having a number of things to attend to, Ryan set the package aside and got started on getting his to-do’s in order. About two hours after everyone got into the office Ryan got around to the mysterious package and opened it up. At first he was unimpressed as he saw simply a stack of papers upon opening the package. Once he pulled them out he saw that they were printed out copies of emails and instant message conversations. Upon reading some of them he noticed that they were all written by Stacy and her friends, and were scathing emails about Ryan, Stacy’s co-workers, their clients, and personal secrets about Ryan and the rest of his team.

Ryan was so upset that he was trembling at his desk. He thought “Oh my God! How could she do this to us!”

It took Ryan an additional hour to cool off enough and think about what he was going to do before stepping out of his office and addressing his employees.

Ryan walked to the center of the office and greeted his staff all at once. “Everyone, I think we have been growing apart over the past year as a group and we need to take a day to have a team building exercise. I’ll schedule a meeting this afternoon so we can plan a fun day for all of us tomorrow.”

Stacy remembered she had an appointment this afternoon. “Ryan, Could you schedule the meeting before 3 pm today? I have a doctor’s appointment today and I need to leave at 3 today to get there on time.”

Ryan retorted, “Thanks for letting me know. I’ll work it out.” With that Ryan returned to his office. He decided that he would schedule the fake meeting at 2 pm and then secretly schedule the real meeting shortly after 3 and invite everyone but Stacy to attend. Ryan was feeling blood flush into his cock as he thought about setting up a big surprise for that backstabbing bitch Stacy.

Right on time as the fake meeting was coming to a close, Stacy got up abruptly, grabbed her purse and effects and headed for the door. To every man’s fortune on her team, her breasts jiggled and bounced wildly as she quickly made her way to the door. “See you all tomorrow guys and gals!” She was genuinely excited about the fun day tomorrow.

After she left, Ryan quickly shifted gears and brought out copies of the gossip and back biting emails Stacy had written about him, all her co-workers, and their clients. Janie, Randy, Steve, Chet, Matt, John, and Alison were blown away. Janie exclaimed, “She’s always so mean to us, how could she do this! Augh!” Everyone was getting upset. Ryan quickly began talking to them about what they were going to do to make this right. It was critical that they all work together on this or it was going to fail and blow up in their face in a very bad way…

That next morning Ryan quickly got set up in the conference room so that he was seated facing the room’s doorway at the far side of the table. As his staff trickled in he waited for Stacy to arrive and quickly called her into the conference room. “Stacy, can you join me in the conference room please?”

Stacy just got in and really needed to pee following her commute in to the office. “Ryan I need to use the restroom and I’ll be right with you.”

“Stacy, this will just take a second. Get in here, I need to run something by you, and then you can go visit the girl’s room.” Ryan replied.

“Uhhhhh. Alright Ryan. What’s up?” Stacy said as she came in, closed the door and took a seat across from Ryan.

Ryan couldn’t believe his luck. Stacy was wearing a cute kaki skirt that ended a few inches above her knees, and a low cut cream-colored top that accentuated her very interesting cleavage.

“I need to you quickly look at these and tell me what you think.” Ryan said as he handed over some of the printed emails Stacy had written.

At that point Alison walked by the conference room window and with an evil grin, waved to Ryan and gave him a thumbs up indicating that Stacy had left her car keys and her cell phone on her desk and were now well out of Stacy’s reach.

Stacy excitedly looked at the documents thinking that Ryan was trying to get some professional advice from her. When she saw what the printed documents were she froze with her face looking down on the table. “Ahhh. I don’t know. How did you get…”

Ryan was out of patience and BAM! Slammed his hands down on the table yelling, “How could you do this to us Stacy?! HUH?! You treat everyone here like shit half the time, and then you have to go and stab us in the back and betray our confidence and the confidence of our clients?!

Stacy lost control of her bladder for an instant and peed herself briefly before she composed herself and stopped the flow of urine into her panties and skirt. She hoped that her piss didn’t soak through the back of her skirt. Her face was turning many shades of red and she didn’t know what to say. “I. I. I. I’m sorry Ryan. Ahh.” She couldn’t look him in the eye being so embarrassed that she got caught in her backstabbing and she now realized that she had peed herself more than she thought.

Stacy finally shakily brought her head up and looked at Ryan. She noticed that his pupils suddenly dilated and his tone changed. “I’ll tell you what we’re going to do. We are having the team building fun day, and you are going to be our team building Fuck Slut project for the day today.” Ryan said with a smile as he rose to his feet.

