We meet at the station, in true romantic style, it’s raining and it’s dark, I don’t have a jacket, so you put yours round my shoulders and we run over the road, laughing at me trying to run in heels we get into the restaurant, curled up in a booth in the corner, candles on the table and the rain bettering the window, you’re touching my hair and my face as you talk to me, my hands been resting on your leg for a while now an it’s slowly creeping upwards as you make me laugh harder.

I’m getting closer and closer to you as you tell me I have beautiful eyes. With the raining battering outside you suggest that maybe with the rain and all we should just get a room here. After a few more drinks, I agree and you go to book it, I meet you back in reception and you finally look at me properly in high black shiny heels, a little black dress and long cream mac.

As we get in the lift you look at my chest leaning against the back wall and walk over, opening your legs just enough to pin mine shut and against the wall you put your right hand on my cheek and tell me that you’ve been dying to do this all night, putting your other hand just behind me left hip you pull yourself into me and kiss me, you Tongue rolling over mine as you hold my head still to push your lips firmly against mine as you taste the wine off my Tongue, you tilt your head further till I moan a little as you pull away and gently bite my bottom lip as you move down to my neck, sliding your hand further up my back so you can feel my chest pressing against yours as you grind your pelvis into me letting me know that you’re already hard and that you want me, your hand slides down to my ass as your mouth travels to my cleavage, your Tongue desperately exploring the creases on the top of my boobs.

Just as your getting to where my skin meets my dress the lift door pings and opens.

You spin me round to walk out in front of you, you can feel you cock throbbing and as we walk to our room, you feel the horniness rush thro you and before you put the key in the door you use your pelvis to pin my up against the door, sliding you hand over the bare tanned skin of the leg you run it up the outside of my thigh as I finally let my hand fall to where your cock isno throbbing and straining against your jeans, I squeeze my finger together to wrap round the head and gently work your foreskin just slightly back a little, your pre cum helps me run your boxers over the head and down to the vein underneath that makes you lean back a little and purr with pleasure as your hand slides round my thigh and closer to my pussy, you can already feel the heat coming from my tight wet lips just starting to ooze with juices.

I reach round behind me and turn the key in the door; I walk backwards with my hand still on your belt buckle as I pull you into the room.

I take a few steps back from you and hold you at arm’s length as I reach round and unzip my dress, in one motion I let it fall to the floor and step out of it, I’m standing in front of you, black shiny high heels, black lace see thro thong, total shaved pussy and a black lace bra, you walk towards me and kneel down, lifting my right leg on to your shoulder you kiss the inside of my thigh, you can taste that it’s been wet and the juices taste sweet and creamy, you roll your tongue up my leg till you get to the seam of my thong and you lick along it with the point of your wet desperate tongue, you flick over where my moist pussy lips and pressed against the lace and start to suck the juices from the lace, tasting my dripping pussy lips and hearing me start to breath deeper with each lick, sliding you hand under my pussy you on to my ass, you pull you face closer to where I can feel your nose almost rubbing off my clit.

My hand running through your hand, its changed from running through your hair to pulling and tugging as I slide up on the desk and open my legs a bit further while you start running your finger underneath my thong, gently tickling the outside of the lips, I’m so wet that they practically part themselves as you run your finger over my clit and without teasing me you hook two fingers up inside me and flick right under my g spot, not on it but just so I can feel it, at the same time you stand back up and lean over me, your fingers still inside me, your face still wet, you kiss me as you lick your lips.

I’m pushing you back up with my nails running down your back as you take your fingers out and bring them to my mouth, you put your hand on my chest and hold my head as you slide the two fingers all the way into my throat.

As I taste my sweet juices off your dripping fingers, I undo your belt, and let your jeans fall to the floor, I slide off the desk and walk you backwards to the bed, you lying on your back, boxers almost ripping with the tension of your pulsing cock under them, I pull them down and start to lick the exposed head as I run my fingers along the top of the foreskin, at first I gently twist the top of the shaft, you’re already wet with white creamy pre cum oozing out, I work your foreskin back over the bulging head and I sink my head down till my nose is touching your stomach.

