“Helllloooo… anybody home?”

I heard the words echo from both entrances of my house as I stood in the kitchen, my mind awash with thoughts of taboo sex – most recently, of taking my eighteen year old younger daughter, Dulcie’s anal virginity, but also of having fucked my older daughter, Carolyn, both alone and with her sister. Then there was Carolyn’s former cheer leading chum Jeanie, who, after thoroughly teasing me from the day she turned eighteen, had joined Dulcie in a display of lesbian sex which turned into a threesome. What had kept my cock hard in my pants all morning though, was thinking about Dulcie off on a football road trip, wondering how many cocks she was consuming, or whether she was indulging her bi tendencies with the other cheerbabes. I had seen and felt enough of Dulcie’s taut young body to be able to imagine the experiences she was sharing.

The only thing keeping me from pulling my prick out and jacking off to get relief was knowing that Carolyn was due home any time for a weekend break from college. My hesitation was not fear of her walking in and finding me stroking myself. Dulcie had assured me that her sister was not ashamed of our earlier antics, and that if I handled the situation properly, Caro wanted more.

Part of what needed careful handling was my ongoing lust for Jeanie, complicated by the fact that she and Caro were no longer friends. Dulcie knew that my darkest fantasies involved reuniting the former team mates, in a modified version of my threesome with Jeanie and Dulcie. I could never tell Dulcie, but sharing Caro and Jeannie would be even hotter, with their history. I knew that even trying to engineer that would likely just blow things up, and leave me with no sex.

Dulcie was away, so neither voice could be hers. I quickly assumed that Carolyn had returned home earlier than expected, and turned toward the front door, expecting my older daughter to come bounding in. Her unhappiness at school had improved since our sexual encounter, which accomplished our purpose of building her self-confidence. She had not told me whether or not she had turned this into fresh sexual encounters.

Thoughts of watching Carolyn suck cock, or fuck, or eating pussy just made my cock stiffer, which was not what I wanted at that moment. No matter how much I hoped to share my meat with Caro again, wagging a hard cock at her before she even tossed her travel bag on her bed might scare her off.

Except it was not Caro who entered. Jeannie grinned girlishly at me as she rushed over and jumped up. My arms instinctively reached up and grabbed her back as her legs wrapped around my body. Her pelvis pressed tight to my cock. Her lips met mine; her tongue forced my mouth open and caressed my teeth. Her stiff nipples were barely contained in a halter top, which did nothing to prevent their hardness from drilling into my chest.

“Oh, I can tell that you’re happy to see me, but Dulcie told me she wouldn’t spoil the surprise when she asked me to come check and see if you needed anything while she was away.” Jeannie burbled as she came up for air, fingers caressing my hair. “I remember how much fucking went on during senior road trip, but then, I’m much more of a slut than your daughters. Maybe Dulcie would rather save herself for Daddy. Though I bet your cock is excited thinking about who she might be fucking.”

Jeanie emphasized her point by running a hand between our bodies, laying her palm fingers pointed down on my bulge. She held it there for about six heartbeats, applying barely any pressure, just feeling my turgidity surging against my clothing, grinning at the unspoken desire expressed by my meat, which told her that it wanted to touch her – not merely her hand, but her most intimate flesh, her mouth, her cunt, and, though she might not realize it, her ass.

“Is this reserved for Dulcie, or may I have some?” she cooed.

Before I could answer though, I heard a shout from behind me. This time it was Carolyn.

“Bitch,” she yelled. “Daddy’s mine!”

A blur flew past me. An arm swung. A hand slapped Jeannie’s face loudly.

“I got a ride home early to surprise Daddy. It’s not fair,” my daughter whined.

The shock of the attack had caused Jeannie to release me and step back. My cock still throbbed but now it was protesting the loss of body contact.

“Hold on, dear,” I spoke in as stern a parental tone as I could. For the first time, the moral gap created by incest felt like a chasm. “There’s enough of me to share. To be fair, Jeanie had me first, at least when it comes to bouncing on the bed. You knew that.”

“But that was with Dulcie – and you knew how upset that made me!”

One glance at the tears welling up in the corners of my daughter’s eyes washed my sternness away. She melted into my arms, the heat of her body filling the vacuum created by Jeannie’s stepping back. My cock instantly appreciated the treat, swelling hard against Caro’s flat belly. I stroked her hair like I did when she was a little girl as she sobbed on my shoulder. My other hand caressed her back, but with each stroke, I realized that I was drifting lower toward her ass. Behind Caro, I saw that Jeanie was now grinning.

