Chapter 1 – Fulfilling people’s desires…

Brooke is a college student and probably the black girl of your dreams. Huge tits, perfect round butt, unbelievable curves, long black hair and a sexy smile on her face. She has a delicious body and she knows how to use it. But this lady won’t tease you and take advantage of you. She will please you and submit to your nastiest desires…

The alarm clock was ringing loudly as I woke up after a few hours of sleep. Sleeping with your hands tied with handcuffs on the bed’s headboard, is definitely not the ideal way to rest. I was feeling my arms so cramped as I managed to reach the key with my lips. I quickly untied myself and got up. I couldn’t be late this evening, or else…

I was very anxious, wondering what’s going to happen tonight, as I walked into the bathroom. I never noticed the big butt plug up my ass until I had to pee. It must had been left in there since last night and I wasn’t feeling it stretching my tight little asshole. It popped out when I pulled it, leaving my asshole wide open. “I’m a really big slut…” I thought. I always feel like that after a long night full of sex. Sometimes I don’t even remember what happened. But then I become horny again and with my pussy all wet, I just can’t stop thinking of my next adventure.

I took a bath and applied lotion all over my body. Back to my bedroom were the clothes I was ordered to wear for tonight’s occasion. A black lacey thong, pink fishnet stockings, an extremely short black leather skirt, a pink see through top, and a pair of 6” high heel sandals with ankle straps. “Oh no, I ‘ll totally look like a cheap slut with those on.” I thought. Yet I had no choice but to put them on. I also put on some makeup, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and brushed my hair. Ready just on time as the door opened.

“Honeyyy, I’m back. You better be ready.”

That was my stepdad. He is always very strict with me. Whenever I don’t obey his rules, there’s a rough punishment waiting for me. He had ordered me to dress up and be ready before he had returned home.

I quickly walked downstairs, being very careful not to trip and fall in those high heels.

“Yes daddy, I’m ready.”

He came up to me and examined my body up and down.

“Mmm, I see you did a great job Brooke, good girl.”

“Dad, what’s up for tonight? Why did you have me dress up like this?”

“That’s a surprise my little Brooke. You ‘ll find out at the right time. The only thing that you need to know is that tonight you ‘ll have to do whatever they ask you, got it?” He said, as he gently slapped my face with his hand.

Then he brought in a big box and opened it. He took out two pairs of leather handcuffs with which he tied my hands behind my back and my legs. He put a ball gag in mouth, and a blindfold on my eyes. I was totally unable to move, speak or see what was going on, as he grabbed me and put me into the box. He closed it, wrapped it all over and tied a red ribbon around it.

“Ok, guys come on in, you can take it now. You remember the address I gave you right?”

“Yes sir. We ‘ll have it delivered within 30 minutes.”

The two men had no idea what was in the box. They carried it and placed it carefully into the lorry. Then they started the engine and drove all the way to deliver the package. Inside the box I could feel every bump and I was so wet trying to realise what was happening and what’s about to happen.

It all started last night, when my stepdad had called home for dinner his boss and his wife. I was asked to join them and be very polite and elegant, showing off my well manners and lovely personality.

“Make sure you won’t dress like a slut and try to be nice with my boss and his wife. Don’t even think of teasing him like you do with all those guys you meet, his wife is so jealous.”

So I tried to be good. I was wearing a short blue dress, a pair of black stockings, a silk blue thong and stiletto high heels. I was even wearing a bra, so my hard pierced nipples wouldn’t be noticed under the thin fabric of my dress.

However, my stepdad’s boss couldn’t keep his eyes off me. He was even stroking my thighs with his hand under the table during dinner, and he was always asking me about life in college and the guys I was hanging out with. I didn’t say anything as he kept doing this all night. His wife seemed quite annoyed by the situation. He should be more careful since they would have their wedding anniversary the other day.

Despite that, the dinner went quite well and the couple left pleased. But my stepdad wasn’t pleased with me. Not at all actually.

“I told you not to be provocative, didn’t I? I noticed everything, you fucking slut. Your eyes full of lust, and I could even smell your wet cunt. Not to mention your outfit! Maybe the next time I’ll tell you to dress properly, you’ll come naked, you horny bitch!”

“Dad, I never wanted to…”

“Shut your dirty little mouth! This time I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget.”

