Another Story, Just for you. (Well, not anymore.)


Author’s Note: Though not posted in order, this is the last story I wrote for her. Unlike the other ones, this erotic story actually featured us. As before, I changed names around. I thought about taking out some of the kinkier/more personal shit, but I thought about it and I realized that raw, awkward, private crazy intimacy is part of what made this story so special for me. I suppose in all erotic fiction, the author is exposing some of their fantasies, and make themselves vulnerable by publishing them.

Again, nerdy LARP references abound. My apologies to those of you who don’t understand the context. Even more apologies to those of you who do.

~ Tendermindholes


I smile at you over my iced Tuxedo- a mocha made from both white and milk chocolate. It was my drink of choice at the Naked Lounge, my favorite local cafe, and I was looking at my favorite person. I smiled, sipping my mocha- and the sweetness filled my throat. As I looked at you, my eyes also drank in your own mocha sweetness: the one who I loved talking to, who I loved being around, who filled my heart with even more joy.

“So, there Zajika and Harmony were, we went to the club. Sooooo… Zajika fed off some guy who was on E and she started tripping, right? Harmony found out what happened and tried to scoop me up…and so then Zajika dropped to the floor and rolled around on the floor in circles. People were staring at us and so we wouldn’t look weird, Harmony decided to get down on the floor and roll around with me. Oh my god Tim, we had like ten mortals doing that with us by the end of the scene. I think we hurt John’s soul when he ran that for us. It was so awesome!”

I laughed, imagining Zajika, with her blonde and orange foxy-hued hair right aside Harmony with her own cotton-candy do, just pinwheeling around on the dance floor of some club. Though I sometimes winced at some of the stuff you got into with as Zajika (like I had any room to talk when I played Theo), or just have to shake my head at the drama bombs you could lay with your character, your adventures as Zajika always cracked me the fuck up.

I reach out my hand to lightly stroke yours. You start a bit, then relax- I’ve grown to find your fidgets like the rest of you, quirky and adorable.

More and more, you were able to relax around me. Like I mentioned before, you could always be a bit jittery, and I accepted and was happy about where you were at. Enjoying the progress we’ve made, I smile and drink in your beauty. That smile of yours, with your small, yet sensually full lipped and expressive mouth with those lips I loved to kiss, I looked at your skin- it was almost August and it was now so dark from the sun. You’re beautiful at any shade, your skin a nice, smooth milk-chocolate complexion, I loved the way the light would sparkle off your lip piercing, and the way your black, wavy hair fell from from your brow, it is long enough to frame your all of your shoulders now.

“What?” You say, looking around a bit nervously,”Tim, you’re staring again.”

I smile,”I can’t get over how beautiful you are.”

You scoff, almost hiding a blush under your mocha colored skin,”You say that every time, you dork.”

I smiled at her,”I mean that every time.”

You inhale and sigh happy, looking down a bit,”Really…you really mean that?”

I loved making up new expressions every time you ask this question, and you do too,

“Does Petie make baby powder look like blush?”

“Is Theo Jealous?” You smile impishly- and then look down a bit nervously. It wasn’t nearly the touchy subject it had been for a few weeks ago, but still…

“Of Archon Casper?” I smirked, pouring on the facetiousness, laughter in my eyes.

Your laughter is abrupt, bubbling forth from your beautiful mouth. I loved that sound. You have such a open laugh. “Just because he asked me out to New Orleans…”

“…and Zajika is a racist for not hanging out in poo-water.” I finish.

“Fucking Theo…” You say, rolling your eyes in mock irritation.

“I know…that Zajika is a kinky bitch for it.” You look around nervously and look down shyly, the conversation would be utterly, deliciously random- and all ours, if we weren’t boxed in by hipsters.

“…Yeah.” You happily confess,”Theo likes it too, right?”

“Theo is confused and pissy about everything…but the guy in the driver’s seat absolutely adores our scenes.”

“We are so going to dance together Tim- even if it means we just sway.”

I nod, and look forward to that moment.

I sip my drink, and I get whipped cream in my mustache, you smile mischievously, taking your finger and give me that “Hey there stud”, look, and start to lick it off your finger, and press it between your full, violet lips.

Smiling, a smile creeping across my face,”I love my mocha.”

You look at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes of yours, those eyes that have become such a part of my world, and in that playful flirty tones of yours you tell me,”I know you do.”

About to say something, your eyes widen as you see a squirrel running across the fence.

