(This story contains characters from the 7th season of House MD and takes place a few months after the events of the series finale.)

Martha M. Masters sat at the very front of her class, scribbling frantically. She hadn’t missed a single word so far in a 2-hour lesson and she had no intention of slipping up now.

The young redhead was nearing the end of her time as an intern at Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Soon she would receive her degree as a fully-fledged doctor. The lecture she was attending wasn’t even required for her course, but Masters, being the nerd that she was, rationalized that a little extra knowledge never hurt anyone.

Deciding to continue her residency had taken time, in fact her first real break since she’d started studying medicine over 5 years ago. For all those years she had never wavered in her belief that this was her correct career path, that she belonged to this profession. Then she met House.

The time she spent working with the man had been the most bizarre, challenging and inspiring of her life. But it was also intense, insane and morally grey. By the end of her time with him she was stressed, fried and totally at a loss. All of her values had been put under question, her will tested. Hence the 3 month vacation.

The holiday had done the redhead good and she had spent the time freely enjoying the sunnier side of the world. Masters liked to think she’d matured as a result.

When she heard House had gone to prison Masters was forced to except reality. It was time for her to finish what she had started, get her degree and move forward from there. Without House issuing her insane challenges anymore becoming a Doctor actually seemed easy in comparison.

And so here she was, back in the hospital where it all began, pencil in hand, simply waiting for her time to end. With little left for her to do to complete her training Master’s had been at a loss, still desperate to improve herself. Then she discovered Dr. Hadley.

The young doctor had also worked under House, taken his crap, fought the same battles Masters had. Like the redhead Dr.Hadley had come close to the edge of oblivion, yet she was stronger for it and was respected by all for her achievements. Master’s simply idolized her. That was why she was here essentially, in the brunette’s class.

Masters watched as the brunette Doctor used a hand to stroke her long wavy hair over an ear, surveying the class. As she moved across the stage the young woman gesticulated at the image displayed on the board behind her.

For a person within a position of authority within the hospital, Dr.Hadley had made minimal effort to dress professionally, instead choosing clothes which teased the male students she taught endlessly. The young doctor wore black jeans, perhaps her tightest yet, and heels, which emphasized her toned frame. Complimenting these, a loose airy purple blouse was thrown casually over another of her casual tank tops. Masters’ eyes lingered a few seconds longer than was necessary before she remembered where she was. Quickly her attention returned to her notes.

Once House was arrested it quickly became apparent to Thirteen she was out of a job. After her own year in prison the brunette simply had nowhere left to go. Only house would take on a doctor/ ex con and she had been grateful to him for it. But now he was gone she had to face reality. Life would never be as exciting again.

The hospital board had been kind however, offering her a teaching job in House’s absence. It was a long shot but she was glad of the work and it kept her busy while she pursued other, less reputable interests. Despite this she doubted the position would last. She was a terrible teacher and she doubted she could get away with fucking any students. The brunette did her best to hide it, but she was desperately horny. It had been a while…

The lessons consisted of simple, beginner’s stuff, bodily functions and explanations of internal symptoms. Easy, inherently boring topics. To keep from going insane she paid more attention to her students.

From her vantage point she could measure up every young person in attendance. Thirteen, as always, was particularly interested in the girls that made up her class. All healthy, attractive and as bored as she was. There was however, a single redhead that especially caught her attention, who acted differently from the rest.

Masters had sat at the front of every one of Thirteen’s lectures, asking questions at every possible opportunity. Whilst others half-heartedly listened, prepared to cram last minute rather than actually taking notes, this girl actively took part and seemed fully absorbed.

At first it had been kind of annoying, the redhead was after all way too advanced in her training for this class, supposedly being some kind of genius. So the brunette had been curt with her answers. But after a while Thirteen had had no choice other than to take Masters in, since the girl spent so much time vying for her attention and the brunette had effectively become the girl’s mentor.

