the scars of love and pain we get
through whipping girls for long made wet
the gentle tear of scream and moan
made crystal clear from stunning bone
tangled sheets on thee I wed
blistered skin made soft and red
from I to thee to we to you
I bid this dream for us who knew

Part 1

1- Incoming

And there, buckled between the past and the future stood my love. Her blonde hair laid playfully down her back as she searched for me. Her blue eyes sparkled in anticipation. I could see her mouth silently whisper her concerns. From my seat at the baggage claim I sat spellbound. Here I was the master, completely enthralled by the pet. Her firm legs carried her to the information desk, and after a brief conversation I was summoned over the airport PA system. Me, summoned. An offense she will pay for, but there was time for that.

As soon as I stood she saw me. I couldn’t trust myself to move, even as she started towards me, I remained motionless. My desires had been bottled for so long. My needs have gone unfulfilled for what seemed like ages. And there, moving towards me with all the faith, trust, and yes even love, of a new born child, was my demon’s yin.

Our embrace was fierce, and our kiss even fiercer, it had been such a long time coming, and I had forgotten how well our bodies fit together. Her warm body and soft breasts pressed against me, made me hunger for her. I ached to take her right then. It took all of my self control to stop. Her hands ran up and down my back, and my hands slid down to her big ass and squeezed it hard. The soft moan that escaped her lips caused my cock to get harder than it already was. She could feel it through my pants and pressed her body up against it.

“I can’t wait to play with that,” she whispered. “I want to feel it deep inside of me, fucking me raw.” Her words didn’t shock me, it was what I wanted too. My love, my whore, my sweet sweet pet. Both of us could have stayed there forever, whispering the things we’ve been longing to say, reveling in the things we needed to hear. But better is to do than to say.

After finally separating we held hands and walked over to the baggage claim carousel. There was a smile on my lips, one rivaled only by the one I had the last time I was in her presence. She leaned against me and held my arm. I kissed the top of her hair and breathed in her scent. How I had missed her. My sweet little whore.

She had left Seoul a year ago and I had missed her every day she was gone. Those were very dark days. Ones I had barely survived. The madness that crept into me nearly destroyed me. But after some time a peace settled over me like a cool rain on a humid summer day, and I knew what I had to do. I had to plan. I had to plan for her return. And during my planning I learned something else. Something I had spent many sleepless nights praying for, and finally, when I had stopped looking for it, it came to me. Patience. I had finally mastered patience. Something I didn’t have when my pet and I last met. But I planned to show her my new skill with this tool named patience, brutally and often.

After some time we realized that her bags had yet to come off the conveyor belt. We stood there awhile longer, hoping we could get her bags and be on our way. But no such luck. The baggage claim attendant informed us that her bags were on the flight landing in about an hour and she could pick them up then. With nothing but the hotel room and the night’s activities in mind we were less than pleased.

Neither of us were hungry so we decided to walk around the terminal until her bags arrived. The entire time all we did was talk about our frustrations, and how we wanted to fuck each other senseless. But I had waited a year for this, one more hour wouldn’t hurt. Unless…

As we rounded a corner I noticed one of the men’s bathrooms was under construction. It looked like it was still accessible but there were warning signs posted all around it to keep people out. Walking over to it I found it unlocked. My pet looked at me curiously and asked me what I was doing. Without a word I grabbed her arm and pulled her in after me.

There were boxes of tile and tubes of caulking all over the counters and floor. Dust and plastic sheeting seemed to cover every inch of the place, and it was obviously deserted.

“What are we doing in here?” pet asked.

I turned her to face me and asked, “Why did they summon me over the PA system?”

“I was looking for you and couldn’t find you. I was worried that you didn’t make it-”

I slapped her, hard. “You didn’t answer me pet. Why did they summon me over the PA system?”

The slap had caused her hands to immediately go to her face. The fear and confusion in her eyes was delicious. “I- I- I-” she stammered. I could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes. I had let her training lapse for far too long.

“Whore,” I said. “I asked you a simple fucking question, and I expect a simple fucking answer.” I grabbed her by her hair and forced her face to the wall. Holding her head there I reached my other hand in front of her and grabbed her throat. “This is the last chance you will have to answer the question. Refuse to answer, or give the wrong answer, and you will deeply regret it.”


