This continues the story from chapters 1 & 2 and introduces some more D/s elements. I would again like to thank Hatsuda for his editing expertise and encouragement.

The bed was empty when I woke next morning, but I could smell coffee brewing. I threw on a gown and ambled down to the kitchen where Mum was fixing breakfast. I padded up behind her and wrapped her in my arms from behind, kissing her behind her right ear.

“Morning, gorgeous,” I whispered.

Mum turned in my arms. She looked rather drawn and hesitant, but still managed, “Morning yourself, handsome. Look Jesse, we need to …”

I put my finger against her lips, doing my mindreading act. “I agree; we do need to talk, but breakfast first. I’m starving.”

“Okay honey, but I want you to know how much I love you and how much you mean to me.”

“Me too, Mum, I’m desperately and helplessly in love with you, and nothing you can say is going to change that. I want you to know that you’re not only stunningly beautiful, you’re smart, funny, elegant, you have a magic personality, a body to die for, and, oh god, are you sexy. I’m totally smitten.”

Her face relaxed and she kissed me, warm and sweet with the tip of her tongue just stroking along my lips, and I returned the compliment. Mum smiled and said, “Now let me go you big ape or we’ll never get breakfast. I couldn’t bear to have a starving lover.”

I sat and read the paper, making fatuous comments about the news headlines, until we had breakfast, exchanging small talk. Then we cleared up, and I took Mum’s hand and led her into the lounge.

“Okay, Mum, about last night. Will you go first?”

“Oh Jesse, this is so hard for me; it’s something I wanted to keep hidden from you because I feared that you would think I was some kind of deviant or pervert and not want to be with me any more. I felt so vulnerable, but then you forced it out of me … no, that’s not fair – I found myself in a place where I couldn’t hide any more and I needed to let it all out.”

“Mum I …”

This time it was her turn to put her finger against my lips.

“Please, honey, I need to tell you, and it’s best for me if I let it all go at once, then you can make your judgement.”

I was about to comment but thought better of it and I let it go.

“Jesse, I’ve known for a very long time, for ever, I think, that there’s some kind of submissive element in my makeup. When I was a child, my father was a strict disciplinarian, and I knew I had no choice but to obey him. That led me to believing that I couldn’t think for myself and I had to obey. You’re studying psychology, so you’d know about that sort of thing.”

I nodded, but again kept quiet.

“Jesse, I’m very good at what I do professionally. That’s not conceit; it’s a recognition of my own strengths in a particular field, and I’m very confident of my abilities in that area. It’s stressful and getting more so, but I can handle that sort of stress. When it comes to my emotional life, though, I’ve always been a mess. I have no confidence in myself, and I’ve so needed someone I can trust absolutely so that I can let go of all my inhibitions and be who I want to be. I need to be able to surrender myself to someone I can rely on and give that person complete control over me, and let go of all my responsibilities in my emotional life. Not all the time, maybe, but when we are together and I can submit to you. Perhaps that can also help to build my resilience to deal with my professional stress.”

I had read something of the nature of dominance and submission, and a fully formed understanding came to me that my beautiful mother loved me far more than just as a mother. What was more, she wanted to please me and would do anything I wanted. At the same time, I knew that I loved her deeply and wanted to be with her. It also started to dawn on me that being able to dominate my beautiful, sexy mother and to have her willingly submit herself to me was extraordinarily potent and, potentially dangerously intoxicating. Even as we sat and talked, my stiffening cock let me know how exciting this was.

“Honey, the idea of being able to give up responsibility for myself and to have you take control is my reward. I can abandon myself to you completely, give up all responsibility and even ‘be nothing’. I wouldn’t have to ‘be myself’ but just allow you to take control of my body and my mind.”

“Oh god, Mum, do you realise what you are saying?”

“Yes, Jesse, I’ve given this a lot of thought; it’s been with me for most of my life, and it’s only now that I can start to let it out. You see, my love, my first need is for someone I can really trust.”

“Does that mean that you couldn’t possibly submit to someone that you didn’t have an intimate emotional connection with? Someone, perhaps who is a “professional” dominant?”

“No, never, Jesse. You are the only person I can possibly trust at this depth to accept my surrender and keep me safe. Just being able to let go and put myself wholly into your hands is a huge satisfaction for me, and, depending on what you do to me, I think it would also be incredibly sexy.” She smiled, pouted and blew me a kiss.