Thirteen studied Masters now as she talked. The redhead was small and cute, dressed like a classic teacher’s pet. Not that Thirteen minded, after all she was the teacher. The redhead wore a surprisingly short skirts, this one black and adorned in flower motifs. Thirteen doubted it was intentional, but the hem of those tapered skirts ended just below the curve of her adorably pert behind. She also wore heeled pumps in a desperate attempt to increase her height and socks that came up to her knees. Then there were the tops, which were all crisp, yet stretched like she hadn’t changed them since before puberty. This just resulted in the garments struggling to contain the young, supple breasts within. Today’s blue number yet again failed to hide the glorious round globes. The wide black belt wrapped around her midriff, coupled with the girl’s excellent posture, thrust her assets forward.

The girl was undeniably adorable, jotting away determinedly as Thirteen talked at length about the lower digestive tract and sphincter, personally her most intensely studied regions. She watched intently as the girl’s big brown eyes flitted between her notepad and the brunette herself, all from beneath her fringe, which had become longer and less tidy since her time under House’s tenure.

Thirteen didn’t tend to rob the cradle when she could avoid it, Masters carrying a little more baby fat than her usual conquests. But the brunette was hornier than ever and there was something about this girl that presented a challenge she simply could not pass up. She was tenacious and oblivious to how the rest of the world functioned. Thirteen became wet just imagining showing her how things really worked.

So when the young redhead asked for a moment of her time as the lecture finished, the brunette was powerless to resist, telling the girl to wait a second whilst she finished packing her bags.

As the other students filed out noisily, Masters waited patiently at the desk just off to the side of the stage, nervous to finally have her teacher’s full attention. She fidgeted, holding her books tightly against her chest as Dr. Hadley came over, smiling.

“Dr. Masters, I’m glad you’ve been taking such a keen interest, but I couldn’t help but notice you’ve been taking even more notes than usual today. Fascinated by the rectum?”

Master blushed furiously, stumbling over words and averting her eyes as she replied: “Well of course the whole body is fascinating, but the sphincter just seems so off-limits, so private. Knowledge is power right??”

Thirteen feigned a frown, though internally she allowed herself a giggle. This girl was clearly a virgin, so uptight and nervous.

“You understand as a doctor there can be no region of the body your uncomfortable or unfamiliar with, right?”

Masters bit her lip, looking down at her shoes.

“I-I know, but I can’t exactly get much experience of that region unless a patient comes in with a rectal ailment. Did you know only 2.5% of cases require the doctor to handle the anus? Weird right??”

“I think it’s weirder that you know that…” Thirteen replied, though again she smiled warmly.

Again there was silence, Masters swaying awkward before she built up the courage to ask what she had been intending throughout the lecture: “I was just wondering if you knew anyway I could get some practice? You know, in that area…”

For a moment Thirteen was speechless. It was like this girl was offering herself to the brunette on a silver platter! She tried to stay calm, speaking slowly and carefully when she replied: “Well I can’t summon a patient here for you to examine, but I could give you some basic one on one instruction. Of course, only if you’re up for it…”

Masters nodded enthusiastically, thrilled to have a chance to learn from and maybe even prove herself to her idol.

“Well… Do you know Dr. Malcolm’s thesis on the lower digestive tract?” asked Thirteen pointing to one of the books in the redhead’s arms.

Again Masters just nodded.

“You think you could use that amazing memory of yours to draw the full Malcolm diagram on my board?”

Master’s leapt at the chance to impress the brunette Doctor and eagerly took a chalk piece from the young woman. Soon she was sketching away, a large image of the rectum, sectioned down the middle, began taking shape on the board.

Thirteen-leant back on the desk, watching as the girl worked tirelessly, eyes drawn to the girl’s sweet little behind as she wiggled from left to right.

When Masters finished she turned to Thirteen intently, who addressed her once more as a teacher would a student:

“Not bad, so we at least know now that you have an idea of where everything is. But there’s a difference between understanding and experiencing how a procedure works.”

Thirteen rose from her leaning position and strode over to Masters, grabbing her firmly by the shoulders and turning her slowly so that she faced the board once more, before pushing the redhead forward and directing her palms onto its surface. Now Masters was mere millimeters from her own diagram, perplexed by where this was going.

“Now I’m going to try a visualization technique which will help you identify with your patient. Close your eyes and imagine your diagram.

