I was exhausted. Spent. Confused.

I had never experienced anything so overtly sexual in my life. I had never been used as nothing more than to satisfy another person, let alone another man.

Mark and I walked into his condo and he directed me to the shower without saying a word. He turned on the hot water and directed me in.

“I want you clean,” he said. “Completely.” Slapping my ass as he walked out of the room. I felt my body shudder as I was unsure exactly what he meant, but through the alcohol-clouded thought process, I guessed at what he was thinking.

I started to wash myself from head to toe, taking extra time washing my cock and ass. As I did so, Mark walked into the room and placed another drink, this time cold, at the door of the shower and then walked back out.

As I opened the door to pick up the glass, I thought I could hear him talking to someone, but no one replied. I assumed he was talking on the phone but I could not completely understand the conversation. I took a big gulp of the cool drink, only to have my throat burn from the stiffness of the liquor in it. I returned to the shower and continued to clean myself more than I ever had before.

Eventually I exited the shower and wrapped a towel around my thin waist and walked into the living room. I was surprised to see another man in the room seated on the couch talking to Mark.

“Kevin,” Mark said, “This is David. He is a friend of mine and therefore a friend of yours. Do you understand?”

“Um, yes sir,” I replied, suddenly feeling uncomfortable.

David was about the same height as Mark, but not as solid. His build appeared to be more that of a runner, with short graying hair and blue eyes that seemed to be looking me over from head to toe, then back again. He was wearing a tank top and shorts and I could see that he was fit like an Olympic runner.

I walked over and shook David’s hand. He held it tight for a moment and looking me over again said to Mark, “Yes, he will do nicely, I think.” With that he let go of my hand. “Say thank you, Boy, ” Mark, said, and I nodded to David. “T-thank you, Sir,” although, I was unsure as to what I was thanking him for.

I noticed that there was what appeared to be a massage table in the middle of the room. Before I could ask Mark ordered “On the table. Face down.”

I do so without question. Face in the padded donut for the head staring at the floor. Someone pulled off my towel and I heard the stranger, David, growl “Oh yes. Very nice.” Mark told me to lift my head and when I did he wrapped a blindfold around my eyes. I felt a hand slap my ass hard.

I then felt something warm being poured onto my back, ass and legs, followed by what seemed to be a dozen strong hands all over my body. I was in ecstasy as my body was worked and kneaded by these strong hands. I felt someone’s hands rubbing my ass, sliding between my cheeks. As good as if felt I was suddenly afraid of what was about to happen and I clenched my cheeks tight.

I felt the hands move away and down my legs.

“Does it feel good, Boy?” I heard Mark ask.

“Yes, Sir. Very much, thank you.” I moaned.

Mark came to the head of the table and removed the donut that held my head. I let my head hang from the end of the table when he placed the little bottle under my nose again.

“Inhale deeply, Boy,” Mark said, and I followed his direction. I breathed in as deeply as I could, and was rewarded by an amazing euphoria throughout my whole body. I took another inhale and held it in.

Mark then lifted my head slightly and I saw his cock directly in front of my face. I felt him grab my hair as he pushed his huge cock into my mouth. I sucked and licked as best I could, the poppers overwhelming me, his cock pushing against my throat. Gagging me. Raping my mouth.

I was suddenly aware of my ass being spread apart and I felt the tongue of David licking my hole. Sliding into it. Instead of pulling away, I spread my legs apart, allowing all the access he wanted.

As I relaxed further I felt something sliding into my ass. Slowly. Stretching. Filling me. I expected it to hurt, but was amazed at how turned on I was getting. Mark fucked my mouth as David stretched my ass. It hurt a little, but it felt so good. More poppers again took hold of my body, my resistance wilting away.

I expected David to fuck my ass with what I now realized was some kind of toy. I thought it would pull it out but I realized that David was no longer at my ass but standing next to Mark, the dildo held deep in me by my tightness. His hard cock not quite as long but just as thick as Marks. I felt Mark tighten his grip of my hair as he pulled my mouth off his cock, and pushed my mouth suddenly down on the cock of David. I loved being used by them. I gagged as they took turns fucking my mouth. Making me take their cocks deeper and deeper into my throat. They slapped me in across the face with their cocks. Calling me their “little slut” and “pussy boy.” I loved it.