“Wow, Mum, this is unbelievably hot, but you need to understand that I have no experience as a dominant. Even so, if we’re able to really communicate with each other and learn as we go, we could really make this work. I know that I will need to listen to what you need to tell me and to read all the other signs from you. If that is really what you want, then I do, too.”

“You’re right, we can learn together and I’m completely certain there won’t be any problem with this, Jesse my love. I trust you totally, and you can do absolutely anything that you want. “

“Mum, please be careful – you’re giving me a blank cheque to do anything I like.”

“Yes, honey that’s just what I am doing,” she replied without a trace of hesitation.

“Okay, Mum, but we need to establish a few boundaries.”

“No, honey, I trust you totally.”

“Hmm. Okay, so you will do everything I say?”

Without hesitation she replied, “Yes, of course.”

“You will suck my cock?”


You will let me control your orgasms and not cum until I allow you to?”

“Ooh yes.”

“Let me use your arse?”


“Let me tie you up and caress your whole body?”

“Yes.” Mum started to shiver with anticipation.

“Spank you?”


“Cum on your face and tits?”

“Yes.” Her shivering increased.

“Make you have sex with another woman?”

“Oh, I’ve never thought about that, but, yes if it pleases you, and if it was someone that I felt okay with.”

“Not good enough, Mum. If it was some old tramp that I picked up off the street?”

Her voice now became quiet and low. “I guess so, if that’s what you want.”

“Publicly humiliate you?”

Her voice now became hoarse and tears started to form in her eyes. “Yes.”

“Brand you, pierce you or have you tattooed?

“Yes.” Her voice was now even quieter and broken with tears.

“Share you with other men for their pleasure?”

“Yes, if that is what you really need.”

“Make you have sex with animals?”

“Yes.” Her voice was now so low that I could hardly hear.

In my arrogance, I barked, “Louder, mother, I didn’t hear you!”

“Yes”, she screamed through her tears, seemingly without hope.

Mum stood in front of me, her head bent down, her shoulders slumped and tears rolling down her face, a picture of misery. Then it suddenly hit me with almost physical force. This gorgeous, sexy yet vulnerable woman had offered herself to me without any limits, and I had just pole vaulted over any reasonable boundaries and abused our relationship to the point where my words had caused her anguish and pain. How could I possibly justify the demands I had just made?

I moved slowly towards her and took her hands in mine. “Oh god, Mum, I am so very sorry – could you ever bring yourself to forgive me?” I said with my voice now starting to choke up.

Now she completely astonished me as she looked up with an expression of amazement on her face. “Oh no, Jesse, no, you must NOT blame yourself for this. I was the one who insisted that there should be no limits and that boundaries weren’t necessary. You tried to persuade me and I wouldn’t listen. I got so distressed because I realised that there were some things that I couldn’t face but I couldn’t say ‘no’ because I’d given you carte blanche to do as you like.”

I looked at Mum and suddenly started laughing. “Oh dear, oh dear, Mum, we are a prize pair, aren’t we? I love you so much and I wouldn’t do anything to harm you.”

Mum laughed through her tears in reply. “I bet I love you more. So there!”

“Hmm, I don’t know about that, but we’ve got the rest of our lives to find out who loves who the most.”

She came into my arms and pressed her body closely to mine. I could feel the swell of her beautiful tits and the hard points of her nipples thrusting into me as she ground her pussy against me.

“Jesse, master, please take me. I want you so much.”

“Okay, my pet, just allow me a few more words, then I’m going to fuck you so hard my cum will squirt out of your ears.”

“Ooh, yes, please darling, that sounds really good.”

“First, though, Carole, let me say that I find the whole idea of bestiality totally repulsive. I’d rather cut my own cock off than submit you to that.”

She laughed. “Oh no, don’t do that. I need him urgently; what would I do without your lovely cock?”

“Well, I’m sure you won’t have to find out. As well, I’m totally selfish and I have absolutely no intention of sharing you with any other guy. I do have this fantasy of seeing you with another woman, though, but it MUST be someone who you find attractive.”

Mum shivered in my arms, this time with pleasure and made little murmurs of encouragement.

“As to marking you in any hard way, I would hate to see your gorgeous body defiled, so piercing, branding, tattooing or anything else like that is out of the question.”