Caro did not protest against my hardness pressing into her body. Instead, she rotated her hips slowly, grinding against my erection. A soft sigh escaped her lips. My hand shifted all the way down to cup her ass, squeezing firmly. She pressed harder against me, twisting so that her nipples drilled against my chest, a repeat of how Jeanie’s had felt moments earlier.

Her ass rotated faster under my palm, her cunt rubbing against my erection, separated only by thin layers of clothing. She broke the kiss, pausing briefly to bite my lower lip before panting for air, the warmth of her breath invading my throat as she stayed close.

“Damn, Daddy, but don’t you just turn me on so much that I can’t stay mad at you.” Caro’s voice was barely a whisper. “In fact, I want you so much that if you take me, I’ll do anything you want – things that bitch Jeanie would never dream of.”

My daughter snaked her tongue into my ear as if to illustrate her point, then spoke again.”Things that my little sister would be shocked if you try them with her after I go back to school.”

Over Caro’s head, I could see Jeanie slumped against the counter, breathing heavily, one hand inside her panties, the other massaging her boob, fingers toying with her own nipple, grinning , her brain obviously filled with evil thoughts.

“Oh, I doubt there’s much Jeanie wouldn’t do,” I chuckled, “and Dulcie is more corruptible than you could possibly guess.”

I watched Jeanie’s eyes open wide, her hands pausing as she waited for me to feed her fever with more details.

“No way she’d let you fuck her ass,” Caro guessed. “and I would.”

Since Dulcie had taken my cock up her poop chute, I’m sure my blush gave us away. Caro took a half step back, looking up and me, puzzled.

It was Jeanie’s to fill the void, upping the ante. “Heck, ass fucking is almost vanilla these days. All the gals like a little sausage in their casing. If you want to be really kinky, you have to drink the cum out of an ass.”

My cock throbbed, loving the idea, but my head was still in charge. “That would mean anal sex with no rubber – very unsafe.”

Jeanie pouted theatrically. “But, Daddy, I bet Caro’s ass is virgin. So the thrill would be worth the risk. If you want, I’d lick your stick clean afterwards.”

I started to protest, not wanting to set a bad example for my daughter, but Caro moved quickly, placing a hand over my mouth as her other fingers moved to undo my pants.

“I think it would be a huge turn on. I’m soaked just thinking about it, and like I said, anything Jeanie dreams of, I’m willing to go beyond – so first, I want you to fuck her ass while I lick your balls. Then while you fill my bowels, I’ll eat your seed out of her, before she gets her turn.”

Her hand was massaging my shaft. My pants puddled around my ankles. Jeanie was simultaneously tweaking her nipples and slinking closer, her eyes locked on mine, her tongue wetting her lower lip. Common sense was about to lose another argument.

Jeanie pressed tight to Carolyn’s back, making my daughter meat in a sensual sandwich. Jeanie ran her tongue along Caro’s neck before raising her lips to meet mine. The sweet flavour almost made me believe that I was virile enough to come twice in enough quantity to fulfil their perverse plot.

“Let’s make out and get him properly prepared,” Jeanie stage whispered into Caro’s ear, the tongue which had just teased my tonsils darting into my daughter’s aural canal. One of Jeanie’s hands had slithered up between bodies, and was under Caro’s bra, doing to my daughter’s nipple what Jeanie had just been doing to herself. I mentally pictured Caro dropping to her knees and taking me deep into her throat, in a seamless swallow, but with a hand firmly grasping my root to prevent accidental ejaculation.

By way of silent answer, Carolyn pivoted without releasing her grasp on my helmet, and cupped her other hand behind Jeanie’s neck. Rivalry abandoned, at least for the moment, Caro locked her lips tightly onto Jeanie’s mouth. I could see my daughter’s tongue bulging in her frenemy’s cheek. Four hands explored tits and asses as Caro quickly abandoned her stimulation of my organ. So much for my predicting how this ballet would develop.

The girls’ next move was so smooth, it could have been choreographed like ballet, but likely simply reflected their years of cheerleading practice. With no apparent discussion, they executed a pirouette and somehow Caro elevated up until she lay on the counter top, her legs draped over the edge, Jeanie in between.

I watched Jeanie caress my daughter’s inner thighs with delicate movements – far from the aggressive attack I had expected. Her fingers flowed in circular motions, eliciting ever deeper moans from Caro, until Caro’s hips began joining in the dance, lifting up from the counter top as Jeanie’s right thumb gently grazed Caro’s labia.

