Chapter 2: Edwin takes Mary Home

Edwin couldn’t stop smiling. He loved good pussy and he had some good pussy in the backseat.

“I wonder if your ass is as good as your pussy.” Edwin wondered aloud.

He looked in his rearview and saw Mary’s bare ass sticking up in the air. Before they had left the parking lot Edwin had hogtied Mary’s hands and feet together. Preferring to have a view of her ass, Edwin put Mary face down…ass up. His tinted windows were dark enough that no one could see in, but he had a perfect “rearview”. He giggled gleefully to himself over the pun.

Mary knew that she was familiar with this man, but her brain was so foggy and she couldn’t stay focused long enough to put ideas together. The drug he gave her was preventing her from thinking. The only thing she could figure out was that her face was pressed into the leather of the backseat, and her ass was up in the air. This didn’t bode well even with her current frame of mind.

Mary heard the garage door open and close. The engine stopped and the man opened the door and pulled her out. The garage was bright so she kept her eyes closed, once they were inside it was dark and the man didn’t turn on any lights. He walked quickly through the house into a bedroom and threw Mary on the bed and left. Mary still hogtied laid in the fetal position trying to look around and absorb her surroundings. The room was dark like the rest of the house. She could make out two doors, the bed she was on and what looked to be a dresser. She still couldn’t really focus. She felt like she was on ecstasy. Suddenly, the man came back into the room and picked her up. She realized he was completely naked. He carried her to a dimly lit room. As they entered the room, she saw it was a bathroom lit with candles. He lowered her into the tub and then from the counter he picked up a knife. Mary screamed…or tried to. She realized at that moment that there was duct tape over her mouth. Mary was so lost; her brain was trying to process information with little success. She then heard a rip. She had already forgotten the knife! The man used the knife to cut her clothes off. With her clothes gone, the man turned on the shower. The cold spray jolted Mary but she couldn’t move away from it because she was still hogtied. Once the water warmed up the man got in the shower with her and quickly washed her.

“I am going to take off the duct tape, but I am going to replace it with something else. You can scream if you want, but no one will hear you, but I will punish you regardless for being bad.” the man stated.

He pulled her up into a sitting position, removed the tape, washed all the makeup off her face, and washed her hair. Mary felt defeated and numb, she didn’t make a sound. The man stood up and washed himself off. Then he turned off the water, grabbed Mary and took her back to the bedroom and put her back on the bed. He walked to the other door and turned on its interior light. Mary assumed it was some type of closet, but her back was to it and she was too tired to turn around. The man walked around the bed to face her and in his hand was a ball gag…but not a ball gag. Mary panicked again and started screaming again. The man grabbed one of her big soft nipples squeezed then twisted it HARD. The pain was so intense she stopped screaming and almost passed out.

“I don’t want to hurt you but I will if I have too. I am going to put this in your mouth and you are not going to fight me. I don’t want to break your pretty teeth.”

Edwin felt bad for hurting Mary, but it was for her best interest. If she resisted him while he put the gag in she might break a tooth on the metal ring. Edwin had planned to punish her a little just to show her what might happen if she didn’t obey, but now he was going to have to really punish her. He looked at her and she looked defeated. That got his cock hard.

“Open your mouth.”

He put the metal ring in her mouth and strapped the end pieces together. He then pulled a rope from under the bed and tied it to one of her legs. The other end was already tied to the bed frame. Edwin undid parts of the hogtie, but kept her hands and legs bound together. He took her hands and tied them to the top of the bed frame. He then untied her feet, so that one leg was free. He walked back to the closet and grabbed a vibrating anal plug. He turned it on a low setting and rubbed it against her clit. Her body stiffened.

“You should just let go and enjoy it. The wetter, the better. It will be easier if you are juicy.” Edwin warned.

Even though she was trying to resist, she was already getting wet. He started pushing the tip of the plug in and out of her increasingly wet pussy. About every third stroke he worked on pushing it deeper inside her. Mary was moaning but realized the vibrator wasn’t a normal vibrator. It was so much larger and she could feel it stretching her. Her free leg was trying to move her body away from the plug, but the way he tied her, left her incapable of moving up or down. Slowly he worked the plug into her pussy, until he reached the widest point. He quickly pulled it all the way out making a sucking slurp and revealed her gaping pussy. He pushed the plug back in and this time didn’t stop until it was all the way in her pussy. Mary moaned and whimpered as she felt it invade her. Edwin didn’t know if it was because of pain or pleasure. At that particular moment Edwin didn’t care. Her wide gaping wet pussy had made him rock hard and he wanted release.

With the plug all the way in her pussy, Edwin increased the vibration a couple of notches. Mary was writhing on the bed and starting to sweat.

“Mary, I would apologize but you brought this on yourself…..and it isn’t going to get better any time soon.”

Edwin crawled up towards Mary’s head letting his cock rub against her body along the way. When he saw her face he could see she was crying. He wanted to wipe the tears but she had to be taught a lesson. He turned around and straddled her face. He pushed his hard cock in the ring of her mouth. He kissed the inside of her thigh as he slowly started thrusting his cock in her mouth. There was nothing Mary could do but take it. The gag stretched her mouth open and she couldn’t close it. Edwin made his thrusts deeper. He heard her gagging and it made him want to nut. He felt his sac smacking her in the face. He wrapped his arms around her thighs so he could thrust even deeper into her mouth. He was fucking her mouth as hard as he would be fucking her pussy and ass later. He felt the cum boiling up. He wanted to keep fucking her mouth. The gagging noises she was making and the feeling of dominance was almost too much to give up, but he couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Mary I’m cumming, you better swallow or choke!” Edwin yelled.