Stacy could see that Ryan’s cock was already erect and restrained within his pants.

She shot up from her seat, barely murmuring “I’m out of here.” Turned and made her way to the closed door.

Ryan noticed a dark wet spot about the size of a softball on the back of her skirt. “Oh my God I made her piss herself!” Ryan thought with glee.

Stacy quickly noticed that the entire staff was crowded around the conference room as she tried to scurry out of the room.

“What the Hell are you all doing out here!” She yelled at them as she began pushing her way through them to get to her desk and escape.

“Grab her!” Ryan exclaimed as he came out of the conference room.

Randy and Alison quickly grabbed Stacy on each side by her arms and pulled her back around to face the center of the crowded circle her co-workers had formed around her.

Janie walked up to Stacy so close that Janie’s breasts pushed into Stacy’s. She slowly exhaled a hot breath into Stacy’s face, looked down at their touching pairs of breasts and looked back up into Stacy’s eyes. “We are going to use your whole body to make us feel good Stacy.”

Janie grabbed Stacy by the hair on the back of her head and kissed Stacy full and on the lips for what seemed like forever, and then ran her wet saliva covered tongue in a big long swipe across the left side of Stacy’s face from her chin to her eyeball.

Stacy began to sob uncontrollably and exclaimed, “You. You can’t do this!”

“We are doing this.” Ryan retorted. “We have to work together here people. Let’s get Stacy out of those clothes. Randy, Alison, hold her. The rest of you start on getting her out of that piss stained skirt” Ryan laughed out loud after he said that.

Stacy began struggle to get free. Janie quickly slapped Stacy as hard as she could across the face as Steve and John each promptly grabbed one of Stacy’s ankles immobilizing her legs.

Ryan pulled out an orange ball gag and tried to get it into Stacy’s mouth. “No way! Mmm mmmm!” Stacy closed her mouth tight not letting Ryan insert the ball gag. Matt stepped forward and gave Stacy a quick jab into her stomach.

“Huhhhhhnnn!” Stacy exclaimed and Ryan popped the ball gag into her mouth quickly buckling it tight behind the base of Stacy’s head. “Ahhhnnnnnnnn!” Stacy moaned around the ball gag now intrusively stuck in her mouth.

“That’ll shut her up for now.” Ryan and Matt said almost simultaneously. ” Now, strip her.” Ryan commanded.

Matt and Janie began to undo the buttons and zipper of Stacy’s skirt and jointly pulled the garment down over Stacy’s curvy tan hips down to her ankles. Steve and John switched up their grip of Stacy’s legs and pulled her skirt completely off leaving Stacy’s with only her lacy light yellow thong panties covering her pussy. They then stood up and began to work Stacy’s top up over her supple C cup boobs.

Randy and Alison forcibly lifted Stacy’s arms up and allowed Janie and Matt to slip Stacy’s top over her head and off of her body.

Stacy now stood, gagged, held by four of her coworkers wearing only her lacey light yellow bra and thong panties, her jewelry, and her high-heeled shoes. With that Randy and Alison thrusted Stacy forward with a shove causing her to crumple immediately to the floor. Steve and John, still holding Stacy’s ankles, now swiftly took off Stacy’s high heeled shoes and released her letting Stacy get up on all fours.

Stacy was mortified, she felt totally vulnerable, and still had to pee something terrible. “Nnnnnnaaaaaaahhhh.” She murmured around her ball gag as a stream of her saliva began pouring out over her lower lip and hung nearly all the way to the floor.

“Stacy, I know how you think this office is a boys club.” Ryan chimed in, “Well, Alison and Janie are now honorary guys in the ‘Boys Club’. They are going to use you today just like any of us men will. What do you think about that bitch?”

Alison stepped over Stacy’s back with Stacy still on all fours on the floor and undid Stacy’s bra, letting it fall to the floor around Stacy’s hands. Stacy quickly grabbed the bra, got up onto her knees and tried to bring the bra back up over her tits to cover herself. The saliva streaming out of her mouth swung back and splatted against her chest and tummy. Steve in a flash reached in between Stacy’s hands cupping her concealed breasts and pulled the bra away from her. In a token effort Stacy tried to reach out to get some of her last clothing back, but to no avail.

“Look at the thick nipples on that bitch you guys!” Steve said. “They gotta be as wide as pennies and a half inch tall! Shit that is hot!

