OK, Well after my last email detailing to you all what a slut I had been a couple of weeks ago at the pub with Hubby’s friend, my hubby got so aroused by the responses and my eagerness to please, he organised surprise for me…. and as it turns out, “what a surprise!” He had always talked about seeing me used by a group of men, but I never really thought he would do it and we just spoke of it during sex as one of our fantasies. Well, no more and this is exactly what happened last Saturday night….

It was around 9pm when I got a call from my hubby, he was still at the pub after footy with his mates and he called to tell me he would be about another half an hour, BUT that he had a surprise or me and I should make sure the kids were asleep and I was “ready for him” when he got home.

He sounded pretty drunk, but horny as always, so I was expecting that he had bought a new sex toy, or a 3some / group sex DVD for us to watch whilst we fucked, so I was pretty happy about that and proceeded to groom myself and be fully prepared for when he got home.

I went upstairs for a quick shower and then put on a very sexy small short dress that I know hubby likes and some thigh high black lacy stockings, I glimpsed in the mirror and thought I looked pretty good, but also if he bought home any of his mates for post match drinks then I wouldn’t look to slutty and offend them.

He came in alone and as the kids were all asleep downstairs, he took me upstairs into our bedroom, which is very large and has another sitting room in it and a huge bathroom and walk in robe (his and hers). He told me to undress and hop on the bed which I did, slipping out of my skimpy dress and just leaving my thigh high stockings on.

He then bought out a small bag of cocaine….. (We don’t do it often, but when we do I LOVE it as the sex is INCREDIBLE just AMAZING on coke and always blows my mind). After we have cocaine we lose all of our inhibitions (if we have any left) and then I’m up for anything.

So we did a few lines and started kissing on the bed and hubby, as expected put a DVD on the flat screen which was all about 3somes, multiple men on single girls and gang bangs etc. We watched it for about half an hour, doing more lines as we watched and by now I was literally soaking wet, dripping juice from my pussy and dying to be fucked. Hubby kept on teasing, but he wouldn’t touch my cunt and was dragging it out like he was waiting for something. So at about 10 pm he went into the robe and emerged with the bondage cuffs and ropes again.

I was pretty turned on at the thought of being tied up and used again as it is one of my favourite things to do, and I laid on my back for him to do it, but he said ‘no’ and made me stand up at the side of the bed facing it and bend over.

He tied my legs to the ground, one rope on the head bed post and one on the bottom bed post and my feet were well apart. He then made me lean right over the bed and then tied my arms to the other bed posts so I was face down, spread eagled leaning over the bed with my arse and pussy in the bent over ‘doggy’ position facing the sitting area. He then reached into his pocket and bought out a blindfold.

Before he put it on, he let me have one more big line of coke, and then he blindfolded me and left the room. My head was spinning and I was high, really turned on, super horny and helpless!

About 10 minutes later, (seemed much longer!!) he came back in the room and started licking my cunt and fingering me from behind. It was so good and I felt my orgasm building and I was moaning and telling him I was his cum slut and I wanted to feel his cock in me now. He obliged by standing up and mounting me deep and hard and as he did I came straight away, and tried forcing myself back on his cock which seemed huge! As I did I opened my mouth to talk and without any warning I had a another cock rammed into my mouth making me gag and took me completely by surprise. I had no idea anyone else was in the room and I was shaking with surprise, excitement and shock wondering just who it was, how long had they been there… who was it?

I didn’t have any chance to ask as I was doing all I could to suck the cock in my mouth and again he rammed it into me and I just surrendered to it and became the whore he wanted me to. I tried as hard as I could to suck his knob, he was uncircumcised and big, and the guy behind me, who I thought was my hubby told me to suck his friends cock like a slut and he grabbed my hair and rocked my head up and down as I did……….. And no, it WASNT my hubby.

My head was spinning again, and I was still really high and in absolute heaven being fucked from both ends by 2 strange cocks, tied to my bed and being used. I lost count of my orgasms again, and had the time to catch my breath as they swapped ends.

As they got into position, I got to taste my own cunt juices on the guy that was fucking me, and when he was in my mouth I could tell he was HUGE and uncut also and tasted Devine. The other guy was then behind me and he spat on my arse and cunt and rubbed his cock up and down my crack, but when he pushed in, he pushed into my arse instead of my pussy and started fucking me like a slut in my arse. I really do like anal sex and especially when I’m on coke, so the feeling it gave me was simply amazing and I urged him on in between thrusts of his friends cock.

I was SOOOOOO wet by now I was still leaking juice and as I was concentrating on these 2 I felt a tongue darting in and out of my pussy.!! FUCK!!! how many guys are in here I thought and I got a bit concerned as hubby hadn’t said a single word yet, and I knew it wasn’t him eating my cunt as the guy that was had a beard and hubby doesn’t!!!

