My wife’s note was enough to excite me. The details of her sexual exploits with the maid sent waves of energy through me. Then, to go upstairs and see her and Angelica sexily clad in lingerie, booted heels, and strapped for play was so exhilarating that I could barely resist cumming in my pants.

“Hello, Ladies,” I said from the entry way to our bedroom.

My wife answered, “Shut up and come here.”

I did as I was told. I walked over to them, looking each of them over as I approached. I caught myself starting at their centers, each with a large rubber cock protruding from their hips. I arrived in front of my wife and we kissed long and hard. Our tongues danced back and forth passionately and I felt Angelica’s hands moving over my body. I tingled to her touch and the excitement of my wife’s kiss. I twitched a little when Angelica began rubbing my hard on through my pants.

My wife moved her hands downward and un-tucked my shirt to pull it over my head. Angelica undid my pants and pulled them, along with my boxers, to the floor. I stepped out of the cumbersome clothing and stood naked and vulnerable to them both.

Angelica stayed on her knees and my wife joined her. They stared at my cock for a moment then looked at each other. They locked in a kiss as passionate as the one my wife and I had just shared. Angelica continued to kiss my wife as she reached up and took my cock into her hand. She rubbed her soft hands up and down my shaft. Then she broke her kiss with my wife. They smiled at each other and Angelica grabbed the back of my wife’s head. She guided my wife’s mouth to my cock.

I nearly exploded to the warm wetness of my wife’s mouth. My wife took me full into her throat. Her tongue pressed tightly to the underside of my cock. The sensation was delightful. Then Angelica moved around behind me. She ran her hands up and down my legs, over my ass, and to my lower back. She moved her hands to my ass cheeks and opened me for her access. I felt the firm point of her tongue press hard against my hole, and I nearly came in my wife’s throat. Angelica’s tongue danced tight circles around my hole as my wife continued to suck. Then Angelica reached up around me and held my wife by her hair. My wife’s face held in place and Angelica buried her tongue in my ass. I began rocking back and forth, alternating between fucking my wife’s mouth and my ass with the maid’s tongue. I was so close to cumming that it was hard to stop when Angelica pulled away and let go of my wife’s hair.

Angelica stood up behind me and motioned for my wife to stand as well. She gave a quick order.

“Bed,” Angelica said with a hard slap on my ass.

I moved to the bed and crawled onto the high mattress. I looked over to see my wife rubbing lube all over her rubber cock. My wife then gave her order.

“On all fours.”

I got onto all fours and felt the weight on the mattress shift behind me. My wife had moved in between my legs and was rubbing the tip of her well-lubed rubber extension over my hole. Then Angelica positioned herself in front of me with her toy at my mouth. They both pushed forward simultaneously and I was immediately filled from both ends. My wife pumped into my ass while Angelica began to fuck my face. Each of my wife’s thrusts forced Angelica’s cock deeper into my mouth. I did all I could not to gag at the oral invasion and cum to the anal delight.

I covered Angelica’s dong with my spit before my wife pulled her cock from my ass. I could feel my ass gaping and begging for more. Angelica grabbed the back of my head and began to fuck my mouth feverishly. The back of the dildo was rubbing her clit and she soared into a moaning orgasm.

I heard my wife unbuckle her harness and she moved around next to Angelica. She gave Angelica a quick kiss and Angelica pulled her cock from my mouth. My wife then moved beneath me and were linked up in a “69″ position. She took my cock into her mouth once again and I buried my face into her pussy. My tongue was immediately soaked with her juices.

Angelica moved behind me and slid her slick cock into me. My begging ass was answered with a single, hard thrust. Angelica pounded into me while my wife and I exchanged oral favors. Suddenly, I felt my wife’s pussy clench my tongue. She reached down and grabbed my head. She held me still as she began to grind her clit against my mouth. She came hard against my tongue.

Her orgasm subsided and Angelica slowed her thrusting. Then my wife pulled away and turned over and around. She laid face-down beneath me.

“Fuck me,” she ordered and I eased down into her. My cock had no problem finding her sweet center and sliding into her. Angelica then picked up her thrusts once more. She pounded into me as I pounded into my wife. The sensation became too much to bear. I exploded. I sent stream after stream of thick cum into my wife until I was completely spent.

I collapsed onto my wife’s back and Angelica collapsed onto mine. We lay there panting in ecstasy until I broke the silence.

“Thank you, ladies,” I said exhausted, but grinning.

Angelica answered, “You’re welcome,” with one last hard thrust that sent a shockwave through me and my wife in simultaneous pleasure.

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