Chapter 1

Chris had been working out of town for a few months, only to come home on the weekends. Sex had always been good between us- not exactly “vanilla”, yet wasn’t hardcore BDSM. It was somewhere in between.

I however craved more…wanted to kick it up a notch. I had tried to suggest things such as role playing and/or bondage in the past and Chris just wasn’t into it.

Him being away during the week gave me opportunity to “sext” him frequently. Since we were both horny and missing each other, I thought maybe during the week I could make a few suggestions again. I sent a few sexy pictures and made a proposition. I told him I wanted him to be my “master”. I wanted him to be in control and I wanted to fulfill his every sexual desire. I wanted to be spanked. I wanted to be used. I wanted to please. To my surprise, he said he was into it and couldn’t wait to get home!

All day Friday I couldn’t stop thinking about how the evening would be. My pussy was soaking wet all day! I planned a nice dinner and went to take a shower before he arrived.

I did my long blonde hair into loose messy curls, just how he liked it and I applied my make-up to accentuate my blue eyes. I put on his favorite vanilla lotion all over before putting on my sexy black lace bra and thong.

While checking myself over in the mirror, I imagined red hand prints across my milky white ass. I slipped a slinky black dress over my head and could see my big hard nipples poking through the silky dress. I gave each a pinch, which sent an electrical spark to my clit. I was so turned on; I thought I would probably cum as soon as he touched me.

I expected him to arrive in about an hour, so I went to prepare dinner. I wanted to have everything ready when he walked in the door so he could see how eager I was to please him. I began cooking, only to hear the door unlock and him arrive early. He came in, seeing that dinner wasn’t ready yet and the game was on.

He said “what have you been doing all day? I am home and hungry and my dinner isn’t ready! You need to be taught a lesson!”

I tried to apologize and explain that he was early, but he told me to be quiet and to get on my knees. My pussy was dripping from his harsh words and the excitement of him actually going through with my suggestion.

I quickly dropped to my knees and he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I knew what he wanted and eagerly started to give him the best head I could. He told me what a good little slut I was for sucking his cock so good. He grabbed the back of my head, tangling my hair in his hands and starting thrusting his hips to ram his big cock down my throat. I was in heaven having him fuck my face like this.

His balls began to tighten and I knew he was close. I feel his cock start to pulse and felt his hot cum squirt the back of my throat over and over. I happily swallow it all down, not spilling a drop.

He seemed pleased as he pulled out of my mouth and zipped up his pants. He then told me, that since I have had my appetizer already, he needed one while I finished cooking. I brought him some fruit and cheese to snack on while I continued with dinner. My pussy was soaking wet trying to imagine what else he might have in store.

After eating, he brought a paper bag out of his bag and handed it to me. I looked inside to find a butt plug and an enema. I looked at him with surprise.

He said, “I am going to fuck that tight ass of yours tonight and I want you to prepare for it. Go upstairs, use the enema and insert the butt plug and come back down with it in.”

We had had anal sex a few times in the past and I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a usual thing for us. I did as I was told, and came down with my thong, bra, high heels and butt plug in.

He instructed me to come over to him and bend over his knee so he could see that I had it in. He pulled the thong to the side and slowly moved the butt plug in and out of my tight ass. It felt so damn good and I was so hot, I came right there. I couldn’t control it.

He stopped fucking me with my new toy and I then felt a hard smack on my ass. He told me I need to be punished for cumming without permission.

He smacked me hard five more times then told me to get up and clean the kitchen while he went to shower. He said to make sure the butt plug stayed in the entire time.

Just as I finished my chores, he called me to come upstairs. I carefully climbed the stairs making sure the butt plug stayed in place.

I came into the bedroom to find him naked with the biggest hard-on I have ever seen him have. I was glad that he was into this as much as I was.

He told me to bend over the edge of the bed. He rubbed my red ass checks and began kissing the welts while fingering my wet pussy. I was getting hot all over again and he could tell.

He told me that I was a dirty little slut for getting excited by all of this. He told me to tell him what I wanted. To beg for it.

I said “Please fuck me!”

He stopped kissing my sore ass and smacked me again. It really hurt, but I could feel my pussy getting even wetter.

He said to only address him as “Master” and refer to myself as his “Little Slut” and to be specific or I wouldn’t get anything.

I said, “Please Master, please fuck your Little Slut’s ass.” He seemed pleased and began to fuck me again with the butt plug. I felt so damn good I begged him to fuck me harder with it. He continued for a few minutes and pulled it out.

He rubbed my ass all over and asked me again what I wanted.

I said “PLEASE master. PLEASE fuck me now! Fuck your Little Slut in the ass. I can’t wait any longer. I need your big cock in my tight little ass.”

I then felt the cold lube squirting on my hole and felt his big head at the entrance.

Although I had been stretched a little by the butt plug, he was much larger and I was nervous. He slowly pushed his big cock head into my tiny asshole. It hurt a little and he told me to relax and breathe.

I then felt another smack on my ass just as he pushed it all the way in and stopped. He rubbed my welted ass while he waited for me to get used to having my ass full of his big cock.

He reached around and started to rub my swollen clit, which made me moan.

The sensation of my sore ass cheeks, my ass full with his big cock and my swollen clit was amazing! He slowly started fucking my ass while playing with my clit. It felt so good to be filled with his cock I begged him to fuck me hard now.

“Please master, please fuck me hard. Fuck your Little Slut’s ass hard. Fill me with your hot cum.”

He did just that and I knew I had to cum. I begged him to allow me to come.

