Please note this is a fictional story and bears no resemblance to the real world. Enjoy the story and any constructive feedback would be much appreciated. Thank You.


He sits back on his grand throne and peers through the water which gives him a glimpse of the year 2062, and immediately next to it is another bowl of water depicting the year 450BC. On one hand he sees a colossal deep space station far from earth and populated with many sapient beings thriving in an unimagined manner.

Then he is looking to the Ancient plains of Egypt, he sees a young woman named Auletes, eighteen years old and laying on a rooftop in a bed naked and looking up to the stars in the sky. She lusts after something different and I see the depth in her eyes, awareness beyond her years, or her time in history.

Whilst turning his attention to the future he sees this woman named Alice, twenty five years old. She looks out of a window with the view of the large rotating masses of flat spherical appendages of a main sphere which contains all those whom govern this station. She too lays naked in her bed staring out into the dark abyss. Soon though their eyes had closed and they retired to the land of dreams, and now the time came to do his work. He summoned them and soon they appeared before him in a whitened room. They remained in a state of undress.

Auletes enquires, “Is this the afterlife?”

“Allow me to explain, my name is Aurrahbourn. I am keeper of the Mists and I have selected the two of you for navigation through the Mists of Time. The two of you may switch places for a period of one day. Then you may choose to stay or to return to your lives.”

“Are you God?” Alice enquired.

“No, and before you ask yes, there exists a group of deities, however they strive to preserve the balance and not take sides or intervene in the matters of sapient life,” he replied.

“Why have you chosen us?” Auletes enquired.

“I have seen knowledge beyond each of your years and your time,” He said to them.

“The last day,” Alice said to him in an inquisitive manner.

He let out a chuckle of laughter and shook his head.

“Oh the misguided nature of some humans, many dates have been issued and they miss the point time and time again,” he replied.

“Do you know when the end will come,” Alice asked him.

“No and neither do any of the deities; they will not pick a date and bring humanity or any other species forth for judgement.” He answered her.

“What do you mean by other species,” Auletes enquired.

“The planet you are on is not the only one and has never been the only one with life on it,” He said to her.

He then placed his palm on her forehead and transferred the knowledge of the universe in a limited amount as too much would have incapacitated and killed her.

Alice looks on and ushers me with a look in her eyes to do the same.

“The knowledge you need to live in each other’s time is now imparted to you, ready to begin?”

They both looked at each other and then back to him and nodded. He then dipped a hand in the water of their respective times.

“Alice lay down over there and Auletes you lay over here” he instructed them.

His hand dipped in the bowl portraying the future and slid it over Auletes body and created a sheen and as he cupped her gorgeously exposed breasts and slid his hand over her tight and flat chest moving down to her bushy vagina. He moved back over her navel and let a few drops fall in.

He then stepped toward Alice to repeated the procedure, it is precisely the same apart from Alice’s smooth shaven vagina. He stepped back and they were now teleported to their respective times. Auletes awoke to the void of space in her self-contained apartment within the deep space station.

She sees the window and the unprecedented view she now looks upon. Many a night she looked up and wondered what was among the stars and now here she was among them within the depths of the dark abyss. She looked down on her deliciously exposed body, Aurrahbourn had seen to it and it was now shaved. She garnered a view of it she had never seen before. It was quite eerie the quietness of the space station that now dawned on her. However, with the knowledge that was imparted upon her there was no trouble adjusting. She looked at the clock and realised she still had time to sleep and with that she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.


Alice found herself on the same rooftop as Auletes was on not so long ago, she could still feel the warmth from her body on the bed and in between the sheets. She was on the rooftop of a rather high class building in Egypt. She would later find out Auletes was the daughter of the Pharaoh’s brother and as such lived a lavish life. Alice looked around and for the first time in her life there was nothing electrical and she saw the night sky from a planet for the first time in a long while. She had visited earth and other planets a few times when she was younger but couldn’t remember much apart from a few details. The smell of the air and the sight of the darkened ancient city streets had awoken many hidden desires. She too laid her head to sleep and awaited the morning.

(Back to Auletes)

Auletes awoke with a great view and looked out and saw the images of a blue sky and rolling hills on the windows, she switched over to the view of the abyss and found it beautiful. She turned the sky back on and got dressed, she put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt which flattered her figure and she soon got used to clothing she had never worn before. She grabbed the key which was a card to be swiped, slipped it into her pocket and walked out the door which slid open.

The corridor was well lit and illuminated the people of the station began to fill the corridor. Auletes decided to use another name she decided on Alina and went on her way.