I love that look you get when you’re distracted by “The Cute”, so wide and open and honest. Wonderfully childlike on what is obviously a woman. You never have lost that sense of wonder, of play.

I remember when we were at that buffet I showed you, and we saw that cute little Asian kid, the one who couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, and you waved, and pointed him out to me. I waved too, and I smiled at him as he waved back. I’m building up a stockpile of moments like that with you in my mind, adding yet another gem to the treasure chest of the wealth of love I have for you.

I love how you are with children, a natural- and I greatly look forward to seeing you with ours someday.

I’m so busy watching you, I don’t realize how quickly I finished my coffee. Your fruit drink is almost half-full and I watch you absent absentmindedly play with the straw.

“I’m hungry!” You say abruptly. Your mind often dances from spot to spot- only when you’re sad, angry or stoned does it stay in one place for long. It’s a nice contrast to the way mine worked. I tended to dwell, or overly focus on what I was working on.

“For what?” I ask, I already know what you want, but I liked asking you to see the enthusiasm in your response.

“BUFFET!” You exclaim, your expressive brown eyes wide and animated, people stared, perturbed for some reason by your exuberance.

“Do you want the rest of your drink Luba?” I ask.

“I dunno…” You look at me again.”…buffet.”

“It has pineapple in it Luba.” I remind you very solemnly. I know how much you loved pineapples,” And it’s hot- this is nice and cold”

“Yes!” You look at me,” Then Buffet?”

“Yeah- let me get something to take it with us…” You whine plaintively, as I pull it away you grab my wrist, spilling a bit of it, and you suck the straw. I stand there patiently, and you smile that innocent, yet wicked little smile of yours and you lick some of the little drops that have fallen onto the little web of flesh where my thumb meets my forefinger.

You can see my own flush and you grin.

“Baby Octopi Timmah?” Your eyes looking at me full of hope.

“Let’s go!” I proclaim, “Could you hand me my backpack Mija?”

You grab it by it’s handle, the weight almost causes you to fall over.

“How can you even lift this?!?!” You ask almost almost accusingly.

I chuckle, reaching out to take it from you with one hand, easily shrugging it onto my shoulders, and I chuckle “Because I have to, I guess.”

“What do you have in there, rocks?” I let you walk in front of me and get the gate- just as much, if not more me wanting to watch your ass and hips swaying than politeness, you look back at me, catch me staring, you look back over your shoulder giving me a “naughty boy” look- driving the point home by swaying your ass a bit more.

My eyes leave the fullness of your ass, to go back to your eyes and I laugh,” Heavier- books. That, and my flute, snacks for school, supplies, a few reading books- stuff like that. I can run with it, so it’s not too much.”

You shake your head at me like I’m crazy, but I can tell you like it.

It’s later now, the sun is starting to set and it’s cooling off. Summer evenings in Sacramento are wonderful cool and aside from the occasional offending dumpster, they smell sweet of blooming flowers and trees.

The coffee shop is on Fifteenth and Q, not very far from restaurant, only nine blocks or so.

We walk, leaning against me, our hands brushing against each other as we walked, you’ll look at me and smile, then look away bashfully, I’ll look at you and smile in return.

It’s a nice night, and the iced drinks were a good refreshment. I had picked you up from the Amtrak station- it was your day off, but you had some things to do with your friend Peach earlier in the day. It wasn’t bad timing for me, because I had school that day. However, neither of us had eaten and we were both hungry.

We’re walking, leisurely. The buffet will be there, and though we’re hungry- both of us have had such busy weeks that it’s nice to just relax a bit…Though just being near you, being able to smell your scent you has me hard as a rock. I’ve done my best to hide it, to focus on the conversation.

“I’ve almost finished inking that comic.” You let me know, pride on your face.

Waiting for the cross walk to turn green, I turn to you, nudging you along gently, “Oh?”

“Yeah, I’m so excited.”

“I am too. Do all of us get a copy?” I ask.

“No, I’m gonna post it on the net, but you can look at mine!” Your eyes search mine for signs of approval.

“Right on, the price of publishing is prohibitive these days.” I smile…,”Petie, Peach, Kevin, Norman and me in a comic book, we’re gonna be immortal because of you!”

“Well, when I can I will..” You stop abruptly”Oh hey, what’s that?”

“What? Oh down there, just a place in between two houses.”, I ask, puzzled…you and your ADHD,” What did you see?”

“I swear I saw a baby bird hopping along…can we look Tim, please?”, Your eyes big and hopeful…and your grin big and shining.