“Bitch that’s not my name. You do remember my name don’t you?” There wasn’t any physical change, I know it had to be completely internal, but right there before my very eyes she became my pet again.

“Sir I’m so sorry,” she cried “You were summoned over the PA system because I asked them to. I’m sorry Sir I won’t do it again.” Her beautiful blue eyes glistened with the tears at the corners of her eyes, her chest was heaving and her legs were trembling. I hadn’t been that aroused in a very long time.

I released her hair and throat and stepped back away from her. “Turn around whore, and get on your knees.”

As she was complying she asked, “Sir? Right here? There’s so many people out there and if one of them comes in-” she cut her sentence short when she saw the look on my face. I do not like to repeat myself and I do not like excuses. She will obey, and that’s all there is to it.

On her knees she is a sight. Those beautiful blue eyes looking up at me obediently, that soft hair laying down her back, her breasts rising and falling with each breath, and those thick lips just aching to take a pounding.

“Unzip my pants and pull out my cock,” I ordered. With a shaky hand, I couldn’t tell if it was from lust or from fear, she reached up and unbuttoned and unzipped my pants. When she reached in to pull out my cock her eyes got wide. I was already fully erect. Just the seeing her there on her knees is what did it to me. “Now whore, suck it.”

Slowly she wrapped her lips around the head of my dick and began to bob back and forth on it. I let her continue for a minute, praying she’d get it right but I was sadly disappointed.

I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her off of me, slapping her face I said, “Where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that? Is that how those fairy fucks in Canada like their dick sucked? I know I taught you better than this pet. Now suck it right or I’m going to skull-fuck you until you puke all over yourself.”

She immediately went back to sucking me in earnest. Her head flying furiously back and forth, her tongue licking my shaft from the base to the tip. It felt so good. The way her lips wrapped around it and sucked it hard, the way her cheeks would expand as her mouth filled with my cock. But still, it wasn’t right.

“Hands behind your back and grab your wrists,” I ordered. “Now don’t you fucking move whore.” I grabbed the hair on the back of her head with both hands and began to fuck her mouth. The sloppy wet sounds filled the bathroom, and I wanted more. Slowly I inserted my cock all the way down her throat. The sounds of her gagging bounced off the bathroom walls. The way her throat would tighten around my dick every time she gagged made it feel so much better. I held it there for a few seconds then pulled out, letting her catch her breath. While she was heaving I slapped her again.

“This is what you like isn’t whore?”

“Yes, yes Sir.”

“You want me to fuck your face don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Beg me to fuck your face whore. Beg to feel my cock deep in your throat.”

“Sir please fuck my throat. Fuck my face and make me gag on your dick.”

I rammed my dick home into her open mouth, causing her to instantly gag. Holding it there I grabbed her throat and began to squeeze. The air was being cut off from both ends and her face was starting to turn red. Again pulling out to let her breath, she inhaled big deep breaths. What a beautiful sight she was, kneeling there on the floor, saliva dripping out of her mouth and onto the floor and her pants.

“Stand up whore.” Slowly she stood, her legs ached from kneeling on the floor and she was slow to rise. Too slow. Grabbing her throat I said, “Get the fuck up bitch. I don’t have time for this.” I pulled her up by her throat and slammed her into the wall behind her.

“Take off your pants and your panties and turn around.”

“Sir, please no,” she wailed. “Not here.”

“It’s not a suggestion pet.” Slowly she submitted and began taking off her pants and panties. When they were off she turned around.

“Now press your chest against the wall, reach back with both hands and spread your ass wide for me.”

When her ass was spread wide I took a couple of seconds to look at her dripping wet pussy and her tight little asshole. I wanted them both, I couldn’t decide which one to take. It had been so long since I had had either that the decision was difficult. But if you’re going to fuck a whore in an airport bathroom, you have to do it right.

I stepped up behind her and said, “Beg me to fuck you whore. Beg me to fuck your tiny little asshole with my thick cock.”

“S- s- sir please fuck my tiny asshole with your cock. Please fuck me, please sir.”