“Even if I want someone to tattoo me with a little sign that says ‘property of Jesse’,” she laughed.

“Yes, even that. Now don’t interrupt, slut, your master is talking.”

“Yes sir,” she replied meekly, but with an undertone of laughter.”

“Now, where was I? Oh yes, I won’t publicly humiliate you either – that would be quite unfair as I know you have a high profile in some very straight circles.” My mind tripped over the idea of a straight circle, but I continued, “Even so, I wouldn’t be averse to a little private humiliation, kept strictly behind closed doors. I see you being naked with a collar and a lead, and a vibrating butt plug with an artificial tail attached to it, and I could lead you around the house with you on all fours.”

Mum gave a very passable imitation of a dog barking. “Ooh yes, then I really could be your little bitch!”

“Master, I know you’ve got some other things to say, but I’m just about coming apart at the seams. Would you be really kind to your slut and take her to bed and give her the hard fucking that she deserves?”

I needed no further encouragement, and within a few minutes we were naked on her king size bed.

“How do you want me, master?” she gasped.

“On your back, spread your legs and pull your ankles up to your shoulders.”

“Mmm yes, please, don’t take too long” she whimpered.

I had seen a damp patch on the gusset of her panties as she had hurriedly stripped, but I needed to check how ready she really was. I stroked my right index finger along her slit, from her puckered arsehole along her moist and excited inner lips to her clit, now standing proud from its sheath. She gasped as I did so, shaking and quivering in anticipation. This time I knew no preliminaries were needed, and I lined up my rigid and throbbing cock with her glorious cunt, just resting the head lightly on the entrance. This made her moan and push her hips forward in an effort to get me into her hot hole.

So as not to disappoint her, with one solid thrust I impaled my shaft into her steaming wet cunt. Her pussy muscles grabbed at me as I did so and she screamed with the overwhelming sensation of being filled with cock. I started with long slow thrusts, almost (but not quite) withdrawing my cock from her, which caused her to gasp with need.

“Take it all, slut,” I demanded, “you wanted it hard, and that’s just how you’re going to get it.”

I then changed gear, using short, fast, hard strokes that caused her to thrash around on the bed and fling her head from side to side. I knew that neither of us would last very long, and I heard her gasps turn to moans.

“Oh god yes, master, fuck your bitch and make her cum. Do me as hard as you can. Oh yes, more, more, more, please don’t stop, I’m so close to cumming.”

I changed again with long hard thrusts that stroked across her clit and she started to come apart. At the same time, I could feel my balls drawing up and the tingling at the base of my cock told me I would cum at any moment. The velvet vice of her cunt squeezed me as I continued my increasingly feverish thrusts. I knew that I couldn’t hold back for much longer and slammed into her with my balls slapping against her arse. My cum raced up my cock and I shouted in joy and triumph as it flooded into her.

That was enough to send her over the top. She screamed incoherently and her nails raked down my back as ecstasy overtook her and her floodgates opened. She first went into a violent spasm, then howled as the orgasm overtook her, and she flooded my cock with her love juice. I stayed with her legs on my shoulders until my cock shrank and oozed out of her soaking pussy, releasing a trickle of our combined juices.

I rolled over and moved up the bed and took Carole in my arms, kissing her softly. To my surprise and delight, she disengaged and slid her soft silky body down mine until she was able to take my shrunken cock in her mouth and lick me completely clean.

“A good slut should always make sure her master is clean and tidy”, she whispered and moving back up my body, snuggled her head into my neck. Then she playfully wiped her fingers across her ears and laughed. “No cum, master – maybe I wasn’t quite good enough for you.”

“Slut or no slut, Mum, I love you so much I sometimes feel like bursting when I’m close to you. You are so damned sexy that I can get a first grade hard on just thinking about you.”

“Really?” she replied with laughter again in her voice. “Well, don’t let it go to waste. Just tell me and I’ll find something inventive to do with it – better still, show me,” she giggled.

We returned to the kitchen and sat drinking coffee.

“Mum, there are a couple of other things we need to sort out. First, you need a safe word so that if I do anything, repeat anything you don’t like, I will stop. Guaranteed.”

“Okay, honey, – what sort of a safe word?” She hesitated and then laughed. “I know, how about ‘turnip’?”

“Turnip?” I queried, “Well, yeah, I guess.”

