Mistress Dana fought back tears of frustration. How could she have allowed herself to come into this situation. Clad in a slave’s latex catsuit, collared, arms locked helplessly behind her back and having just begged into a microphone to be totally and completely broken, humiliated and degraded by a younger Mistress?

And in a moment of total clarity her mind told her that she deserved this. That she had been such a fool. That she had allowed her own base desires to mislead and trick her into this. She had been promised a whore to break on stage that night herself, a submissive slut to demonstrate her own dominance upon in front of a crowd and when she had been delayed she had agreed to stand in for the dry run just to help Mistress Sarah out. Mistress Sarah, who Mistress Dana longed to break, longed to dominate physically, mentally and sexually. The younger red head already filled numerous fantasies in Mistress Dana’s mind. But that almost infatuation with Mistress Sarah had impaired her thinking and led to this.

The raven haired Mistress hung there helplessly and watched as the large room filled with people of all shapes and sizes. Horribly Mistress Dana recognised many of them. Mistress Lucy a petite Asian Dominatrix that Dana had feuded with for years had a front row seat. Judge Callaway, a former slave client of Dana’s that had fallen out quite badly with. And there were others but through her blurring vision Dana could not make them all out but it was clear there were plenty of people there happy to see her in this position.

Mistress Sarah stepped behind Dana and the older Domme tried to look around to see what she was doing but could not twist her head far enough. Then the screens that held Dana’s bound and beautiful image were accompanied by recordings of what Dana had been tricked into saying minutes before the crowd entered.

“Degrade me.”

Dana winced as her voice rang through the room clear and sounding so pathetic and real. As if she had meant every word.

“Fist my ass and my pussy until I gape for you.”

‘Oh God’ whispered Dana as she listened to herself along with everyone in the room. Then she jumped as Mistress Sarah’s fingers reached down and slid smoothly between Dana’s thighs from behind and probed gently at Dan’s soaking wet cunt.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me, spit and piss on me.”

Dana lifted her head and found herself looking directly at her former rival Mistress Lucy as she listened to these words and the Chinese Domme just grinned viciously at her. Dana just squirmed in response as Mistress Sarah’s expert fingers found her clit and began to rub at it.

“Show me no mercy, fuck me in all my holes and drench me in cum.”

Dana squirmed and writhed as Mistress Sarah’s fingers slid inside her pussy from behind and slowly began to fuck her. Dana’s body was betraying her up here in such a public and humiliating forum. She gave a groan of acceptance as a second finger entered her moist pussy.

“Abuse me. I deserve it. I want to be a whore and a bitch. Use me. Please.”

Whoever was cutting the sound bites was good. They had captured all Dana had said and used it to perfection alongside the low, trance like music that filled the room. And as the music halted the last soundbite rang loud throughout the room.

“Use me.”

Mistress Sarah’s fingers withdrew themselves from Dana’s pussy and it was with horror that she recognised the disappointment she felt at their withdrawal and just how aroused her body was. Mistress Sarah stepped stealthily around the bound form of Dana and stood beside her. She spoke in a cold, emotionless, harsh voice. So different to the little girl she had appeared to be when pleading with Mistress Dana to help her, when offering up her lithe body to Mistress Dana if only she would help her.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I promised you this night the breaking of a Mistress and I will deliver. This is Mistress Dana. Some of you may know her, some may have heard of her but I promise you this, after tonight she will never again be Mistress Dana, she will be slave Dana, Slut Dana, Whore Dana but never again Mistress Dana.”

“Please Sarah. I don’t want this.”

Dana was aware of how weak and pathetic her voice sounded.

The youthful red head grinned.

“Don’t you? But we all heard you beg me beforehand. That was your voice was it not?”

“Yes but I didn’t mean… you tricked me… I don’t want this…”

Normally so confident and self assured Dana was stumbling on her words, mumbling and sounding unsure of herself. When she most needed her confidence it had deserted her.

“You mean the position you now find yourself in, bound, collared and helpless does not arouse you?”

“I, no, I mean, well no.”

Dana was flustered and her responses were confused and unsure.

“Really well perhaps the audience should get to decide for yourself if all this arouses you or not.”

