This is a story about my first time to ever be with a black man and I wanted to write it without any help from my husband Rob. I got the courage and confidence to try to write a story on my own in English from reading the stories that Geilemeid writes on Literotica. Thank you Geilemeid for your wonderful stories! Like her, my first language is not English and I found out that it is really hard to write a story, it was especially hard to find the words that I wanted to use to describe my feelings and thoughts but I tried. It would be good to read Chapter 1 so that you can get the background for my story. Annie


When Ferguson walked into the restaurant and I saw him for the first time, I couldn’t say anything. He was the most beautiful man I think I have ever seen besides my husband. He was so tall and so strong looking and handsome too. I was embarrassed by my lack of words and I think that he thought that I was a little strange because I was just staring at him…. Thankfully my husband Rob filled in the conversation while I gathered my senses and started to think again….

I had never met a black man before socially and he took my breath away. We Japanese women have a fascination with black guys… At least some of us do and it is because we find black guys to be so different and exotic and I never thought that I would get to meet such a handsome black man.

While Rob was talking with Ferguson, I was standing back and just watching them but also began to think about a few funny things that my husband had done and said on that day. Especially when I was getting dressed before we went to the dinner and he asked me to change into something hotter and said it was because Ferguson might be a special client… Well he knows that is what I call some of my work clients who I like to flirt with and show off to and even fuck sometimes… Well then I started to wonder if something was going on…. But I didn’t say anything.

Finally I got my senses back and started to enjoy the conversation then I took Ferguson to meet the rest of the staff at the dinner. When he would meet them and talk a little bit, I just stood watching him talk.. He was really a confident man and a very good guy like Rob said, I could tell that by watching how he treated the other people at the dinner with respect and kindness. When I touched his arm and took him to the next table I suddenly began to feel my pussy getting wet…I couldn’t help it and I smiled to myself. When I get sexually aroused, my pussy gets very wet and my juices flow like warm spring rain water…

When we sat down and started our dinner, the conversation was very good and I began to feel more confident of myself and was really enjoying our talking. All the time I could feel my pussy getting wetter too. Then I made a really big mistake when I asked about his wife… I could kill Rob for not telling me about the accident and I could tell that Ferguson was a little surprised that I asked him about her.. I could also tell by how he reacted that he must have really loved his wife….. Somehow it made me feel better about him that he must have loved his wife so much… I cried though because I made him so sad… I felt awkward…

After we had dinner and started the deserts our conversations began again and we relaxed into a fun conversation then when we finished and were about to leave, I was surprised when Rob asked Ferguson to join us for a drink and some dancing. We weren’t planning to do that and when Rob asked him, I really thought that something must be going on and Rob wanted me to be with Ferguson…. Of course that made my pussy even wetter and I was hoping that maybe something really would happen that night…

Then before we left the restaurant when Ferguson went to the bathroom I was going to ask Rob but before I did, he told me again that Ferguson could be a special client and then I knew it was OK and I knew what my husband wanted for me… So I kissed my wonderful husband and felt his cock and it was getting big but then Ferguson came back to the table and caught us… I was a little embarrassed but not too much and when I got up to walk out, I made sure to sway my hips a little more than normal…. I was feeling sexy!!

When we got to the bar, I was beginning to think how I could flirt with Ferguson. I don’t usually have any troubles getting a man’s attention or anything but I was a little nervous this time. I don’t know why but I was. When we were getting ready to sit down in our booth, Ferguson first started to sit next to Rob but I took his hand and asked him to sit next to me then I pulled his hand to my leg above my knee. When I was doing that I was looking into his eyes and he was looking at my leg and I could tell he was happy because he was smiling a big smile… He didn’t move his hand after we sat down either and then I shifted and ‘accidently’ let my short skirt move up so that I know he could see my panties… He looked between my legs and I opened them a little so he could see my pussy thru my wet panties… I know he did too because he moved his hand up on my leg and I was hoping that he would touch me there but he didn’t…. Anyway, I was getting very excited and very wet too….I was feeling so slutty! We talked and had a drink then he asked Rob if he could dance with me. Of course Rob said yes and I was really excited! When we started to get up from the booth, I moved my hand under the table and ‘accidently’ let it touch his privates and smiled at Ferguson when we got up….. I really wanted him and wanted him to know it….