Stacy being on her knees now looked around and saw that her co-workers were either nude or in some state of undress. Every penis she saw was fully erect and bobbing to the blood pumping into the shaft. Janie and Alison were now nude as well and both had one of their hands parting their fleshy vulvas and rubbing their clits as they gazed back at Stacy who was now wearing only her panties.

Stacy tried to stand up but was shoved forward again, this time by Chet. “Where are you goin’ Fuck Slut? We haven’t even started with you yet.”

Stacy was back on all fours again, and Chet wasted no time. SMACK! He slapped her right butt cheek as hard as he could and Stacy toppled to the floor. Chet, Janie, and Randy grabbed for Stacy’s panties so quickly that the panties tore apart in two places as they were pulled off of her limp body revealing her trimmed fuzzy blonde hair covered pussy.

The shock of being slapped so hard and the force of her panties being torn off of her body were too much for Stacy and she began to pee on the floor right were she lay almost motionless naked on the carpeting.

“Oh my! You dirty little slut! Look at you. You pissed yourself right there on the floor. Ahha ha ha ha!” Ryan exclaimed and he and the rest of the team laughed at Stacy now crumpled, naked and gagged laying before them on the floor. Ryan crouched down next to Stacy and reached in between Stacy’s legs at the base of her ass cheeks and ran his fingers up and down her bare pussy lips. Stacy let out muffled whimpers as Ryan’s hand explored Stacy’s meaty labia. Stacy was horrified that her pussy was responding to this humiliation by becoming drenched with her slippery juices. Ryan readily discovered that Stacy was very wet as his fingers quickly slipped in-between Stacy’s labia and easily into her vagina. “Holy shit gang, looks like our little whore is ready for some action! She’s wet! You love being a dominated fuck slut don’t you?”

With everyone now naked, Ryan looked over at his staff, “Steve, John, pick our Fuck Slut here up, take her over to her desk and lay her over the top. I want us to be able to fuck her both ends at the same time. Know what I mean?” He finished with a wink. “Hold on guys.” Ryan said as John and Steve were walking and dragging Stacy over to her own desk by holding by her arms and armpits. Ryan came around to face Stacy grabbed her by the chin and lifted her face up so that she was looking him in the eye. “Do you know what you are? You’re our Fuck Slut today.”

He continued to hold her face looking at her, “What are you?”

“Mmmmmmmmnnnn” was all Stacy could muster through her drool covered ball gag.

SMACK! Ryan slapped Stacy across the face. “What are you?”

SMACK! He slapped her again. “What are you!?”

Ryan with both his hands grabbed both of Stacy’s nipples and gave her a double titty twister. “WHAT ARE YOU!?”

“Aaaaaahhoooooooooooowwww! IMmmmm mour muck mut!” Stacy screamed through her ball gag causing an exceptionally large amount of her spit to ooze out onto her chin and onto her chest and tits.

“You’re going to do everything we tell you too aren’t you Fuck Slut.” Ryan added as he twisted Stacy’s big nipples again. “Understand?”

Stacy nodded and whimpered “Nnnnessssshhh!”

Ryan released the buckle holding Stacy’s ball gag tight in her mouth and pulled the gag out of her mouth. Without looking he handed it off to Janie who brought Stacy’s ball gag to her mouth and gave it a lick while Stacy was watching her.

“Now, what are you?” Ryan said looking at Stacy’s trembling eyes.

“I’m your fuck slut.” Stacy whimpered.

“What was that?” Ryan retorted.

“I’m your FUCK SLUT!” Stacy cried.

“You’re going to do everything we tell you to aren’t you Fuck Slut?” Ryan said with an evil grin.

“Yes.” Stacy murmured.

“You heard it here folks! Alright Steve, John get her over on that desk on her back so that her legs and ass cheeks hang over one side, and her head hangs over the other. We’re going to plow our little office fuck slut from both ends. When your not fuckin’ or getting sucked off by our little fuck slut here make sure you are taking lots of pictures. We’ll need some collateral to keep this bitch under control.”

Steve and John flopped Stacy down over her own desk mere feet away from her cell phone and car keys. “Ryan, you’re the one! Go ahead and be the first one to split that slut pussy.” Steve said as he positioned himself over Stacy’s face opposite of Ryan. “Suck me bitch!” Steve said and he guided his cock in between Stacy’s reluctant spit covered lips.

