When Dean stepped off the plane he was a happy man. He’d spent most of the twelve hour flight from Australia in the bathroom with the hot redhead he’d met when he’d boarded, and then with one of the shapely air hostesses after that. He decided that he needed to take a break from all the sex. He’d spent the last week having sex every day, and there reached a point when a man just needed a break.

He got home to his cheap one bedroom apartment, and spent the day in, just watching TV. It was a relaxing change from the last week, and allowed him to recuperate a little. The next day, he looked on the internet for the addresses of local law firms, and went door to door with each of them. He made the effort to dress up like a courier, and even had a box wrapped up under his arm. He asked to see the ‘person in charge’ at each one, and most of them were men, which held no interest for Dean. It was late afternoon when he pulled up at one of the last law firms on his list. It was a massive building in the city, all glass windows. He went through the routine of asking to see the person in charge, under the pretense of having a package for them. After some waiting as the secretary talked on the phone for a while, he was directed to the elevator, and she pressed the top floor button for him. He thanked her, and she responded with a wink. He felt a sharp tingle in his dick as she did, but the doors closed before he could respond in any way. As he waited, he gradually felt his erection reach its full size, and he shifted uncomfortably, not able to do anything about it. He thought about talking to the secretary on the way out, maybe make a few ‘suggestions’ and take her back to his place. The ideas were still swirling around in his head when the doors opened, and he saw what looked like another lobby, just like the one downstairs. The secretary here spotted him and picked up the phone, said a few words, and hung up again.

He was asked to wait, so he sat down. He didn’t have to wait very long, however, because the person in charge approached him and reached out to shake his hand. Dean’s heart leapt in his chest as he looked up to see who it was. It was a woman! This is what he’d been looking for. His heart sank a little though when he took a good look at her. She wasn’t as attractive as he’d imagined. In fact she was downright masculine. Oh well, can’t have everything.

“I understand you have a package for me.” she said with a small smile. “I’d like to know why it couldn’t just be left at the front desk with the rest of the mail.”

“I can explain that ma’am, in private.” he replied. She narrowed her eyes at him, but eventually led him to her office, and fortunately there was no one else there. She sat down behind her desk, and motioned for him to sit down in the chair in front of her.

“So, what’s this about?” she asked when he’d sat down. Dean didn’t waste any more time.

“Karmina.” he said, and he saw an immediate change in her demeanor. Her eyes went blank and her face lost all expression. Dean’s heart was racing as he thought about what he was about to do.

“Are there any monitoring or surveillance devices in this offices?” he asked. She said no in a flat, monotone voice. Well, that was a relief.

“What’s you’re name?”


“Diane, how much money do you have in your personal bank account.”

Dean didn’t hear the exact figure, he jumped for joy when he heard the word ‘billion’, and the rest was just noise after that. He gave her instructions to transfer two million dollars to his bank account without question, and that she wouldn’t remember doing it afterwards. He also told her to give him her personal cellphone number, and if he were to call up and say the words ‘it’s raining penguins’, something that no one would ever think to say to her, then she’d make another transfer for the same amount without hesitation, and forget about it afterwards.

Dean checked his bank balance on his phone on the way down on the elevator. His vacation had left him with not a lot left of what he’d saved for it. From memory he figured he only had a hundred dollars left. The number on his phone was considerably bigger than a hundred. Bigger by two million. He skipped out of the building, drove home, and called his boss, telling him to suck it and that he quit.

He decided to celebrate his new-found wealth with some dinner, and headed straight for the supermarket. He was browsing the dairy aisle when he bumped into someone, literally, and both of them dropped their baskets. The woman he’d bumped into was flustered and apologized again and again as she knelt down to pick up her basket.

“I’m sorry about that.” she said for the fifth time. “I’m just all over the place today. I’m trying to get my daughter’s birthday ready on time.”

“That can be tough.” said Dean, making idle small talk with the woman while he stole glances at her chest. It was impressive, probably in the double D range, even though she was slightly shorter than him. She was also a little on the heavy side, but not what he’d call fat. She was more full-figured, and her long curly black hair was draped over her shoulders in a way that framed her chest to him perfectly. His erection returned with a vengeance, and he started to think of how he could satisfy his urges.

“It is tough.” she said, completely oblivious to his staring. “She’s turning 18 today.”

Sinful thoughts started to dance in his mind as she said this.

