Part 3: Romancing Kourtney

So now we were getting somewhere. Kourtney was coming into the mix. As ravenous for her as I’ve always been, I couldn’t tip my hand. It would scare both Kim and Kourtney away and I’d be left with just a bra and panties and some tapes of a horny girl sucking and getting fucked. I wanted much more.

Two days later Kim phoned me to say that Kourtney had agreed to have lunch with us. Could I meet them at a certain upscale Beverly Hills bistro at 1:00 PM tomorrow? I accommodated.

When I showed up about ten minutes late at the restaurant, the K sisters were already there. Kourtney was wearing a bright yellow summer dress that showed off her perfect bosom. I couldn’t help but wedge myself between the two sisters. I tried to look at Kim once in a while, but it was almost impossible. I extended my hand out to Kourtney.

“Hello, I’m Robert Kelly, Miss Kardashian. I’ve always enjoyed watching you whenever I could. You’re an exceptional woman.”

Kourtney melted me with her smile. “Thank you, Mr. Kelly. Kim has told me you’re an ingenious inventor and that I should be anxious to see your latest creation.”

“Well, I know Kim certainly likes it. Maybe you would, too. Who knows?”

The three of us all ordered salad. Kim had the Greek, I had the Nicoise and Kourtney had the Caesar. As we sat there chomping on lettuce, Kim moved the conversation along. “Mr. Kelly has agreed to let you see the machine in action, if you want, Kourt. I think you should. You’re never going to see anything like this again. It’s a dream come true.”

“Maybe for you, Honey,” Kourtney offered. “But some of us are a little more particular.”

“Please just take a look at it. You don’t have to use it or anything. But I want you to see how great it is for me and for other women. Mr. Kelly has worked so hard on perfecting it and making it work for me. It certainly does. I remember not too long ago when you were complaining about your lack of ‘O’s’. This is the answer. Believe me.”

I stepped in. “Miss Kardashian, I don’t want to foist anything upon you. Your sister is in love with my machine. She needs someone she can share her experience with and you’re the only one in the family she thinks will understand. If she were my sister, I’d take that as a compliment and try to understand what it is that is so special to her.

Obviously you don’t need to use the machine yourself, but Kim seems to need it in her life. I’m rather proud of it and would love to show you it’s capabilities. Just to brag a little. Please forgive my vanity.”

I could tell that speaking to Kourtney as an adult and an intelligent person had a good effect on her. She was flattered and responded accordingly.

“Well, I guess I shouldn’t be critical of something I’ve never seen and can’t possibly understand. Sure, I’ll take a look at it. It will be fun.”

I smiled a big smile at her, looking deeply into her gorgeous eyes and said, “Thank you.” I thought we connected a little. Maybe I was only hallucinating. I was dying to connect with her on any level. I was so smitten it had to be obvious. Kim could tell.

She put her arm around my neck and pulled me closer to her and away from Kourtney. She kissed my cheek and said to Kourtney, “He’s my hero.” I sort of liked being the territory a gorgeous girl marked. But I knew I’d get everything I wanted if I was just patient.

I didn’t bother blindfolding either girl for the trip to the warehouse. I was pleased that both sat in the front seat with me and Kourtney was next to me. She smelled amazing. I could never get enough of her. Kim was obviously nervous and worried about something.

When we arrived at the warehouse, I uncovered the machine so Kourtney could inspect it. Kim embellished the description of the devices by saying things like, “This is where I put my feet. This is the tongue that licks me. This is the cock that goes up my ass. This is the one I suck and control the others with.”

Kourtney seemed interested, but not in a way that would lead anyone to believe that she wanted to try it for herself. She was more interested in how Kim used it and what it did to her. Eventually Kourtney and I went into the booth and Kim mounted the sex machine to take a ride. She had prefaced this by saying to both of us, “I’m a little afraid to let go in front of my sister. It’s embarrassing. I didn’t mind in front of a total stranger. But this is very personal.”

I said, “You want her to know how good it is for you, don’t you? You want her to realize that this has become an important part of your life. If you don’t show her how good it makes you feel, she won’t understand. Just relax, Have fun. Let go. Show us both what you and the machine can accomplish together.”

That seemed to calm her a little. She stripped and mounted the machine. Kourt and I went into the booth. It was close quarters. She sat very close to me and gazed out the window at her sister.

“I have a secret to tell you. It’s one I hope you won’t tell Kim,” I confided.

“Sure, what is it?” Kourtney asked me.

“Well, I told her that she can control the two cocks and the tongues that lick her by doing different things with the cock in her mouth. Sucking it would make the cocks go in and out, licking it would make the tongues lick her, and so forth. The truth is that I’m controlling everything from in here. I watch what she does with the oral cock, then make the bottom cocks and tongues do corresponding things. I didn’t see the harm in it. I thought it would make it more enjoyable for her if she thought she had some influence over what the machine did.”

Kourtney giggled. “That’s very clever of you,” she smiled and said. “So we can actually make the machine do anything to her that we want, is that it?” she asked.