He said and slapped my face so hard I almost passed out. Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me up to his bedroom. Everything was happening so fast… He tore my dress apart, sat on the bed and made me bend over his knees. Holding his leather belt on his hand, he kept whipping my ass harder and harder. My asscheeks quickly turned red and began to sting. I started to cry. The pain was unbearable.

“Please daddy stop, no more please, no…”

“You fucking whore! You want me to stop?”

“Yes daddy, please stop.”

“I said I would give you a lesson and I will!”

He whipped my ass a couple of times more and pushed me down to the floor. I knew my punishment wasn’t over yet.

“Now bitch, you ‘ll learn what real pain is. You ‘ll never defy me again!”

He took his pants off, letting his huge cock free. It was like 10” big and you could see the veins on it. He grabbed my hair again and led his cock straight into my mouth. Holding my hair tight, he was pushing all the way in and out, making me suck it deep and gag. I was allowed to breathe for less than a second and then his cock would be deep in my throat again.

When he thought I had had enough of him in my mouth, he took his cock out and slapped my face with it, leaving his precum on my cheeks.

Then he put me down on all fours and shoved his cock deep inside my ass. No lube. No preparation. No warning. I was unable to move or speak from the shock. It felt so painful, as he was ramming my asshole hard. That was my real punishment. He was pulling my hair and slapping my asscheeks while fucking me. I was having the roughest fucking of my life and he made sure that the pain would be far greater than the pleasure I was getting from it. I was praying for this to end soon. Suddenly he pulled off his cock and shot his thick cum all over my face.

“I hope that from now on you’ll start to behave properly.”

He led me to the bed and tied my hands with handcuffs on the headboard. He looked at my pussy dripping wet and my asshole wide open from the fucking. Then took a butt plug and pushed it in.

“This will close up this hole for now. I’ll let you sleep for a while, but tomorrow I want you to make up for all you did tonight. I’ll leave you the necessary instructions. Make sure you follow them and be ready when I return from work.”

Feeling faint and weak, I quickly fell asleep. He set the alarm and left.

My mind suddenly returned back to the present while I felt the box moving. The delivery had been finished.

“Please sign here Mr Jones. Thank you.”

My stepdad’s boss, David, received the box and took it into the house.

“Hey Stacey, look what they sent us. I wonder what’s inside…”

He quickly unwrapped it and opened it.

“OMG it’s Brooke from last night! What a sexy outfit and she’s all tied up, gagged and blindfolded! What does that mean? Oh, wait a second, there’s a little notice here.”

“Happy Anniversary Stacey and David! Please accept this gift from me. She will please you all night long.”

“What an awesome gift this is! Look honey we got a special fucktoy for our special night.”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the box. Then took off the blindfold and the ball gag.

“Mmm, I don’t know David, this girl is such a slut…”

“That’s why it’s going to be amazing! Do you want to play with us tonight, sexy?”

“Y-Yes sir.” I was so embarrassed being sent as a fucking sex toy to some strangers.

“Look Stacey, our little Brooke is so shy… Haha, but you can’t hide your arousal young lady. You want it so much isn’t that right?”

He put his hand under my skirt and reached my soaked thong.

“OMG she’s horny as hell!”

“Hey David look there’s another box here, a smaller one. It’s full of sex toys.”

“Let’s not waste any more time, honey. I’ll take her to our bedroom, you go and prepare yourself.”

He didn’t mind to take off my leather handcuffs, yet he put a spiky collar on my neck and pulled me all the way upstairs with a leash. He even took the chance to make fun of me.

“You must love being a fucking slave, don’t you Brooke? I bet that if I had you tied up here, spanking your ass hard, you would say “thank you master” and beg for more, isn’t that right?”

I should deny that, but I couldn’t. He was absolutely right. I was a dirty little slut, who loved some good fucking, and it was very pretty obvious to him.

“Now make your master happy bitch, suck my cock deep, make it hard.”

He took off my handcuffs and held me from the leash. I took his cock in my hands and started rubbing it slowly and licking it all over. It didn’t actually need any sucking, as his cock was hard as rock already. He wanted to have me since last night, when he first met me.

I was sucking his cock slowly, deeper and deeper. Then I would pull off and suck his balls. My eyes were meeting his eyes, full of lust and appreciation. I treated his cock as it deserved, making it red and hard, ready to fuck the shit out of me.

Then Stacey showed up wearing a sexy police officer costume.

