This story happened year’s ago when me and my wife Joyce first got married and the company I worked for was looking for an secretary and my wife applied and got the job in a different division than I worked, So no one knew she was my wife.

But I had no way of knowing what was about to happen, It all started when two of the salesmen, Fred and Dave, asked if I had seen the cute new girl in accounting, I thought a minute and almost said she was my wife, But I couldn’t get a word in edgewise as they went on and on about how sexy she was.

I was almost excited by the effect she had on them, They went on to say how they’d like to fuck her and maybe lure her into the supply closet like they had other girls in the past to have sex with them, They went on like that the rest of the day.

I didn’t say a word to Joyce that night and the next day they went to her cubicle to flirt with her, As they talked to her I stayed carefully out of sight but still within hearing distance.

They offered to show her around and I was surprised at how easily they persuaded her to go to the supply closet, I was warned about this place “she giggled nervously as Dave put his arm around her shoulders, this is where smart girls get ahead, Fred joked.

Any position would be better than the one I have at the moment, she replied , Laughing.

I had never seen her flirt before, I was very turned on and jealous at the same time.

Our boss is looking for a new secretary ,” Fred said, The salary is much better but he insist the girls all wear dresses and skirts, And they have to be braless too,” He laughed.

The tension was thick when she smiled and said she could probably comply with that rule.

Then Fred leaned forward and kissed her lightly, When she didn’t reject him he kissed her again and Dave moved in behind her and nuzzled her neck.

As she stood there, I wondered how far she’d let this go. Then Fred unbuttoned her blouse and Dave unzipped her skirt, Letting it fall to the floor.

Fred and Joyce kissed as he fumbled with the snaps of her bra, When he managed to undo it, Both men looked lustfully at her perfect tits and Dave reached around and cupped her tits.

Very nice! He said and Fred agreed as he fondled them, Then Fred knelt in front of her and yanked her skimpy panties down as he said they didn’t have long,” he said urgently.

Then he turned Joyce around and pushed her forward so her ass stuck out as she gripped a cabinet . Fred quickly unzipped and dropped his pants, I almost fainted when I saw how big his cock was! Then with out a condom, He entered my wife’s pussy as she gasped out loud.

She moaned and groaned as he humped her hard and fast and Joyce climaxed right before he pumped his cum inside her tiny pussy. Joyce thought it was over, but Dave was there immediately entering her and pumping away, I couldn’t believe my eyes that Joyce was letting these two guys fuck her as Dave reached around to fondle her tits and finally added his cum to her sperm-filled hole.

When he pulled out Joyce had sperm running down her inner thighs, As both men dressed and left, I ducked off to the side and luckily they didn’t notice me.

After several minutes an exhausted Joyce left and I saw her limp down the hall, I didn’t say a word to her about that day and sure enough she has been rotated over to be a secretary for Fred and Dave’s boss.

She’s worked late already, I can only imagine what kind of dictation she’s taking.

Joyce has been his secretary for ten years now and she and I have an open marriage policy, She tells me every thing she does at work behind closed doors in detail and I love her more for it.

Our marriage is strong as ever and I’ll let her fill you in on what’s been happening at work for the past ten years.

I have been his faithful secretary partly because I give him the best blowjobs he has ever had, Not only does he like my technique, but he loves to cum in my mouth and watch me swallow every drop.

Some times I let a little bit dribble down my chin to drip on my tits and as I’ve gotten older, I’m willing to do most anything to keep him happy and he rewards me well with good pay and frequent bonuses.

I’ve been giving him blowjobs for the past ten years and fucking him for eight years and on many occasions he’s used me to seal deals with clients, Once he called me in his office during a meeting and I gave him and the three clients oral sex, One after another , to lock the deal in.

On another occasion, He had me come in the office, Sit on a chair with both legs spread up over the arms, Breast exposed, Skirt up to my waist, Showing my hairy pussy the way he likes it.

He let three clients finger me and take turns fucking me in the chair, As I sat there with their cum dribbling out of my hole, One of them got a hard-on again, Turned me around in the chair, Then rubbed the head of his cock through my pussy for lubrication before he put it to my ass.

I pulled away but my boss said, Joyce, the customer is always right.” So I eased back down and let him fuck me in my virgin ass. It hurt like hell as he went in and I felt tears in my eyes, But soon it started feeling good and I rubbed my pussy to climax as he shot his load up my tender ass.

Of course, The other two guys and my boss were all hard by then, So I let each of them do my ass too. Now I’m addicted to anal and it’s my favorite thing next to giving blowjobs.

The next weekend things went to the next level when my boss talked me into doing a gangbang at a local motel for some clients who were hard sellers and wanted additional incentives, I took on five men for two days, While my husband sat at home knowing what I was doing for next the two days waiting to her all about it.

Every hole was sore and my jaw ached by the end of that weekend from all of the sucking and fucking I had done. I was totally saturated with cum, I had several hickeys on my tits, ass, and inner thighs, But I closed the deal, with a healthy bonus to boot.

My boss says he’ll keep me on as long as I want and my husband wants me to keep on working as long as I want too.

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