This story is told from both perspectives, of the man and woman

I was wiped, a busy day of overbearing class schedules, and teachers and their unnecessary bullshit, was what I had just endured. Now I was just passed out on the couch in my apartment, I couldn’t wait till senior year was over.

No sooner did I fall asleep, did I feel my boyfriends body pressing up against mine, caressing me and planting gentle kisses on my neck. I smiled, “Hey baby.”

“Hey,” he kisses me, “How was your day?”

“Fine honey, I just want something so I can take my mind off all this damn work.”

And I fell back into him, closing my eyes, just wanting to stay here for eternity. This was the benefit of having a sexy strong boyfriend, you could rest in his arms all day, and he’d just let you.

“Guess what I wanna do?”

I turned around and kiss him, and bit my bottom lip, “What?”

“Close your eyes, I’ll be right back.”

So I waited, I don’t know how he was so quiet, but the next thing I knew, I feel the heat of his dick against my nose. He grabbed it, then started to rub it all over my cheeks and face. Then stuck it in my shirt in between my tits, and moving it up and down….hehe fucking my tits

“Take your shirt off.”

(I wasn’t wearing a bra underneath)

“Naughty girl not wearing a bra.”

I laughed and he puts it up to my lips, and his hands cup my boobs.


I started to suck him and he started to play with my nipples. It was encouraging me to suck it harder, take him deeper. And so I did. And he began to pinch them. I really wanted it. He took one hand away from my nipple, and grabbed my hair then started to force feed me his dick, and pinch my nipple even harder, then stopped. He pulled my head back and pulled his dick out. He started sucking my nipples and massaging my clit with the other hand.



He bites it, and pinches the other.

“Baby….fuck me now…”

Pulling away from my boobs, he pulled my hair back and shoved it back in my mouth.

“Take me down your throat.”

I felt him push past my gag reflex (it feels like there’s a wall blocking him until he pushes past it)

“Hold it there.”

It had become easier to do over time. When I first started sucking it was difficult for me to go fast, or even take him in even halfway. But I loved doing it and everytime I did it I got better. Everytime going deeper, and going faster. Now I can duck, take him all the way down without hesitation.

He grabbed my hair and started to feed me his dick again, he was starting to cum, I could feel him swell.


He slowed his pace for a little bit, giving me room to swallow. He sped up his pace for a little while longer then completely pulled out.

“All fours baby.”

I obeyed, and I knew all fours meant facedown ass up, so that’s how I positioned myself. I always felt so much more vulnerable this way, seeing as how, he was in control of my body. After a few minutes, I still didn’t feel him behind me, so I began to wonder what was taking him so long.

“Spread your legs wider.”

I didn’t know what the hell he was up to, but I complied.

“Keep your face down.”

Then I felt him tying my hands together, then I felt him bite my breast. I could feel the moisture between my legs growing, and it just added to my unknown excitement.

For a while I didn’t feel anything, but then I felt the couch move, and I felt the head of his penis at my ass.

“Ba-” he grabbed my hair and pulled my head up, “Don’t make a sound.”

It started to hurt, and I couldn’t take it, “Baby that hurts….”

“I said quiet,” he slammed my face into the couch, then shoved it in all at once.

Then pain was unbearable, I think I screamed – I think I liked it, I think my heart stopped beating. My whole body was in shock.

“Good girl. Take all my dick up your ass.”

It was hard for me to take it up the ass anyway (I could only handle it for so long) but because he was completely in control, he could keep this going as long as he wanted, and because my body was still in shock, the sweat as building with every movement I gasped, and with every stroke I grew closer and closer to my orgasm. The pain that had once been, had turned into unbearable pleasure…I was so close….so close.

He started to slow his pace, up until this point he kept his hands on my hips, now he had stopped to rub it, “Hows it feel baby?”

“So…soo good.”

He started to harden his pace, “And you’re….a very….very bad girl aren’t you?”

“Yess…yes baby.”

“Dirty, naughty girl,” he mumbled.

He lifted up his hand and brought it down with a hard smack. I began to buck underneath him, I couldn’t take it anymore. He just kept spanking me, and my panting, my bucking beneath him was only turning him on.

“I like your ass red….your big chocolate sexy ass.”

He was going so hard I couldn’t speak. One hand was spanking me, his legs ere keeping me in place, and now one hand was pinching my nipples. My insides were burning with sensations, and I was close, I just needed a little bit more….just a little bit.

And then he came, so I came , he pulled out still hard as a rock.

“It’s dripping out your ass.”

I was still catching my breath. He turned me on my stomach, “I want it dripping out your mouth.”

And he shoves it in my mouth.

“Suck it….just like that.”

I tasted his cum in my mouth. Before I could take it all in he pulled out, brought himself over me, and positioned himself at my ass with my legs over his shoulders. It was so close to my hole that all he had to do was move closer and it would go in. He moved the hair from my face, and looked down at me with curiosity as if he had never seen before. Then he lowered himself for a kiss. One long kiss to my lips, one to my cheek, and one to my forehead.

“One more time beautiful, just let me have you one more time before the night is over.”

I nodded, “Yes love.”

He kissed me once again and then looked at me as he pushed in forward. It felt so much different this way, maybe because I was more vulnerable and exposed. Whatever the case, it was so much more intense.

“You feel soo good baby.”

He pace started to fasten, then he let out a low grunt when he came, he pulled out limp.

He untied my hands, and held me in his arms, “You are so beautiful.”

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