It’s a rather long space, about 20 feet, that happens in Midtown sometimes, and the bushes in front obscured us from the road a bit.

“I don’t see anything…”

You kiss me full on the lips, your tongue searching my mouth, and your hand is on the front of my jeans.

“Is this for me Timmah?”, You ask, knowing full well it is.

I nod, my legs spread and I lean against the wall, we can hear people walking across the street, but they couldn’t see us.

“I have to taste you before dinner…I want you to shoot your load down my throat, I want your cum to mix with that tasty seafood…c’mon stud, let me suck your cock in this alley.” I was helpless before your onslaught of pure, deviant kink.

You squat down, fishing out my cock from my pants as you look up at me with that wonderfully sexy, naughty way of yours.

You start to suck on the head and I moan, your big brown eyes looking up at me. Expertly, you swirl your tongue around the eye and tip of my hardness, your hands gripping my ass through my jeans.

I have to cover my hand with my mouth to keep from moaning and giving us away…it’s part of the thrill. The taste and inherent danger of getting caught is turning you on too, I can smell your arousal, see it in your eyes and in the flush on your mocha skin.

The hot wet sucking heat of your mouth is bliss, and I can feel myself throbbing and thick.

My knees start to shake, and I grip the wall of the alley with the hand not trying to conceal my moans, and you relentlessly increase the pressure and speed, trying to milk a fat load from me.

I can see that you enjoy how incredibly much you turn me on without trying, and I can see the little jerks of your hips as you rub yourself through your jeans.

It’s too much…I can’t…hold it in much longer.

Sensing the closeness of my orgasm, you jam your mouth and throat down onto me, the tightness like a wet, velvet glove sucking the hot, churning load that is for you, and only for you.

You gag and choke a bit, and I’m biting my hand to keep from crying out- from giving us away as your long, delicate caramel throat drinks my essence down.

My eyes have rolled up into the back of my head, helpless before the sweet, soft lushness of your lips. You sit back on your haunches, inspecting your handiwork and though I can tell you are obviously aroused, you do not cum.

I can tell that you were close though, as your purple sexy tongue holds my load on it, and you display it for me, as if an offering for my approval, you swallow and gently suckle the remaining pearls of cum from my still oozing cock.

Shaky, you grab my hands and I pull you up. I can smell your arousal- so thick and sweet and spicy mixed in with the musky headiness of my own juices.

“Did you like that…Poooooppppppaa?”, You whisper into my hear breathily, my cock still twitching as you pull my boxers up, and carefully zip me closed giving it a pat.

“Yes Babygirl” I breathe into your ear,”What about you? Don’t you want me to make you cum?”

“Yes…” And you look into my eyes, your face flushed…”But later. That was just for you, and I wanted to taste you as we ate. Chicken balls and baby octopi?”

I nod before I kiss you softly, tasting myself on your lips.

“Spank me just once?”, You ask pleadingly,” You know how I LOOOVE how you spank me!”

My legs now stable enough to stand without the wall’s help, I grip you around the waist and give you two hard slaps on your ass, as you breathe into my shoulder, moaning and whimpering.

“Th…thank you.”, You say, your breath sweet and hot in my ear, the scent of your arousal thick and heady and tangy.

“Chinese Buffet?” I say, smiling…pulling you out of your dreamy state, causing your eyes to widen and you smile.

“YAY!”, Flushed, and excited, you lick your lips, savoring my taste and we walk out of the alley.

A pair of old hippies smirk at us knowingly, and you blush deep, and I smile- blushing a bit myself. They laugh as we walk away, one muttering to the other, “Lucky fucker, did you see the lips on her?”

I brush your hip with my hand and you do mine, you looking down shyly. I love how you can suck my cock and drink my cum in a strange alley, but you still get shy about things. It’s so fucking endearing- part of your everlasting charm.

We make it there, and the sun has almost set- it’s late, but fortunately we have enough time.

Ravenous, we pile on food- I go for my pot-stickers, baby octopi and mushrooms you go for chicken balls, pineapple and crab legs.

“God…I’ve been looking forward to coming back here for soooo long!”, You exclaim, trying to keep your mouth covered as you chew.

I smile at you, what a catch I had! A girl that would suck my dick in an alleyway, swallow my cum like it was ambrosia- but be embarrassed about me seeing her eat.

“I think about you every time I come back to this place. I’ve been coming back for years- but these times with you were so very special to me.

It was wonderful, we must have spent an hour just eating, talking, laughing.

