Chapter 3: Final Barrier

I awoke early, too early really. Mistress Zoë had her arms wrapped around my chest, holding me close. I could feel the regular rise and fall of her breathing against my back. As I lay there contentedly, I began to wonder why she had never asked me to do the two things that worried me; taking a cock in my mouth and in my ass. She’d teased me often about it, while I was sucking on her strap-on, or when she was pushing it into my butt, and I’d always said yes, I wanted a real dick. But she knew that I was carried away in the moment, in lust, that I didn’t really mean it. And then it struck me. That was why she never asked: she didn’t want to make me do anything that I wasn’t prepared to do.

So why was I so scared about this one thing? Because other people might think I was weird if they found out? I smiled to myself; I was lying here in a satin nightdress with a butt plug in my ass and I was worried that some stranger would think I was weird? I think not. So then, what? That I might like it? That I might actually turn out to be bi-sexual? Again, so what? I was certain Zoë and Kelly both were, so why not me as well? In any case, they loved me and I loved them, so nobody else mattered. It was irrational of me, like the lift. That was it! It was a phobia, and I should try to beat it. I WOULD beat it, and Zoë and Kelly would help me. I would do anything either of them asked of me, but they wouldn’t ask me to do this. So I was going to have to be the one who brought it up.

Mistress Zoë stirred, her face nuzzling into the side of my neck. Now was the time to say something, before I lost my resolve and changed my mind again.

“Mistress? Zoë? Are you awake?” I said softly.

“MMmm?” She murmured.

“Zoë, are you awake?” I asked again.

“No.” She said sleepily, her hand moving to my cock.

“Zoë, I want to do it.” I burst out.

“Do what?” She asked drowsily, still cupping my balls with her hand.

“I want a real cock. I want to feel what a real, live, dick feels like in my mouth, in my ass. What it’s like to have a mouthful of hot cum, and a butt-hole leaking spunk.”

Suddenly she sat up and looked down at me.

“You really mean it?” She asked, now fully awake.

“Yes.” I whispered, suddenly worried at my own impertinence.

“Why now sweetie?” She said softly, brushing my reddening cheek with her hand.

“Because, because I want to know what it feels like, because I want to be like you and Kelly, because I want to please you.”

“You always please me darling.” She said, giving my cheek a gentle kiss, and then nibbling on my earlobe. “In any case, I’m not sure I want my favourite Dolly to be used by some man.” She wanted me to beg; I could tell by the tone of her voice and the glint in her eye.

So I did.

“Pleeease Mistress. Please find me a real cock to suck on, and to fuck me.” I pleaded.

“We’ll see.” She said nonchalantly. I could tell she was already thinking about it though. She rolled me onto my back and sat on my chest, smiling down at me. Her nightie had become rucked up around her waist. My eyes went to the trimmed blonde pubes and then back up to her grinning face. “Convince me.” She said, a devilish grin spreading across her face. She planted her knees on my shoulders, leaving her pussy almost on my chin. “No hands.” She smirked, moving closer. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue and gently licked at her sex, running it up her pussy lips into the blonde bush just above her clit. She murmured in appreciation. I lapped again at her lips and then found her clit and swirled my tongue over it. She ground down on me and I pushed into her, sending my tongue as deep as I could. “Oh yes.” She breathed. “That’s a good dolly. I’m convinced.” She was getting wet and I could taste her. Her juices began to run down onto my face. I probed further, lapping up what I could. She fell forward onto her hands, her nightie covering me. Still I continued to tease her most intimate area with my tongue. Her breath was getting shorter and shorter, until she cried out and came, drenching me. Then the alarm went off. “Bugger.” She swore, reaching across and turning it off.

“Sorry Mistress. I have to go to work.” My voice was muffled.

“Yes, I know.” She sighed, getting off me. “Go and shower and then get your sweet butt back here. I’ll get your clothes ready.” I wasn’t sure I liked the sound of that. She could tell too. “Don’t worry, just go.” I went.

I came back into the bedroom and saw that she had only put out my work clothes, alongside which was a lingerie set of sheer nylon.

“Do you want me to wear the plug too?” I asked, beginning to put on the underwear.