Jeanie’s nimble fingers tested Caro’s willingness. She must not have known about my threesome with both daughters, and how Caro had played with Dulcie. I just assumed that Jeanie, being a proud slut, had played before and after her episode with Dulcie which had ended up with my seduction. Jeanie knew the location of the most important bits, and how to please a woman.

“Is this okay?” Jeanie asked with uncharacteristic gentleness in her voice.

“Ohmigawd, yes, better than okay.” Caro moaned. “I don’t think I’ve ever been this turned on in my life.”

Jeanie continued her tender touching of my daughter , seemingly enjoying the power and control over her long time rival. Within moments, I could see, hear and smell Carolyn’s excitement. Jeanie continued, though I suspected that Caro was on the brink of orgasm. Jeanie never quite allowed my daughter to climax, displaying a talent that could only have been perfected through plentiful practice.

For the moment, I might as well have been on another planet, as Jeanie stroked Caro’s nipples and kissed her way slowly around, over and down every bit of succulent skin. Caro’s breathing slowed as she became more aroused.

Any hint of hesitation on Jeanie’s part vanished. She worked her way toward Carolyn’s clit slowly, allowing the rosebud to pop up out of its hood on its own power. The sight of a womanly finger teasing my daughter’s tender flesh gave me a determined jolt of excitement as she gasped in ecstasy. I knew that this might never be repeated, so I wanted to watch carefully, and store the memories for future recall. Caro would go back to school, and it would be a long time before I got to see her again. There was no guarantee that she would ever get naked for me again, let along fuck me. So having fodder for future masturbation was an added bonus to what promised to be mind blowing sex.

My cock throbbed demandingly as I watched Jeanie drag her fingers up and then down my daughter’s moist slit, carefully not scraping tender flesh with nails, using only the pads of her digits. As she did this, Jeanie bent forward, obscuring my view. As I shifted positions, Jeanie slowly lowered her head over Caro’s chest, drawing a nipple into her lips, closing teeth around the rubbery tip, not biting, merely gripping enough to pull that nubbin away from the soft mound of tit below.

After repeating this seduction of the other nipple, Jeanie proceeded to kiss down Carolyn’s torso, bathing that taut flesh with her tongue, unhurried, wandering toward the navel, where she took exceptional care, rolling her tongue around the depression clockwise, and then counter-clockwise before stabbing into the space with a hardened point of that tongue. Jeanie’s fingers, four of them, thrust deep into Caro’s quim in synchronicity.

My daughter gasped loudly, the single sound echoing in the kitchen.

“Please, please please me,” she demanded into the silence, a hint of joyful laughter in her tone, “eat me, bitch.”

Her neck was bent, her back was arching up from the granite as her eyes glazed over. I knew she had loved sex with her sister when we had all shared a bed. Apparently, Jeanie also had just the correct womanly touch.

Caro began whimpering as her fingers twined through Jeanie’s hair, forcing her mouth along Caro’s belly. In a few seconds, I watched as ‘making out’ gave way to full on girl sex – tongue stabbing between labia, lips suckling, seeking clit.

My hand curled around my aching cock as I circled the counter, seeking the best view. I kept my organ in just a loose grasp, idly stroking, maintaining the excitement, but not progressing toward ejaculation, I hoped, in spite of the ‘plop’ of a drop of precum falling to the floor.

Jeanie abandoned Caro’s tits as my daughter’s ass lifted off the counter. The cheerleader whose teasing had contributed so much to my descent into incest pushed two fingers gently into Caro’s ass.

“Yes, bitch, stretch me for Daddy’s cock,” Carolyn moaned, releasing her grip on Jeanie’s hair, all the better to tug on her own nipples.

“I want you to make her cum,” I spoke, though it seemed like a stranger’s voice.

“She’s totally driving me crazy, Daddy,” Caro said.

I stepped closer to the counter, my body beside my daughter’s head. She turned her head and smiled up at me. Her chin moved a fraction of an inch, all the permission I needed to step even closer. Her mouth opened, allowing me to ease my erect head past her slack lower lip, over her teeth, onto her tongue. She licked me thoroughly, rhythm mimicking Jeanie’s pace. Then she closed her mouth around my shaft and sucked my cock like it was a straw and my seed was her milkshake, after a year crossing a desert.

“Not too much, sweetie,” I cautioned. “I’m not some college guy who can fill your belly from the top end, then fill your ass – not to mention Jeanie’s ass.”

Fortunately, at just that moment, Carolyn’s writhing intensified, and she spat my cock out, no doubt fearing that she might accidentally bite it in the throes of orgasm.

“I’m coming,” Caro screamed, her body twitching and heaving uncontrollably. Jeanie kept licking, prolonging my daughter’s climax.