They looked at us impatiently to leave, chattering irritably in Mandarin. I noticed, but I didn’t care- I’ve given them so much of my money over the years they could clean up around us.

The sun was completely down, and the walk back to my place went pretty quickly. Summer nights in Sacramento are where it’s at- bright and scorching and hot during the day, but the nights were balmy from the delta breeze came off from the river, and all the verdant bloom making everything smell of flowers. The night sky above us was a purplish haze- very few stars because of the brighter lights of Midtown.

You rub my shoulders as we walk. I’m rather sore- it’s been a long day. We turn every stoplight into an opportunity to just enjoy each other that much more.

Walking down that familiar home stretch, my heart is joyous despite my fatigue.

I take your bag from you, and throw it on my brown loveseat. The bed has been freshly made, linen washed and made up neatly, pillows are stacked for maximum comfort just so we could enjoy unmaking the bed. I ask if you’d like a glass of water.

“Yes please…” You say. It’s been a long hot day for both of us.

Grabbing ice and water, I hum to myself, and hear you settling in.

“Getting comfy?” I ask, amused as I make two ice waters for us in my small kitchen.

“Yep!” You chirp in response.

I come back to see you naked from the waist up, your breasts, large, full and beautiful. The bars through your nipples gleaming as you start rolling around on my bed getting your scent everywhere.

“Ninja Nakedness!”, You say, an impish grin on your beautiful features. It was a game we’d play when we were talking over webcam. One of us would go and get something to drink, and find the other naked as a jaybird. Kinky talk and mutual masturbation soon followed.

I swallow, holding the two cups full of water, my cock once again swelling in my jeans.

I hand you one and sit down on the unoccupied part of my love seat, unlacing my faded, but still solid Doc Marten’s and you sip heartily, making delighted little smacking sounds with those full, lush lips of yours.

“You’ve added more posters and stuff I see.” You observe as you look around. I smile as I take off my socks and drink in your beauty, as you stretch languidly,” Yeah. I want to fill my place full of color and beauty- it’s small, so I want there to be things I enjoy looking at.”

“Well, you’ve got a naked mocha-skinned woman in your bed.” You say, with a smile.”How is that for a room full of color and beauty?”

I grin,”I think it’s a damned good start!”

I pull off my shoes and join you.

“That’s all?”, You ask, looking almost offended.

“All what?” I say, confused taking another sip of water.

“I’m sitting here topless and all you can do is take off your shoes?” Your hands go to your full hips, and the little bars in your licorice colored nipples stare me in the face.

“What would be fair?” I ask, like it’s some kind of business negotiation.

“Shirt too, mister!”, You demand, your jaw set resolutely.

“This shirt?” I say, pulling it off slowly.

“You tease.”

“I learn from the best.” I retort, looking at you knowingly.

“Ooh, look at you all studly. You look so good!”

“Thank you Mija.”

You wolf-whistle then snuggle close to me, and I revel in the feel of your hot, naked flesh, the sweet spicy scent of you and we lay together and I put on South Park, your lay down. Your full breasts were so beautiful and succulent- the nipples chocolate chips I just wanted to suck, nibble, chew and bite on. Soon, very soon… However, they had healed to the point where they weren’t so tender, and didn’t need constant support- and you didn’t need to clean them as often. I was a fan- considering you could now have them out of your bra for longer.

Relaxing, we laugh and nuzzle each other to the episode where Butters becomes a vampire, laughing over lines we’ve heard a half-dozen times before.

You lean into me, your body soft and lush against mine, “Remember when I sucked your cock today…Poppppaaaaa?”

I look down at you, the big beautiful brown pools of your eyes shining with lust.

I answer, “Yes Babygirl.”

“Was I good to you Poppa?”

“Yes Babygirl, you were very good to me. You always are.”

“Would you…spank me?”

My cock got hard instantly at those words. I had already cum today, but I was at a state of half-arousal- just being near you. Being close to you always does that to me.

I sit up a bit on the bed, and say, “Get on my lap please.”

Sinuously, like a cat, you get up on all fours, and crawl over to my lap,

“What do we say when we ant someone to do something for you, Zajika?”

“We say please?” Your eyes alight with mirth and lust at this game.

“So…what do you need to say if you need Poppa to spank that full, juicy ass of yours?” I ask, as if I were talking to a child.

“Poppa….would you pleeeease spank my ass?” You plead.

“Of course, Honey.” I respond, like I just conceded to a raise in allowance.