“Honey, neither of us is likely to scream in the height of our passion, ‘oh god, give me more of your beautiful turnip,” she laughed.

“No, I can see that, or to say, ‘Mmm, you have such a beautiful turnip’. No that should work very well. The other thing is that it would help to have some sort of signal to know when you’re feeling submissive, when you just want to laugh and play and fool around, and when you’re serious and in full on ‘mother’ mode.”

“Okay, Jesse, do you have any ideas?

Well, yes, I do, but it might be a little inconvenient for you.”

“Try me and see.”

Well, when you have your hair up in a French roll, I’ll know you are really serious and no messing about. When your hair just flows freely around your shoulders, I’ll know you want to play or for us to just be together and enjoy each other’s company. And if you wear it in a pony tail, I’ll know you want me to dominate you. How does that sound?”

Mum stroked her hand across her head, with her hair down to her shoulders. “Sounds good to me – let’s try it out.” Then she stood and came to sit on my lap. “Now stop talking and kiss me, Jesse.”

Which we did, a long, sweet kiss with our tongues lazily swirling together, enjoying the sensuous feelings and sense of belonging to each other.

“One last thing, Mum,” I said ignoring her shaking her head with her eyebrows raised to heaven. “I’d like to keep calling you Mum when we’re close together like this and also when the situation is formal. But I’d also like to call you Caroline sometimes, particularly when we’re close and hot and sexy.”

“Okay, but don’t forget that I want to be your slut, honey. When you dominate me, you can call me slut, bitch, tramp, whore or anything else you choose and it will actually help me to know that I have given myself to you to be your plaything. Then I can feel free.” With this, she kissed me again, hard and needy, with her tongue deep in my mouth. “I love you, Jesse/master, and I’m going to spend the rest of my life proving it to you.”

We spent the rest of the day in a wholly domestic scene, talking, playing, laughing, kissing, and for me, enough studying to salve my conscience. We made love softly and gently that evening, delighting in each other’s bodies, and both of us slept soundly.

I woke early the next morning (Sunday) with a powerful morning woody, pressed hard into the cheeks of Carole’s sumptuous arse, and I knew then what direction we were going to take. Carole woke slowly, yawned and wiggled her arse against me.

“Mmm, morning sweetie, apart from the obvious, how are you feeling this morning?”

“Great, thanks Mum. So great, that I want to ask you something. Later, I guess as your dom, I might demand it, but first time I’ll ask; I’d love to take you up your gorgeous arse.”

Mum stiffened a bit, but said, “Okay Jesse, but …”

“What’s the problem, Mum?”

“Well, I’m not exactly an anal virgin, honey; Denzel took me there just once. He just shoved his cock into my arse and it was so brutal it hurt like fire. I screamed in pain; I thought he was trying to split me in half, and I never allowed him to do it a second time. He wasn’t happy about it, but I wasn’t going to go through that again.”

“Hmm, yeah, I can understand that. Now, I’m not an expert, but I do know that we need to do some preparation. I need to stretch you, gently but progressively, and you need to be able to relax your sphincter muscle. We need to get some practice in so that we can both enjoy the real thing.”

“Okay, honey.” Mum was rather uncertain, but I pressed on.

“First things first, I feel like a shower, and I love showering with you.” Mum grinned, and I continued, “I’ll be happy to wash your hair for you, then I’ll start by using just one nice soapy, slippery finger in your butt.”

We were soon in the shower; I shampooed her hair and she coo-ed appreciatively. Then we soaped each other thoroughly with lots of giggles and sensuous touches. I used the hand spray to spray warm water into Carole’s open pussy and she squealed with delight. “Ooh you are a bad boy, but that is so nice.”

“Okay, sweet cheeks, now let’s see how we go with your arse. Hold onto the rail, spread your legs and bend over as far as is comfortable.”

I could see her little brown puckered hole and bent down to run my tongue across it. Carole gasped and panted, “Ooh yes that feels so good,” but then gasped even more as I rolled my tongue sideways and pushed it gently into her arsehole.

“My god, what are you doing?” she screamed.

“What does it feel like?”

“It’s so different. I didn’t even imagine that this could be possible, it feels so naughty but so good,” she moaned.

“Okay, now I’ll try again, and just see if you can relax the muscle and let me in a bit further.”

This time, Carole consciously relaxed her sphincter a little and I was able to get my tongue a bit further in. She squealed and gasped with pleasure.