Dana could only whimper as Mistress Sarah gave the order for anyone wanting to check if her slave for the night was aroused by her predicament then they should form an orderly queue at the side of the stage. There were plenty of takers. As Mistress Sarah spoke to the queue and told them to touch her slave quickly then pass on and retake their seat Dana tried in vain to move her arms in their bondage to get free somehow but it was hopeless. And as the first person stepped up and stood before Dana the voice track kicked in again with the trance music turned up louder.

“Please I beg you, degrade me, humiliate me.”

Dana grimaced as her words were loudly repeated over and over. The first person up was a Mistress who Dana had heard of online but never actually met, she sneered at Dana and thrust her fingers down to grope at Dan’s cunt, they came up glistening. She held them for a second for Dana to see and laughed before moving on and letting the next person in.

Hand after hand felt at her cunt, groped her pussy lips, touched her clit. She couldn’t help it, she told herself, she was not aroused by her situation it had just been because she had been thinking about having Sarah like this, taking the red headed little slut and making her her bitch. But there was no denying her body and it’s reactions — she was soaking wet. The line up of men and women continued, stopping mere moment to confirm Dana’s arousal before moving on. It was humiliating to Dana, especially where she recognised the people involved, friends, enemies, acquaintances, former slaves all got to feel her wet cunt as she stood there. And last up was Mistress Lucy who curled a long fingernail and dragged it along Dana’s wet pussy before bringing it up to look at the wetness on her finger, then in an instant she drew back her head and spat right into Dana’s surprised face.

“Always knew you were a bitch” snarled Lucy as Mistress Sarah moved in and hurried her away.

“I’d thank you to remember that I am Mistress to this bitch — not you. Leave if you can’t deal with that!”

Mistress Lucy glared at the young red head but took her seat anyway, she wanted to see Dana’s denouement too much but she would not forget the little bitch using that tone to her.

Sarah had already forgotten the incident and came back to her slave and stood before her as the music and words faded again. Dana’s face was red with frustration and the saliva slowly moved down to drip off her nose.

“So I think we established that really you do want to be up here Dana. That being tied up here and at my mercy excites you, arouses you. Now I think you can tell me what we call someone who gets turned on by being helpless and tied up and ripe for abuse is, can’t you?”

Dana glared back and hissed the last of her resistance.

“Fuck you, you ginger slut!”

Sarah ignored the outburst and continued as if Dana had said nothing.

“I guess you are stupid as well as old and ugly! Well as you insist on being so dumb let me enlighten you Dana. People who get aroused at being abused and dominated are masochists or submissive, and that, my dear is what you are, a submissive.”

“No! I am a Mistress. Mistress Dana!”

“And would a true Mistress allow herself to be in the predicament that you find yourself? Oh I admit I misled you somewhat but even allowing for that if you were a true dominant then you would never have acquiesced, would you? You would have told me tough luck, do it yourself. But no, you were only too willing to try out this suit, only too happy to allow yourself to be put in my bondage, only too happy to say what I wanted you to say — and more, those pleadings about what I should do to you really were heartfelt, weren’t they? So you are not a true Mistress are you, not a true Domme. In fact you are a submissive, and tonight I will demonstrate that fact incontrovertibly to you. But will tell you this Dana, I promise, in front of all these people that if you do not submit to being my personal slave by the end of this evening then tomorrow night we can return here like this and it will be me in that cat suit with her arms helpless, OK?”

Dana stared at the young Dominatrix. Did she really mean it?

“How could I trust you after this?”

Sarah just gave her a cute grin, her face changing yet again.

“You really don’t have much option do you Dana? Now I think we’ll see how tough you really are, shall we? You claim to be a dominant yourself, I wonder how many strokes of this you can handle?”

From a table behind Dana’s retrained body Sarah picked up a thin bamboo cane and started to swish it energetically in front of Dana.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me.”

Dana’s words came from the speakers all round the room, on a repeated loop, louder and louder as Mistress Sarah moved slinkily around her bound slave until she was again behind her and Dana’s exposed creamy backside was facing her.

“Cane me, flog me, spank me.”

Sarah leaned in close as the recorded words echoed through Dana’s mind. There was no way any of the audience could hear what she said.