I take my hand and slap down sharply on your jean covered ass and you moan and inhale sharply.

I start to alternate, and you grip my legs, clawing and moaning like a bitch in heat.

“I want you to pull your pants down for Poppa, so I can make sure that ass of yours is nice and red!”

You look down, blushing and horny and excited. “Of course, Poppa.”

Raising your ass like you were presenting, with that special flourish of yours- you unzip your jeans, and just roll them over yourself, playing with the cleavage of your bottom.

“Panties too Daddy?” You ask, as wide eyed and innocent as you can- like some kind of sexy little doe.

“Yes Babygirl.”

My hand is warm from your ass already, and seeing it nude in front of me, light mocha brown- your pussy is already dripping wet onto me, and I can see the little rosebud of your asshole, already throbbing and twitching.

SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Four strikes in rapid succession, each on one bottom, I’m really wailing on you now, and you’re moaning and writhing and twitching.

“Is that good Babygirl.”

“Yes Poppa…I feel so filthy and nice.”

I chuckle, this is your indicator you want to start playing more rough.

I slap again, right on your asshole, and you cry out, the paper thin walls presenting a lovely audio show to any who would overhear.

“Ooooooaaoooh!” You moans turning into a hoarse scream.

I slap your ass twice, then your asshole again and I can see it twitch and wet, you’re grinding yourself against me, my jeans wet with your fragrant musk.

I start to swirl my finger around your asshole.

“Are you a good little whore for Poppa?” My voice heavy and thick with my own lust.

Wet and twitching and moaning, the dirty talk puts your already sex-frenzied mind into overdrive.

“Yes.” You respond breathily.

“Yes what?”, I ask, my voice stern.

“I’m such a good little whore for you.” You shudder as you say the word “whore”, you loved that part of the game, I loved it too.

“That’s a good little girl-slut. Now, face that whorish, red, wanton little ass towards me.”

“Okay Poppa.”, You say meekly, licking your lips in anticipation.

I grab your hips, pulling you into me and I start to lap at your cunt and use my thumb to play with your asshole.

You moan and shriek as I grip your ass with my fingers, making them squeeze out like dough.

I stop before you climax and bite your ass cheeks and inner thighs, sucking one cheek into my mouth, getting it wet with my tongue…you squeal and writhe and moan against me, grabbing your hips, I pull you into my face, my beard already wet with my spit, and the heady ambrosia of your cunt.

I look at that fuckable asshole of yours, and I know I just have to eat it.

I start to flick it with my tongue and start to lick and swirl it around. You grip my ankles, bracing yourself, pushing yourself towards me.

“oooooohhooohoohooohhhohh….GAWD!”, You moan, your cry rocking the walls around us, uncaring of who hears.

I probe more and more, digging my tongue in between the protective hold of your cheeks, piercing your rosebud. This was called the “Dark Kiss” and I loved it- almost as much as you did. You moan even more as I wriggled my tongue into your asshole, and you buck against me.

In my pants, imprisoned by my boxers my cock is hard as a rock, throbbing and wet, twitching in response to the spasms of your asshole around my tongue. I continue my assault, pushing the broad flat textured muscle deep into your ass as it could go and I moan into you, my my bearded chin tickling and teasing your swollen, slick cunt.

I dug in as deep as I could go, holding you, my broad nose exhaling hot air and inhaling your deeply spicy scent in exchange…you shudder against me as I stop, giving your ass little love nibbles.

“God. That was so good Tim!”, You pant, gripping my leg like it was a tired swimmer grips a buoy.

“I liked it too.”, I smile as you look back at me, my mouth and beard slick with the juices of your twat and asshole, and my own saliva.

“I want to please you Poppa, like a whore. Can I be a good little whore for you Tim?”

My cock bobbed within my jeans.

“I’ll do annnnnyyything you want, just ask!” dropping to your knees on the bed in front of me, your pants still down around your ankles, “Just treat me like a good little whore should be treated- I want to be so good for you.”

“Okay. I want you take your pants off, all the way. Do that for me right now.”

“Okay Poppa.” You do this slowly, bringing them back up just so I can watch you take them off, sliding them off and throwing them beside the bed. We wouldn’t need those until morning.

“Now what Poppa? I want to do annnyything for you, just let me, please?”

“I want my filthy little whore to take my pants down, so you can smell and see and touch and taste me.”

