Dear Wife,

Hi sweetie…Not sure where to begin but I am struggling a little bit here. I am really lonely and I know you are too. It is so hard being apart just now and I am not sure how to bridge the gap. I have also been ridiculously horny the past few days – not sure why but I sure am. I’m kinda all over the place with fantasies in my head. Furious masturbation seems to help a little but only a little… In an inappropriate way I think I feel compelled to share my thoughts and fantasies with you. In part to shock you (which turns me on a bit) and in part as some sort of forced openness that seems to turn me even more.

This morning my fantasy was pretty vivid, and frankly wild even for me. I’d jacked hard late last night and so it my cock was still tender and sensitive but after a few tentative moments this fantasy i was pumping fast and furious with a tight grip – the friction heating up and really hurt but as you will see that played right into my head space – a lovely mix of friction pain and erotic pleasure. I did come although it took some time to squeeze out an orgasm and I was sweaty and panting by the end. Licking a finger on the left hand I was finger fucking my ass with my left hand and masturbating with the right, all the time envisioning you watching me as if I was performing all this for you. Ultimately I sprayed cum all over my chest and I did run my finger through my come and fed myself a little in the aftermath, as is my practice of late. Hell of a session. The following was the inspiration and this might shock you a little bit… you have been warned.

Another couple joins us, we found them on Craigslist or something, and you and the other woman are getting us guys hard, taking turns sucking each of us off. It turns me on to no end to envision you slurping on some other guys cock. Twisting your head to watch his wife doing the same to me with a twinge of jealousy and worry in your eye. I know you are thinking that you wouldn’t be into it, and the idea of you tentatively going along and then slowly getting into it, getting hot and wet yourself and watching your inhibitions slip away turns me on significantly.

Knowing that it is a fantasy of mine to suck another man’s cock you beckon me over to his cock. Not really knowing where this would all lead. Together we kiss and lick his hard cock. Then you are feeding me his cock, whispering cock sucking tips into my ear. The other woman returns to the hotel room bed with a strap-on and the hard head of a small plastic dildo slippery with lube is pressed against my anus. Initially she taps and bounces it gently against my anus. Then in a half inch slides in and then out. In again and out, now an inch in, then two. My ass relaxes and with a pop of pain the head of the dildo forces past my sphincter and the 6 inch dildo borrows into my ass.

Then I envisioned myself on my hands and knees with you whispering in my ear as the other woman pushes me forward via my ass onto her husband’s hard cock – inching his cock further down my throat. Then he jabs forward until I am pressed back against the dildo. You begin to synchronize them, such that they both thrusting at the same time. Then you are egging them on, “that’s right fuck’m and then nearly out and now in…” until I am taking all of both the real and false cock. As their passion increases, my back arches to soften the compression of these two athletic folks as they both thrust towards one another, me in the middle the receptacle for their passion. Nearly a conduit for their kink they begin to fuck each other through me. Leaning forward they kiss roughly as the intensity of the strokes increases. He envisions his 7″ cock sinking into her, but it is my throat he is fucking and she is dominating him through my ass with a 6″ dildo.

She comes and reminds you that you’d be up for one too. Pulling my head over from the cock and into your lap you guide my face into your cunt. You lie down on the bed and I begin to eat you out as the other lines up behind to take turns fucking my ass. Giggling as they coach each other on angles and rhythms for fucking someone in the ass.”I really like it when you firmly push your cock towards my belly button” she says, “I just love the tight grip on my cock,” he grunts.

“OK now you should really fuck him, go ahead and satisfy yourself with this guy’s ass.” She says to her husband. Then he goes to work on my ass, asking me if I want it all…” Yes, come on, sink it all the way in…” I rasp out. You notice that I begin to push my hips back to meet his thrusts. You are both scared and enthralled at the thought of your husband being such a slut for his first ass fucking. You knew I loved the strap on occasionally and I’d admitted to you that I liked to fuck a dildo when you were gone, but you never envisioned me as some stereotypical gay boys pleading for a fucking.