“I’ll let you chose Dana, which will it be? If you agree to ask for just one I will only do one of them to you but you will need to beg for it, nice and loud. Cane? Flog? Spank? You choose, you beg. Or you get all three.”

Dana groaned, she didn’t want to beg this little bitch for anything but at the same time, clearly she could save herself quite a bit of pain and inconvenience. At a signal from Mistress Sarah the music and voice track faded and everyone could hear Dana’s faltering voice.

“I..er..I, please, please can you er, spank me?”

The red head glared at Dana a drummed her fingers impatiently on her own arm.

“And is that how you address me slut? Is that how you address your Mistress? If you are going to beg to me you WILL address me correctly!”

Sarah’s young voice was so severe, so harsh, so demanding that it caught Dana by surprise. How could such a young, small woman have such anger in her? She was also still wielding that cane and waving it about threateningly and the combination of factors seemed to work on Dana and before she knew it she said.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you spank me?”

She knew how damning it must have sounded but in reality what else could she do? Surely it was better than having to endure all three punishments on her ass. And in one thing Sarah had been correct, Dana had no real pain threshold so she needed to avoid too much here by whatever means necessary.

“That’s better whore. You will receive thirty spanks to begin with, warm you up a little, eh?”

Without further ado Mistress Sarah got around and dropped her cane and delivered a hard open palmed strike to Dana’s exposed right buttock. It stung but not too bad and Dana just lay there over the bench having taken it and awaited the next. Sarah meanwhile stopped and waited too. Eventually Dana turned to look at Sarah to see why she was stopped.

“You will count each spank after I make it and thank me as well.”

“The hell I will!” again Dana flared up, her normal attitude coming back, she was damned if she would call her Mistress thirty times and count along like a dumb little bimbo!

“Oh you will slave, you will.”

Mistress Sarah then proceeded to continue to spank Dana’s ass, each blow slightly harder, after about ten Dana realised the futility of her defiance and called a halt.

“Ow! Stop! Ok!Ok! I’ll do it, that’s fifteen, thank you Mistress.”

“Hmm. I think you’ll find that is one slave and you will count from there on. Don’t pout it’s your own fault, I’ve given you more advantage than you deserve.”

The next spank that landed was a hard, stinging one and through gritted teeth Dana announced.

“Two. Thank you Mistress Sarah.”


“Three. Thank you Mistress Sarah.”

Ten minutes later having finally made thirty Dana’s ass was beet red and her spirit that bit more broken, she could not believe she had called another woman Mistress so many times in such a short spell. Her confidence was severely on the wane. Her face was red and flushed too, partly through embarrassment and partly through frustration and she could no longer bring herself to lift her head to meet the eyes of the rapt audience.

Having completed her spanking Mistress Sarah then rigged up and enema bag on what looked suspiciously like a hospital IV drip stand. Dana had no clue what she was doing until she felt the tip of the plastic hose being worked into her ass. At first she thought is was a butt plug or worse a strap on but then when she felt her bowels slowly start to fill up she knew what it was and her heart sunk lower. Enema humiliation had been a particular favourite of Mistress Dana’s in the past and now here she stood having the self same done to her!

The warm liquid flooded into her and filled her up. Once it was in Mistress Sarah quickly followed it up with a nice big butt plug, which she really had to work to force into the other woman’s asshole but once she got it in it held tight and no fluid would escape past it. Dana gave a moan, it was uncomfortable, she felt full, her belly bloated. Though it pained her to say it she had to plead to the younger woman.

“Please Mistress Sarah, please may I be allowed to expel this from my ass.”

The audience gave a chuckle and Dana burned with more embarrassment, she knew by now that she could never be a dominant in this region again, if indeed anywhere. Sarah smiled and began to fondle Dana’s large breasts, squeezing and kneading them as she responded.

“Hmmm, not yet slave, I want to see you desperate to let it all out, you will really need to beg me to remove that plug. Still I can distract you perhaps, and with that Mistress Sarah brought her hand up holding a crocodile clip and snapped it in place on Dana’s big, sensitive nipple. It was a heavy duty metal thing and when Sarah removed her hand it hung down and dragged Dana’s tit flesh with it, stretching her. Dana gritted her teeth and was determined not to make a noise, that she could prove that she was tough, that she was a Dominant that had been tricked and not, secretly, a submissive. But it was hard and she failed as Mistress Sarah snapped the second one in place on her left tit.