“Now let’s go to the next step.” I soaped my hand and gently inserted my index finger into her anus. I could feel the muscle tensing, and stopped.

“Oh god, Jesse, please be gentle – I’m so scared. Your tongue was nice and soft and squishy, but I’m not sure about your finger.”

“Carole, try to consciously relax the muscle. I won’t hurt you – remember ‘turnip’ – but I want to see if I can just get one finger all the way in. Trust me, Mum,” I attempted to calm her fears, then gently inserted my finger again. I stopped as she gradually relaxed her sphincter, and I pushed in to the second knuckle.

“How’s it going sweet cheeks?” I asked.

“Okay so far – not bad at all.”

I pulled out until just the tip of my finger was inside her, then slowly pushed in until my whole finger was buried in her sweet arse. Then I gently moved my finger backwards and forwards and side to side, slowly stretching her anus.

“Ooh Jesse, this is a strange feeling – strange but nice. I think I might get to like you playing with my butt like this.”

“Good, Mum, now let’s see what happens if I take it up a notch,” and I slowly introduced a second finger.

“Jesse, my love, please be careful – I don’t know if I can take any more.”

“You know the rule, Mum, just relax and let it all happen,” and I bent and bit her on her right cheek. The surprise of this deflected her concentration from her anus, and I was able to slide in another finger to the second knuckle.”

“You cheat,” she gasped but didn’t try to pull away. I slowly got the second finger completely into her hole and using them both, started to spread it a little more widely.

“Oh yes, honey, that’s not nearly as bad as I feared. In fact it’s quite exciting even though it is a bit uncomfortable.”

“I tell you what, Carole, if your balance is okay, let go with one hand and just stroke your clit while I stretch you.”

“Mmm – oh god that feels so good. Oooh yes, … oh Jesse, I want you so much and I don’t care whether it’s up my arse or in my pussy.”

“Patience, you hot little bitch, we’ve still got some preparation to do, and she moaned in disappointment as I withdrew from her arse. I slapped each cheek and she squealed and took a half-hearted swing at me. I caught her arm and pulled her to me, wet with the shower still running and kissed her hard, our tongues duelling. I then released her just enough to find her tight, hard nipples and pinched them to make her squeal again.

“Jesse, if you keep doing that I won’t be responsible for my actions. I’m likely to attack you and rape you and …”

“Mmm perhaps it might be a good idea to dry off. But hold that thought – it might be fun to persuade you to try to rape me.”

“Jesse, you’re incorrigible,” Carole laughed, and we enjoyed mutually drying each other with big thick warm towels.

We moved into the bedroom and she lay on the bed looking a bit apprehensive.

“Don’t worry too much, Mum, I think the worst is now over.” I produced a bottle of anal lube and a tapered butt plug. I had Carole get up on all fours and spread her legs, then squirted lube onto her hole and onto the plug. Then I gently inserted the plug into her arsehole and reamed it around.

“Oooh, slowly please Jesse, give me time to adjust.”

I slowed and withdrew the dildo then dribbled some more lube on it and inserted it again. This time I increased the penetration but continued to move the dildo around, gradually stretching her even more.

“So, how does that feel, my special anal slut?”

“Jesse, I can’t believe it. It feels so different but so right; now I can’t wait for you to replace that lump of plastic with your real live rigid hot cock.”

“Okay, gorgeous, you asked for it.” Removing the butt plug, I squirted some more lube on my cock and lined myself up behind her luscious arse. I placed the tip of my cock against her rear hole and then pushed gently as it started to slide in. I had expected what happened as she tensed her sphincter now that this was real and not just practice.

“Carole, my darling, I adore you and I certainly don’t want to harm you. So just relax the muscle and let me in, and I promise I’ll be slow and gentle – to start with.”

“Mmm, ooh yes, please take me easy, not too fast, I’m still a bit scared.”

I moved my cock gently into her sweet arse, not knowing how long I could keep going at this slow, deliberate pace that was driving me towards my own delicious orgasm. Carole now able to completely relax her sphincter and I was soon able to bury the whole of my cock in her arse, up to my balls.

“Oh god, Jesse, you’re all in now, aren’t you? It feels so good to have you buried in my arse; now please, my darling master, fuck me and make me cum.”

