Let me start with a little background. After nearly sixteen years of marriage, I went through a nasty divorce. Happy to be moving on with my life, I quickly realized that being single again was going to be quite an adjustment. However, dating again turned out to be a lot of fun and I found that older, more experienced women were much more sexually adventurous than younger women. I try to maintain my looks and my physique and I have been called ‘good-looking.’ As a successful commercial banker, money wasn’t an issue and I didn’t have any trouble finding attractive women willing to go out with me…

Although I could tell you about some of my more interesting dates, this is a story about an encounter that happened at work. It started while I was still married. I had only been at the bank for a short time, and one of my initial projects involved dealing with the IT department. My previous encounters with people from the IT area usually meant nerds with little to no worldly experience.

To my pleasant surprise I was assigned a project manager that was anything but what I expected. Her name was Linda and she was an attractive woman in her 30′s. She was easy to talk to and easy on the eyes as well. She had an air of confidence and got things done in a professional manner. During that project we were all business. I was new to the bank and there were a lot of things to do so I didn’t have time for anything but getting the task at hand done as quickly as possible.

It was hard not to admire her sexy body though. She was about 5′ 6″ tall and 130 lbs. She had short, dark hair, and a small mouth with lips that you couldn’t help picturing wrapped around your cock. She was not well endowed on top, maybe a full B cup, but below the waist she was perfection. I’m a leg man, and Linda had everything that I could ask for in that area. She never wore high heels, but her legs were so perfect that she didn’t need anything to enhance them. She wore fairly tight, short skirts for a professional work environment and all the men turned to look whenever she walked by. Her ass was just the right size for her body, with an upside down heart shape. That tight ass, flat tummy and perfect set of legs definitely caught my attention.

After we got done with the project I asked her to join me for lunch to celebrate the successful completion of the work. I truly wanted to thank her for her efforts and maybe find out a little more about her. I found out she was a divorced mother with one teenage daughter. She told me that she appreciated my take charge management style and my aggressive approach to getting things done.

I told her I enjoyed working with her and said she was different than any other IT person I had ever dealt with before. She took that as a complement saying that she tried to be a little different from others. She also said that she was willing to take some risks to get the most out of life. I assumed she meant risks at work, but I wondered what risks she would be willing to take in her personal life, specifically her sex life. It would take a couple of years, but I would find out first hand she was definitely willing to push the envelope. It turned out that my aggression and her risk taking attitude were very compatible sexually.

Over the next three years things improved at the bank as many of the changes I implemented took effect. However, my marriage deteriorated due to my wife’s drinking and eventually I filed for divorce. I had very limited contact with Linda as we were in two totally different areas of the bank that were actually located in buildings on the opposite sides of town. Eventually, I wanted to implement some more changes to the banks loan approval process that required some more IT work.

I immediately thought of Linda and called her supervisor to request her assistance. He told me she was available and said it would be a good use of her skills. The next week we met for lunch to talk about business and catch up on our personal lives. She mentioned hearing that I had just divorced and she was very supportive of what I was going through. She had also just ended a relationship and I sensed that she was open to my advances if I wanted to pursue it.

I obviously found her very attractive, but I was concerned about getting involved with a fellow employee due to my senior level position at the bank. She was also almost twelve years my junior and I wondered if I could keep up with her. I decided to take a chance and asked her if she would like to go out with me in a non-professional capacity. She said she was flattered that I found her attractive and we agreed to start dating quietly without telling anyone else at the bank

One week later, she called me to tell me she had drawn up some initial project plans and wanted to know when we could sit down to go over them. My schedule was really busy and the only time I had during the next week was at the end of the following Thursday. We set up a meeting in my office at 5:00 p.m. to look at what she had put together. She knocked on my office door on the 25th floor precisely at 5.

When Linda walked into the office she took my breath away. Her hair and makeup were flawless. I couldn’t help noticing that her lips were painted ruby red, beautifully accenting her sexy pout. She was wearing a skirt that would definitely be considered too short and tight for an ‘official’ business meeting. The bottom of the skirt was at least six inches above the knee and tight enough to suggest that she was either wearing a tiny thong or nothing at all underneath. She obviously knew what her best assets were and was just as obviously willing to give me a good look at them.

As she spread out her papers on the conference table in the corner of my office she bent over to give me a view of her perfectly sculpted ass. She was wearing three inch heels that accentuated her toned thighs and calves. Sex appeal oozed out of every inch of her spectacular body. I immediately started to think that this meeting might be more interesting than originally planned.

I walked out of my office to see if my secretary had anything that needed my attention before she left for the night. She was looking at Linda when I approached her desk. I could tell she was a little disgusted with the way Linda looked. Rumor had it that most of the women at the bank did not like her because they considered her pushy. I couldn’t help thinking that they were just envious of her tight, sexy body and the way she was willing to show it off.

My secretary assured me that everything was under control and I wished her a good night as she cleaned off her desk to leave for the day. I noticed everyone else was getting ready to leave as well. It was the middle of winter and already dark outside so everyone was anxious to get back to their families and the warmth of their homes.