Looking like a little girl about to get a treat at the faire, you undo my belt dutifully, taking down my pants and I can see your pussy juice has made your thighs slick, beautiful dark and wet. You start to nibble and suck my already hard cock through my boxers, making me moan.

“Now, be a good little slut and lick my asshole.”

“Yes Poppa,”, You say dutifully, kneeling on my bed.” I’ll eat your ass so good for you, I love doing that, so rich and musky, knowing that I can please you.”

You take my drawers off, and kneel into me, gripping around my thighs and parting my ass cheeks with your thumbs.

Before you dive in you look at me and say, your face flushed, “Can I start now please Daddy? Can I lick your asshole?”

“Yes Babygirl. Eat my ass like the good little asswhore you are.”

Shuddering against me- the degrading talk and nasty acts you are being ordered to do turn you on even more. You lean in, and your tongue is heaven, wet and sinuous and you bury your face into me, my balls resting on your face and I can feel you flick your tongue against me, and I twitch…my hard cock bobs against your forehead.

“Keep it up girl. I’m gonna fuck you so good, I’m gonna fuck my asslicking little whore so good.”

Moaning, you start to swirl around, until you finally probe into me, I moan and grip your hair.

You lick and lick…and my cock bobs oozes cum, and I love it… I grip your hair and just pull you into me, and you moan submissively into my ass, your tongue as far as it can go, my eyes roaming your body, drinking in it’s lush, voluptuous fullness.

I wanted you so bad, we were both rutting.

“Stop now, my little whore has eaten ass well, you did so good for Daddy!”

You pull out, breathing heavily- glowing at my words of approval, pulling out your tongue, but not before you give my asshole a little goodbye kiss.

My cock is hard, throbbing, jutting towards you and you look at it.

“Please, can I just taste it again.” You say, looking hungrily at my cock.

“Yes, get it nice and wet so I can fuck your hole.”

“Yes Poppa, I’ll suck your cock like a good little whore, I’ll be the best whore for you ever!”

Licking around the tip, you squeal in joy as you sip the running tide of per-cum.

“Yummy!” You exclaim like you’re enjoying an ice-cream cone.

Nibbling and sucking my balls and licking up the shaft you slurp on my cock.

“Put a finger up my asshole Babygirl.”

You nod and do so, god, it feels so good…I love how slutty you were, how filthy and nasty you were willing to get.

Fucking in and out, your finger finds my prostate, causing little electric shudders.

“Play with your cunt for me Babygirl…but no cumming until I do. Flick your nipple if you understand.”

Moaning submissively around my cock, which you’ve deep-throated, you flick your nipple, shivering in pleasure-pain. Your hand snakes down to your dripping snatch, soaking my sheets in your scent.

It’s good, so very, very good. I can feel the tide rise in me…but I didn’t want to waste that cum in your mouth- I had better plans for it.

Moaning and fingering yourself you plunge your mouth onto my hardness again and again. I take your head in my large hands and just use you roughly- your mouth just another cunt or asshole for my pleasure as you gag and tears stream from your mouth.

“You can pull your finger from my ass…but don’t even fucking think of wiping it off on my clean sheets…spank your ass if you understand!” I did this so you wouldn’t cum, giving you just enough of a shock to hold back, because I can sense your own orgasm was imminent.

I slap your already red, stinging ass as I roughly impale you on my cock, making you gag and spit and choke, your face red in exquisite agony and pleasure as your tears soak into my thighs.

I pull your mouth off of my cock with a wet little pop.

After you get a chance to breathe, you look at me all submissive and vulnerable.

“I want you to suck my ass off your finger like the good little asswhore you are, and thank Daddy for the privilege.”

You look me in the eyes, making a show of sucking your finger deep into your mouth, moaning at the bitter, musky taste, bucking your hips slightly.

“Thank you Daddy for letting me suck you off of my finger! I’m so honored I can serve you, be so good to you!”

“I’m going to fuck you now, like a bitch in heat, would you like that?”

“Yes Poppa, sooooooo much!”

You present to me, putting your ass in the air.

I can see your cunt, slick and swollen and ready, musk- you are primed.

“Oh, I’ll be such a good little whore for you Daddy, use my holes, any fucking one you want…please? Use me so rough!”

I climb behind you, gripping your hips and I shove my hard rod into your asshole, and you moan and screech as I drive myself in, insistent yet achingly slow.

“What a good little whore you are for me. I want to breed you like a bitch. Wouldn’t that be nice?”

“Yes Daddy…I’ll be a good little bitch for you!”

You moan and cry and I reach and roughly pull your hair.