Mary thought she was going to die as she felt him explode in her mouth. His cum was thick and forceful. She was struggling to swallow it all, but since she couldn’t close her mouth, it was making it hard to swallow. She realized that she was going to have to relax, but she really couldn’t with the vibrator still inside her. She was actually on the verge of an orgasm, but the force of the vibrations was too much to actually get over the edge. She felt so humiliated. She could feel the cum filling her mouth and spilling out. She felt it running down her face and neck. The man pulled his cock out of her mouth and she started choking. He turned her on her side. Cum was dribbling out of her mouth, but she could breath normally again. The man reached behind her head and removed the gag. Her jaw was sore and her throat was bruised from the mouth fucking she just received. Her pussy was still being assaulted by the huge vibrator making the muscles all over her body tense. She thought she was going to literally snap her muscles were so taut. The man turned down the vibrator and rocked it back and forth for a minute before pulling it completely out of her pussy with a wet smack. She felt her warm juices running out of her pussy down through the crack of her ass. She was sure she was saturating the bed. She felt exhausted and abused. Her whole body was sore.

“Mary, you had to be punished so you would know I am not joking. There is one more punishment that you have to endure, then we can work on making this more pleasurable for you.” the man said.

“Please no more! I promise I will be a good girl. I will be your submissive whore!” Mary pleaded.

The man flipped Mary on back pushed his already hard dick into her pussy. Since she was already wet and stretched open, it didn’t hurt. It actually felt good and the way he was rolling his hips into her pussy made her automatically open her legs wider. He grabbed her free leg and pushed her knee into her chest opening her up even more.

“Oh God, fuck me deeper!” Mary yelled.

She didn’t feel like this was punishment at all. She felt more of her juices running down her crack. Her pussy was building up to an orgasm.

Suddenly, she felt him pull out and she opened her eyes. He had the vibrator, or now she realized it was an anal plug in his hand. Before she could put two and two together, he shoved the plug back into her pussy. Then he flipped her onto her stomach. Pressing his hand into the small of her back he turned the plug, this time to the highest setting. Mary started bucking and squirming. The man grabbed her ass with both hands spreading her cheeks. He put most of his weight into his arms. She felt him rub his dick up and down the crack. She knew his intention now and tried to buck again. She couldn’t get leverage so she was just really only moving her ass up and down a few inches. She felt his head pushing at her sphincter. Without thinking she bucked again and actually pushed his head into her ass pass her ring. She screamed.

Edwin was in love. His dick and her anus were slick from her pussy juices, so when she bucked, his head popped right in. Keeping the momentum he pushed through until his nuts rested in the crack of her ass. Mary kept screaming. Edwin pulled out until only the head was in and then pushed all the way back in. He started fucking her with long steady strokes. Since he came so hard in Mary’s mouth he knew it would be a while before he came again, even though her ass was so hot and tight. Mary kept screaming and was completely tense. Her ass was like a vice, gripping on his cock. As erotic and good as it felt for him, he knew it was probably torture for her.

“Mary you need to relax, or it is going to hurt the whole time…and I am not stopping until I’m satisfied. Relax your muscles, maybe focus on breathing.” Edwin said.

“Just please stop for a minute.” Mary pleaded.

“I can’t stop, it feels too good. The most I can do is slow down.” Edwin moaned as he continued to push deep into her ass.

He still had her ass spread, so he slowed down a little more and watched as his cock slid slowly in her ass and then pulled it slowly out. He was fascinated at watching her ass squeezing around his cock.

“You aren’t relaxing. You need to relax, so when I start pounding your ass it won’t be so hard on you.”

Edwin kept moving in and out slowly. Her round ass spread open with his cock in it was picture perfect.

“I can’t relax or focus with the vibrating plug in my pussy!” Mary whimpered.

“Too bad.” Edwin sighed.

Then Edwin slammed his dick in her ass. He braced himself on either side of her and started to fuck her like a madman. He fucked her fast and furiously with long strokes. Sometimes his dick would pop out but he would just slam it back in. Mary wailed and whimpered. She struggled and squirmed. Edwin was dripping sweat all over Mary’s back and ass. He felt he was definitely getting a workout. He loved every second. The endorphins he was feeling from pumping his cock into Mary’s tight wet ass was addicting. There wasn’t an orifice of Mary’s he didn’t feel at home in. Mary was made specifically for him. Her ass was juicing up giving him more lubricant to fuck her harder. He was going to fuck her forever. He felt her trying to back up on his dick. He heard her moans and they were definitely pleasure.

“I have to cum, please!” Mary begged.

“You can come if you want to, but I am not stopping anytime soon.” He said as he continued to roughly fuck her ass.

Mary felt her orgasm building and building. She knew without a doubt that when she came it would be the most intense orgasm of her life. Her pussy felt like it was vibrating on its own from all the sensations and his dick in her ass felt so good she really didn’t want him to stop. She felt like a rocket that was speeding through the atmosphere hurtling itself at the earth. Her orgasm reached its peak and then fell over into the abyss. Her whole body clenched. She felt like her orgasm was both in her ass and pussy and spreading out to the rest of her body. Her brain felt like stars exploding.

Edwin could feel her explosive orgasm run through her entire body while he was pushing his dick in and out of her wonderful ass. “Oh shit!!!” Edwin yelled. Edwin was ready to fuck her for another hour, but Mary’s orgasm was so intense and was squeezing his dick so hard it literally forced him to cum. A few more pumps and he collapsed on top of Mary.

Oh yeah she was a keeper.

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