I have been watching you at the bar ever since you and your hubby turned up – he is a very lucky man. Not only are you a very sexy and beautiful woman but you are clearly a very naughty girl too….that skirt is sooo short I daren’t get up from my seat her at the table in case you see how hard it has made me..That glimpse of tiny white material in a vee between your soft thighs is holding my gaze and I know other men in the pub have noticed! In fact I just got a text from Bill at the other end of the bar asking if I could see up your skirt and putting a bet on who is going to fuck you first….by the amount of people also looking at their phones I am guessing he has texted everyone in the pub so all men’s eyes are on you & your short skirt. Hubby must be loving this as he has just whispered in your ear and then slipped your jacket off over your shoulders…………Fuck Me that top is completely see thru and you have amazing tits. From here I can see how hard your nipples are so I imagine this is turning you on as well……I wonder if your panties are as wet as your nipples are hard? As if in answer to my question you look at me and part your legs……you naughty naught woman. Hubby laughs at my face and nods my way as if to say ‘its fine – screw her if you want…..she is an amazing fuck and I want to watch you finding that out’…….

I eventually get my erection under control and make my way to the bar holding your gaze and smiling at the cheeky glint in your eyes. As I get to the bar Bill nips in between your stool and my space at the bar and asks hubby if he can get wifey anything – his reply has me hard again in seconds ‘she’s got a drink thanks but what she really would like is your cock inside her…the thing is she is a greedy girl and wants more than just one in her……do you think you can help us out?’ you reach down between his legs and give his balls as gentle squeeze ‘do you want to empty these inside my lovely freshly shaved married pussy?’………

After accepting bills drink everyone sits down again, leaving you and hubby at the bar clearly both very aroused. You slip off your stool whisper in hubby’s ear and disappear off to the ladies – I am so tempted to follow you and fuck your brains out against the cubicle door but I sense that isn’t how you want this to play out……you return n having taken your knickers off and we all immediately start to enjoy the view…..then return to the bar and buy you a drink and begin rubbing my hand up and down your back and touching your thigh, but you object and push me away. Bill doesn’t seemed put off by this and puts his arm around your waist and gently feels your breast right in front of your husband,

‘If you are going to touch my breasts you will need to buy me another drink’ you say and immediately me, Bill and two other regulars call for another drink for the lady……’Oh she is no lady once she gets going’ your husband comments. You slug back all four drinks one after another whilst parting your legs to show us that your shaved married pussy is already wet and ready. our hands rub your inner thigh and I gently brush my fingers against your sweet lips but you grab my wrist and pull my hand away…only to pull them up to your mouth and lick them ‘Mmmmm – I think I am ready for you rough, drunken perverts to screw me now’ you say and your hubby draws the bolt across the door and announces a lock in.

You still have a hold of my wrist and you push my hand inside your flimsy top rubbing it against your rock hard nipples. Bill is already unzipped and stroking his cock in front of you and your hubby who is obviously turned on by all this slutty behaviour as his cock is straining in his jeans too. You slide forward off the stool which has the effect of bunching your skirt up around your waist showing off your beautiful bald pussy and ass…….Bill slides his hand between your thighs and rubs his hand in a sawing motion against your wet swollen lips and you buckle at the knees slightly and push down onto his hand…..by now the drink you necked have had the desired effect and you are lost in the moment so I pull my hand from your top and tell you to lie down on the floor and spread your legs. You husband agrees and tells you to take off your skirt first which you do – he then tells you to show everyone your cute behind so you give us a cheeky wiggle but I grab it and give it a good grope pulling the cheeks apart so we can all see your tight married arsehole.

You struggle away from my hands and lie down on your back. Bill grabs a leg and holds it apart and Mike – another local – grabs the other so you are completely exposed to us all…..you close your eyes and touch yourself…..

with Bill and Mike holding you down I knew between your thighs and slip a finger into you – you are so wet that I hardly need push at all – your cunt welcomes me in. You slide you hand up and pinch your clit between your thumb and finger rolling the hard nub between the finger tips and squeezing it as I use a second finger to open your wet married pussy up.

‘Look at her hungry little snatch’ Bill letches with his cock stood out full erect – your hubby takes your hand and wraps the fingers around Bill’s shaft even starting you off on a pumping motion….I slip my fingers out of you and use them to rub your juices around the skin between your lips and your puckered anus….and then after dipping into you again I rub my glistening fingers around your arsehole watching it tighten and relax as I tease the tight little opening of your arse….you moan with pleasure as I lean down and flick my tongue over the rim tasting your sweet pussy juices all around that taboo opening of your married anus. Hubby mutters about you being such a slut as he gets his phone out of his jacket and begins filming us.