I was now able to move steadily into and out of her soft, sweet arse, taking progressively longer strokes and gradually speeding up.

“Mmm, ooh, aargh, yes, yes, more, harder, ream my arse out you motherfucker. Do me good and don’t stop.”

Then I reached round and started to stroke her soaking wet pussy, flicking her engorged clit. As before, in the shower, this drove her to the brink of delirium. She screamed and shouted my name and my hand was covered in her love juice. “Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, don’t stop, just fuck my arse until I collapse. This is SO good I can hardly stand it.”

By now I was also getting close to a raging, roaring climax. “Yes, Carole, you beautiful bitch, I’m almost at the point of no return. Cum with me.” She screamed and then I pinched her clit which caused her to clench all her muscles, trapping my cock in a soft hot grip that seemed as if it would never let go. Her scream turned into an animal howl of ecstasy as her orgasm overtook her, and that was enough to take me into orbit and I shouted my climactic rapture as I shot load after load of my cum deep into her rectum.

We both collapsed sideways and gradually my limp cock slid out of her arse as we lay panting and gradually recovering. Suddenly, Carole said, “Jesse, just stay there for a minute,” and she disappeared, returning shortly after with a bowl of warm water and a face cloth. She gently wiped my cock clean and asked me, “May I please wipe over my arse, too, master?”

I nodded agreement, but said, “But not your pussy.”

Carole looked puzzled, but did as I asked. When she was finished, I slid down the bed and licked her pussy clean of all the divine love juice that had gathered during her orgasm. Then I moved back up the bed and kissed her deeply, sharing the taste of her own juices.

Carole looked at me with half closed, smoky eyes. “There aren’t the right words to describe how I feel right now. I just know that you are a wonderful, wonderful man, and you can have my arse any time you like.”

“Thank you, gorgeous, I think that’s the best gift anyone has ever given me – well, the second best anyway – I’ll never forget my 21st birthday. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’m helplessly in love with you and my main goal in life is to make you happy.”

She laughed, a happy gurgling sound, and cuddled up close to me, her warm, soft hands caressing my body, and I did exactly the same. Then, to the surprise of both of us, we both fell asleep.

I woke about an hour later, with Carole resting on an elbow, looking at me with a smile on her face. “I love looking at you when you’re asleep. You look so peaceful.” Then, “Now get up lazybones – we need breakfast to keep our energy up.”

“That’s not all I want to keep up,” I growled playfully and jumped towards her. She shrieked and ran for the kitchen.

Later that day, Mum appeared with her hair in a pony tail. “Master, I would be so grateful if you can show me how much you care by dominating me and treating me like the slut I am.”

“Yes, I think that can be arranged. You will go to your room and strip, then return wearing only black thigh high stockings and 5″ heels. Put on slutty makeup, with blood red lipstick and gloss, and bring with you a long silk scarf. Is that clear?”

“Yes, master,” she whispered and left the room. A short time later, Carole returned, dressed as I had demanded.

“Carole slut, you look so beautiful and so desirable.”

“Thank you master, now what may I do to serve you?”

“First of all, strip me, slowly, letting your hands wander over my body.”

“Ooh yes, master,” she enthused and took each item off slowly, stroking and caressing me, so that by the time she slid my boxers to the floor, my cock was hard and straining upwards.

“Excellent, Carole slut, now stand in front of me, then kneel so that your arse rests on your heels. Then hold your hands behind your back.”

She did so, and I moved behind her and tied her hands with the scarf so that she could not move them.

I returned and faced her, moving close to her so that I could feel her warm breath on my cock. “Now, take my cock in your mouth and lick and suck me until I am ready to cum. Then I shall pull out from your mouth and cum over your tits.”

“Oh master, that would be so good. But I so want to taste your cum.”

“Do what you’re told, slut, and suck my cock.”

She stuck out her tongue and licked around my cock head, covering it with saliva. Then, as I moved forward, she took my cock into her mouth, working around the sweet spot under the head and running her tongue up and down the shaft. Then she started to suck on the head, gently at first, then harder as we both became more excited. Carole whimpered and gasped in pleasure and anticipation as my cock swelled and throbbed in her thrilling mouth, and I moaned as I felt my climax start to grow. “Oh god, you beautiful bitch, you are bringing me to the verge.” Her agile tongue continued its work until I knew I had to pull out to finish this little scene.