“So much for just making out to get ready for me,” I chuckled.

“I’m not done yet,” Jeanie said, pausing for a moment while Caro caught her breath, and then diving back deep into that soft chewy center.

From this angle, I had a perfect view. I appreciated better than before that my older daughter had a tiny clit, unlike her mother or sister, or Jeanie. It was like a tiny pearl bobbing in the ocean of her cunt. Jeanie slurped it up enthusiastically, as if finding a strange new toy. I inhaled their mingled perfumes, the womanly scents proving that they were both excited.

Jeanie alternated deep thrusts of her fingers with soft tongue licking and gentle nibbles with her teeth.

“Oh, Jesus…” Caro panted, grabbing Jeanie’s hair again to press that mouth against her slit. “That feels so good.”

My daughter then released her lover’s hair and reached a hand out toward me, grasping my hand as waves of orgasm wracked her body.

Jeanie lifted her head and squealed with delight. Without missing a beat, she used her athletic grace to bounce up onto the counter top, twisting into a sixty-nine position with Caro. My daughter was less experienced than her friend, as far as I knew she had only had the one lesbian experience with her sister, but Caro made up for it by attacking Jeanie’s dripping quim with enthusiasm.

Her hands reached around and kneaded Jeanie’s buttocks. I stepped back, gaining a perfect view of the gaping anus which they had suggested that I fill with cream. It was already moist from Jeanie’s excitement. I throbbed every time my daughter’s tongue reached past the edge of Jeanie’s cunt and teased the perineum, almost tickling that rosebud. Within seconds, their moans filled my kitchen.

“Oh, god, you bitch, I’m coming,” Jeanie screamed. “So much for just making out til we were ready for Daddy.”

Caro just kept on eating as Jeanie’s climax exploded through that lithe body, which shook violently as it reached a peak of sexual satisfaction that I feared would be hard for me to match. Finally, each girl pulled their mouth away from their target and they lay panting on the counter top, a tangle of coltish womanly parts.

Jeanie recovered first, untangling herself and shifting to sit on the edge, legs slowly kicking the air, looking at my aching cock.

“I think Daddy’s ready,” she laughed, causing Carolyn to shift and look at her reward.

Their eyes left my organ and made contact, a thought transferring as if communicating a cheer move. They both bounded down from the counter and each grabbed one of my hands, along the way each giving the tip of my cock just a tiny nudge.

“Time for some bouncing on the bed,” both monkeys said at once, which caused them to collapse in a cavalcade of girly giggles before dragging me up the stairs to Caro’s room.

They both bounced up on the bed, side by side on all fours, presenting their shapely asses for my appreciation. I smiled partly because of that view, but also because their fingers were intertwined, and their lips touched briefly, their rivalry abandoned.

“Jeanie first,” Caro instructed me, spinning around so that her fine young ass was against the mattress. In the afternoon sun, she looked as angelic as she had as a six year old in baby doll jammies resisting nap time. But that was almost fifteen years ago, and now she was nude, her nipples red from her friend’s lesbionic attention, but still not ready for nap time, always wanting more from her daddy. And as always, I was about to give it to her. I never could resist pleasing my daughters.

“I don’t have any lube,” I realized out loud.

“Not a problem,” Caro decided, her fingers swiftly scooping up moisture dripping from Jeanie’s cunt and rubbing it around Jeanie’s anus.

As I stepped closer, my daughter went further, stuffing her tiny fist right into Jeanie’s cunt, and then stretching her friend’s sphincter open, two slim fingers probing inside and stretching that passage open for my weapon.

“Mmmm, that feels so good,” Jeanie moaned. “I think I’m ready for a sold hunk of man meat to be stuffed up there though.”

In spite of that suggestion, Caro continued to finger fuck her ass ferociously, working a third finger into her. Jeanie went crazy, her hips thrusting back against my daughter’s hand, a wave of orgasms shaking her body.

“Now she’s really ready, Daddy,” Caro laughed. “Time to fuck her tight hole with your big… fat… cock.”

She paused between those last three words, knowing how much I would love the praise, and perhaps trying to give Jeanie a little extra tingle.

My knees bumped the edge of the mattress and Caro smiled up, scooting closer. Her free hand grasped my shaft at the base, tugging me up onto the bed and aiming me at Jeanie’s core. Her fingertips caressed my balls, something that reminded me of how her mother knew just the right touch to excite without tickling. That thought might have made me feel sad, or guilty, but I was too absorbed in the moment. If Dulcie had first seduced me as therapy to help get me past the death of my wife, Caro’s latest effort was continuing the healing.

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