I put the tip of my dick right at her asshole. Just barely moving forward I entered her. Only the tip at first, she’d have to beg for the rest.

“Is this what you wanted pet?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Just the tip? You only wanted the tip? I thought you were a bigger whore than that.”

“I mean no sir, please, I want it all in me. Please fuck my ass.” Her breathing was coming in short gasps. Her hands and fingers were straining at her ass, trying to keep it wide. She knows how I like it.

“Well which is it pet? Did you want it all or just the tip?”

“All of it Sir, fuck me with all of it.”

I began to slide my cock inside of her again, not fast, but not too slow. Steadily I pushed my dick deep in her ass, until it was buried up to the hilt. She had raised up on her toes to try to ease the pain, once I was all the way in she said, “Ohmygodohmyfuckinggoditssodeep, so deep.”

I pulled slowly out of her until just the head was in, then slowly pushed it back in. Then again, then faster. I started building up a medium rhythm fucking her ass. I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards me. Painfully I pulled her hair, arching her back and causing her to cry out. “Is this what you wanted whore? My cock buried in your ass?”

“Yes- ugh, yes sir. Fuck my ass sir, fuck your whore.”

I began to slam into her ass hard. Brutally I fucked her. My hands in her hair pulling her head back to an astonishing degree, her ass spread wide by her own hands and me just hammering her asshole with all that I could.

Her screams and moans became louder and louder. My pet is one of those rare creatures that can have an anal orgasm, and there was a big one building.

“Are you going to cum whore?”

“Yes, yes, yes sir.” She cried out as I slammed into her especially hard and kept it there.

“Oh you are? You don’t ask permission anymore slut? You just come whenever you want?”

“No sir I’m sorry, pleaseletmecum, oh god sir pleaseletmecum.”

“Ok pet, you can cum.”

I began to fuck her hard again. I dropped my hands to her ass and used it to pull her ass onto my cock while I hammered her as hard as I could. Her orgasm came quick and violently.

She let out a loud “OH GOD” as she came. Her whole body began to shake and convulse. She was barely able to stand, in fact the only thing holding her up was my dick still in her ass. She tried to slide down the wall but I pulled her back up by her hair and pressed her flat against the cold tile.

“Now now pet, don’t go running off.”

I could feel the pressure starting to build in my balls and I knew I was going to cum soon. Her asshole was milking my cock while she came. Contracting all around it, and the sensation was incredible.

“I’m going to cum in your ass whore.”

With one last violent thrust I came. Holding my cock deep inside her I pumped my hot load into her ass. I leaned my full weight against her and pressed my hips as far forward as I could to get as deep as possible. It seemed like every drop in me came out in that load. Even before I pulled out it was already starting to drip down her thighs.

Keeping my cock inside of her I tried to catch my breath. Our strained breathing echoed off the walls and came back to us. I could feel her hot skin against my chest and her hair tickled my face.

I leaned forward and put my mouth to her ear and said “I love you pet.”

2- Promises

We exited the bathroom quickly. No one was around and pet looked relieved. I wouldn’t let her clean up, I wanted her to feel my cum sliding out of her ass the whole ride to the hotel, so her walk to the baggage claim desk was awkward at best.

I loved watching her squirm and move from one foot to the other as she talked to the baggage attendant. She was beautiful and completely mine.

The next flight had already landed and her bags were already on the carousel. After picking them up we headed out of the building.

The line for a taxi wasn’t too long but we still had to wait twenty minutes before we got into ours. The hotel wasn’t far so the ride was quick and uneventful. The whole time though we kept stealing glances at each other. Her face would get redder each time we made eye contact, and my smile would get bigger. She loves being dominated, in every sense of the word she loves it. And when I looked at her I not only saw a fuck-hole that bends and submits to my every whim, but also my love. How I had gone that long without her I still don’t know. Throughout the cab ride it was hard to believe that she was back, right there next to me. I could touch her legs and face. I could kiss her lips and smell her sweat. No more longing, no more sleepless nights laying in bed alone. My love, my pet was home.

During the cab ride my pet asked me, “Do you want to get something to eat first or just go to the hotel?” The way she rubbed her legs and stared at my crotch gave away her enthusiasm for the latter.