I pulled my straining cock from her frantic, searching mouth, and pointing it directly at her hard, aroused nipples, with a few quick strokes along my shaft I came in an explosive, boiling climax. I had never experienced an orgasm like this, and my cum splattered hard over her nipples. This was partly a result of Carole’s expert mouth, partly from my sense of domination over her.

Carole moaned deeply and tried to struggle against her bonds. I hadn’t told her about the final part of this little scene, as I wiped my fingers across her tits, causing her to squeal and whimper as I flicked over her nipples. I then offered my fingers to her mouth, and she sucked them in voraciously, almost as if she was trying to devour my cock, and she took in every speck of cum on my fingers. I then removed the scarf from her wrists, but told her to stay kneeling.

“Now you can lick my cock clean, and stroke my balls while you do so.”

“Oh yes, master, thank you, thank you, thank you, that was wonderful. You taste so good, I just don’t want to stop. I could live on your cum and nothing else.”

I smiled. “I don’t quite think so, but you are so beautiful and you suck my cock so well that I’m almost tempted to let you try.” With that, I took her hands and pulled her to her feet, holding her close to me while her soft sweet curves moulded against my body and she purred and made small soft noises of ecstasy and contentment.

“Oh master, now I know I truly belong to you. You have marked my soul with your orgasm, and it will live with me forever.” With that, she pulled my head down to hers and we kissed, a long, deep, sweet, sultry kiss, both our mouths full of the other’s tongue, and murmuring softly to each other. As we broke, I looked deep in to my mother’s eyes, and saw a mixture of wonderment and total devotion in them. I hugged her fiercely so that she squeaked, then almost ran from the room.

The next few days passed in an ecstatic mist of pleasure, sex and, almost incidentally, work. Rather surprisingly, we both found that, knowing the pleasure that we had discovered in each other, the work part became easier and we were both able to concentrate better.

On Wednesday, Mum arrived home as I was slumped in a lounge chair, reading study notes. She looked exquisite, dressed in a tailored dark green silk suit with a white blouse, medium black patent heels and made up in a slightly understated way. Her hair was, of course, up in a French roll.

Mum sat in a chair opposite me, slowly crossing her gorgeous slim legs with a whisper of nylon, with the skirt riding up so that I could see plenty of her creamy thigh.

“Oh Mum, you dreadful tease. You’re doing that quite deliberately, aren’t you?”

“Doing what, darling?” she asked, with apparent naivety, although the effect she was aiming for was quite obvious.

“Showing off your lovely legs in a way that any red blooded male would find hard to resist. You look good enough to eat – in fact I think I might just …” as I jumped out of the chair.

“Down boy,” she said and gave me a quick cool kiss. “There’s something serious I’ve been meaning to talk to you about, and I can’t do it if we’re locked in a hot, passionate embrace.”

“Okay Mum, go your hardest – what have I stuffed up now?”

“No, honey,” she laughed. “Nothing like that. It’s just that I’ve been thinking about selling up here ever since Denzel moved out. I’d like a fresh start, but I don’t want to do it if you’d rather stay put. After all, this must be the only home you can remember.”

I got up and crossed the room, wrapping my arms lightly round her. “No, Mum, I don’t care where we are so long as we have each other and I can be at least this close to you and often a lot closer.” I returned her light kiss, then, “I agree – it won’t hurt to rid ourselves of the lingering shade of Denzel and find a place that isn’t tainted by him. What did you have in mind?”

“Thank you, Jesse. Well, the house market in this area is pretty buoyant at the moment; I don’t want to move interstate, partly because of your studies and partly because I’m in line for a promotion at work. I thought we might look for a place with a little bit of land in the outer suburban area but with good road and rail access to the city. What do you think?”

“Sounds like a plan, Mum. I wanted to talk to you, too about a little project that I have in mind, as I was thinking about turning what was Dad’s room into a photo studio.”

“Okay with me, honey.”

“Mmm, but if we wait until we move, I can set it up properly. You see …,” and here I allowed a wolfish grin to cross my face, “I’d like to take some glamour photos of you. It’s all part of a fantasy I’ve had for a long time to have you model lingerie for me, teddies, negligees, tiny little panties, shelf bras, stockings, heels and all sorts of other goodies.”

Mum grinned. “I knew there had to be an ulterior motive, although I really like the idea. Strictly on the understanding that this is just for you, I’d really enjoy modelling, and I’d love to pose for you any way you like.”