“What a baby! My God and you claimed to be a Domme. What a pathetic, deluded creature you are. Well we can all see now, eh? Especially you Dana. You are not a dominant but merely a masquerading submissive and as I have shown this to you, you will belong to me.”

Sarah’s hand dropped again and rubbed against Dana’s dripping snatch. If anything she was even wetter now and the red head took great pleasure teasing her some more until Dana could fight it no more and gave off a low moan that could only be sexual in it’s origin.

“You like that slave? You get turned on while I give you an enema and while your tits are being tortured and you still claim you are not a submissive? I think we all know the truth don’t we?”

It was a rhetorical question but in a moment of unquestioned weakness Dana actually answered. The room had turned silent and everyone heard her weak, aroused mewl.

“Yes Mistress Sarah.”

And with those three words she was broken and everyone knew it.

“I could take the clamps off slave, if you wish.”

“Yes, please Mistress Sarah.”

A slap rocked Dana’s face, it was cold and contemptuous.

“I had not finished speaking whore, do not make the mistake of interrupting me again or you will be very sorry.”

The younger woman spoke to Dana as if to a disobedient child, the tone in her voice brooking no argument.

“I was about to say I could take the clamps of but only if you ask for them to be placed elsewhere. Actually no, you will need to beg for them to be placed elsewhere on your filthy body whore.”

Dana was no novice, she knew where the clamps were likely to end up but even so she still braced herself and spoke up.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you move the clamps, please I’m begging you can you put them elsewhere.”

Condescendingly Mistress Sarah patted Dana’s head.

“Of course slave. Now where should I put them?”

She mused for only a moment as she released the first from Dana’s tit and then reached down and calmly attached it to Dana’s slick left pussy lip. The other quickly followed suit and Dana found herself in a new punishment. Mistress Sarah stood back to allow a camera man to zoom in and instantly Dana’s wet, clamped pussy lips were on the big screens around the room.

Dana was now in sensory overload. As the blood rushed back to her nipples, so too was it restricted from her cunt lips and the heat in her loins seem to rage on. All the while her bowels were uncomfortably full and in need of urgent release. This time she begged with no prompting from her young tormentor.

“Please Mistress Sarah can you release the load in my ass. Please I need to get it out.”

Sarah smiled and moved behind Dana and began to pull at the plug then stopped and came back around.

“I suppose I could slave. But you know I would think that dirty hole of yours would need filled up again straight away. So I’ll tell you what slave if you beg for someone to volunteer to come up here and fuck you in the ass then I will complete your enema and relieve you of your burden.”

Dana wasn’t even surprised, wasn’t even angry at herself for saying the words anymore.

“Please Mistress, please can I have a cock to fuck my ass and replace that butt plug. Please I need a hard cock for my asshole.”

As could be expected there were no shortage of volunteers as hands went up all around the room. Mistress Sarah left them all hanging though as she positioned a large, deep basin beneath Dana and slowly unscrewed the plastic butt plug. It came out with a comical pop and Dana screwed her eyes shut in embarrassment before suddenly all the warm water burst out and rushed into the basin with furious force. The room was again silent bar the harsh noise of water being expelled from ass into plastic container. Dana gave a huge sigh of relief at the release but that was quickly followed by a groan as she watched Mistress Sarah select the Judge from the front row and apparently choose him as the replacement for the butt plug.

The judge was in his early fifties and had started visiting Mistress Dana a couple of years ago. He was the worst kind of client for a Domme. A bottom that liked to control his sessions and after a few sessions Dana really didn’t want to deal with him. But he paid well and she did then one time she had the brainwave of gagging him while whipping him and also decided to be a bit harsher than normal on him. He was pissed off after it and after blood but Dana saw him off the premises and refused to see him after that. He had gotten threatening at one point and Dana had had to threaten to go public to shake him off her case. It had been messy and now he was lumbering onto the stage where she stood (bent over the bench) sporting an impressive, Viagra fuelled erection. As he approached Mistress Sarah placed the contents of Dana’s enema to one side and the voice track of Dana’s comments began again in a new cut.

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