“Hotel is fine. We can eat later. I want you all to myself for awhile love.”

She smiled, happy and carefree she was. So beautiful sitting there next to me. Now exiting the cab and walking up the stairs to our room.

Before I could open the door she turned to me and hugged me tight. Still wearing her big grin she said to me, “Sir I promise this will be a night to remember.”

Hugging her back I said, “Pet I promise that you’re going to regret stepping foot in that room.”

Part 2

1- Pain

We were mauling each other and ripping at our clothes before the door to the room even closed. Her shirt, pants, bra and panties rested wherever I could throw them. My shirt had been removed but I had managed to keep my pants on.

She fell to her knees in the hallway and started working at the fly of my trousers. Finally we were alone, away from the eyes of the world and free to just explore, fuck and fantasize. I reached down and grabbed her hands and pulled her to standing saying, “Calm down my love, we have all the time in the world. I am here, you are here, and there’s nothing that can change that.”

With that I kissed her slow and deep. I did what I could to enjoy her smell and feel. Although my words had calmed her, they had not calmed me. I wanted to fold her in half and pound her pussy until my legs gave out or her screams grew hoarse, or both. But I had planned this for too long, I could not let that go to waste.

As we were kissing I started walking her towards the bed. Reaching down and wrapping my lips around her left nipple I sucked and nibbled on it and started squeezing her ass. I worked my mouth up her chest to her neck and ears. Giving loving kisses on her earlobes I whispered my many I love yous. Her hands were on my back rubbing my shoulders and pulling me tighter to her. My flesh against her flesh, my heart beating in time with hers. I had never been so in love.

I stopped and laid her gently on the bed. I began running my hands up her thighs and stomach, gently flicking my fingers over her clit and swollen pussy. With every passing second she was becoming more aroused and I loved it. Her skin was so soft and so smooth. Not a mark or blemish anywhere. A fresh canvas of pure white skin just aching to be painted. Thick strokes of red and purple bruises would do perfectly on her thigh, the sharp welts of a whip would look beautiful across her stomach and breasts. I could see it all, and it was a masterpiece.

I moved my body between her legs and began kissing down her stomach. Her body shivered with every kiss. Every stroke of my hand brought waves of pleasure down her spine and thighs. Her body plays the most wonderful music. I positioned myself with my head between her legs, kissing the inside of her thighs and softly biting the skin next to her lips. I ran my tongue up the side of her pussy and slowly back down the other side, making sure to not touch her clit. Her body was responding more, and I could tell she wanted to feel my tongue buried in her, teasing, licking and sucking her to orgasm, but she would have to wait. All in due time.

Keeping my tongue away from her clit I started to trace long and slow circles inside of her. The sweet taste of her pussy filled my mouth and lit up my tongue. This, this was the taste I had been hungering for. So pure and so clean, her sweet pussy filled all of my senses and nearly drove me to end the charade and violently fuck her right then. The patience to do this was taking all of my willpower, but I would succeed, I had to.

Starting at the bottom of her lips I lightly drug my tongue up to her clit. I gave it a long slow lick before I started nibbling and sucking at it. Her clit responded, becoming thicker in my mouth. I loved the way it felt between my teeth, the way it caused her whole body to jump with just the slightest flick of my tongue.

She began moaning louder and holding my head in place. Her legs rose up and she tried to buck her hips up to get my tongue deeper into her. Slowly she was coming to orgasm. I could feel it. Like riding a bike I never forgot the way her body looked when she got close. The way her breathing would catch, her thighs would shake, her stomach would contract and the way she almost always tried to sit up. She was getting there. So close. I got her right to the edge, right to the top of the wave and held her there. I stopped licking her continuously and would just lick her clit a couple of times and then nibble her thighs. Never letting her cum, but never letting it back too far off.

Finally when she had almost had enough of being teased I moved up her body and positioned the bulge in my pants right at the opening of her wet vagina.

“I missed you so much my love.”

“Oh god I missed you too.” Her hands were kneading and clenching my back, pulling me close and trying to feel every inch of me all at once.

“I love making you cum pet. With everything that I am I love it.”

“Sir I want to cum, I’m so close.”

