Did I really think that he wouldn’t find me later? After not showing up at dinner I knew that he would come looking for me. I just never expected him to be so furious with me. When that door banged open I thought for sure that the glass would break.

“What’s the big idea? We waited for you to show up and you stand us up? My first thought was that you were taking off again! Melissa said that you wouldn’t, but I know your history. You have a habit of running when left on your own. Storming over to where I am standing he grabs me by the shoulders. When his mouth connects with mine I can feel the anger that has built up inside him. Over and over again he attacks my mouth, but very quickly I feel the anger turn to passion and I know that I am lost.

Wrapping my arms around his neck I find that I’m able to give back just as much as he is giving to me.

“Sasha! You drive me crazy! I can’t get enough of you.” He groans as he takes my shirt off. “What is there about you that has gotten in my blood? You make me feel so wild that Melissa finally told me to get the heck out of there and come to see you.” By now he has my shirt off and his shorts are gone too. Since I am just wearing a short skirt I know that he’s not gonna bother with that. “I need you.” Laying me down on the floor he spreads my legs apart and rams his cock up into me. “Aaaahhhh! Yes! I needed this!” as he pumps hard into me I feel another earth-shattering orgasm coming on. When it does Jeff erupts too.

Slowly we both come down and Jeff rolls off me. “Sasha, what am I going to do?”

Sighing I get up and we both head to the bathroom to clean up. “Jeff, this can’t go on. Melissa is to nice a lady to do this to. I can’t help but wonder how she is feeling right now, knowing that you came over here to fuck me again. She said earlier that as long as I became a piece of your past, she didn’t have a problem with it. I have to agree with her. I have to become a part of your past. When you leave here this time, that will be it. There will be no more encounters.” I can’t believe that I am saying this. I would love to leave the door open, but I can’t do that.

“Sasha, please, don’t do this.” I can see that he is really upset about what I am saying. “Sasha, you are in my blood. I need you.” Taking my shoulders he gently turns me toward him. I can see that his emotions are running very high and he is close to actually shedding some tears. “Believe it or not, you have become more to me than just a great fuck.” Oh no! He better not say that he loves me. “If things would have been different, and I wasn’t with Melissa, I could have seen us together. That was why I was looking for you so hard after we first met. I wanted to get to know you better.” Sitting on the loveseat, I try not to have to much physical contact with him, but as the seat is so small, it is very hard to stay away from him.

“Jeff, it is very obvious to me that you are use to getting your way.” We finish cleaning up and go out into the living room. “I do not function well under that kind of pressure. I am a free spirit and I need the room to fly. When we first met, my parents had just died and I finally felt freedom in a way that I never had before. My parents kept a tight reign on me and I wasn’t allowed to do or say anything that was in any way shape or form out of order. I guess what I’m saying is, apart from the sex, I don’t know if we would even get along.” I can tell that this is not what he was hoping I would say.

For a few minutes he doesn’t say anything. He just sits there and casually strokes my arm as he thinks about what has been said and what needs to be said. When he does finally speak I know that he has finally seen things the way that I do. “I understand what you’re saying and even though I can’t agree with it, I do respect it.” Finally! I never thought I’d get through to him. “You had me pegged right when you said that I am use to getting my own way. In the business that I am in it has to be that way.” Thoughtfully he stares out onto my little deck for a minute.

“Jeff, please understand, I am not saying that you can’t see Mack anymore. I would never do that. You can be a part of his life if you want to, but if you don’t, I understand that too.” I am a little scared since I’ve learned this about him that he might actually try to take him from me.

“No. That will be up to you. If you would like to I can have my lawyers draw up the paperwork to give you sole custody. That way you will never have to worry if I may change my mind. I will acknowledge him as my son, and he will be provided for. If anything should happen to me, he will be in my will.” Again he is silent when he gets done talking. I must admit to a certain amount of relief from what he just said.

“Sasha, if you get pregnant from this time, will you please let me know?” I must admit that the thought had occurred to me. If I am, then I will have to accept help, more than likely. “I will have the same paperwork drawn up for that child as well. If you will allow me, I will set up a college fund for Mack. I would like to see him go to college. I will do the same for any other children of mine that you have. If you need anything, and I do mean anything, please just contact me. I will set up a bank account that you can draw from anytime. From now on, you will never want for anything.”

“Jeff, thank you for the offer, but I can’t accept the bank account. If you would like to do the college fund though, I wouldn’t say no to that.” No, I am not going to let him make me a kept woman. I have made up my mind, and that’s how it’s gonna be.

Glancing over at his face I see that his mind is not on what we are talking about. “Come with me, Sasha.” He gets up and reaches out his hand toward me. “Can you take Mack to the Hotel? You, Melissa and I need to talk. I don’t have any problem staying here another day, but we need to talk. Why don’t we plan to get together for breakfast in our room at 8:00. If you do not show up, then…I’m not sure, but I will come to get you, and you won’t like it.” After what happened tonight, I know that he is telling the truth. He thinks about it for a minute. “No, on second thought, tonight, I want you to have at least one night on me. While we are walking to the hotel, I will call them and make sure that Melissa made all the arrangements. Just grab a couple of things for tonight and for the morning, and let’s get going. Can you get Mack up without waking him up?” I nod. “Not just yet though. I need you one more time before we go to the Hotel.”