Not wanting to get roughed up further, Stacy gave in and began to suck Steve’s hard cock. She felt Ryan’s penis push in between the cheeks of her fuzzy vulva. Her wet pussy lips suddenly parted and Ryan’s cock slid into her wet pink love hole. Ryan paused mid thrust, put his hands behind Stacy’s knees, lifted up her legs, drew his cock back and slammed it in Stacy’s pussy all the way to the hilt. “Yeah! Oh my God this feels good. Oh my God! Damn!” Ryan yelled out.

It wasn’t long before Stacy saw Steve’s balls suddenly contract up toward his body. “He’s going to shoot his cum in my mouth!” She thought.

“Ahhhh! Yeah! Ahhhh! Ahhhhh!” Steve exploded a huge load into Stacy’s mouth. With each thrust of his cock into her mouth cum pushed out around his cock and ran down her face into her nostrils and toward her eyes, ears, and hair.

Stacy couldn’t believe it; she never had such a large amount of cum blasted into her mouth. She thought Steve shot almost ten big long streaks of cum into her mouth.

Ryan roared out loud in triumph as he literally filled Stacy’s pussy with his cum. As he withdrew a huge slug of cum sloppily fell out followed by more of Ryan’s cum pouring out of her pussy and over her asshole before dripping to the floor.

Randy quickly replaced Steve in Stacy’s mouth causing Stacy to gag on his cock and pushing more jizz and spit from Stacy’s mouth out onto her face into her nose, eyes, and hair. Matt moved in replacing Ryan and quickly slid his cock a few times into Stacy’s pussy. He then lifted up Stacy’s legs but flopped them both over his right shoulder holding them both with one arm, and guiding his cock with his free hand.

“I’m going to blow this fuck slut’s asshole out. Watch this Stacy, you fucking bitch!” He then withdrew from her pussy and began to press his pussy juice covered dickhead against Stacy’s tight semen covered asshole. With both her asshole and Matt’s dick being so slippery, Matt pushed his hard cock right in there. “Oh man this slut’s asshole is tight! Ahhh! Fuck!”

Stacy exclaimed in pain “Gluck Gluck Ooooowww Gluck Gluck!” and tried to squirm away from Matt invading her ass with his hard cock. Janie and Alison crowded over Stacy and began to slap her tits as they were flopping around and around as Randy and Matt raped her mouth and asshole.

“You’re not going anywhere Fuck Slut!” Alison chimed in as she abused Stacy’s tits with Janie. Janie and I are going to get a piece of you today too you whore!”

Before long Randy let out yell and shot his load of cum into Stacy’s mouth. Again Stacy was shocked to have such a large amount of cum blasted into her mouth. Randy pulled his cock from Stacy’s mouth and grabbed her by the chin and the back of her head. “Swallow my cum Fuck Slut.”

Janie reached out and pinched Stacy’s nose shut. “Do it you cum covered slut!”

Stacy had no choice. She swallowed every bit of Randy’s and Steve’s cum that was in her mouth, and opened her mouth and drew a breath. As she was breathing through her mouth Randy spit into her mouth and Janie spit onto her cum and spit covered face.

Janie came around and stood over Stacy’s face. “It’s my turn now to use that mouth, slut!” She lowered her pussy onto Stacy’s mouth. Lick my pussy you whore!”

Stacy was never with a woman before, in fact she was definitely not interested in having a sexual experience with another woman. Now, here she was being forced to eat the pussy of one of her office colleagues. Janie put her hands down under Stacy’s neck and pulled Stacy’s face up into her pussy. Stacy reluctantly stuck her tongue out and began to lick Janie’s pussy. Stacy worked on Janie’s clit for a bit and then went down to Janie’s vagina and used her tongue to move Janie’s juices up toward her clit. Stacy was surprised at how Janie’s pussy was making her tongue tingle, and how she was making Janie respond well to her tongue movements.

Matt couldn’t keep from cumming any longer in Stacy’s asshole. In one final stroke he drew back and then pushed is cock back into Stacy’s ass all the way to his balls and shot his load of cum deep into her ass. “Good God Man! Oooooh!” Matt exclaimed and withdrew leaving Stacy’s ass gaping open. Matt stepped back and let Stacy’s legs flop down tilting her ass back to the floor. With her ass tilted down, in seconds Matt’s huge load of cum was leaking out of Stacy’s stretched out asshole onto the floor.

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