He said I wasn’t ready and continued to fuck me for a few minutes before telling me I could. I have never came so hard before- juices squirted all over the bed and onto the floor. This sent him over the edge and he said he was going to cum.

I begged him to fill my ass with his hot cum. He exploded again and again in my tiny asshole. He pulled out and told me to come lay with him on the bed. He held me and told me how much he loved his Dirty Little Slut and we both fell asleep. I couldn’t wait to find out what the rest of the weekend had in store…

Chapter 2

In the morning, I woke before Chris. I slowly got out of bed so I didn’t wake him. I slipped on a pair of shorts and a tank top and went downstairs to fix him breakfast. I relived the night’s events in my mind and had a constant smile on my face.

Just as I was finishing cooking, he came down and gave me a long passionate kiss. He told me he was very proud of his Dirty Little Slut. Told me he loved fucking my tight little ass and couldn’t wait to train me some more. This was getting me hot all over again.

I knew we wouldn’t have much time to play during the day, as we had work to do around the house and a party at his boss’s beach house in the evening. We went about our routine of cleaning and yard work throughout the day.

When we were getting ready for the party, he instructed me to wear my red low-cut dress, red push-up bra, red thong and black high heels.

He then handed me another bag. Inside I found a remote controlled vibrating egg. He instructed me to put it in my pussy and wear it to the party. He put the remote in his pocket. I was a little embarrassed to think someone might hear it, but I didn’t want to disappoint my master.

We arrived at the party and the house was beautiful. The back yard over looked the ocean down below. There was a private set of stairs that took you down to the sand. We both socialized, as I had become friends with some of the other wives.

His boss, Jack, had always made a point to talk to me and this night was no different. We were chatting and Chris was across the room.

I began to feel the egg starting to vibrate in my pussy and it made me gasp. I glanced at Chris to see a smirk on his face. Jack asked me if I was ok and I had to play it off like nothing was wrong. I tried to keep up the conversation and hoped he couldn’t hear the buzzing sound coming from my hot pussy. After a minute of this, my juices started dripping down my legs. I gave Chris a pleading look and I could see him chuckling to himself. The egg finally stopped vibrating and I excused myself to get another drink at the bar.

As I was ordering, Chris came up behind me and whispered in my ear that he wanted me to go to the bathroom, to take off my wet panties and remove the egg and meet him out back. I did as I was told, wondering what he had in mind.

As I met him out back, he guided me to the stairs and we walked down to the beach. It was dusk and most people were gone from the beach, except for the occasional jogger. He led me down the beach to a rocky area.

He wrapped his arms around me from behind and kissed my neck and ears. He began running his hands over my tits and squeezed my already hard nipples. He was getting me so hot without even taking off my clothes.

He then pulled up the back of my dress and exposed my naked ass to the world. It was still sore from the spanking the night before and the cool air felt good. He told me to put my hands on the rock in front of me as he started running his hand down my crack until he found my sopping pussy.

I could hear people at the houses above us and wondered if any of them could see us. He started rubbing my clit with his thumb while finger fucking me with two fingers. I couldn’t help myself and started moaning.

He asked what his Dirty Little Slut wanted. I knew someone might see or hear, but I didn’t care- I needed it and I needed it now!

I said “your Little Slut would like her pussy fucked, Master.”

He continued finger fucking me for a few more minutes until I heard his pants unzip and felt his huge cock head rubbing from my sore little asshole down to my throbbing clit.

He rubbed it back and forth a few times teasing me, and as he went over my cunt, I pressed back trying to get it inside. He stopped and put his cock back in his pants.

He angrily said “I am in control, not YOU. I will decide when I fuck you, not the other way around. This is the way this game goes- either you follow MY rules, or we will stop right now!”

I apologized and begged him not to stop, almost in tears. I don’t think I ever needed it so badly.

He told me to take my dress off if I wanted it and to lay on the rock. I was humiliated, but I did it. I HAD to be fucked right then and there and would do anything he asked.

He instructed me to spread my legs wide and hold myself open. He then began to eat my pussy right there in the open. It sent me over the top. I begged for him to let me cum.

He refused, telling me I didn’t deserve it. I then begged him to fuck me. I said “Please Master, please fuck me. I know I am a Dirty Little Slut and I am sorry for disobeying you. I beg you to please use my pussy. Please fuck your Little Slut’s pussy!”

He stood up, unzipped his pants without a word and in one stroke, buried his cock down to his balls into my soaking wet pussy.

He asked if that is what I wanted. I said, “Yes Master! Thank you for fucking me! Use my hole and fill it with you sweet hot cum!”

He began ramming my fuck hole with his big cock. I was crying out for him to please let me cum. He finally agreed and I let loose.

A second later he grunted and rammed his cock even deeper into my hole and exploded. He put his cock away, zipped up his pants and turned to me laying on the rock naked with cum dripping out of my pussy. He began to walk away telling me to get cleaned up best I could and to meet him back at the party.

I tried to fix my hair as best I could by running my fingers through it and got dressed. As I walked up the stairs to the party, it felt like everyone was staring at me. I wondered if they had heard and knew what we were doing down on the beach.

We began to say our goodbyes and I don’t know if it was my imagination, but Jack seemed to hug me a little tighter and longer than usual and I thought I felt his hard cock pressing against my leg.

Chris opened my door and gave me a passionate kiss telling me I was the best slut in the world. I was so happy that this idea of mine was fulfilling both of our fantasies and hoped this new relationship would continue through the rest of the weekend and beyond…

To be continued

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