Kelly was waiting for me when I got out of the shower last night and finally came into the bedroom.

I was sore and tired. I had been working outside in the brutal heat and was physically drained. At times like these, I love to let go and let her take the lead and that’s exactly what she did. It’s almost like her way of rewarding me for working so hard on her honey-do list.

She was dressed only in black four-inch pumps and a black bustier. A suede flogger was in her hand and she was menacingly swishing it back and forth.

“I’ve been waiting for you”, she said coolly.

There was no need for me to say anything. I could have easily taken control since I’m normally the one in charge or I could have asked for a rain check since I was exhausted but I never like to say “no” when she’s in the mood.

I simply knelt on the carpet in front of her and presented my ass. She lovingly stroked it with the flogger, increasing the intensity as she spoke.

“I’ve cooked up a particularly nasty little punishment for keeping me waiting. Follow me.”

Kelly sashayed into the bathroom and I crawled behind her, admiring the swing of her perfect ass in front of me and I watched with nervous anticipation as she got the enema equipment from under the sink.

“Worship my ass, and maybe I’ll go easy on you”, she said teasingly.

Easy wasn’t what I wanted and I knew she would make it as difficult as she could anyway. I would do the same in her position and she knew it. I licked and caressed her lovely ass while she ran the water and adjusted the temperature. After a few minutes, she spread her feet and arched her back so that I could lave her wrinkled rosebud. She moaned as I licked but it didn’t slow her preparations.

Even without being able to see, I knew that my tormentor had unwrapped a new bar of Ivory soap and placed it in the bag which she then filled with nearly-hot water. Loving every minute of it, I renewed my efforts on her asshole causing her to speak breathlessly.

“You’re going to get a nice, hot, soapy enema and hold it until I say you can release, is that clear?” she asked.

“Yes, Mistress” I replied, though I’m sure it came out as more of a mumble since I still had my face buried in her ass.

Kelly straightened up and turned around, pushing me back onto my haunches. She took a step forward so that my nose was nestled in her slit. I was tempted, but I knew better than to lick without permission. I simply sat there and inhaled the heavenly scent of her very wet pussy as she explained the rules.

“You are going to take all of this hot, soapy water and then you are going to lick me until I come. For every minute that it takes for you to get me off, I am going to add an ounce more water. Do you understand?”

I understood fully and groaned at the implication. I can take two quarts without too much trouble but the amount of soap that she added would make it painful and difficult. Going a few ounces over two quarts at the beginning is challenging but adding toward the end will be torture. I could only hope that she would come quickly since she was already pretty excited.

“Yes, ma’am” was the only response I could muster.

Kelly pushed me back and motioned for me to put my nose on the carpet. I obeyed and felt her lubing my ass with a more-than-usual amount of K-Y. I should have known that she had more surprises up her sleeve.

“Oh, you’re probably wondering what this is” she teased as she inserted a large nozzle into my ass. “You’ve probably heard of a double-balloon nozzle before.”

I had, and the thought of it was both exhilarating and terrifying. Once the inner balloon was inflated, she could fill me up with as much water as she wanted and I would have to hold it as long as she demanded.

Still, the feeling of it gliding past my sphincter was deliciously erotic. Owing to the excess of lube and slickness of the silicone, it felt like a gloved finger inching into my rectum. Once it was in past the first balloon, she gently squeezed the inflator and I felt the balloon swell inside me. One more squeeze and I could definitely feel the pressure. I should have known that Kelly wouldn’t let me off that easy. The next two pumps were delivered in rapid succession and the pressure built quickly to an intense level

“I just wanted to make sure that you could really feel it” she cooed.

I was still adjusting to the fullness when I heard the telltale ‘click’ of the valve being opened and the felt the water rush into me. At first, it was cool where the water in the hose had reached room temperature and then I felt the warmth of the soap combined with the warmth of the water from the bag.

I was already squirming and tapping my toes on the floor as I looked up to see how much I had taken. The bag was still bulging and I could see suds peaking over the top. We had a long way to go.

I could feel the water filling my colon and inching higher and higher. Slowly, the pressure would build until I thought I would burst and then subside as the water reached deeper and deeper. I willed myself to take slow, deep breaths and relax.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, I heard the faint ‘slurp’ as the last of the water emptied from the bag. When she was sure that I had taken it all, Kelly clamped off the nozzle and removed the hose.

I was eager to get started but my mistress took her time walking to the bedroom and sprawling out on the bed. I followed close behind her, the inflators and nozzle swinging obscenely behind me like a tail.

I wanted to dive in immediately and start sucking on her clit but I knew this was tricky business. Too fast or too hard and she would just push me away. I had to start slow enough for her orgasm to build. At the same time, I was eager to get it over with so I could limit the amount of water she would add to my already-distended bowels.