When we got to the dance floor, Ferguson pulled me close to him and held me tight and I could feel his hard body. It felt so good! Then we started to dance and move to the music and I could feel his body rubbing up to me and I could feel his cock rubbing against my tummy as we danced… It felt so good and I could tell that it was big too! Then he said something to me that made me feel sexy… He told me that he really liked my ankle bracelet and that it was very sexy looking… When he said that, I just told him that it was a present that Rob had given me a couple of months before, then I moved so my pussy was rubbing against his leg as we danced and he felt my ass and I almost had an orgasm when he did that… I was ready for him to fuck me then! But then the music stopped and he took me back to our table….

When we sat down, Ferguson said that he had to go because he had to catch an early flight to New York and I was so disappointed… Then Rob asked him if he wanted to come over to our house on Monday night to watch football and he said yes…. I didn’t know what to do but when he left, I just gave him a kiss and thanked him for a wonderful evening and told him that I couldn’t wait till Monday and kissed him again on the lips before he left…. Then I sat down next to Rob and kissed him and asked him to take me home……I was wondering what was going on and wanted to ask Rob and I needed to be fucked really bad too….

As soon as we left the bar and got into our car, I leaned over and kissed Rob again and grabbed his cock thru his pants, it was already getting hard and big… Then I asked him if he and Ferguson had something going on… Rob just said “What?”, and then I told him what I thought and Rob just laughed… He said, “Well we will see huh.”, and then he asked what I thought about Ferguson… So I told him that I thought that he was very nice and handsome and that I liked him a lot…. Rob just smiled at me and kissed me before we started to drive home….

After we got home I almost ripped Rob’s pants off to suck his cock then we went to bed and fucked… Rob kept teasing me when he was fucking me asking me if I wanted to fuck Ferguson… And well, I told him I wanted to… Rob was fucking me real deep and nice and slow and he had his finger in my asshole which I really love, when he asked me if I thought Ferguson’s cock would be bigger than his… I didn’t know but I told him that I hoped he was bigger because I like to fuck big cocks…I felt so slutty!! Honestly though, I have only fucked one cock up to that time that was bigger than my husband’s and it was just a little longer but not as thick as Rob’s wonderful cock.. But I wanted to tease him and when I said that, I told him that I would really like to be fucked by Ferguson’s huge black cock…

Then Rob stopped and turned me over and started to fuck my ass. I love to be fucked in my ass, it feels so different and makes me feel so full and wonderful and I cum so much when I get fucked in my tight little asshole…. Rob asked me if I’d let Ferguson fuck my ass too and I told him yes but not before he had fucked my pussy and filled me up with his cum… I can be such a nasty little slut sometimes and Rob loves it… He started fucking me hard and after a little while he shot a big load of cum into my tight ass…. I came too when he did and afterwards we just lay in bed and he kissed me… Before we went to sleep, Rob kissed me tenderly and told me that he would really like to watch me fuck Ferguson Monday night then he kissed me again and fell asleep… As I went to sleep, I was thinking about Monday night and Ferguson and how much I love my wonderful husband….

All day Monday at the office, I couldn’t concentrate. All I was thinking about that day was fucking Ferguson… After I got home from work, I changed into my workout clothes like I always do after getting home from the office.. That day, I was wearing a loose fitting sleeveless tee shirt, no bra, and boy shorts that are really short so that my butt hangs out some… Then I fixed a quick little dinner for us that we finished a little after 7:00 but before I could go change and freshen up, Ferguson rang the doorbell. He was early… Well, Rob just smiled at me and asked me to get the door while he got a couple of beers for them so I opened the door and Ferguson just smiled his big smile at me and said hello as he walked into our home… I leaned up and gave him a little kiss on the cheek. He hugged me and gave me a kiss on my cheek too and then hugged me and patted my butt and said that I really looked sexy…. I just said thank you and that I was embarrassed that I was still in my workout clothes… He said it was OK and that I really did look hot… I looked into his eyes and told him thank you again then said that I needed to freshen up and change for the game and gave him a wet kiss on the lips before I turned and walked away to change. I smiled at Rob before I left the room and he smiled back and blew me a kiss…

