Feeling my rapidly hardening cock against her leg snapped Megan back to reality. The gentle kisses that were so eagerly returned seconds ago were now ripped from her memory as she realized I would soon be using her body for my pleasure, and there was nothing she could do. She struggled against the rope holding her hands to the headboard, her eyes tearing up again.

“Please, no more! It’s too much for me, just leave, I’m begging you!”

I got up from the bed and reached into my bag pulling out a set of nipple clamps connected to each other by a small, flat link chain. Megan’s eyes went wide when she realized what was about to happen and she began to whimper softly. I placed the clamps on her flat belly and walked out of the bedroom leaving her there. I found her kitchen and saw a box of zip lock sandwich bags on the counter. Opening her freezer I took the ice cube tray and loaded 5 or so cubes into the baggie and snapped it closed. As I entered the bedroom again I saw Megan continue thrashing trying to escape from the ropes. She saw the baggie in my hand as I drew closer and looked confused. Leaning down, I put the ice cold bag on her left nipple and held it there. I felt her shudder as her nipple immediately sprang to it’s full height. I grabbed the nipple clamps and removed the bag, putting it on her right nipple. Quickly I attached the clamp to her nipple as she yelped in pain. A few seconds later the other clamp was applied to the right nipple as she yelped again. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she begged to have them removed. “Please! Take them off they hurt!”

I grabbed the chain linking the clamps and lightly pulled on it, pulling her already distended nipples further away from her massive tits. Placing my hands on her beautiful mounds I began to knead them softly as Megan began to moan gently. Reaching back in the bag, I pulled out an alligator clip which was attached to another, longer, flat linked chain, and attached it to the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Next I pulled out a 7″ vibrator and some duct tape, She looked on with horror as I made sure she saw each thing I removed. I pulled the chain down her stomach, making sure it pulled the nipple clamp chain enough to pull on the clamps. I ran the chain down over her clit and put a strip of duct tape just above her bush to hold it in place. Next, the end of the chain was wrapped and taped around the end of the vibrator. Reaching down I began to play with her cunt finding it was already wet. For all her protests, Megan certainly seemed to be enjoying this. I slid the vibrator about half way into her willing cunt, and slowly worked it back and forth. Her hips began to rise meeting the gentle thrusts. I sank the whole length of the vibrator into her hungry cunt as she began to shudder and moan ever so slightly while her eyes went closed. I turned the vibrator on low and Megan’s eyes snapped open as she felt the pulses deeply massage her depths and travel up the chain directly onto her clit, and up into her nipples. She groaned and her head began to roll from side to side as she felt things she never felt before. Silently I reached into the bag and withdrew a bottle of lube. Pouring some on my rock hard cock, I worked it over the entire length, then poured a thick line up the shaft, and put a large glob on the head. I reached down and put the vibrator on medium. Megan began to breathe in gasps, her stomach contracting. “Oh God, yes, yes! I’m going to cum!

I grabbed her legs and put them on my shoulders and pushed forward raising that beautiful ass off the bed. She was starting to cum hard now, her body convulsing, and her hips thrusting out. Megan was in full blown heat. Suddenly, a drop of lube fell off my cock and landed directly on her tightly clenched asshole. My intentions became clear as she pleaded “No! Please! I never have let anyone do that! You can’t! Despite her alarm the vibrator continued to drag her to orgasm. I looked down at that ass and got ready to claim my prize. I flipped the vibrator to high and she emitted a low moan as a trail of drool slid out her mouth. It was time. I placed the head of my cock against her brown eye and gave a hard push.

“Nooooooo! God your ripping me apart!” The vibrations now ran through my cock driving me crazy. Another hard push and my cock was buried to the hilt in the hottest, tightest hole it had ever been in. I held it in place and literally rode Megan as her orgasm ripped through the very soul of her. I began to gently fuck her as her ass accepted my cock, gripping it as I pulled back and sucking it in as I slowly slid it back in. Between the vibrator working her cunt, clit, and nipples, and my cock slowing reaming her ass she began to cum again.

“Oh fuck! Your making me cum you bastard! Fuck my ass, fuck it!” I started pounding her harder, my cock reaming her virgin ass to the perfect fit. I let her legs slid off my shoulders so I could hook my arms under her thighs, spreading her legs wider. I pushed her legs up so they almost touched her chest and began pile driving my cock in her ass. The vibrations were making me crazy and I literally tried to drill through her ass. Her hungry little hole began clenching hard on my cock as she went rigid, riding the wave of an intense orgasm. I thought she would break my cock in half she clamped down so hard! One last thrust I began shooting spurts of hot cum deep in her bowels. I left my cock inside her enjoying the vibrations until I slipped out, a stream of cum following my cock out of Megan’s ass.