“Yes, that’s it. Would you like to control the action for a while?” I quizzed.

“Yes, very much so. Thank you. Just tell me when and what to do,” Kourtney said. She moved her chair closer to mine and looked at me in a way that I’ve been dreaming of for years. I was getting closer.

In the meantime Kim had gotten herself positioned to take in one of the cocks between her legs. She was holding onto the rails with her hands and pushing herself toward the main cock. I showed Kourtney how to thrust the cock forward to touch Kim whenever Kim started sucking hard on the oral cock. It was like watching a kid learn how to play a video game. She loved it. But she wanted to thrust quick and deep into Kim. I told her to go slowly — to make the cock burrow into Kim’s cunt, not pound away at it. Kourtney looked at me quizzically and attempted to slow down the action. But I could tell she was interested in delivering the meat to Kim as quickly and with as much gusto as possible.

Kimmie writhed with her legs until the cock was inside her. They she pushed and pulled as if she was one with the cock. I could only imagine how many times she had done this before. Of course, she was sucking the oral cock hard, trying to get the pussy cock to push and pull in and out of her. Kourtney had learned how to operate the joy stick (appropriately named) and was smiling and laughing as she fucked her sister. “Shit, this is wonderful!” said my Goddess. “The bitch is so into it. I always knew she would be a slave to cock someday. I didn’t know I’d be the one fucking her.” She laughed again.

I detected a little too much delight in Kourt’s voice and face. She really was loving fucking her sis. And not in a romantic way. She was mean about it. The thrusts were not loving — they were brutal. Kourtney had an agenda. It made me realize she was stronger than even I had thought. It made me love her more.

As Kim approached orgasm I explained to Kourtney about the cum the cock would shoot into Kim’s mouth. “Oh, my. I can’t wait to see that,” remarked the sister.

In addition, I had loaded the vaginal cock with cum so that Kim would feel that “gush” that girls love so much. Kim didn’t expect it, but it was coming to her, like it or not. Kim’s pace quickened and I could see Kourtney was mesmerized. Her hands were firmly on the controls and she was pushing and pulling in and out of Kimmie to beat the band.

Soon we heard loud animal sounds coming from Kim and some “Oh, God!” and “Fuck me, just fuck the shit out of me, please!”. At last Kim exploded and the cum spilled into her mouth and into her vagina. She was surprised to feel the sticky stuff down South, but happy to lick it up off the cock she had been sucking. I zoomed the camera in that was on her face so Kourtney could get a great look at her expression and the white semen on her tongue and upper lip. Kim was drenched with sweat and happiness.

“Geezus!” exclaimed Kourtney. “I can’t believe how it affects her. She’s absolutely fucked out of her mind, isn’t she?”

I proudly smiled and said, “Yes. The effect of the machine on Kim has been more pronounced than on other subjects I’ve tested. She has really bonded with it and accepted it as her lover. She really can’t get enough of it. She’s desperate for it.”

As soon as I spoke those last words I regretted it. The look on Kourtney’s face scared me. The thought of Kim being desperate for the machine lit a bulb in Kourt’s head — I could see that by the expression on her face. She smiled a very wicked smile, as if she had found a key to a magic box. And, in a way, she had.

For no apparent reason, Kourtney moved her face closer to mine, smiled and pressed her lips onto mine. Soon she thrust her tongue between my teeth and searched for my tongue to mingle with hers. I accepted her advances and immediately became erect. When I kissed her back she didn’t begin to pull away. She moved closer into me and got into the French kissing deeper and wetter. It was a dream come true — a wet one.

When she had to pull away to take a breath she slowly said to me, “You are so very attractive to me. I hope we can get closer and closer.”

I told her I knew she had a steady boyfriend and that she seemed to be monogamous. “Don’t believe everything you hear on TV,” she said. “Maybe I am and maybe I’m not. But I’m not going to stay away from you, unless you want me to. You’re too good to be true.” And she laughed just enough.

Kim had dismounted the machine and towled off a bit before putting her clothes back on and walking toward the booth. Kourtney and I rose to meet her.

“So,” Kim asked, “Did you see what that fucking thing can do?”

Kourtney replied, “It is amazing. You were right. But I think the girl in the stirrups had something to do with it’s success. You’re a natural at this and it’s as if the machine was made for you and just you.”

“I don’t think so,” Kim replied. “What do you think, Mr. Kelly?”

I knew I had to choose my words carefully. “You are an exceptional woman, Kim. You can get your mind past the fact that it’s not human — it’s a machine. Yet you make love to it as if it’s your long-lost boyfriend. For a few special women like you I think it’s terrific. But I’m not sure the rank-and-file woman will appreciate it like you do.”

“Appreciate it?” Kim asked. “I am fucking totally in love with the mother-fucker. It’s my reason for living.”

Kourtney smiled a big smile. She said nothing, but I could tell she was pleased. I had yet to realize just how pleased she was.


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