“Do you want to cum pet? Do you want to feel my cock slide into you? Deep into you?”

“Oh yes sir, I want to feel your cock in the deepest parts of me.”

I took her wrists in my hands and moved them up above her head. Holding them gently to the bed I said “I want to feel that too my love. Oh god I want to feel your warm wet pussy, I want to feel it swallow my cock.”

“Yes, yes I do too Sir, fuck me Sir, ohmygod fuck me.”

“But pet,” I said “You haven’t earned it.”

I pulled the restraints from under the pillow and quickly tied up her wrists. Before she knew what I was doing I moved down to her ankles and tied them up as well. I had gone to the hotel before I picked her up from the airport and had all my toys and restraints hidden throughout the room, just waiting.

Going around the bed and making sure the restraints were tight I said, “Whore, I am the one who decides when you cum, when you get fucked, and you do not ever tell me what to do. Do you understand?”

I had moved from the tender touch of a lover to the brutal presence of a master in almost record time and her head was swimming. In the seconds it took her to ponder a response I pulled the whip out from under the mattress and brought it down across her breasts, hitting both nipples.

With surprise and pain she shrieked. Ah there it was. The delicious sounds that sooth my soul, the screams and pleas of the bound and wounded. My this was almost too good.

“Do you understand?” I asked again.

“Yes Sir,” she responded. The surprise still showed on her face. It was cruel, I know it was cruel. To go from such a tender caress to the whip so quickly. But she hadn’t earned it. She would though, many times over.

“So the little cock whore wants to cum does she? Well love I will give you a chance right now to earn a night of tender passionate love. Would you like that chance whore?”

“Yes Sir please,” she begged.

“Now I will warn you, you have to be perfect in your answer to this question. You must answer me completely and leave nothing out. Do you understand?”

She thought about it for one second too long and I brought the whip down on her tits again. Harder this time. While saying, “Do you understand me whore?”

“GOD YES SIR. Yes Sir I understand I understand.” My pet strained at her bindings, trying to pull herself further away from me and my whip. But there was nowhere to go, and no way to escape.

“Ok pet, here is your chance. What are the rules?”

I can see her mind racing behind her eyes. It had been almost a year since I had even mentioned them, I had been saving that for just this moment. Her intense thoughts gave way to worry as I laid the whip down across her thighs and started to drag it up her body.

“Come now pet. You know this. What are the rules?”

“Um uh one is to never cum unless you say so. Uh um do what you say, and… always call you Sir?” The hope in her eyes was almost too much to bear. I’ll admit, she was close. But not close enough.

“Pet I’m very disappointed with you. I thought I had taught you so much better than that. I have let your training lapse for far too long, that’s my fault. I really have no one to blame but myself.”

Without another word I started to whip the inside of both of her thighs. I laid down the assault with fast and constant strokes. Two to the left thigh, one to the right, one to the left, three to the right. Her screams were wonderful. I hadn’t heard such beautiful music in so long. I moved to whipping her breasts, and then her stomach. Randomly alternating between her thighs, breasts and stomach, I began to paint a beautiful picture of welts and pain.

“Do you like it when I whip you pet?”


“Don’t make me repeat myself whore, you know how I hate that.”

She was having a hard time catching her breath. The fresh welts on her skin were mesmerizing. The way her hair was laid across the mattress, the fierce intakes of breath, the strain against the restraints, “My God” I thought to myself “How did I ever get so lucky?”

“Yes Sir, I like it when you whip me.” Her blue eyes looked up at me almost in defiance. Almost as if she dared me to give her what she wanted. I was more than eager to oblige.

I slapped her face, then again. One cheek and then the other. “You like being fucked and beaten like a whore do you? You dirty little cock slut.” Slapping her again I brought the whip down violently across her pussy. I wasn’t prepared for the scream. My pet is a very vocal lover. She always had been, but this scream was all of those screams rolled into one. I actually had to take a step back, it was so loud.

I retrieved the ball gag from under the mattress and stuck it in her mouth, securing it around her head. “There, let’s try that again.” Again I brought the whip down hard across her pussy, catching her clit and her sensitive inner lips all at once. The gag muffled all of the sound. Her body arched and her eyes went wide, drool started forming at the edges of her mouth.