After I got to my bedroom, I stripped off all my clothes and panties which were already getting pretty wet then decided that I would take a quick shower before getting dressed. After drying off I came out of the bathroom and opened up my closet and started to think about what to wear to watch the football game… After a minute I couldn’t decide on anything so I just slipped on my Bears jersey, they weren’t playing that night though, and no bra. I decided not to wear any panties either…. Of course I was wearing my little gold anklet…I felt so slutty! Before I went downstairs, I sprayed a little perfume on my neck then on my tits and pussy before I put on a white micro mini skirt and some black three inch heels… I must say I looked pretty good in the mirror too… My mini skirt came down to barely cover my bottom when I stood up straight and if I bent over even just a little my ass would show which is what I wanted! Then I went downstairs to our basement where we have our home theater and game room… We have a nice home theater/game room… There are a couple of love seats, large sofa, and a king sized bed down there and there is a wet bar and pool table too… We use our game room a lot!

When I walked into the game room both Rob and Ferguson, who were sitting on the sofa, stopped talking and just looked at me and smiled…. Rob said, “Oh God Annie, you look fucking hot!”… I looked at him then Ferguson and was a little embarrassed about what Rob said but Ferguson just looked at me and smiled again… Rob then asked me to turn around for them so that they could see all of me… So I turned around real slow and raised my arms over my head so that my mini skirt could ride up and give them a little peek at my ass.. I felt so slutty and sexy!! Rob and Ferguson both smiled at me when I finished my turn around and Ferguson smiled and looked to Rob and said, “You’re right, she is fucking hot……” I smiled at Ferguson and stuck my tongue out at him a little bit then I sat down on one of the two love seats and just listened to them talk for a while… Ferguson looked so good to me and he and I kept glancing and smiling at each other….I could feel my pussy getting wet again too…

The game had already started but the guys weren’t really watching it as they just talked and joked with each other. After a minute or two, I got up to get Rob and Ferguson another beer before I went back upstairs to fix a snack tray for us. When I bent over to get the beers from the fridge my skirt rode up again and I made sure to wiggle my ass so that Ferguson could see my wet pussy and little brown asshole from behind… Then after I got their beers for them I went back upstairs to fix the snack tray…When I was walking up the stairs, I looked back over my shoulder to see that Ferguson was watching me. I know he was watching my ass so I stopped on the stairs and bent over a little so he could see my cunt and asshole before I smiled back at him and licked my lips… Then I went on up the stairs smiling to myself….

After a few minutes, I brought the snack tray back down and put it on the low table in front of the sofa and then I sat down in the love seat on the side of the table facing Rob and Ferguson…. They were still drinking their beer and talking and I just leaned back in the love seat and let my skirt ride up to the top of my thighs. I know they could see my pussy when I did that….and I opened my legs a little bit too… I felt like a fucking slut when I did that too…

Ferguson looked over to me and smiled then he stopped talking with Rob and told me that he really like my sexy ankle bracelet and asked me if it meant anything… Rob looked at me and smiled and said, “Annie, tell Ferguson what your ankle bracelet stands for.”…. Right then, I knew that Rob wanted me to fuck Ferguson and God I wanted it too….

I looked at Rob and then Ferguson and smiled and said, “Well, it means that I’m a hot wife.”….

Ferguson just smiled and said, “And???”….