“Don’t even fucking think of coming. Whose bitch are you?”

“You Poppa…I’m your bitch.”

“You remember that story when Theo had Zajika fuck a doggy? Are you my little doggy fucker right now.”

I can feel your asshole twitch around me.

“Yesssss Popppppaaa!”

“You’re a filthy little fucking slut, a cum-rag who loves being used and degraded.”

“Yes Poppa.”

“Bark like the bitch you are for me Babygirl.”

“RUFF! RUFFF….YIP…RUFF!” You cry and moan into my bed.

I shove into your roughly…

“I want to change you, modify you, make you my little bitch slave. Make you lactate, turn you into my little breeding cow. Would you like that?”

“Yes Poppa, I want you to use and touch and taste every part of me. Every part of me belongs to…you!” You shake on the last one, because I fucked into your ass with force, making you shiver and moan.

“You’re almost healed, almost ready for your Poppa to turn you into his little milking breedcow.”

“Yes Poppppaaaa!”

“Would you like that Babygirl?” I ask, knowing you would, gripping your ass as I fuck it.

“Yes po…God…so hard to talk…”

“Say it, I want to hear you fucking say you’ll be my little milk cow breeding bitch as I fuck your ass.”

“Yes…I’ll be your milk cow breeding bitch.”

“I’m going to tie you up, so helpless, binding your tits as I suck and suck, attaching a machine, making you take pills that make you leak. Your tits will swell and swell…”

I stop and rest my hard cock still inside you, you mewl and whimper, grinding into me.

“Yes…God, transform me, make me into what you want. God, I love it…so filthy…”

“I’m going to make you mine, brand you, make your constantly wet and dripping. Don’t fuck back, just sit there, with my cock in your ass, stretching you out thinking of what I’m going to do to you, make you do, make you be.”

“Yes Poppa…I’ll be such a good little breeding whore for you, such a little fucking cow…I’ll let you milk me and use me and fuck me any time you want.”

“Whose Whorebitch are you?”

You whine and whimper at the torture of having to stay inside of me.

“Yours’ Poppa…God…I need it so bad.”

“What do you need, what does my filthy little breeding milk cow whore of a Babygirl need?”

“Your cock…to be used by you…owned by you.”

I pull out and you whimper, your ass hungry and trying to pull me back in.

“Please Poppa, you can milk me, change me into whatever you want, use me…tie me up…anything, I need your cock SOOO MUCH!.”

I roughly pick you up and throw you on your back.

“You’re under me, right where you belong, isn’t that right you filthy whore?”

“Yes Poppa, you own me, all of my holes, everything. You know what’s best.”

“Damn fucking right I do!”

Your cunt is spread open and dripping, your asshole still spasming, gaping and wet as you hump down and grinding as you try to fuck a cock in your ass that is no longer there.

“Please Daddy, fuck my cunt, fuck my cervix…breed me, knock me up, make me your little cow, dripping with milk for you!”

At your words, my cock twitches…still slick with the juices of your ass.

“Anytime, even on your period, when you’re cramped and emotional and vulnerable and weak?” I ask, I love this part of it, a mix of kink, lust and devotion.

“Yes Poppa. I’d let you fuck me then, nice and slick…you can see my blood on your cock, your own little piece of fuck meat.”

I lean over you, and start to bite and suck your neck and your nails go into my back…”Oooooh, Daddy, god, that hurts so good!”

I growl into you, biting hard enough to draw blood and I suck at it, and you scratch into my back and head, the stinging only driving me on.

I whisper into your ear, “You’re such a filthy little whore, my cumrag…I want to use your whorish cunt so good, I know you feel worthless sometimes, but I know that your worth is in your servitude, your natural submissive nature.”

“Yes Poppa…I was born to be your whore, your breedwhore.” You grind your hips up at my throbbing cock, and I know that it’s inside your heat, dripping pre-cum already,”Knock me up, make me yours…just cum in me, and let me stay.”

I enter you, you’re so wet and hot and tight and good and you moan squeal into my ear, sucking at the jewelry, working the lobe over with your tongue, your fingers rubbing and scratching into my head.

I fuck into you, steady, hard strokes and you moan and writhe beneath me.

“Fuck me Poppa” you whisper into my ear breathily,”I’d let you do anything to me you wanted, mark me up, make me milk, ink me up, brand me. You’d own me, everyone would know it- just for you.”

I groan and fuck into you harder, God, I was…this was so good.