“Ah there we go pet, much better.”

Again and again I punished her body with the whip. From her neck to her knees I covered her in welts. At one point I ran my fingers across them, feeling the warm blood just underneath the skin, the heat from it radiating in all directions.

Her body was wracked with pain. The whip was working wonders, and it was such a beautiful thing to watch. I raised the whip up in my right hand and let her see it there. Holding it there for a few seconds I waited for her eyes to lock onto it, then I slapped her thigh with my left hand. My poor sweet pet didn’t even see it coming. Her muffled scream was delicious, I could feel it in my spine and around to my cock. I was harder than ever and my eyes were soaking up every second of this moment.

“Whore.” I said softly. “You’re doing great. Keep it up love.”

I tossed the whip across the room. I was done with it for now, it had served its purpose and it was time to move on. I walked around to the side of the bed closest to the door and opened the nightstand. I pulled out the silver nipple clamps and held them up to the light, inspecting them, letting her get a good look at them and letting her mind think the worst.

The clamps had a chain connecting them and a small heavy ball in the middle of the chain. They were beautiful, and was one of the many toys I never told my pet about.

I turned to her on the bed and looked down at her face. The lines of worry across her forehead almost made me relent. Almost. Without ceremony I clipped the clamp to her right nipple and one clamp to her left. Small grunts and groans escaped her throat and her breathing was starting to come faster again. I grabbed the small ball on the chain and pulled it slowly towards me. Her nipples began to stretch and a long scream built up in the back of her throat. I continued to pull until her nipples couldn’t go anymore, and then I pulled again. She was trying to move away from the pain, but with every tiny movement came more pain. She couldn’t escape it and her body was writhing on the bed. Her poor tortured nipples were starting to swell and her eyes began to tear up. Her screams weren’t coming as loud, but she kept fighting the restraints, anything to escape.

I let the chain slack and placed the ball between her breasts. She body instantly relaxed, as relief washed over her.

“Whore,” I said. “I am going to let you up. You will not move or do anything unless I say so. Do you understand?” She nodded yes and I began to untie her ankles and wrists. Grabbing her hand I pulled her off the bed to standing. The ball on the nipple clamps fell straight down and she winced in pain, almost bringing her to her knees. I stood there watching her to make sure she complied. She composed herself and stayed standing by the bed.

“Good girl. Now stay there.”

I walked over to the desk and pulled out the chair. It had a low back but a wide base, perfect for my intent. I pulled the chair out to the middle of the room and beckoned her over. I led her to stand at the back of the chair facing it.

“Now pet, I want you to stand right up against the chair, and bend over it grabbing the front legs.”

The chair was a perfect height to where she had to raise up on her toes to grab the front legs and still retain her balance. The ball from the chain on the nipple clamps swung just above the seat of the chair.

Using leather straps I had left in the dresser I cuffed her wrists and ankles to the chair, leaving her completely immobile. Stepping back to look at my handiwork I said, “Pet you look beautiful.” And she did. Her big ass was positioned up in the air giving me access to her completely. Her hair hung low on the ground and completely covered her face.

I stood next to her and took the ball gag out and grabbed her hair and pulled her head up as much as I could. Kneeling down I kissed her deeply. No matter what was said or what went on I loved this woman, and I needed her to know that.

The last item in the dresser was a leather belt. An inch wide and over four feet long it fit perfectly in my hand, and left the most wonderful marks.

“Pet,” I said. “Count.”

I slapped the belt across the back of thighs just below her ass. Instantly the shadow of the belt was visible. Pet’s scream was intense, she almost tipped over from trying to move away from the next blow that was sure to come. I looked at her and waited but she said nothing, she stayed there whimpering and gasping.

“Did you forget how to count whore?”

“N- No Sir. I- I- I’m s-sorry,” she panted. The blood was rushing to her head and the rough fabric of the chair was rubbing against the welts I left on her body just moments ago.

“Then fucking count. We’re starting over. Count.”

The belt hit her again in almost the same spot as the last time. After screaming she stuttered out, “O-one.”

Again I used the belt on her thighs, right above the knees this time, where the nerves are closest to the skin. And again she counted.