Well this went on for ages, they swapped many times, different holes all the time, from my arse to my pussy, in my mouth calling me a slut and a whore rubbing their dicks in my face my hair all over my body and not a word from hubby, who I sensed was sitting in the chairs in our room, as I could hear the camera clicking away in the background.

After I had yet another orgasm, I heard them all talking about where to cum on me, and then I heard ‘not in her pussy, I want it clean’ from yet another guy who wasn’t my hubby!!!!! OMG!!!!!

So the 3 guys then all got in front of me, grabbed my roughly by the hair and took turns fucking my mouth and shooting their loads on my face, my hair and blindfold and then some into my mouth. It was fantastic to taste all their cum and it was all over me and I just stank of it and the salty taste and smell made me cum again.

I don’t think I’ve ever cum that much before and I knew hubby was sitting somewhere with a hard on taking pics and planning on fucking me afterwards in my cum filled and splattered state.

So the 3 guys who were now all spent all got off the bed and I was unsure what was next, until hubby finally spoke up and told me to snort another line, (which he bought over to me on a plate while he held the straw). After I did as I was instructed I was high, very happy and very horny again.

On coke you can fuck for hours, and every time it’s like the first time as you are sexually aroused to the extreme and a guy can hold off Cumming for as long as he wants. Hubby usually takes a Viagra, and he and Chris have had some awesome sessions with me like this.

Well there I was , high and still tied up and my face completely covered in cum, so I was a bit nervous about what was next when I felt some really large rough hands on my arse and he slipped an finger into my cunt and my arse at the same time. I can tell you the whole time I was getting off on knowing how much this would excite my hubby and how horny it will be in reliving it over and over again when we fuck.

The guy behind me then spat (I think on his cock) and literally drove it into my well used pussy to its hilt, right up to his balls in one thrust and I screamed and then moaned uncontrollably while he continued to thrust his cock all the way into my cunt. I can tell you he was fucking HUGE, his cock completely filled me and touched the top of my cervix with every thrust and he was grabbing me so hard on my hips he has left marks on me… bruises.

He just kept on slamming his cock into me like a piston, It was like he was hate fucking me and I loved it. I felt a hand on my chin and I opened my mouth and yet another cock slipped into it. I could tell it was hubby as I know his cock so well and he was smooth and uncut and I started to blow him like he desires and deserves for giving me such an awesome surprise, so I kept on moaning like his bitch. He was calling me his cum slut and telling me how sexy I looked covered in cum and he was wiping his cock all over my face making me taste the other men’s seed again and face fucking me holding my hair in fistfuls in his hands as he drove into my mouth and throat.

I knew they guy who was fucking me couldn’t keep up the pace he was going for long, although he had done an amazing job so far, and after about 10minutes he started to drive even harder and faster and then finally he screamed out ‘I’m Cumming I’m Cumming’ and then I felt him tense up as he drove right inside me, touching the top of my pussy and I felt him spurting his load as deep inside me as anyone could and he began filling my cunt up with his load.

He stayed in me for a while as his cock softened, and as he pulled out my cunt, it made a popping sound as he was so big it stretched me out and then he swapped with hubby and made me lick and suck his cock until it was clean again. I could taste my own juices and my cum, as well as the salty flavour of this unknown guy who just fucked me better than anyone else had ever done before, and it was fantastic.

Hubby had withdrawn from my mouth and then he went behind me and started to fuck me furiously, in the cum filled mess that was my slutty pussy and then after just a minute or so he came inside me and added his cum to my strange lovers seed.

I heard them all leave and there they left me, tied up, still high and my face completely covered in cum and, another 2 loads leaking out of my pussy and running down my legs and onto the floor.

I could hear them all downstairs having a drink and talking, then after about 15 minutes they all left and hubby came back upstairs to talk to me. I still had my blindfold on and I have NO IDEA who these guys were or how I was just fucked and used by.

Hubby went around behind me and rammed his still hard cock into once more and as he fucked me he removed the blindfold and fucked me furiously again. He said I was full of cum and sloppy and stretched out, so he then put his cock in my arse and proceeded to fuck me till he shot his load inside of me again.

So I was now a true whore and cum slut, his whore and cum slut and I was totally filled with cum, in all holes. It was only then I was untied by him and made to stay on the bed all night and sleep in the wonderful mess they had created for me. It was just fantastic!!!!

I have asked MANY times for him to tell me who it was that he had fuck me, or show me the pictures but he always says no. He says that I will never know who had used my body, taking me in all my holes and emptying their sperm all over me like a slut.

Hubby loves the fact that I have no idea who they were and that I will run into them in my normal daily life without a clue, and they will be remembering what I looked like as their cum slut for the night for the night, looking into my pussy and they will be devouring me with their eyes again and again. I have to admit, the thought drives me crazy and I’m constantly looking at the people I know trying to work out if it was one of them…….. I’m always horny trying to work it out and don’t look at our friends the same way anymore. I’m constantly trying to picture them naked or listening to their voices to find a clue.

Hubby is either perverted or a genius…… perhaps a perverted genius at that.




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