Marks ordered me to get up onto my knees and I did as told. The blindfold was pulled off my face.

“Don’t let that fall out of your ass, Boy,” Mark ordered.

Squeezing my ass so as not to lose the toy filing me, I kneeled on the table. My head hanging off the end the end of the table while my ass was high in the air.

“Mmmmmmmm. that’s a pretty picture,” I heard David say. And with that I saw the flash.

“We will enjoy these later, Slut,” Mark growled at me.

I felt David take my left hand and tie it to the leg of the table. He then did the same with the right. He then placed a metal bar between my knees and used leather straps to secure it to them.

Now I was completely unable to move. The ties on my wrists held my upper body down, while the bar held my knees spread.

Mark again moved in front of me and roughly fucked my mouth and I was able to see out of the corner of my eye David filming the whole thing.

I wanted to protest, but my body gave me away. I was sucking Marks cock as well as I could. My cock was rock hard and my ass was squeezing the plug that was still filling it.

I again smelled the familiar aroma of the poppers as the bottle was pushed under my nose. I took a long deep pull on it and held it. As I took the second inhale, I felt the plug slowly pulled from my ass. Once it was out I felt empty. I wanted to beg for it to be put back, but Mark was still fucking my mouth. I was euphoric.

One more hit of poppers and I heard David say, “I think he is ready.”

“Ready for what?” I thought.

At that moment I felt David on the table behind me, his knees between mine. Mark told me to take one more hit of poppers and as I did I felt something pushing against my ass. For a moment I tried to resist but I heard David say, “Take it, Slut. You know you want my cock.”

With that he slid his lubed cock into my ass. Stretching my ass. I moaned. Begged. I wanted to please my masters. He started slow.

“Holy fuck,” David said. “What a perfect ass.” He reached down and stroked my cock. I almost came right then.

Mark pulled his cock out of my mouth. The strings of drool dripping from my mouth as he did.

“Boy like being used?” he said.

“Yes, yes sir. Please don’t stop,” I begged.

David pushed in deeper, filling my virgin hole. Holding it deep then pulling out again. I was not getting fucked from both ends. Wanting. Begging. Craving. Willing to do anything to please my Masters.

Mark roughly pulled his cock from my mouth and was immediately gone from my view. I felt David pull out from my ass and heard Mark say “I have wanted this for a long time, Boy.”

With that I felt his huge cock push against my hole. He was so much thicker than David. His huge cock stretched my ass more that I could have imagined. As He slowly pushed into me, I felt a hot mouth around my cock. David was deep throating me as I was being fucked.

I was in heaven.

This went on forever, but not nearly long enough. I heard Mark say “I’m gonna shoot soon. Where shall we cum, Dave?”

“On his face. I want to see how much of a whore he is.”

My restraints were loosened as were the ones holding my knees to the bar.

“On the floor, Slut,” I was ordered.

I immediately kneeled on the floor in front of my Masters.

“You may stroke your cock, Boy,” Mark said as they moved in front of me.

I was in heaven as I watched Mark and David stroking their huge cocks inches from my face.

“Make sure you put on a good show for the camera, Slut, David said, motioning to the camera on the stand taking it all in.

They stroked their cocks as they stared down at me. My own hard cock in my fist as I prepared for what was coming.

David was first. His cum sprayed across my face and hair. Dripping from my chin. I came as he finished, splashing on my stomach.

Mark suddenly grabbed my hair hard and pulled my head back.

“Open you mouth, Slut,” which I did so without thinking.

As I did Mark grunted loudly and as he stroked with his right hand, shot a huge wad of cum into my mouth and he then suddenly stuffed his huge cock into my mouth.

Unable to fight back, I swallowed all of his cum as he roughly fucked my mouth, grunting with each wad.

Once he was done, I almost collapsed in exhaustion.

Mark slapped his softening cock across my face saying “Good boy,” as he did.

I was dripping with cum. My face, chest and stomach were coated with both David and my own.

“To the shower, Boy,” Mark ordered me. “You don’t want to miss watching your first video.”

I lifted myself off the floor. I was achy, sore, used, and happier than I had ever been.

I was already dreaming of my next lesson.

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