I hold you hard swollen cock deep in my mouth and clenching the back of my jaw to hold the head tight inside me. I can hear a gentle moan as you take hold of the back of my head and tell me that you want your cock in every one of my holes tonight and that you’ll fill each and every one with hot creamy spunk.

I start sliding my wet mouth up and down your hard shaft, catching the vein underneath with my tongue as I come up, I take you in my hand and twist my hand from the base of your cock up to where the head meets my mouth, your cock still wet from being in my mouth, I hold your foreskin back tight and squeeze my hand up and down licking the vein and swirling my tongue round the head and over your slit.

You’re getting so hot watching my blue eyes stare up at you as I suck your huge cock that you can’t wait much longer and pull my hair till my lips meet yours, your hard cock tickling my pussy lips, it would be so easy to slide inside my tight creamy cunt but instead you sit up, your cock trapped between your legs and the underside of my pussy, for a second I grind back and forth to move the foreskin on your even harder cock. You slide down the bed till your feet are on the floor and lift me by the hips till you can slide me back down on to your cock, in one move my pussy stretches and your hard cock swells as it tears my tight hole open, your head pushing it to its limit as you place me back down and still holding my hips you use me to wank off your massive hardon,

I’m leaning back to get you in even deeper and as you thrust really hard you get feel your cock head hitting off my back. I stand up, still inside me and hold me up against the wall as you keep thrusting hard into my tightening hole, you run your warm tongue over my hard nipples and suck them into a little bite.

You can feel my g stop with the head of your cock and you can tell that if you keep going like this, it won’t be long time I shower your cock with sticky cum but you’re not really to let me cum, not yet.

You lift me off your cock and kiss me so hard that you can feel my knees weaken, you spin me round and push me over on to the bed, lying on your side you pull me up beside you, your cock rubbing off my ass, I can feel you rubbing your hand up and down your shaft and its do wet with juicy pre cum that your rubbing it over my tight asshole, as your teasing me with you pulsing cock end, you reach round and rub just above my clit, I’m so wet that you almost slide inside me. You feel my hand come down to meet yours and I flick me finger firmly over my clit and circle my sweet pussy as you push your dripping cock into my ass, me pushing back against you as the head stretches my asshole to slide inside me I let out a really loud moan but whisper, “oh fuck me, yeah, right there, right there, fuck me so hard it hurts, oh my god, angel, that’s so fuckin good”

Hearing my talk like that makes you so much closer to cumming and you can feel your balls tighten as you pound my ass, pulling me by my hips, you spin over so you’re lying on your back and still in my ass your pulling my down all the way onto your hard shaft, me squatting over your cock so you can watch it sliding in and out my pulsing ass.

You feel the swell that tells you that you are about to cum, but not in my ass, you want to watch your hard filthy cock shooting creamy cum all over my body and make me cum at the same time.

You slide me off you cock and pull me to the edge of the bed, put my legs up and knees bend you slide three fingers inside my tight greedy cunt and start flicking so hard you can see my biting my lip, hard, your determined to make my squirt all over you, at the same time your wanking over my tits but you have other plans for you hot load of cum. As you flick your fingers so quick inside me, I start to buck my hips and rub my clit so fast that when the massive wet squirt of cum shoots out of me, it hits my fingers and soaks you chest, the feeling of my cum drenching your cumming cock, you shoot a load of cum into my waiting mouth, hitting my cheek and running of my chin, the next one hitting my boobs as you lurch forward with the pleasure of it, you’ve got one more and you slide your cock into my creamy soaked pussy, I’m pushing you away cause I’m so sensitive from cumin but you grab me by the hips and fuck me so hard that I scream your name and you unload a stream of sweet fucking hot cum inside my cumming pussy, you have to fight so hard to stay inside me, the pressure of the cummuing is pushing your cock out and eventually it wins.

Sending you collapsing on top of me as you put both hands on my face and look my in the eyes, pulling me closer you say, give me five minutes babygirl and I’m gonna fuck you senseless in that huge bath.

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