I flattened my tongue and dragged it slowly from the opening of Kelly’s little, pink vagina up to the top of her slit. Much to my surprise, she groaned and grabbed my head forcefully, pulling it into her sex. I thought I had won the jackpot and started sucking her clit and simultaneously scrubbing it with my tongue, a move that is sure to push her into dream land.

True to form, she clamped my head between her legs as I shoved two fingers into her cunt. Her pussy contracted rhythmically around my fingers and I was about to declare victory. Total time was under two minutes.

As difficult as it was, I had to sit back and wait for Kelly to float back to Earth, the clock continuing to add to my punishment. Before too long, she sat up and spoke.

“That one doesn’t count… it was too easy” she said with an evil smirk.

I dove in again, being careful to start slowly and build up. I licked slowly up both sides of her outer labia, pulling on each with my lips and teeth. Next, I repeated the procedure on her inner lips, trying to get my tongue between her clit and her hood as I reached the top. Given that she had already come, it took longer this time to get her to her peak. At one point, she pulled her knees up and insisted that I tongue-fuck her asshole. When she tired of making me suffer and was ready to come, she guided my head up to her clit. Within seconds, she was tossing around in the throes of her second orgasm.

By the time she came down again and looked up at the clock, sixteen minutes had passed.

“Looks like this is going to be a two-and-a-half-quart enema!” she chirped wickedly.

I dutifully followed her into the bathroom where she filled up a water bottle and poured it into the bag. After re-attaching the bag to the nozzle, she unceremoniously opened the valve and the rest of the water began to pour into me. The cramps from the enema I was already holding were intense and coming in waves. The added water brought me to the point that I truly thought it would come squirting out, balloon and all.

By some miracle, I was able to take it all and Kelly finally took pity on me leaving me to release on my own. Before long, I had emptied and went to join her in the bedroom to see what she had planned next.

When I opened the door, my jaw dropped as I saw what awaited me. Kelly was standing near one corner of our four-poster bed, an enormous dildo jutting out from her crotch and another, larger bag hanging from the bed-post.

After all the soap in the last enema, I knew I was due for a rinse but I was hoping for a more gentle approach. Instead, she was upping the ante.

“Get your ass over here and bend over!” she barked.

I hurried to get into position and Kelly slathered my ass with lube as soon as my head hit the mattress. The dildo was easily as large as my wrist and it held two wicked surprises. It had a tube running its length so it would serve as an enema nozzle and it was inflatable. I wasn’t sure that my ass could take all this punishment but Kelly was not going to be deterred.

Carefully lining up my asshole, she began pressing her weight into me, forcing me open. The outer sphincter yielded and I accepted an inch or two. The muscles provided determined resistance but eventually gave way under the steady pressure.

When my body first accepts a large object like that, the sensation is enough to take my breath away and it takes two or three insertions before I can stand for her to leave it in. This time, she didn’t back out. Kelly continued to press forward and the nerves in my ass screamed in protest. As soon as she had me impaled and I was gulping for air, she gave the inflator ten quick squeezes and opened the valve to start the water.

I have never been more thoroughly beside myself than I was at that moment. I was dancing on my toes, filling up with a 3-quart enema and skewered on a dildo 3 inches in diameter. I’m a pretty tough guy but I honestly thought that I might faint at that moment.

Then came the thrusting.

Kelly pulled back until only the head of the dildo remained in my ass and slowly began pushing it back into me. I didn’t get a chance to ask permission and shuddered through my orgasm before I even knew what hit me.

“You’re not going to get off that easily!” she warned.

She didn’t miss a stroke and instead, reached around and roughly jacked my overly-sensitive cock. Her stroking into my ass got faster, deeper and harder and I knew that she was close to her own release. Within moments, she pulled both of my hips back with her hands and swiveled her hips, trying to get as much stimulation against her clit as she could by driving her phallus into my ass.

I was groaning from the enormity of the dildo and the volume of water I was holding. She was groaning through her own orgasm and we must have been quite a sight. Before too long, she coasted down from her high and, since she was standing, I knew she would want to disengage and lay down as soon as possible. My ordeal was nearly over. She unhooked herself from the harness and then hooked it around my waist to keep the dildo from slipping out. I stood up and saw that the enema bag was empty.

“Come here.” Kelley spoke through her post-orgasmic haze.

“Turn around”

Without warning, she grabbed the inflator and gave it five quick squeezes, making my eyes bulge again.

“Now you can go relieve yourself and get cleaned up”

When I returned, Kelly was asleep and I kissed her sweetly on her forehead. She had opened the door for some heavy-duty ass play. Next time, she would be on the receiving end.

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