This time is was so different than any other time that we have had sex. Gently he brought me into the bedroom and laid me down on the bed. This time, instead of being rough and hard, he is gentle and almost kind. When he presses into me it is all the way in the first thrust, but it is not the hard, pounding thrust that he usually uses. This time it feels like he is not in any hurry and is out to make sure that I have a good time as well.

“Jeff, I know that you are trying to make it memorable, but trust me, I love it hard and fast. That was one of the things I remembered about you. Fuck me, and fuck me hard. Please, Jeff. You were right when you told me that you were going to ruin me for anyone else. I have actually tried to fuck other men, but it doesn’t work. They are not you. When you leave this time, I know that I will never have another man. Do it, Jeff. Just fuck me like the whore that you told me I was the first time we were ever together.” Without saying anything he pulls out and rolls me over. Positioning me so that I am on my hands and knees, I have no idea what to expect until I feel him start pressing a finger into my ass.

“Sasha, I have always had this dream of fucking your ass. Please tell me that I may. If you say no, I will understand and never pressure you again.” I feel him pull his finger out and try to press two into me, but that hurts so much. “Hang on, Sasha. Let me work some lube up in there, so it will be easier on you.” so saying, he reaches out for a bottle of baby oil that I put next to my bed to use on my stretch marks. Putting the tip at my opening, he squeezes a generous amount up into my ass. This time when he rams his two fingers into me it hurts, but not as much as before, “Ohhhh, Sasha, I know this is going to make you scream, but that is what I love to hear. I love to hear your screams.” Ramming his fingers harder into me he suddenly pulls them out and presses a third up there.

“Noooooo! Oh, Jeff! Too much! Please noooo!” The discomfort that I feel though isn’t exactly pain. When he pulls out all three fingers and I feel the head of his cock pressing up against me, I know that nothing is going to stop him.

Burying my face into my pillow I scream into it as I feel his huge cock pressing into me. The sensation of having my body ripped open by this massive beast is almost to much for me to experience. When I see the normal blackness coming in around the edges I shake my head to dispel it. I can feel that Jeff has quit trying to press into me, and I find myself looking back up into his face.

“Sasha, if this hurts to much, tell me to stop and I will. Unless I hear the word ‘stop’ though, I will keep going.” I nod in agreement. “Do you want me to continue to slowly fuck your ass or do you want me to do it fast?” Still trying to catch my breath at the intense feelings already occurring, I look back at him. “Fuck me and make me scream.”

“Oh my Dear! You truly are my whore!” With one more very hard push he rips a scream out of me into my pillow and rams his cock all the way up into me. Gasping for breath, I feel him start to pull out, only to ram it back in. Faster and faster he fucks my ass. Unbelievably, the intense pain slowly turns to intense pleasure and I find myself screaming but for a different reason. “You have no idea, you fucking whore, how good it feels to ram this monster up into your tiny ass and know that you are going to cum because it hurts you so good.” Reaching around he starts to finger my clit and that is all it takes. Almost immediately I am going into orbit in one of the most extreme orgasms I have ever felt. Ramming his cock into me the whole time I can feel that he is getting ready to cum and I know that when he does it is going to be a massive explosion. “You fucking whore! You love the pain! I know that you do! Oohhhhhhhhhh I’m gonna fill you up, you whore!” With that I can feel him start to cum. My own orgasm builds as quickly as his, and I meet him with every thrust. When he finally pulls out I fall in a complete and total blackout to the bed.

Jeff gets up and goes to the bathroom to clean himself up. Coming back into my room with a basin and a soft cloth he proceeds to clean me up as well. By the time that he is finished, there is no evidence of the debauchery that has taken place. Once again, he goes into my chest of drawers and gets out a clean panty and a clean change of clothes for me. Slipping the panty on he hesitates for just a moment and places a soft kiss on my cunt.

Whispering, so as not to disturb me, he presses a cheek softly against my tummy. “I hope that I did plant my seed inside of you. I would love to come back here in a couple of years and find an adorable little girl with black hair and violet eyes, with her mother’s spark of life and compassionate nature.”

Walking over to the small desk by the phone he swiftly writes a note telling me to be at the Chippewa at 10:00 for brunch with him and Melissa. “We have much to discuss.”

Walking out of the ground floor door, he locks it behind him and goes back to his wife, a much happier man than he was when he burst into the shop a few hours earlier.

When I wake up a few hours later and find that I am once again washed, cleaned and at least dressed in my underwear, I know that Jeff is not in my apartment. I get up, check on Mack, and go to the kitchen to find that there is fresh coffee in the pot. Jeff must have programmed it before he left. Taking a cup I walk into the living room and I spot the note that is propped up on my desk. Sitting down, I read it and sigh. I know that I have to show up, otherwise we will have a repeat of last night, and I don’t know if I could survive that.