“Do you like his cock in your ass my dear?” you ask. “Uh huh I do. Yes… I…. Do….” I pant, “I want more.. I want it harder…” hearing this, he leans forward and grabbing my hair, yanks my head back and asks me if I really do want it harder. “How hard?, tell me” he asks.

“Yes, yes I do” I begin to plead, and then I go on to direct him to hammer my ass with his cock, fuck me in and out until he is sweating with exertion, beg him to slide out until the tip is barely in my ass and then slide forward until his balls slap against the ass checks I am holding open for him to increase his total penetration – slowly at first he complies and then swept up in his own needs and desires he works his cock from tip to base using my ass for his pleasure. His care for others devolves and he seeks his own pleasure by pounding as hard as he can in and out of my ass, driving my hips down to the bed surface. the lube frustrates his need for friction and he compensates with hard hammer like strokes.

Now wrapped up in the moment and enthralled with my own depravity I taunt him further, “is it really all in… can you sink you cock in a little deeper… harder, really fuck me now… come on show me you can actually fuck hard… “

The moment dissolves into you and the other woman watching rough and sweaty man sex while fingering each other to mutual orgasms. Another guy, a stranger just a little while ago, is vigorously thrusting his cock into your husband. You aren’t surprise I am enjoying myself but you are surprised that my enjoyment is so clearly ties to his vigor in fucking me. As you witness an act bordering on anal rape your husband’s joy seems to increase. The man groans as he approaches orgasm and I slip forward, spin around, roll onto my back, and dangle my head over the end of the bed. You tingle with shock as you here me gasp out between pants “ass to mouth.. fuck my face until you come.”

You watch as my arms reach up to grip his ass checks and pull him inward on each thrust. The vigor of the fucking only moments ago of your husband’s ass is now replicated into his mouth and down my throat. You watch my throat swell with the plunging of his long cock, knowing that I’ve always wanted to do just this to your face, mouth , and throat. he is nominally gentle to start but then he smirks at my slutiness, “fuck it” he says. I am clearly his cock whore now, and as the veins in his arms and legs bulge with the flexing of all his muscles as he roughly, almost brutally, fucks my face and throat. My gagging and choking is muffled by the occlusion of my mouth and airway with his cock and this obviously turns him on even more. The aphrodisiac of his power over me sweeps through him and he begins to quake and jerk and a large quantity of semen ejects form his cock into my mouth, down my throat, bubbling out between my lips and his cock.

Everyone has come but me and while the three of you sit lazily in chairs I kneel in the middle of the room, lean back, and jack off for the three of you. Our new friends toss the dildo to me and I jab it in and out of my ass as I roughly grasp my own cock and slide my fist up and down.

You all taunt me to fuck myself deeper and harder with the dildo which only encourages me more. Another larger dildo comes out of the toy bag and without hesitation I lube it up and as you all cheer me on to “take it all, one thrust, come on” – I plunge the 10″ black dildo into my ass. Bug eyed and screaming I force it into my ass awash in pain and pleasure and finally begin spurting come and collapse exhausted. THE END – and I came liek crazy dreaming about all this.

So now you know. I still don’t think I am “Gay” with a capital G and all, but I am pretty sure I am very bisexual inclined. I can’t imagine not having tender sex with you and really loving anyone else, but I also can’t hold back anymore. Now I see handsome guys on the the street and I wonder what it’d be like to kneel before them and suck them off until they cum in my mouth. I want to at least try being a cock slut and getting ass fucked by anther man intent of pleasuring himself via my tight ass. The idea of a group of gay muscle men riding a train on my ass is pretty appealing, might just be a fantasy but maybe… all to say I guess this means I am bisexual. I hope we can figure this all out.

I love you – your out to you anyway bisexual husband

P.S. – Can I place a Craiglsit ad? In casual encounters, MW4MW Bi-Curious Hubby needs to see wife harden up another man who then gets a deep throat by me and then can fuck me in my ass.

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