Masters did as she was told, and Thirteen watched gleefully as her brow furrowed in concentration. Then the brunette allowed her own hands to slide down the young redhead’s back slipping along her spine, inching her waist forward until she was in a more arched position, like Masters was doing push ups against the board.

Masters big brown eyes sprung open as she felt a hand descend onto one of her ass cheeks, gasping as long fingers squeezed her skirt clad buttocks.

Master’s attempted to turn but Thirteen used another firm hand to hold her in place.

“Sorry but I was just wondering how this will help me learn…” Masters flinched, yelping mid-sentence as the brunette slapped a palm against one of her cheeks before continuing to fondle her most private region. Had she just been spanked?

“Shhhhh! Keep those eyes closed and remember what I’ve taught you. The best way to understand a treatment is to know its application inside out. This way you can get to grips with every aspect and relate to the patient. Did you know you have a perfect behind? Supple, tight but with plenty of give??

Masters shook her head, deeply embarrassed whilst also flattered. Mainly however, she was thoroughly perplexed.

“Well it is perfect. Now seeing as you’re so interested I suppose I could demonstrate how to work with the female posterior… Just stay still whilst I make some adjustments.”

Masters obediently stayed in position against the board as Thirteen crossed to the lecture room’s door and locked it, before pulling the blind. Then she opened her rucksack and pulled out a tub of her homemade lubricant.

The clear gel was a freshly mixed batch of thirteen’s secret aphrodisiac. When applied to a woman’s privates the formula drastically increases sex drive by stimulating hormones. The poor virgin redhead wouldn’t know what hit her.

Thirteen then repositioned herself behind the anxious girl, placing the now open tub on the rim of the blackboard before them, where chalk was usually kept.

Masters didn’t resist when she felt Dr. Hadley press a hand into the small of her back forcing her to turn her head so that her cheek was against the chalky surface. Her bosoms soon followed suit. This left her back arched and her butt dangerously vulnerable.

“Do you trust me Masters, as your teacher??”

“Of course I do.”

And the redhead genuinely did trust Thirteen, in spite of her current vulnerability. Dr. Hadley was a colleague and her teacher. Masters was so desperate to be a better doctor she was prepared to sacrifice a little dignity.

“Alright, then I need you to lean forward more and widen your stance. That’s better.”

Thirteen used her feet to push Masters’ own further apart before pulling the girl’s hips back into her own. Then her hands delved back between the soft globes beneath her.

Masters shuddered as Dr. Hadley began sliding her hands slowly, almost sensually up the back of her thighs before finally reaching her virgin behind, pushing her skirt up and around her waist. The brunette then began methodically squeezing and weighing her soft globes, as if her butt was a ripe piece of fruit.

Martha remembered however, what her fellow doctor had told her and visualized the female posterior whilst her own was so close to being violated. Thankfully for Thirteen this kept her distracted enough to keep her anxiety at bay.

Behind the brunette licked her lips, eyes glued to the succulent baby bottom of the girl before her. She was so innocent, so easy to manipulate. Even the intern’s panties reflected her virginity, girly y-fronts decorated with bright rainbow colours. The brunette didn’t let this distract her from her prize however and slipped the tiny childish garment over the girl’s butt focusing on the rosebud concealed beneath.

Master’s opened her dark eyes once more as she felt her undies drop to between her spread ankles, suddenly realizing the true nature of this learning technique. She was prepared to step back and confront Thirteen on this latest development, but the brunettes strong stance still held the redhead powerless, against the board.

“Dr. Hadley, I’m not sure if I’m ready to experience this, I’m not even a full doctor yet.”

Thirteen pressed her crotch and chest into the girl’s back, becoming flush with her prey against the blackboard, brushing hair over Masters’ ear before breathing into it seductively:

“This will liberate you Masters. Even help loosen up your patient care. I’m doing all the work and this is just a favour. Why would you back out?”

Thirteen rubbed the girl’s tight ring with one hand, drawing a finger around it soothingly and in ever-smaller circles. This distracted the girl’s attention from what the other hand was doing, delving into the tub just beside them and gathering gel between her digits.