Glancing at the clock, I quickly get dressed in the clothing that Jeff laid out for me. Walking into Mack’s room I find that there is a box with a blue bow on it on his dresser. Opening it I find a card that reads: ‘To my first son. May you grow in the love of your mother and know that you are always loved. Jeff’ Looking beyond the card I see a complete outfit that I know Mack will love. Walking over to his little bed I sit down next to it and gently wake him up.

After getting us both ready, we walk down to the Chippewa. When we enter I see Melissa waiting for us in the lobby. Hesitantly, I walk over to her, not knowing what kind of reception I will receive. I should not have worried though. Reaching out she hugs me tight.

“Sasha, are you alright? I knew that Jeff was in a horrible mood when he went to you last night, and I just hope that he wasn’t to rough on you. I could not have handled him last night. Thank you for showing up today though. He was very worried about it when he got back to the room this morning.”

Returning the hug, I have to smile. This slight, frail, woman is stronger of spirit that anyone would ever know. “Melissa, it never occurred to me not to come. Jeff is right. We have much to discuss.”

Just at that moment, the elevator opens and Jeff walks out into the lobby and finds us together. “Well, this could be a scary sight or an unbelievably welcome sight.” Coming over to us, he leans down and kisses Joshua on the forehead in the stroller, and turns to pick up Mack. Reaching his arms out to him, Mack runs over to him and gets put up on those broad shoulders. Seeing the two of them together, I know that I am going to have to rethink my decision about what I am going to tell Mack. After all, Joshua is his brother, and he should be able to know him.

Gathering Melissa up on one side, and me on the other, he guides us back to the elevator. “Let’s get this discussion out of the way and then we can decide from there as to what we are going to do today. Having just found my family, I would like to spend some time with all of us together, if there are no objections.” Melissa and I glance at each other and smile.

Our meeting goes a lot quicker than I figured, and it ends with me agreeing that Mack and I will come and spend the winter with them. Mack will be raised as Jeff’s son, and he will know Joshua as his brother. During the warmer months Mack and I will move back to the Island and live here, but Jeff will buy us a house so that we no longer have to live over the store. If I am pregnant, our new child will be born at the hospital near their house. To sum it all up, I will be as a wife to Jeff, but not be his wife. I am able to leave if I want, and take Mack with me. The only stipulation is that I have to report in as to my whereabouts when I decide to settle, so that Jeff knows where I am.

Before we walk out of the room, Melissa decides to make her thoughts on this whole situation known. “Excuse me, but may I say something?” Jeff and I both look at her in surprise. “I must say that I am surprised that I am not upset at this arrangement. The main reason that I am not, is that I can not handle Jeff’s rough way of having sex. I love it when he is tender and loving, but when he is rough, I can not handle it.” Turning to me she smiles to take out any sting there may be in her next words. “I can see that some people revel in that type of sex, but I can not do it. Sasha, I am glad that you are coming to take that pressure off me. Now, why don’t the two of you go into the bedroom and seal this agreement. I will watch the boys.” Taking Mack by one hand and holding Baby Joshua, she walks to the door and leaves us in the room.

Before the door has even clicked shut, Jeff turns to me and reaches for me. To his surprise I am reaching right back to him. I reach down and undo his frightfully conservative trousers, letting them drop where he stands. Kneeling in front of him I shock him and take the head of his cock into my mouth. “Ohhhh, Baby! I didn’t know that you gave blowjobs. I love a …..AAAARGH!” Quickly, I start swallowing everything that he jettisons into my mouth. Staggering back to a chair that is close by he sits down hard. “Sasha, I never knew that you were that talented. Give me a minute and I will return the favor. Before a minute is even up though I can see the monster coming back to life. “Sasha, I should have asked you last night if it was okay to fuck your ass. How are you this morning?”

Taking a deep breath I let it out in a sigh. “I have to say that taking that baseball bat that you call a cock up my ass, hurt like crazy. However, as you know, I like a little pain with my pleasure. Can you just fuck me now? Just a normal hard fuck though? Please, no anal this morning.”

“Your wish is my command.”

“Where and how would you like me?” I know that is a dangerous question, and I am not surprised by his answer.

“I would love to fuck you outside, in the Straits out there. That may be a little dangerous though, since when we are done, we are both so wiped out that it is hard to even think about standing, let alone getting back to the shore. For now, please just get on all fours and face the door. Today there is no pillow for you to scream into, so you need to just scream and let the neighbors think what they will. I guess I can’t call you my whore anymore, since you are not just my fuck toy.” Coming up behind where I am positioned, he positions his cock and with one hard thrust he rams it all the way in to the base wrenching a scream out of me. Every time that he slams into me it feels like he is going to pound me into dust with the amount of force that he has behind each and every thrust. Before I know it, he is cumming in me and I fall to the ground, extremely weakened. Gathering me up in his arms, he cradles me up against his chest and carries me to the bathroom. Gently holding me, he kneels down and starts the water running for a nice relaxing bath. Once the water is just the right height and temp he gently places me in it and proceeds to wash me from head to foot. When I come around, laying in an unfamiliar bed, I quickly sit up and see Jeff sleeping beside me. I guess I could get use to this.

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