I decided to stop at the men’s room before going into my meeting with Linda. After a long day at work, I wanted to wash my face, brush my teeth and comb my hair to look my best for this beautiful woman waiting in my office. I was thinking that I might ask Linda to join me for a drink or maybe dinner after our meeting and I was hopeful that it might lead to something more.

Just in case, I wanted to be ready so I popped a Cialis pill that I had with me into my mouth. I guessed that Linda probably dated younger men than me and I wanted to be able to perform at that same level if the opportunity presented itself.

I walked into my office and closed the door behind me. Linda was standing next to the corner conference table where she had neatly arranged two piles of papers. She was staring out of the windows in my office which overlooked the rest of the city. I couldn’t help staring at her perfect figure in that short skirt and heels silhouetted against the reflective glass. My cock twitched a little and I knew that it had nothing to do with the yellow pill I had just swallowed.

I asked her if she enjoyed the view from up here. She answered that it was definitely better than the view from her cubicle in the operations center near the airport. I told her that I liked the way everything was lit up at this time of night. It made life more tolerable in the winter when the days were so short.

She pointed out the fact that you could see into the rooms of the hotel that was right across the street from my office. I laughed and said that most of the time there was nothing interesting to look at, but there had been a couple of occasions over the last couple of years where I did see some intimate encounters when I was working late. Linda seemed interested in that and asked who and what I had seen.

I described a few couples who didn’t seem too concerned that they were putting on a show for others to see. All of the couples were heterosexual except one time two women seemed to be enjoying each other and once where there were three men pleasuring a woman. She said that the view would definitely make working late more tolerable.

She asked me if I thought that the people in the rooms with their drapes open were doing it on purpose. I said I guessed that was the case, but that they might not even think about who could see them that high up. She agreed that some people are exhibitionists and having other people watch adds to their excitement. I liked her answer and wondered if she was one of those people because she seemed a little too interested.

We decided that we should really get started going over the work plan for the project that Linda had put together. As I expected, it was thorough and well thought out. It took us about half an hour to go over everything and set up additional meetings to bring in some other people from the bank to begin working on it.

After we were done, Linda got up and walked up to the windows in my office and asked if I thought we might see someone in the hotel across the street fooling around. It sounded like she was really interested in a little voyeurism and I walked up behind her to see if I could help her locate a couple in one of the rooms. To my surprise I located a room one floor below ours that had a couple having a drink while sitting on a sofa in the room. I pointed it out to Linda and told her to watch and see if anything developed.

After a minute or two, I suggested that we sit on my office sofa and see what might happen. Linda sat down on the end closest to the window and I sat next to her. Sure enough, within a few minutes the couple put down their drinks and started to kiss. That lead to some groping and pretty soon clothes were being shed. Linda was watching closely and I could tell she was getting excited because her breathing was getting more rapid. I decided to use this opportunity to move closer to her and put my arm around her shoulder. She didn’t seem to mind as she continued to watch the couple across the street.

They were down to their underwear and I leaned over to her ear and whispered that I thought this was very sexy, hoping she was enjoying it as much as I was. Then Linda did something that took me by surprise. While she continued to watch the couple make out, she reached back to my lap with her left hand and began rubbing my groin. With the couple across the street getting naked and a beautiful woman groping my junk, it didn’t take much more encouragement for my cock to begin to grow.

I decided to go for it and I reached over Linda’s shoulder to caress her right breast while leaning in to kiss her neck. As soon as I did, she let out a little groan that told me I should keep going. I continued to play with her boobs with my right hand and moved my left hand down between her legs and under her short skirt. She immediately spread her legs, causing the skirt to hike up more and giving me better access to her crotch.

Her left hand continued to play with my cock through my slacks and, with the Cialis kicking in, it was straining to get out. The fingers of my left hand met her bare pussy, revealing the truth about whether or not she was wearing panties. I immediately began to rub her moist crotch with the desired results. She began to rotate her hips and turned her head away from the couple across the street for a few seconds to kiss me. Our tongues wrestled like two snakes fighting as the petting got heavier by the minute.

I noticed that the lovers in the hotel were both naked and I whispered to Linda that I didn’t think it was fair for them to have shed all their clothes and we were still fully dressed. She laughed and agreed saying that we should put on a show for them.

“I guess that if we can see them, they can also see us. Do you think they would notice us?” she teased.

Given that they were focused on something else at that moment I wasn’t sure if they would be looking for another couple in the office across the street, but that didn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t see us putting on a show. I was game to join in and I told Linda that we should go for it. I got Linda to stand up and I started to unbutton her blouse. She reached over to me and untied my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Linda undid my slacks and pulled them off leaving both of us down to our underwear. Linda looked spectacular in her bra, pantyhose and heels. I was excited to finally see her out of her clothes and my cock showed its appreciation by sticking straight out of the front of my boxers.

Most of the way out of our clothes, Linda and I turned again to see what the hotel couple was doing. They had moved from the sofa to the bed and the man was kneeling between the legs of the woman playing with her pussy. That looked like a good idea so I lead Linda over to the round conference table. I told her to lay down on the table after I pulled off her panty hose. As she lay on the table I got down on my knees to stick my head between those beautiful legs. As Linda turned her head to watch the hotel couple I began to kiss and lick her thighs, slowly working up to her pussy. As I got close to her pussy I could smell the scent of feminine arousal coming from her soaked groin.