Hearing you moan like that I get braver and placing my hands on your arse cheeks I spread you open even more until your anus is there in front of my face just waiting to be violated in front of everyone – including your husband and his camera. I flick the tip of my tongue around and across the stretched opening again and you try to push down onto my face but all you achieve is spreading your legs wider as Bill and mike hold on tight to you….I can smell your excitement and wonder how your anus tastes with all that sexual excitement that has been building between your thighs…..I roll my tongue up and push it against your rim as you relax and let me in…you filthy slut – lying on a pub floor naked from the waist down with your legs being held apart as a stranger fucks your arse with his tongue………..you pull on your clit as if to punish yourself for enjoying being such a slut

It’s all too much for poor old Bill watching me eat and tongue fuck your asshole as you wank him off and he cums – spraying his sticky seed all over your face and in your hair. Hubby takes your hand from Bill’s shaft and rubs the sticky cum into your face with your fingers before pushing them into your mouth to clean them up.

Ed from the other end of the bar has come round by this point and has unzipped himself and positioning himself with his feet either side of your head – I think he is going to fuck your mouth and he is a big fella so you had better be ready for this……I want to watch your throat open up to take him all in so I move my face from between your spread ass cheeks and taking my cock in my hand I guide it into your wet excited married cunt…you feel so warm and soft as your muscles clench around my shaft pulling my cock deep inside you and holding me inside you.

Ed knees down over your face and like the good slut you are you open your mouth wide to take his hard shaft in. As the swollen tip hits the back of your throat you gag slightly and most of the men laugh…hubby zooms in! with your legs still pulled apart and Ed on your face I start to pound into your very wet very ready pussy…..my cock slams deep into and I have to be careful not to pull myself out with each hard forceful thrust. I can see Ed moving back and forth against your mouth and here muffed groans and the occasional gagging noise which has caused most of the others to unzip and start jerking off over you….lying on your back on a pub floor with two strangers holding your legs apart with one man fucking your married cunt whilst another is shoving his cock down your throat and hubby is filming it all……..I can feel my balls begin to tighten and know that any second now I will shoot my hot messy seed deep into your pussy but looking down as my cock slips out I can resist feeling your tight little anus milk me and so I push my well lubed shaft against your tight puckered rim and as you relax I slide straight in and almost immediately start pumping you full of my cum.

As my spent cock slides out of your stretch arse and cum seeps out onto the carpet I here Ed hold his breath and thrust hard – almost pinning your head to the floor – as he too fills you with his cum…..he fills your mouth and hubby gets you to look up at the camera as it runs down your cheeks and you lick your lips…..with Bill’s cum still in your hair and Eds almost over flowing from your mouth you look such a messy girl. Mick lets go of you leg to finish jerking himself off and as his cock twitches and sprays all over your stomach and tits Dirty ol Alan the landlord comes round from behind the bar…….

Alan is in his late fifties and is a proper pervert – he is always rubbing up against the young students he employs to wear short skirts and pull pints and it is rumoured that he has even been known to cope a feel and even a finger when helping very very drunk female punters out at lock up time……in short he is a really dirty old perv and not one you would want near your wife – but your Hubby is so carried away with watching his lovely wife behaving in such a dirty, slutty way that I don’t think he would have cared if someone had brought the broom from behind the bar into play.

You are so exhausted from the last 15 minutes of relentless filthy fun and being used in such a physical way that mixed with the effect of all the booze we had kept buying you almost look asleep……dead drunk and dead tired. What Dirty ol Alan is about to do is almost rape……’put her up on the table’ he says and taking an arm and a leg each we lift you off the floor – you seem so floppy and tired but you don’t complain as Alan grabs your legs and puts your ankles against his shoulders before spreading your pussy apart with both hands and chuckling is pervy chuckle to himself. He is already unzipped and hard and he moves his hips around until the tip of his veiny cock is against the stretch opening of your pussy and then he begins to fuck you…..each thrust makes your whole sleepy body move up the table – men stand around unzipped with cum dripping from their now soft cocks watching you get used by this dirty old perv. He lets go out your legs and he pushes them down either side of him spreading you open form his pleasure. Hubby zooms in to record your wet used cunt being pumped as Alan starts pinching and pulling your clit……..despite being almost unconscious your entire body trembles when he does this and you let out a series of small moans. This encourages Alan who with us all cheering him on begins to slam into you so hard I am surprised hubby doesn’t stop him…….your body shakes and tenses up before you let out a loud gasp and you relax and go completely floppy – now I think you are unconscious – knocked out by your own orgasm. As Alan slams hard into you and adds his own messy cum to your married pussy the house lights go on and his wife storms into the pub from the back room…….people scatter quickly zipping up their trousers and making for fire exits and unlocking the front door…leaving just Alan stood between your thighs with his cum dripping from you as you lat back fucked unconscious on the table………..hubby hides behind the jukebox but hasn’t stopped filming…………he keeps filming as Alan’s wife makes him carry you undressed and cum covered and dump you outside – not her problem anymore!

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