“And well, I’m a hot wife who likes to fuck other guys and my husband is OK with it,” I softly said as I opened my legs a little more to show Ferguson my pink dripping cunt…

Ferguson just smiled a big smile and said, “Hmmm, I always thought that when a beautiful woman like you wore an ankle bracelet it meant that she likes black cock…”

I leaned back on the love seat and put my feet up and spread my legs wider and told Ferguson, “I never fucked a black cock before, but I would like to now…”, then I looked into Ferguson’s dark eyes and smiled and said, “Ohh God, please just fuck me….” I glanced over to Rob and he was smiling at me and was taking his clothes off…

Ferguson smiled at me and moved over to me on the love seat and slipped his hand up my leg to touch my very wet pussy… Then he slipped a finger into my dripping cunt… I pushed up to meet his finger and moaned as he leaned over to kiss me… I kissed him back hard and reached down to feel his big cock under his pants as he finger fucked my pussy… He pulled back then and stood up to let me unbuckle his pants and pull them down along with his boxers… When I saw his beautiful cock for the first time I was amazed… Even though I had been with more than twenty different guys before then I had never seen a cock that was as big as his… I pulled back just to look at his cock… It was almost as long as Rob’s 9-1/2 inch cock and it was thicker too even when it was soft and the smooth head was as big as a pear… I looked up into Ferguson’s eyes then leaned over to lick his cock as I held it in my hands. It felt so heavy!! Then I licked the head of his cock and flicked my tongue into his little pee-hole as I held it in my hand and looked up and smiled at him… I cupped my hands under his thick heavy balls and gently rolled them in my hands as I licked up and down the shaft of his beautiful cock… He was getting hard by then and his cock was getting huge, two or three inches longer than Rob’s and when I wrapped my hand around it, I couldn’t get my fingers around it! I opened my mouth as wide as I could and just was barely able to take his cock head into my mouth… I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and started to taste him… I was working my hand up and down on his thick cock as I sucked the tip of his dick. Ferguson’s pre-cum tasted so sweet! Most of the times I have sucked different guy’s cocks their pre-cum tasted a little salty… but Ferguson’s tasted so good and sweet! Then Ferguson pinched my nipple thru my Bear’s jersey really hard and it made me cum! But then he pulled away and backed up. When I looked up from his cock I saw that he was taking off his shirt… So I stood up and pulled my Bear’s jersey off and unbuttoned my mini skirt and let if fall to the floor and stood in front of him so he could see all of me as I smiled at him…

Ferguson took off his shoes and then slipped his pants and boxers off before he stood up and looked at me and smiled as he looked me up and down. I spread my legs wide so he could see my swollen cunt. Then he wrapped his big arms around me and pulled me in next to his body before he picked me up and then kissed me… His tongue was in my mouth and my tongue battled his as he held me and I wrapped my legs around his body trying to get his cock to my pussy… I wanted him so bad! He held me up and walked me over to the bed and then laid me down. I just laid back and spread my legs as wide as I could to open my pussy up for him and looked up and just asked him to fuck me….

Ferguson bent down and licked my pussy with his tongue before he carefully moved up over me… I was so wet I could feel my pussy juices running down the crack of my ass over my asshole… Then I felt the head of his cock touch my slit… He rubbed his cock up and down my slit then slowly began to push the head of his huge cock into my dripping cunt… I started to cum again when I felt is cock push inside my tight pussy then I pushed up to take him inside me…

“Oh God Annie, you are so fucking tight,” Ferguson moaned as he slowly worked his cock into me… He moved very slowly and gently as his cock pushed inside me all the way to my cervix and he still wasn’t all the way inside me! We just laid there for a minute with his cock against my cervix then I started to slowly move some more as he gently fucked me… I have never felt so full with so much cock in my pussy… We fucked for a long time very gently and slowly with long deep strokes and then I began to feel his cock push against my cervix and looked down to see the last couple of inches of his big black cock slide inside my pussy…. When he was all the way inside me, I felt the most incredible feeling…. I felt his cock inside my womb deeper than any other man had ever been inside me before and I started to cum again. This time, it was like no other time I have ever cum… My orgasm started deep inside my body and moved outwards and seemed to take over my entire body. I was trembling and my pussy was contracting around Ferguson’s cock as he continued to slowly fuck me and wave after wave of pleasure washed over me for a long time… I never have felt so good! I fucked Ferguson back as he fucked me and looked over to my husband to see him stroking his cock and smiling at me.

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