“Ooh yes gorgeous, now let me start you off with some nice hot positions,” as I slid towards her.

“Hold your horses, you sex crazed boy,” she laughed. “Don’t forget, my hair’s up and I need to change.”

I blew her a raspberry, then tried to settle back to some study.

A few days later, on the Sunday morning, I woke to find the bed empty but I could hear movement downstairs. I ambled into the kitchen, and Mum was there with her hair in a pony tail. She looked at me with a look of absolute subservience, then knelt on the floor and kissed my feet. I was surprised at this, but just managed to say, “You may stand.”

Carole stood in front of me and said, “Master, I’ve done a very bad thing, and I need to be punished.”

I took a short while to adjust, but my cock was starting to show a distinct interest. “I see. You’d better tell me what it is that you’ve done so I can decide on a suitable punishment.”

She looked down and said in a low voice, but one that was quite easily heard, “I’ve been using a butt plug to relax my arse for you, but didn’t ask your permission to do so. I’m so sorry, master; I won’t let it happen again, but I do need to be punished for this.”

“Very well, slut. On this occasion I will be generous and let you decide what your punishment should be. What do you think about that?”

“Oh thank you, master. I believe that my bottom needs to be spanked, and I would be most honoured if you could be even more generous and do it with your hands.”

“Yes, slut, I think that would be very appropriate. Now, how many strokes would be a fitting punishment for your indiscretion?”

“Perhaps ten, if that would be suitable, master?”

“A little too light. I think twelve strokes on each cheek would serve well.”

Carole gasped but said nothing.

“First you will strip to black lace panties and your smallest black bra. Then you will return to this room, knock on the door and ask if you may enter. If I allow you to do so, you will crawl across the room on your hands and knees and beg me to punish you. Is that clear?”

“Yes, thank you master,” she murmured and left the room.

My mind was in a whirl at this development – it followed what we had already talked about, but for it to actually happen, for my gorgeous mother to submit herself to me and beg to have her bottom spanked was something new and exquisitely exciting. A short while later, there was a gentle tap on the door. “Yes”, I stated in a flat, neutral voice and the door opened with a voluptuous vision standing in the doorway.

“Master, may I please enter?”

“Yes, slut, now crawl across the floor and beg me to punish you.”

Carole dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to where I was sitting with her raised arse swaying seductively. “Master, please forgive me for not asking your permission to stretch my arse. I know I need to be punished for my own good, but please forgive me, I beg you.”

“Yes, slut, you will be forgiven after you have received your punishment, and if you are a good girl during your spanking, I will have you straddle me and fuck you hard.”

“Oh yes, master, thank you so much. I will be a good girl while you spank me and not struggle or try to stop you.”

“Very good, slut, now stand so that I may inspect you.”

She rose to her feet, but kept her eyes lowered.

“First, fold your hands behind your head so that I can get a better view of your beautiful tits.”

She did so, but I realised that her bra was obscuring my view. “Hmm, now come here and turn round so that I can remove your bra.”

She did so, and I unclipped her bra, which fell to the floor. I took in the sight of her glorious pink/white bottom, so perfectly shaped and barely covered by the filmy, flimsy panties. I was almost salivating at the thought of her over my knee with her bottom at my mercy, and my hands able to wander over the soft sweet curves.

“Now turn round again.”

This gave me an uninterrupted view of her superb, firm, perfectly shaped tits with nipples that were hard with arousal and standing out like bullets from her dark areolas.

“Are you ready to be spanked, slut?”

“Oh yes, master, I can hardly wait.”

“Then come here and lay yourself over my knees with your bottom in the air,” which she did, quickly and with perfect placement. I almost drooled at the sight of her two perfect globes in front of me, at my mercy. I stroked her bottom, squeezing the cheeks to test their fullness and ripeness.

“Now, I am going to spank your bottom, and alternate each spank with caresses and squeezes, until it is a hot bright pink. She trembled with excitement and I knew it was almost time to start.

“First, though, slut, I want you to stroke a finger outside your panties along your slit. Then show me your finger.”

She did as she was told and turned slightly to hold her finger up to me. I took it in my mouth and licked it slowly and sensually.

“Just as I thought –your pussy is already leaking love juice. You are getting very excited and longing to be punished, aren’t you?”

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