She looked around at her surroundings and the many different aliens on the station. It was an amazing sight which, she met with excitement not fear. She soon got to a canteen and sat down for some breakfast and enjoyed the sight about her. She was soon greeted by a friendly alien, he looked mostly human however, his eyes which were completely silver and his chin had a slightly longer and tapered point.

They got to talking and soon they were back in Alina’s cabin and going at it. She slowly lifted up her t-shirt and tossed it to the floor and then locked lips with the alien and the soon found themselves on the bed, the alien lifted up and pulled her trousers down and pushed them one side. He nipped her chin and slowly kissed his way down her exposed naked body.

She soon pulled down his trousers and pulled out his cock which was surprisingly human in its look but the testicles were of course internal. She slowly licked and swirled her tongue around his cock and first put the tip in her mouth and soon she slowly inched her way to the base and repeated the procedure.

She then laid him on the bed and offered her juicy ass to him. He began to lick out her pussy with a surprisingly long tongue which was only surpassed in length by his cock, which she also had in her mouth and the sensation was sending shockwaves through her entire body.

He soon inched forward to the edge of the bed and soon stood up with her mouth still enveloped over his cock and sucking with what seemed like thousands of years of experience, little did he know. His strength showed as he had no problem keeping her suspended.

Soon she wanted to switch positions and moved her hands from his waist and placed them firmly on the floor. She removed her mouth from his cock and told him, “You can let go”. So he did and she then whilst standing on her hands she stepped two steps forward and gingerly and turned her legs one at a time and soon stepped on her feet and lifted her torso up and turned to face him.

“Wow, you are amazing,” he said.

Without saying a word she walked up to him and placed her arms around her neck and hopped on to him wrapping her legs around his waist. She then slid down on his cock and slowly moved up and down. She slowly increased the tempo and continued the lustful fucking. All the while their eyes were intently fixed on one another as the shared the ecstasy in the depths of darkest space.

The moved around the room and then placed themselves on a couch and continued the pace and she enjoyed the deed she was doing and was feeling the pleasure as her vagina wrapped around his cock and the feeling of repeated penetration thrilled and delighted her to no end.

She gyrated on his cock and felt the impending orgasm coming for both of them. Soon she let go as did he and they climaxed together seemingly in unison and as wave after wave of his alien jizz shot into her she loved the warm feeling. She got off his cock and spotted the green jizz dripping from her vagina and down her leg. She sat down on the floor and laid back, he lay down next to her and the both looked at each other and then out into space and the joy of their deed showed throughout their entire bodies.

Aurrahbourn looked upon the scene and smiled seeing the woman now known as Alina caught her breath after a great few hours of sexual pleasure. He saw she had adapted more than even he had expected. He now turned his attention to the events surrounding Alice.

She awoke in the large opulent bed seeming befit for royalty. A warm breeze flew in as she awoke on the rooftop Alina had fallen asleep on not so long ago. She had around her a servant, Akram had served Alina for many years, and in fact he pretty much raised her, being of royal blood she was certainly blessed with a life of opulence.

“A very good morning Ma’am,” Akram said in a rather formal tone.

He held a robe up for Alice and she wrapped it around her. She went down into the house and got properly dressed. A simple white rope with a purple ribbon wrapped around the waist. Her outfit wrapped around her left shoulder and exposed her right.

“Your father regrets he cannot be here today as he is meeting with the Pharaoh.” Akram said. “Thank you, Akram I shall be in the gardens for the rest of the morning.” Alice replied.

Alice stepped into the garden, her sandals rustling through the grass she basks in the sunshine and enjoys the feel on her skin. It was something she missed growing up on a space station. She spotted Imran one of the groundskeeper. He had a look which pleased her and she sought to have some fun.

She pulled him to one side they locked lips and the look in her eyes told Imran everything he needed to know about coming events. The found a small patch of shadow in a hidden corner and began to remove each other’s clothes. Alice pushed Imran against the wall and removed his robe and inserted his erect member into her mouth and she began to suck away with many thousands of years of experience.

She cupped his balls and tickled them slightly; all the while she continued to suck away at his throbbing cock. She removed her lips and began to stroke; she took some of the precum and licked it of her fingers. She then turned around and seductively bent over and turned her head to him and waved a finger indicating what he must do. So he slid his member into her pussy and started slow and steady.

He pumped away in slow steady thrusts and soon lifted the tempo and began to add some gusto to his actions and Alice responded in high spirits, very high spirits. She placed her hands on the ground to steady herself as Imran pumped away. Each thrust filled her with ecstasy and she enjoyed every single second of it.