“These people are quite kinky.” I thought.

“Hands up everybody, police is here!”

She came up to me and grabbed my hair.

“So you like to seduce married men and suck their cocks you little whore, huh?”

“I didn’t… H-He asked me to do this, madam officer.”

“Shut up you fucking whore, you ‘re under arrest.”

She slapped me on the face and put a ball gag on my mouth. Then she took a pair of handcuffs from her belt and tied my hands to the bed. After that she moved to David.

“Now you two are going to obey me and make me happy, otherwise you ‘ll be very sorry, got that?”

“Yes madam.”

“Good. Now go and fuck her pussy hard, make her feel your cock deep inside her.”

David came behind me and slowly removed my see through top, my leather skirt, my bra and thong.

“You hand this over to me.”

He handed over my black lacey thong to her. It was soaked with my juices.

“Mmm, now my husband will give you what you want so much, you horny bitch.”

Then David pushed his cock in my pussy and started fucking me hard. He was holding me with one hand and with the other he was rubbing my clit. It felt so fucking great. He gradually increased the speed and the power of his thrusts. Stacey was sitting on an armchair, holding my wet thong, smelling it and playing with her clit, while looking at her husband ramming my pussy at the same time.

David pinched my nipples and gave my asscheeks a few slaps as he was about to cum. Then he pulled out and finished on my chest. Stacey came above me and licked every drop of his cum.

“Take a little rest David, I ‘ll take care of her now.”

She took off her shirt and put her huge tits on my face. She sat on my chest, lifting her skirt and removed the ball gag from my mouth. While leaning back she rubbed my clit with her hand. I was licking her clit with my tongue slowly and steady. If I was doing it right, she would rub my clit more and more. Her pussy was all wet, her juices were dripping into my mouth, I was loving every moment of it. David was standing nearby, playing with his cock which had become hard again. Suddenly Stacey got up and went to the bathroom.

A moment later she returned. I noticed a strange bulge under her mini skirt. She came close to me and as she lifted her skirt up, I saw the monster. She was wearing a huge strapon cock and it was coming straight into my mouth.

My lips stretched wide as she put it into my mouth. She pushed it deep but didn’t left it in there for long. She just wanted to make it wet before driving it into my pussy.

Stacey stretched my pussy wide open with her hands and shoved her big strapon cock inside. I was moaning loud while the rubber beast was fucking the shit out of me. Having my legs wide open for her, I was biting my lips, so as not to shout it loud :

“Yes, yes, more please, fuck my pussy. Yes, deeper please, yeah that’s it, fuck my pussy!”

I soon had an extreme orgasm. Stacey smiled at me and pulled off. She took off the strapon cock and her skirt. Wearing only a pair of stiletto high heels she walked to David. He was totally naked and his big cock was hard again.

“Now it’s my turn David, let’s fuck like animals.”

She lied on the floor over a rug made of fur and he lied above her. He kissed her lips deep and she kissed him back passionately. She opened her legs for him as he slid his big cock in her pussy. Her arms around his head and his hands touching every part of her body, while his cock was fucking her pussy slowly.

He pinched her nipples and rubbed her clit. She was moaning loud. He put her legs on his shoulders and fucked her deeper and harder. They were about to cum any moment from now. Then David grabbed her throat hard with his big hands, choking her, and fucked her as hard as never before. He came inside her wife’s pussy and she had a big orgasm too. They lied down next to each other, driven in heaven with pleasure.

“Oh David…”

“Mmm happy anniversary my love.”

“It was the best anniversary ever and that gift was amazing.”

“I forgot about her. What should I do with her now?”

“We don’t need her anymore, just get rid of her.”

“It’s too late to drive her back home.”

“Just leave her at her college. She can find the way herself. Then come back here, so we can have another round.”

Stacey went to the bathroom, while David put some clothes on. He untied me and quickly led me to his car. He drove me to the college and pulled me out of the car.

“David, wait. We forgot my clothes.”

“Damn, I don’t have the time for it now.”

The campus was empty. He grabbed my leash and led me to a tree, where he tied my hands.

“What are you doing? You can’t leave me here naked.”

“Don’t worry it’s too dark they won’t see you. I’ll bring your clothes tomorrow morning.”

“No. Don’t leave me here”

“Shut up.”

He put the ball gag on my mouth again, got back in the car and drove all the way home, leaving me helpless.

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