I alternated between her thighs and ass until she had counted all twenty of the strokes. What a good pet she was.

Laying the belt on the floor next to her I said, “You’re doing really well whore.”

“Thank you Sir, ” was her reply.

“Now I have something for you, a surprise of sorts.” I reached into the nightstand again and pulled out an anal plug three inches in diameter. Using the lube that was next to it I got it nice and slick and pressed it to her asshole.

“Oh god Sir please no,” she wailed. She was again straining to escape. Her wrists pulled at the cuffs that wouldn’t budge. I started to ease the plug into her ass, very slowly, watching her pink little asshole start to spread and try to contract around the plug that just seemed to grow bigger and wider.

About midway through, her screams were becoming too loud again. Stopping with the anal plug I retrieved the ball gag and reapplied it to her mouth.

I started working the plug into her ass again and at first it was a little easier. But when it got to the thickest part her body began to jump and squirm. Her muffled screams were constant, and even with the ball gag, almost deafening.

With a final firm push it was in. Her pink hole wrapped itself around the plug completely to where only the hilt of it was outside her body. Standing there for a few moments, I let her get used to the size and feel of it.

I stepped back from her and took off my pants. Finally I was going to have her. Her battered body strapped to the chair took my breath away. For a moment I stood there just staring at her fighting to get loose. Fighting to end the pain that she loved so dearly.

Pulling myself out of my reverie I lubed up my cock and shoved it violently into her wet pussy. She screamed with each thrust as I slammed into her violently. Not giving her a moments rest or time to adjust, I continued to pound her swollen and bruised pussy. I reached down and grabbed her hair with both hands and pulled her neck back.

Her head pulled, almost unnaturally far back, the ball on the nipple clamp chain swinging wildly around and her asshole still flexing and contracting around the anal plug made me fuck her harder. I gave her no mercy in my fucking. I wanted release. The time for foreplay was over.

With one hand I began to slap her ass hard, leaving prints like turkey drawings done by school children all over it. With each slap, and each thrust, she would grunt and scream, muffled only by the ball gag still in her mouth.

“I know you want to cum whore. You like getting fucked like this and I know you want to cum.” More screams were her only reply.

“Go ahead pet, cum for me. Cum like the cock whore that you are.”

Almost instantly her body began to shiver. The orgasm was coming, my sweet cock slut was going to explode. It started in her legs and worked its way up her back to her shoulders. I released her hair and let it fall. The convulsions in her body were reaching their peak and soon she would erupt like a thousand volcanoes.

Right as her body went rigid I pulled the anal plug out of her ass, quick and violent. The ball gag did almost nothing to stifle the scream. It was loud and constant, painting the walls and ceiling with sweet release. I kept fucking her hard, now holding onto her ass for leverage and her body began to convulse again. Back to back she came, and while she was at the top of her second orgasm I came. I shot my load into her battered pussy with the force of a tidal wave. Every fiber in my body was electrified with the release of a year’s worth of pent up need.

I slumped over her still shaking body and tried to catch my breath. Finally able to do so I untied her from the chair and took off her ball gag and the nipple clamps. Pet had to lean against me to maintain her balance and I led her over to the bed, laying her down gently.

I laid down next to her and started caressing her body again. Telling her she did well and I was proud of her. My sweet pet, here in my arms at last. Finally and forever mine again.

Giving her time to recover I stood up, washed and got dressed. Walking back to the bed I gingerly ran my fingertips from her jaw to her chin and said “Pet, time to get up sweetness. Wash up and get dressed, let’s go find some dinner.”

Part 3

1- Introductions

We were sitting at the bar. It was a cool night and the windows had been opened to let in the breeze. A breeze that licked at the neck and tugged at the dresses and skirts of the young and old alike.

I was filled with a sense of contentment that night. My appetite sated and my lust, for a time, appeased, I was able to watch the young lovers and singles with the eye of a spectator.

The music was loud and almost as oppressive as the cigarette smoke that vainly tried to cling to the air. I put my cigarette out and fumbled with the remote. My love, my pet, my whore was in the bathroom putting in the device that is controlled by the contraption in my hand. Part of me begged for her return, but the disciplined side knew the outcome of that night, and was content to wait, to observe. Long years of frustrating desire have tamed my obsession, only letting loose when the hounds can play.