“You’ll knock me up, and I’ll be so swollen and delicate. Unable to resist, not wanting to resist you just having your way with me, our baby growing in my womb. Just like my friend, I’d look so pretty and radiant and happy and wonderful. We could have a birth at home, the old way, a water birth. I’d be your very own natural little whore just for you Daddy, make children for you as I stay at home raising your children, our children- they’d have such a kinky little mommy…God…I can feel it…so close”

I fuck you, fuck into you…and faster and faster.

“Let go…just let go…please breed my cunt, fill me up until it spills out, I’ll let you see it just drip down my leg. Show you what a good, obedient woman I am- willing to do anything to please her man.”

I look at you, tenderly now and you notice the change and tremble. Still pumping, I hold you gently, lovingly…

“God, I love it Tim, so sweet, you’re so won-Ahhh-wonderful to me.”

I am making love to you now, the kink that built up the flame now ready to turn into a wonderful, healing simmer. I was not just fucking you, but making love to the woman I want to spend the rest of my days with, to help with her burdens, to take care of her as she would take care of me. My beautiful, wonderful, creative, kind, sexy woman- kinky as fuck, and just as adventurous as I. My ideal woman- strong and smart enough to think for herself, compassionate and loving enough to care for me when I needed it, but also vulnerable and soft enough to need my strength.

“Please Tim, let go, just let go inside me. I want to feel it, it’s so good, thick and throbbing…you’re so close, please…for me, just let go inside of me.”

You moan hotly into my ear and scratch at my nipple, lightly pinching as I cover your body…

“That’s it…let me make you feel so goood. I love you so much Tim, I want to be yours and yours only…so good.”

I press my face into yours, and breathe, “Oh Luba, you’re so good to me, you’re the only one I want…this is all for you, I only want to be with you.

“Yes Tim, I want that too, only yours, yours forever, you’re so wonderful…please Tim, come for me, nice and gentle…”

You lick and suck my earlobe tenderly, giving me little kisses as I fuck into you, you spasming with joy with each thrust, and you look into my eyes with love and devotion and understanding.

I cry out, letting lose into you, my seed, that seed that someday would make children for us, that is a sign of my love, for you and only for you.

“Aaaah Tim…God…so good…I love you so much Unnnnnnnn!” You cum around my cock…your groan turning into inarticulate cries and begging

I hold you tight, still thrusting, and your orgasm.

“That’s it Luba, just enjoy yourself…god, I love you so much…I want only the best for you, just ride it, ride it…enjoy it.”

I shoot into you deeply, your legs lock around me and we stay like that, possessing each other in ways that only those who are deeply in love can.

I kiss you tenderly, your lips soft and sweet and you kiss me back, crying in joy and release and bliss.

“I’ve got you Babygirl. I’m never going anywhere, I’ll be here with you and for you forever.”

“Oh God Tim…”you bury your head into my shoulder crying as the strain becomes too much, and you can’t help but wet yourself on my covers. You shudder and hold onto me and I coo and stroke your hair.

“God, I love you so much.”You finally say, recovering from the sopping, draining climax,” Am I really your only, your best?”

I kiss you deep, as you cling to me like a drowning woman.

Gently disengaging from your lips, I look deep into your eyes. My intense blue boring deeply into those of soft, sensuous, vulnerable brown.

“Yes Luba, forever- you’re my only. I love you, and I want only you…”

I pull from you with a slick wet sound, and I can see my cum dripping from you…marking you with my scent, as my own, just as you’ve marked me.

“Was I good to you, Poppa?”

“Yes Babygirl.”

I gently pull you into me, throwing the covers off, and pulling out another large blanket.

Leaning over, I pull out a little thermos and a bowl. and you stare at me, and some clean towels. Saltwater for your nipples, and I lovingly clean you, carefully- appreciation at my tenderness fills your eyes and you take one of your small brown hands and cup my face.

“Am I doing this okay?”

“Ye-yeah. You’re so gentle.”

“I’m glad you’ve healed enough to let me do this.”

“This is so sweet Tim…thank you.”

You stare at me, adoration and love in your eyes, then you look away embarassed.

“What Mija, what’s the matter.”

“I’m sorry about your covers.”

I chuckle softly…”Trust me Mija, it was worth it- saturated with your scent- perfect and lovely.”

“You mean that?”

“With all my heart.” I open my arms, inviting you into my embrace.

Breaking down from the intensity of the moment, you cry into my chest and I just hold you and cradle you protectively never wanting this to end.

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