I lowered the vibrator to low and kissed her. She returned my kiss, sliding her tongue into my mouth. I got off the bed and told her I’d be back in about 10 minutes. “Wait, turn it off, please.”

I smiled and walked to towards the shower, looking back to see her body stiffen again as the vibrator continued to work her.

The hot water felt great as I washed my cock clean of the lube, Megan’s juices, and the streaks of shit she deposited on my cock. I took my time showering becoming rejuvenated by the water. I got out, toweled off and went back to the bedroom where I saw her cum again as I got near the bed. I went to her, kissed her deeply again, and turned off the vibrator. Slowly I slid it out, and took the clamps off her nipples. They were swollen and a deep purple color. I kissed them lightly and gently licked them. I gently pulled off the duct tape above her bush. “Please, I need to use the bathroom.” I imagined she did at that point. I reached into the bag and took out a leather collar that I placed around her neck, to that I attached a long leash. I grabbed my knife and cut the rope from her wrists. I told her to get up and as she did her legs nearly gave out. I put her arm over my shoulder and helped to into the bathroom, placing her on the toilet. I turned and began to draw a bath. “I need privacy to go, please.”

“No, go now. It is the only chance you are getting.” She began to protest when I turned back to the bath, pouring in some bubble soap she had on the edge of the tub. I heard her relieve herself over the sound of the water. When the tub became full enough I turned off the water and looked at Megan who had just finished cleaning herself. “Come here.” She got up and slowly came towards me. “Get in the tub.” She slowly complied. “Move forward so I can get in behind you.” She slid up and I got in. Gently I soaped up her breasts, kissing her shoulders and ears. I whispered how beautiful and sexy she was and how she made my cock so hard. Megan relaxed and leaned back into me as I gently washed her. I had her get on her knees as I carefully washed her ravaged cunt and asshole. She began to make soft little noises as I took my time cleaning her.

I looked over and saw the razor and shaving cream on the side of the tub. “Sit on the edge facing in.” She did what I told her. I grabbed the cream and lathered up her cunt gently, making sure it was fully covered. I took the razor and began to slowly shave her neatly trimmed bush. I went gingerly, careful not to nick her and making sure to get off every hair. I rinsed her off and got out of the tub. I grabbed a towel, pulled her out and lightly dried her off. I finished her and quickly dried myself. I picked up the leash and led her back to the bed.

“I have enjoyed your cunt and your ass tonight, but now I want your mouth” I got on the bed on my back and Megan got on her knees beside me and began to bend down towards my cock. “No, let’s 69, I want your cunt on my face.” She moved into position and began to slowly lick the length of my cock as my tongue slowly worked it’s way across her bare cunt. Slowly she sucked me into her mouth and lightly raked her long nails across my balls. My cock began to respond as she worked her mouth up and down the shaft. My tongue found her clit as I lightly licked all around and over it, then rimmed her asshole. We were both moaning as we pleasured each other slowly. Her nails tickling my balls were having a the desired effect as I pushed my hips up putting more of my cock in her incredible mouth. She grabbed my shaft with one hand and began jerking my shaft up and down slowly as her other hand began to gently massage my balls. Her tongue ran circles around the head of my cock as her sucking increased in intensity. I was getting close and wanted her to come with me so I began licking her clit directly with more pressure. I started to suck on it as I licked and both our moaning became louder. Just when I thought my head would explode I began shooting ropes of hot cum into her mouth. When she felt it she pushed her cunt down onto my mouth and I felt her legs clamp around my head. Megan exploded into orgasm, drenching my face as she swallowed every drop of my cum. She kept sucking till every drop was pulled from my cock. We stayed that way for a minute or so, enjoying each others taste. I gave her a light slap on her ass and she got off me and turned around. I held my arms out to her and she quickly accepted my embrace, putting her head on my chest.

“By the way, what’s you name?”


“Well Megan my name is Rick. I was originally going to fuck you all weekend then leave, but I changed my mind. I am going to make you my cum slut instead and take you whenever and where ever I want.”

She slowly raised her head off my chest and looked me in the eye with a slight smile on her face. “May I call you master?”

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