“No. You don’t really need it anymore. Can you get tomorrow off?”

“Tomorrow? Shouldn’t be a problem. I have lots of time owing.”

“Good. I’ve something special planned for you, for us.”

“A cock?” I asked hopefully.

“Give me time!” She laughed. “No, this is something Kelly and I have been planning for a while, and I got an e-mail last night telling me the things we’d ordered are ready to be picked up. Now get!” She slapped my ass as I pulled on my work clothes over the lingerie. “Or I’m going to be late too.”

I arrived back at the apartment to find Mistress Zoë already home and opening a parcel.

“I got them!” She said excitedly.

“Got what?” I asked.

“Your surprise. Go and see if Kelly is home, she paid for half of this, so she should see it too.” Obligingly I trotted off to fetch Kelly, wondering what was in the parcel. Zoë’s excitement indicated whatever it was in the package wasn’t just a new set of clothes.

I knocked on Kelly’s door.

“Has it arrived then?” She asked as she opened it. There was excitement in her eyes too.

“Apparently. What is it that’s got the pair of you so worked up?” I asked.

“You’ll find out. Come on.” She practically ran to our apartment. I followed on, by now totally intrigued.

Zoë was waiting impatiently as we came in.

“Go and shower.” She ordered me. “And make sure you get all the hair off your chest and lower body.” Shrugging I went, leaving them giggling as they unpacked the mysterious parcel.

I returned to the front room to find them ready with my clothes for the evening.

“Come on; tell me what was in the box.” I said, now exasperated.

“These.” Mistress said, producing three objects from the box. Two of them looked like fake tits, and I couldn’t tell what the third was.

“And what are they?”

“Prosthetics.” Kelly said.


“Fake tits and a fake pussy. For you.” Zoë smiled.

“And how do I wear them? Inside my underwear?”

“No silly. They’re glued to your body with a special adhesive. That’s why you needed to be smooth. Now come here and be transformed.” Mistress ordered.

I stepped over to where she was indicating.

“Will the glue work?” I asked. “These things won’t come unstuck at some awkward moment will they.”

“It says not.” Kelly said, reading from a leaflet from the parcel. They spread the adhesive onto the items and my body. Kelly carefully positioned the fake breasts in place while Mistress Zoë lined up the false pussy. She had to manoeuvre my cock into a special ‘pocket’ before she stuck the whole thing down.

“Now lie still for half an hour while it sticks.” She said.

“What are you going to do?”

“Kelly and I are going to get dressed for a girls night out. Then we’ll come and dress you.” She said. “Now keep your hands away from them.” She slapped my hand away from where I had been moving it towards one of the protuberances on my chest.

“How long will they stay on?” I asked.

“The adhesive lasts for twenty four hours. That’s why you needed the day off tomorrow.” With that Zoë and Kelly left me to go and get dolled up for the night.

I lay still, my mind wandering to what might happen this evening. Maybe tonight I would get to taste cock in my mouth and even up my ass. I began to look forward to it, although I still felt a nagging worry. I shook my head: No, I did want to do it. I did want to be like Kelly and Mistress. I did.

“I do.” I whispered.

“You do what?” Mistress said, coming back into the room to stand beside where I was lying.

“You know.” I said, going red. “I want to feel a cock in me.”

“Then let’s go and find you one. Get up.”

I stood up carefully, not knowing if the glue had worked. It had.

“They’re stuck.” I said.

“Good. Now let’s get you dressed.” She handed me a fresh pair of black hold-up stockings. I sat to slip them on, loving the sleek feel of the nylon on my legs once more. The black silk underwear was next. The bra fitted snugly over my fake tits, revealing a generous cleavage that I’d not had before. Kelly came in and smiled at me. She was carrying a pair of ankle boots that she handed to me. “The dress first.” Zoë said, passing me a sleek black dress similar to the ones she and Kelly were wearing. I slipped it on, smoothing it down as Kelly zipped me in.

“This feels nice.” I said. “Which wig do you want me to wear Mistress?”