As I began to lick her pussy, Linda let out a sigh of approval and cried out, “that’s it, keep doing that! You’re doing the same thing that the guy is doing in the hotel. I can see him licking his girl’s pussy and I know exactly what she is feeling. We can see what they are doing and they can watch us as the same time. I can’t believe how exciting it is to watch someone else have sex and doing the same thing so that others can watch.”

I could only mumble in agreement as my face was plastered up against her steamy groin, working my tongue up and down the slit of her pussy. The smell and taste of her juices was like nectar to a hummingbird. I couldn’t get enough of this woman who apparently shared my interest in voyeurism and exhibitionism.

All of the women I had recently dated had either closely trimmed or totally shaved their pussies. Linda’s was definitely more of the retro look. It was like I was looking at a 70′s porno starlet. Her thick bush was trimmed but very different from what I was used to. I buried my nose into her thick dark pubic hair and aimed the tip of my tongue for her sensitive clit. I was not surprised that it was already swollen and sticking out. I began by running my tongue up and down her whole pussy tasting the juices that were already seeping out. She tasted wonderful and I dove in with full force. The second I touched her clit she let out a moan and spread her legs more to give me better access.

“That’s it, Baby” she said, “Your tongue feels so good, I love what you’re doing. They can see you licking my pussy and it feels so nasty! I love it.”

I started to play with her clit, tonguing it with slow, steady strokes. Linda began to grind her pussy into my face, indicating that she wanted more so I increased the pace and intensity. The harder I licked, the more she responded to my actions. She even grabbed my head to make sure I was hitting the right spots. I could tell she was getting close to an orgasm so I increased the pressure on her clit and within a few seconds she was cumming. She arched her back and her entire body stretched out in a spasm sending a flood of juices out of her pussy into my face.

“Oh Baby, that was amazing. I can’t believe how turned on I am knowing that I can be watched while watching another couple at the same time. We need to get you in on the fun too. Doesn’t this turn you on?” her voice was husky and slightly out of breath after her powerful climax.

I was also excited at the thought that we were putting on a show, but I didn’t know if anyone was actually watching as I had been concentrating on getting Linda off. I looked up from between her legs to the lights of the hotel rooms across the street. I saw the other couple we had seen earlier still going at it, oblivious to our joining them in the pursuit of sexual pleasure. However, I did see some people in a couple of other rooms who had noticed our activity. I saw two men in individual rooms and a couple in another room looking out at us. Linda also saw them and pointed out a fourth I had not seen.

I got more excited by all of the unexpected attention. Linda moved me closer to the windows and got down on her knees to take my hard cock into her mouth. I had been waiting for this moment ever since I first met her during the first couple of weeks on the job. Seeing my cock slip in and out of her mouth was almost enough to make me cum right then and there. What her tongue was doing to my cock was even more amazing. I looked over at the hotel and saw that the couple we had originally watched was doing the same thing we were. I told Linda to look over at the other couple and she took her mouth off my cock for a second to tell me that we were both doing the same thing.

Then she surprised me by saying, “Let’s try to do what they are doing for as long as we can! It will be like a game!”

I said it sounded like fun if she was up for it. Her response was returning to sucking my cock with additional enthusiasm. I was getting close to cumming, but Linda sensed my excitement and slowed down her movement. I figured that she was not going to let me cum unless she saw the guy in the hotel blow his load into his wife or girlfriend. I looked over again and unfortunately the guy appeared to have lots of staying power as they kept going at it.

Linda looked up, taking her lips off my cock and said, “You don’t cum until he does. That’s the rules of the game.”

I wanted to cum badly, but laughed and nodded, just enjoying the feel of a beautiful woman’s lips surrounding my cock. My prick was as hard as I could ever remember it and it was not just the Cialis I had taken about an hour ago. I was definitely getting off on this exhibitionist game. Knowing that several strangers were watching us having sex and playing a copy cat game with another couple without them knowing it was turning out to be an aphrodisiac that I never imagined it could be.

I leaned back against the sofa as Linda continued to give me a slow, sensual blow job. She reached up to juggle my increasingly bloated balls with her fingertips. Because of the sexual teasing Linda was doing, they felt extra sensitive; like they were about to explode. Part of it was probably due to the fact that I had not had an orgasm in about a week, but I’m sure the majority of it was Linda’s lips and tongue playing a symphony on my tool. Linda was definitely getting into this game and kept on bringing me close to orgasm before backing off again. She must have done this five or six times before I was close to begging her to get me off.

However, just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, I looked over to the other couple in the hotel and saw that they had moved to the bed and were beginning to have sex. I tapped Linda on the shoulder and pointed to the hotel. She took notice and got up off her knees. I leaned down to give her a deep kiss. Her bright red lips that had been sucking on my cock for the last ten minutes were full and inviting. I snaked my tongue into her mouth and played with her tongue. She responded with equal enthusiasm and it was like an electrical current surged through our bodies.

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