The four of us were friends since elementary school, always together. Lisa, Rory, Joey and I were more like siblings as we grew up together and shared our successes and setbacks. In our senior year of high school things began to change as Lisa became more distant and didn’t spend nearly as much time hanging out with us. A tomboy growing up, we couldn’t help but notice our friend was turning into a major piece of ass. About 5’6″ she had curly brown hair that hung down just past her shoulders, a nice pointy pair of tits that curved upwards, flat stomach and a tight sexy ass.

We all had just graduated and for the second year in row had gotten jobs with a large local farm. As the prior year, the four of us were on the same team, our job being picking the produce in the large fields. Each Monday we would be given our assigned field to harvest and had till Friday to complete it. The fields were scattered throughout the region and each team was basically off on its own. This particular Friday it was unbearably hot and we were struggling to finish on time. All week Lisa was slacking off and today was no different as the three of us struggled to pick up her load. She began to get bossy, telling us what to do and really riding Rory. It was embarrassing for us to listen to her ragging on him and we could tell he was getting pissed. Finally we finished on time and left for the weekend.

My parents were gone on vacation so Joey and Rory came over for some beer and swimming in the pool. We didn’t invite Lisa since we were all pissed off at her and figured she wouldn’t join us anyway. As we kept drinking the subject of girls came up and eventually Lisa in particular. Rory started by saying we should teach her a lesson. Fueled by alcohol we all agreed and began making a crazy plan to get even with her. We ran out of beer and the guys went home after we made plans to meet up at the game on Saturday. Sitting in the stands I had forgotten about our plans for Lisa when Rory said “I really think we should do it.” There was silence as we all began to remember what we had discussed. We decided if we fine tuned it and got what we needed in advance it could work. When the game ended we all went back to my place and worked out the details with each of us assigned a list of things to get. We decided Friday would be the best day as we all began to get excited at what we were going to do.

Monday we got our assigned field and went to work. Lisa wasn’t as lazy as the prior week and the three of us worked non stop so we could finish up Friday morning, giving us most of the day with Lisa. Thursday after work the three of us gathered what we would need and drove back to the field to find the right spot to hide the stuff. We found a nice flat spot along the river that was hidden from view and under some shade trees where we stashed our stuff. Friday around 10 we were finished. It was time to put our plan in motion.

“Hey Lisa we put some iced tea in the river to keep it cold, want some?”

“That sounds great, thanks!” I suggested we go down to the river where the drinks were since it was shaded and we all walked down there. Rory fished out the drinks and we all sat down to quench our thirst. The three of us were in jeans and sneakers having taken our shirts off to beat the heat. Lisa was wearing a tight fitting red tee shirt and a pair of denim shorts with short white socks and sneakers. Her legs looked great and I couldn’t help but think how sexy she looked with the sweat on her forehead and her head tilted back. We quickly finished our drinks and Rory got up to get another round out of water. While he was out of sight he set up the air mattress we had left and got everything ready.

“Lisa you must be hot, why don’t you take off that tee shirt, nobody can see you from here.”

“Not happening pervert!”

Rory had circled around and was silently sneaking up behind Lisa, just as we planned.

“Oh, I think it will happen.” Rory came up behind and grabbed Lisa’s arms raising them over her head and dragging her to her feet.

“Let go of me you asshole! I’m going to report this!”

She kicked out at Rory who turned away in time to avoid getting kicked in the nuts. Lisa was yelling every profanity she could think of and was still kicking when I grabbed her by the ankles and yanked her off her feet. The two of us carried her kicking and screaming down to the river and forced her down onto the mattress face up, still holding her down. Joey grabbed the sledge hammer and a sharpened wooden spike driving it deep into the ground. While Rory held her wrists, Joey tied them together and attached the other end of the rope to the wooden stake. Next he drove two other stakes into the ground on either side of her knees about a foot away from them. Joey undid her shorts and yanked them down as we held her legs. We were greeted by a lacy red thong that barely covered her pussy. Quickly Rory and I bent her knees and Joey tied her ankles to the stakes. There was our friend, arms above her head and legs spread apart, fully tied and at our mercy.

“This isn’t funny guys, let me go now!” None of us replied, we all just stared realizing we could do anything we wanted and she couldn’t resist. “You fuckers let me go!”

I reached into my pocket and pulled out my folding knife, opening the blade. Lisa’s eyes went wide and tears began to form as she realized we were in control and there was nothing she could do. She began begging us to stop and let her go before we did something we would regret. I answered by sliding the point of the blade under her tee shirt and slowly pulling it down, slicing the front of the shirt. She was wearing a matching red bra, the sight of which made my cock harden. With the front of the shirt sliced open, only the sleeves held it on. I quickly sliced those and yanked the shirt off her trembling body, leaving her in her bra and panties.

“Guys, please… we been friend for years, don’t do this! Please… you can’t… I’m a virgin!”

We looked at each other and almost on cue began taking off our jeans. Lisa looked like she was going to faint as three hard cocks sprang into view. Tears were flowing down her cheeks now as she realized she wouldn’t be a virgin much longer. I sliced both the straps of her bra, then grabbed the front of it and ripped it off her body. She gasped and begged us to stop. Rory knelt down, straddling her face. “Suck my cock Lisa.”