“I think we should all be blondes.” She laughed. “And put your make-up on while you’re there, you should be able to do it yourself by now.” I went to the dresser and completed my look for the evening. Kelly helped me a little and Zoë came over and nodded her approval when we’d finished. “Let’s go ladies.” The sound of that thrilled me strangely.

I wasn’t looking too bad; although I felt the other two were looking better, but as a trio, we looked pretty stunning and fairly similar. We went to a club on the far side of town. It was a small club, intimate; busy but not heaving. The three of us settled down at one of the tables. We were attracting some admiring glances; at least I think it was all three of us, the other two definitely were. Probably it was we were all dressed so alike except the silky scarf I wore around my neck. After a couple of drinks Kelly and then Zoë got up to dance. I considered it for a moment but I knew I’d never be able to dance like a girl convincingly; I could barely dance as a man! So I sat and watched them having fun, nursing my drink. I began to feel strangely towards the men they danced with. Zoë noticed as she sat back down.

“What’s the matter sweetie?” She asked after ordering another round of drinks.

“I’m sorry Mistress, but I think I’m feeling jealous.”

“Jealous? Of who?” She frowned slightly.

“I’m not sure.”

“Explain.” She leant forward.

“I’m either jealous of those guys who get to dance with you or…”

“Or what? Come on, tell me.”

“Or I think it might actually be I’m jealous of you and Kelly,” I went red and looked down at the floor.

“Me and Kelly? Why?”

“Because…Because, and I know how stupid this sounds, because I want to try and please a man.”

She laughed.

“You only made your mind up this morning about wanting to get a man in your mouth, you little slut, you.”

“I know. I said it was silly.”

“All right.” She sighed. “We might as well try and satisfy your new craving.” She moved closer to me. “See one you fancy?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t know what I’m looking for.” I must have looked crestfallen.

“Then Kelly and I will find someone for you.” She said, kissing me on the cheek before going back to the dance floor to speak to Kelly. Kelly looked over at me and smiled, nodding her head. And then I lost sight of them as they were swallowed up by the crowd of dancers.

About ten minutes later one of the male bar staff came over to our table.

“Mind if I sit here? I’m on a break.” He said. “And your friends said you were feeling a bit lonely.” He added as I nodded my acquiescence. We chatted for a little while, me using my ‘little girl’ voice, and then he just came out with it. “Your friends also said you were looking for a little ‘action’?” He phrased it as a question.

“Umm, well, yes, I suppose I am.” I squeaked.

“Come with me then.” He stood and held out his hand. I took it and followed him, excitement rising in me. This was it! He led me behind the bar and into the service lift used to move the stuff up to the bar. This made me nervous for two reasons. One was my ever-present phobia; the other was my rising anticipation. He pulled the shutters closed and the lift rose up the one floor, where he turned off the power.

“Don’t want to be interrupted do we?” He smiled. I shook my head, too excited to speak now. “You have a pretty mouth.” He said. “I can’t wait to see it around my cock.” Neither could I now.

I lowered myself to my knees and unzipped him, pulling his dick out. He smiled down as I looked at it, the first cock other than my own that I had really seen. I ran my hand over his stiffening member, feeling the bumps and ridges. He moaned softly. Now! I thought to myself. I was going to do it. I tentatively poked out my tongue and licked at his knob head, tasting the beginnings of his pre-cum. He moaned again as I slipped the head between my lips, my tongue still teasing his pee-hole. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him towards me, his cock sliding deeper into my mouth as Mistress had taught me with her strap-on. “Oh, that’s good!” He breathed. Pleased, I began to move my head backwards and forwards, his dick seeming to throb as I did so. This was so different to sucking on a plastic prick. I could feel the veins in his cock pulsing, could smell his aroma as he got more aroused. I swirled my tongue around his length. Apparently Mistress had taught me well. He laid his hands on my head and began to control my movements, his length reaching the back of my throat. My own cock was leaking pre-cum in its confined space by now but I wasn’t thinking about that. I just wanted to feel this wonderful dick gushing its load into my throat. I slowly increased my pace, my head bobbing along his shaft, my mouth clamped tightly around it, my tongue teasing it. His moaning began to increase along with his breathing. It would be soon I realised. “I’m cumming!” He gasped. I stopped moving, his cock all the way into my throat, and he let loose his load. Spunk spurted into my stomach. He pulled back slightly and filled my mouth with his second spurt. Jizz tasted different straight from the source.