“I- I know, but I’ve never even been touched d-down there. And I ate recently…”

“I’ll be nice and gentle, just visualize what I’m doing to you and name the components I touch. Easy.”

“ohhkay, I… mmmmpph! I ohh, unngh!”

Masters whimpered as she felt her soft virginal cheek being pulled forcefully apart before a long finger was worked into her tight sphincter. It felt so wrong and yet immediately she became hotter and wet.

Thirteen had to push hard to insert her index finger, the redhead was so tight and tensed up. The young girl had to rise up onto her tiptoes just to accommodate the intrusion and she desperately widened her already stretched stance. Clearly she was going to have to relax the girl further. So without waiting for permission she moved her other hand between Masters’ legs, cupping the quivering girls snatch and then messaging her soft clitoris.

Masters bucked involuntarily pressing herself even harder into the wall, before feeling a new sensation. This other intrusion into her other most private orifice felt good, really good. The slightest movement sent waves of pleasure to her brain and within seconds she was more relaxed, even wanting more.

Thirteen felt the girl beneath sigh and uncoil from her built up tension. The redhead was like putty in her hands, melting into the brunette. Then she felt the poor girl’s stomach rumble and braced herself.

Masters groaned and then reddened violently when she began involuntarily passing gas, her whole body shaking as she got some much needed release.

Thirteen grinned, this girl was so tightly wound that this reaction had been inevitable. And the fart had been an adorable drawn out squeak.

“I’m so sorry Dr. Hadley, that was totally inappropriate and embarrassing. I…”

Thirteen cut her off sharply: “Shhhhh. It’s totally natural. The first thing you need to learn as a doctor is to give up on embarrassment, you need to let these things fly to put your patient at ease.” Thirteen rubbed her the redhead’s stomach, before continuing: “Just remember that you can’t control your reaction and focus on how your body’s automatic responses. I’m going to go deeper now.”

Thirteen then began adding another finger, slowly and as softly as possible. Masters’ adorable rosebud clamped down on both hard but this was only a minor defensive reaction and soon Thirteen had squeezed in two digits up to the knuckle. Then to loosen her up sufficiently, the brunette began twisting and turning them inside the girl’s back passage.

The small redhead struggled to get a hold of what was being done to her. The sensation of her mentor’s fingers delving into her behind both extremely strange but also weirdly pleasurable. As Dr. Hadley twisted her hand around her sphincter the small girl gradually began to move in sync with her.

Martha nearly buckled when Thirteen withdrew her fingers, but then tensed as a cold gel was slapped in generous quantities onto her anus and then pressed deep into her sphincter. Soon she began to feel a growing warmth which made it increasingly hard for her to concentrate on her knowledge of the digestive tract.

Thirteen watched the redhead fall apart before her, as Masters began twitching and gyrating involuntarily. Soon her thighs began rubbing together feverishly as the gel began dripping down her stockings. Thirteen had to physically stop and pull the girl’s legs apart before continuing. Dealing with an intense virgin like Masters was tougher than she first thought possible.

Masters felt a hand rise to her mouth and instinctively opened it to speak. Before she could however the digits, which until recently had been in her butt, were stuffed between her pink lips.

The redhead gagged, attempting to spit out the digits, unable to comprehend what she was tasting. Before she could respond properly however Dr. Hadley’s other hand speared back into her own pooper and she was pressing herself against the board once more. This time another digit had been added and Martha was glad to have a distraction, whilst sucking hard helped her to keep quiet.

The brunette’s hand also tasted surprisingly good, long fingers sliding deep into her own mouth. She sucked at them diligently. The red head realized she was tasting her own ass, which was both tart and earthy. But it felt so good, almost addictive like she was sucking on her own thumb. At least, that was how she rationalized it.

Thirteen kept Masters hooked to her fingers, knowing the redhead was powerless to resist the intoxicating gel. The girl was soon slurping greedily at her hand like she was possessed and this made it easy for the brunette to focus on the girl’s exposed behind.

So the young doctor redoubled her efforts now using four fingers to spread her formula over the tight walls of Masters’ anus, swirling and pumping until the girl was even more cooperative.

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