The bright Egyptian sun soon illuminated the patch of shade they had started in. Alice as now on top of Imran and they were on the ground fucking away. She gyrated moved her body around on his cock and just leaned back and moved up and down with focused thrusts and with a determination with she had all through her life.

She went up and down building up to a climax her orgasm was imminent. She soon felt it ripping through her body and it felt beautiful. Soon after Imran was ready to blow and he did so in spectacular fashion as her vagina gripped around his cock and the hot jizz shot into her and left her dazed as she sat back on the ground catching her breath.

Aurrahbourn looked upon this spectacle on smiled. Desires were awoken inside him viewing these two women enjoying sexual liaisons. He looked upon them as they soon laid their heads to rest in their respective new lives. Their time was soon up and once again they found themselves naked and stood in front of Aurrahbourn yet again.

“How did you found it ladies,” He asked.

“It seems you watched us all the while,” Alina replied.

“That would be correct,” he replied.

“It was great to be on earth, I had never seen it before, thank you for that,” Alice replied.

“Well watching the two of you has awoken desires I thought have been long since dead. I feel intimacy is not really a problem for any of us especially at this moment.”

“We agree,” the ladies said in unison.

“Just to make it a little easier you should refer to me as Aaron,” He said.

The room then turned into the depths of space it was something that Aaron had the ability to do so. He wished to spend with the two of them as they would too become immortal.

A bed appears and the three naked forms took to it. Aaron leaned back on the headboard and watched as the two women locked lips and embraced in a passionate manner. The then turned to him and set about his cock in a lustful manner. Alina sucked his cock as Alice cupped his balls in her mouth. The feeling of a double blow job even made an immortal feel as though he could die right now and be contented.

The ladies then switched places, Alina began with her tongue around his balls and Alice’s cock sucking abilities seemed unmatched as she went up and done constantly ramming his cock against the back of his throat. This continued as the ecstasy filled their very souls at that very moment.

Alice got off his cock and placed her vagina on his face and Aaron began to lick away and Alice revelled in the pleasure that was flowing through her veins. Alina meanwhile had got Aaron’s cock buried into her asshole and began to move up and down. All the while she was increasing the tempo as she acclimatised to his cock in her ass. She had never tried it before and now loved every single second of it deep inside her.

Alice’s pussy juice was spraying out of her she felt the tongue of Aaron pleasuring every inch of her now gorged pussy. It was wet and tingling and really made her want even more from Aaron’s centuries experienced tongue.

By now Alina was up and down Aaron’s cock as she soon got off for Alice to give it a go. Alice started with her pussy and eased herself onto his cock, she face away from him as she signalled Alina to offer her ass to Alice’s awaiting tongue, Aaron pumped his cock in and out Alice as he lay on the bed. Whilst this went on Alice began licking Alina’s now gaping asshole and lapped all the moisture that was present. Aaron signalled Alina over to him and then edged his way to the bed’s edge and grabbed Alice’s torso with his left hand and gripped her right leg with his right hand.

Aaron them stood up and began to pump away as Alice grinned in delight. Alina, got off the bed and to her knees and cupped his balls into her mouth as Alice was being pounded by Aaron’s cock.

Alice let out primal sounds as the ecstasy continued its occupation of every neuron and synapse of her brain. Alina got up and grabbed Alice she turned her upside down, all the while on Aaron’s cock. Once she was upside down Aaron had gripped her legs, Alina lifted Alice till she was perpendicular with Aaron’s waist, she stood over Alice’s mouth and gripped her arms and Alice began to lick away at Alina’s pussy. This sensation was driving Alice mad as was suspended, pleasuring and being pleasured.

Alice seemed ready to blow, and she did and her orgasm rocked through her, it was soon followed by Alina and it was made extra special by her particular position. Aaron soon felt an impending explosion.

“You ladies want some cum,” Aaron asked.

“Yes,” the ladies replied in unison.

“Let me give it to you,” Aaron said.

Alina lifted Alice off Aaron’s cock and the got to their knees as he soon shot his load in each of their faces and it was substantial as it shot on to their faces. They each sucked the last bit of cum into their mouths.

“We need to wash this off Aaron,” Alice said to him.

Aaron then snapped his fingers and they were in a jungle next to a jungle pool and waterfall.

“Why don’t you dive in, it’s more than deep enough,” Aaron said.

Alina dove in first, a graceful swan dive into the pool below, her head emerged from the water and she watched Alice jump in, she then emerged next to Alina and they embraced each other. Aaron soon dove in and appeared next to the ladies.

“You two up for another round,” Aaron asked.

Both ladies gave an approving nod.

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