As his climax subsided he took his cock out of my mouth and pulled me up.

“That was awesome girl.” He breathed.

“It was? I’m glad.” I said, still using y ‘little girl’ voice. I looked around at my surroundings for the first time, and realised we were still in the service lift. I had been so intent on what I was doing I hadn’t had time to be scared. The shutters opened suddenly and there was a second member of the staff there.

“There you are.” He said. “Zoë said you could help me with this.” He pulled out a stiff cock. Mesmerised I shuffled over and took this second dick in my hand. It was shorter but thicker than the first one, the owner of which was leaning back against the wall, the aforementioned cock stiffening again in his hand. I leant forward and licked at this new prick, teasing the head before opening my mouth wide and taking it into my mouth. The thickness of it was a problem at first but I quickly got used to it. It tasted slightly different too. It was soon thrusting in and out of my mouth. Out of the corner of my eye I saw the first guy walk up behind me, his dick now hard in his hand. Stopping momentarily I turned to him.

“You want to stick that in my ass?” I asked coyly.

“Can I?”

“Just take it slowly.” I said, returning my attention to the cock waving in my face.

The guy behind knelt down before rucking my dress up over my hips and my panties down to my knees. And then I felt the head of his stiff rod at the entrance to my ass. He rubbed my saliva from his cock into my asshole and then slowly pushed. I grunted around the dick in my mouth as I felt the head pass my sphincter muscle and then he was in, sinking his full length up my butt. My head swimming, I marvelled again at the difference between a real cock and a fake one. I could feel the heat from the two pricks inside me as I was double-teamed from both ends. I felt my own dick shooting cum into its pocket, dribbling from my false cunt like it was pussy juice. I rocked back and forth between the twin cocks, lost in my lust, and in a lift! I was feeling like never before, even when Zoë and Kelly had both taken me in this way with their strap-on’s. One moment I had a face full of pubic hair as I took the thick cock all the way into my throat, the next I had a pair of balls slapping the back of my thighs as the longer dick thrust deep into my bowels. The pace quickened as they both got more excited. I tried to slow them down; I wanted this feeling to last as long as possible, but to no avail. Suddenly my mouth was full of cum again. My hands pulled the guy towards me, holding him in until he’d stopped cumming, sucking all the spunk from his marvellous dick before I let him go. Now I concentrated on being butt-fucked. I began to clench my ass as he pulled away, and relaxed it as he plunged back in. I couldn’t keep it up for long as I came again. I’d never cum twice without something touching my cock before. I dropped to my elbows, raising my ass higher. It felt like he was fucking me deeper than ever, which didn’t seem possible.

“I’m close.” He grunted.

“Do it! Shoot your jizz into my butt. I want it all in my ass.” I cried.

As I shouted out, he came with a rush, shooting out thick spunk into my rear entrance. He inched back and released more into me, and then again before he slipped from me. I quickly turned and began to clean off his cock, again sucking the last of his jizz out.

“Are you gonna come back to the club again?” He panted.

“I might. Why?” I cocked my head girlishly.

“Because I’ve never had a fuck like that before.”

“Nor me.” I grinned truthfully.

“I’d like to see you again.”

“Me too.” Said the second guy who was still there.

“We’ll see.” I said, standing up and pulling my panties up before smoothing my dress down again. “Thank you.” I said, kissing them both on the cheek before heading for the stairs and the dance floor below.

Mistress Zoë and Kelly were waiting for me at our table.

“Well?” Mistress raised her eyebrow.

“Thank you Mistress. It was better than I’d imagined.” I kissed her and then Kelly too. “It was so exciting to be fucked in my mouth and ass by two real cocks.”

“So, we’re redundant now?” Zoë said, a smile playing across her face.

“NO! Never. I’ll always be yours Mistress. To do with as you please.”

“I know it!” She laughed. “Did you try out your new pussy?” I shook my head. “Do you want to?”

“With you and Kelly? Please.” I nodded.

“Come on then.” They took a hand each and led me home.

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