“No! I won’t!” Rory pinched her nose closed until Lisa opened her mouth for air then quickly shoved his cock into her mouth. He warned her not to bite and then began to slowly fuck her mouth as he grabbed two handfuls of her hair and pulled her head up. Joey began to lick and suck her nipples pulling them up with his mouth while lightly biting down on her. Lisa’s nipples began to respond growing larger and standing a good inch and a half tall. Joey continued to work her nipples as Rory began to increase the force of his thrusting, jamming his cock into her throat. Lisa began to gag on his cock as her eyes watered. I sliced both sides of her thong and pulled the material free of her body. She had a closely shaved landing strip above her cunt, the rest shaved smooth. I licked her slit slowly as the other two continued their assault. I worked my tongue over her clit as it hardened and slowly began to emerge. Her cunt was getting wet as I continued to work my tongue all over the lips, sliding the tip inside her as I worked it from side to side and sliding it up towards her clit again. Lisa’s hips began to buck up towards my tongue as she began to moan around Rory’s cock. I looked up to see him hammering her mouth as he began to moan and I knew he was going to blow his load down her throat any second. I began sucking her clit hard while flicking my tongue over it as she began bucking harder, her stomach muscles convulsing. Rory gave one last deep thrust as he began shooting his load down her throat. Lisa had no choice but to swallow it or choke as she did her best to take it all down. Joey was biting harder on her nipples now sending her over the edge as my tongue continued to ravage her cunt. Lisa errupted into orgasm, her juices drenching my face. Rory milked the last drops out of his cock and pulled it out of her mouth, getting off of her. Lisa was panting her eyes closed as I moved up between her legs and aimed my cock at her virgin hole. I gave one hard thrust into her, ripping her hymen and sinking balls deep into the hottest, tightest cunt I ever felt. She let out a scream which allowed Joey to ram his cock into her mouth as he began to throat fuck her. I pulled my cock almost all the way out, looking down I saw it was coated with the blood of her virginity. I slowly slid it in and began to fuck her in a slow, deliberate way, bottoming out with each stroke. Joey continued to fuck her mouth and we alternated strokes into both her holes. Lisa began to meet my thrusts and I could feel her cunt start to clench down on my cock. I began to go faster now enjoying the way she was responding and loving the tightness of her. She moaned around Joeys cock as her body began to shake and buck. Joey yelled out and began to pump his cum down Lisa’s throat as she swallowed every drop. He got off of her, leaving me the only one in her body as I began to ram my cock in as hard as I could. He eyes were closed, her head turned to the side as her tits bounced from the impact of my thrusting. One last shove and I bottomed out, flooding her cunt with my cum as I kept shooting for a good 15 seconds. I pulled out of her, a river of cum following my cock. Rory was ready to take my place his cock already hard.

“Untie her feet.” I undid the ropes as Rory positioned himself between Lisa’s thighs. She wrapped her legs around him and seemed to suck his cock into her gaping, dripping cunt. Rory began to pound her hard as she met met him thrust for thrust.

“Fuck me you bastards, make me cum!” Lisa was on fire, yearning for cum. She didn’t have to wait long as Rory picked up his pace, driving her higher on the mattress with each thrust before blowing his load deep inside her. He stood up on shaky legs as Lisa yelled to Joey to take his place. Joey was only too happy to to oblige as he took her deeply and slowly. Her legs were resting on his shoulders as he fucked her now sloppy cunt for about 20 minutes, forcing her to cum 3 times before he added his seed to the mix.

We untied her arms and led her down to the river where we pulled her into the water and washed her gently. Lisa kissed each of us, her tongue exploring our mouths as her hands worked our cocks. We got out of the water and led her back to the mattress, putting her on all fours. She was really in heat now as Rory knelt before her, pulling her mouth to his cock. Lisa opened willingly and began sucking him deep into her throat. I saw that beautiful ass sticking up and went over to the bag we had placed the night before. I found the lube and coated my cock, then poured some onto her puckered asshole. She pulled Rory’s cock out of her mouth, turned to me and said “please be gentle.” I slid one finger into her slowly as she went back to work on Rory’s cock sliding it in and out slowly so she could get used to it. I added another finger and slowly worked her tight hole as I got ready to take her anal virginity. I pulled out my fingers and guided the head of my cock to her opening.

“Push out Lisa, it will go in easier.” She followed my direction as the head of my cock slipped past her puckered opening. I never felt anything so hot and tight in my life as her asshole clamped down on my cock. She moaned as I held it in place letting her adjust to her first cock in her ass. She was sucking Rory harder now, consumed with lust as I slowly slid it in further. I worked it slowly until my entire cock was up her ass. I began to slowly and gently fuck her, building a nice pace. Rory screamed out and shot another load in her mouth which she greedily sucked up. Joey was ready for action his cock hard from watching us.

“Let’s both fuck her at the same time!” He slid under Lisa and guided his cock to her sopping wet cunt, sliding it in as I continued to fuck her ass deeply and slowly. We began to alternate strokes, me pulling out as he pushed in. On and on we continued to fuck Lisa slowly. All the anger we originally felt was gone as we gently made love to her. She began to cum in waves one after the other as her body craved the pleasure our cocks were giving her. I was ready to blow my load deep in her bowels and slid in as far as I could go, shooting load after load deep into her. Joey gave one last thrust into her cunt and began to flood it with his hot sticky seed. We both pulled out of her slowly, Joey crawled out from under her as she collapsed onto the mattress. The three of us picked her up and carried her back to river where we washed her again, each of us getting deep kisses from her willing mouth. We led her back to the mattress where we dried her off. Rory gave her his tee shirt to replace the one we cut off. We all got dressed in silence. We picked up our stuff and jumped in the truck to return to the gathering place. The silence was scary as no one knew what to say. We got back, and left for the week, the tension thick in the air, none of us knowing what was next.

We each hung out alone over the weekend. On Monday we made our way back to work and got our new assignment. The four of us got back into the truck, still not having said a word to each other since Friday. As we got out to begin working Lisa finally spoke. “Guys, I told my parents I wanted to use the cabin for a party this weekend. I thought maybe the four of us could hang out together.” With that she gave a smile. We all grinned knowing this was going to be the best summer of our lives.

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