“My poor sweet pet,” I said to myself, “how long can you hold out tonight?”

I was surprised by her hand on my arm and her whispers of love when she sat down next to me. I turned to look at her and was again forced to control myself. Her straight blonde hair fell carelessly over the shoulder of her sleeveless dress. The deep neckline offered a delicious view of her C cup breasts and flawless skin. The hem of her dress rose to mid thigh when seated and her thick firm legs crossed with the modesty of the school teacher she is.

The contradictions before me I have solved long ago. Her struggles with her demons are things of legend and selfishly mine to hold witness to. I being the Lord of her demons, know them by name and reputation.

“It’s in Sir,” she whispered shyly. Not meeting my gaze she returned to her drink.

“Good girl,” was my only response as I returned to watching the people around me.

The remote was in the pocket of my jacket, where my hand idly fingered it. I turned the dial to maximum and pressed the button. I was prepared for her drink to fall and the glass to shatter on the floor. My pet, and those around us for that matter, weren’t. For a three count I kept the button depressed, knowing the powerful vibrations of the remote controlled vibrator sitting on her G-Spot were sending shockwaves of pleasure down her legs and up her spine. I couldn’t help but smile with joy as she breathed a small “Oh God” before she tried to stand and brace herself.

I released the button and I could feel the air around us thin. The tension of silence and control are sometimes more than my pet can handle and I must use caution. I enjoy our outings, but I enjoy them privately.

I turned my head casually to her and said “You should be more careful my love.”

She looked at me over the top of her glasses, with obvious strain she panted “Yes Sir.”

“Order yourself another drink love. I’ll have another as well.” With that she turned toward the bartender and ordered our drinks. I hit the button again while she was mid sentence and she controlled the shock a bit better that time. I keep the button pressed until she finished ordering. Stammering and stuttering like she was, it took quite a while.

Our drinks arrived and she drank hers quickly. The strain of those last few minutes was taking its toll on her and she was fighting to control herself. I watched as her demon named Fear crept into her delicate features and thick full lips as she said, “Sir, maybe this is too much.”

“Nonsense,” is my reply “the night is young, and you have no idea what too much is yet.”

After a pause, and a victorious battle over Fear she said, “I noticed when I came back from the bathroom you were looking at the redhead in the corner Sir. Do you think she’s pretty?”

Before answering I turned to look across the bar at the redhead my pet pointed out. She was indeed pretty, a vision even. Too young for my tastes, but I know my pet, and she wanted her. She stood no more than 5’3″ with a cute bob haircut that framed her long face. Her thin lips and green eyes were constantly sparkling as only the lips and eyes of the young do. Her petite frame was encased in a skin tight, mid thigh length dress. It hid her small breasts but perfectly accentuated her almost too long legs and firm ass.

“She’s been looking at you too Sir, she keeps looking over her.” No sooner did she say that than the object of our conversation glance in our direction. A small glance, a flirtatious little smile, she ran her hand across her forehead to move the hair out of her face, then returned to a conversation she was having with a friend.

“Buy her a drink pet.”

“Yes Sir,” she purred. I could tell by the relief in her voice and the brightness in her eyes that my pet was pleased. Many nights such as that one I had denied my love the tender caresses and appetites of another woman. She had been good as of late and a reward was in order.

My pet stood up from her stool at the bar and the hem of her dress adjusted itself down to her knees. Her long legs and big voluptuous ass stood there in all their glory. A true prize she is. Tall, with the air of one that doesn’t realize how every man in the room stares at her. Even then, I watched two men staring at her ass, converse in the corner and lick their lips. Two dogs drooling over a piece of meat they couldn’t have, and couldn’t fathom.

She walked across the bar to the redhead and the redhead saw her coming. She turned her petite frame to welcome my love with a brilliant smile. I set the remote to low and pressed the button. There was a slight hitch in my pet’s gait, but she continued on. My thumb still on the button I watched them talk. Two beautiful women sharing a quick laugh and the surface conversation of strangers. One hopelessly mine, the other, a gift long overdue.

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