“Can’t your husband help you out?” he asked innocently. It sounded fake to him, and he knew it, but he hoped that she wouldn’t notice.

“Oh. No, he’s . . . uh. He’s not around to help.”

Dane’s imagination was going crazy, and he couldn’t help himself. He looked around to make sure that no one was watching, and said the magic word.


Her eyes glazed over and she remained completely still.

“What’s your name?” he asked.


“What’s your daughter’s name?”

“Haley and Vanessa.”

Dean blinked in surprise.

“You have two daughters?”


“How old are they?”

“Haley is eighteen today, and Vanessa is twenty two.”

“Where is your husband?”

“I don’t know. He left ten years ago.”

Dean’s heart began to race at the possibility before him.

“Are you in a relationship with anyone?”


“So who lives at your house?”

“Haley, Vanessa and me.”

“No one else?”


This was something that Dean hadn’t even considered when he’d thought about the possibilities of his gift. He’d thought about all of his sexual fantasies coming true, but he hadn’t thought about a mother and her daughters. Now that he was, his erection was straining at his pants, and he took the opportunity that was staring him in the face.

“Julie, when you wake up, you will trust me completely, and you will want me to come with you to your place. You will be attracted to me, and will be sad if I leave.” he said. He was taking this one slow, not making any explicit or extreme suggestions until he knew exactly what he was dealing with.

He told her to wake up, and her face lit up like a christmas tree when she saw him.

“My name’s Julie.” she said, forgetting that she’d already told him while she was under his spell.

“I’m Dean.” he replied. “Listen, it sounds like you need some help with this party. If you don’t mind, I could help.”

“That would be great!” said Julie with a big smile, and she touched his arm affectionately. Together they finished their shopping, and he helped her get it all into her car. He followed her home in his car, and before long he was helping her bring all of her groceries into the house. A young woman was at the door waiting for Julie, and she eyed Dean with surprise and suspicion.

“Who’s this?” she asked as she took some of the shopping bags out of Julie’s hands.

“Oh, this is Dean. He offered to help me with the shopping, and I just couldn’t say no. Dean this is Vanessa.”

Dean said hello, but Vanessa just stared at him. She looked just like her mother, but slimmer and not as endowed in the chest. Her breasts looked more like full C cups compared to Julie’s generous bosom. Another young woman came running into the room, but stopped short at the sight of Dean.

“Hi Haley, sweetie.” said Julie. Dean picked his moment.

“Karmina.” he said, and all three women froze and went blank.

“Haley, who else is in the house?” he said as he closed the front door.

“Mom, Vanessa and me.”

“No one else?”


“Who is coming for the birthday party?”

“No one. It’s a family party.”

This was perfect. He admired the three women in front of him, and his mouth was watering at what he had planned. Haley was the spitting image of Vanessa, only shorter, and not quite as slim, but still not as heavy as her mother. Both of the girls had long black hair, just like their mother, but neither of them were quite as curly as hers. Haley’s hair was in a neat, swishy ponytail, and Vanessa’s was loose over her shoulders.

“Are any of you in a relationship?” he asked. As horny and powerful as he felt, he didn’t want to ruin anyone’s life. All three women said no in unison.

Dean thought about what he had in front of him right now. He decided that he didn’t want to make them his slaves, at least not yet. He decided to have some fun first.

“When you wake up, all three of you will be attracted to me, and will want me to stay with you in your house. You’ll all find me sexually attractive and when you look at me you’ll only be able to think about having sex with me.”

If this was done right, then he wouldn’t be changing their individual behavior or personalities, but just adding sexual attraction to the mix, which meant that they wouldn’t act any different toward each other than normal.

When he woke them up, all three of them smiled and welcomed him to their home. He helped Julie put the groceries away, and the two girls were hanging around while they did. When he looked in their direction, he saw them quickly look away, blushing. He spent a while talking to them all, getting to know about them, and the girls were eager to tell him all about themselves. They were giggling and laughing while they talked, clearly infatuated with him, and at one point he felt Julie’s hand on his ass when she came up behind him to hand him a glass of coke.

“Hey, do you wanna see my room?” Haley asked, and practically dragged Dean out of his chair and up the stairs before he could answer. She took him to her room, and closed the door behind them. She was blushing even more now, and breathing slightly harder.

“This is my room, what do you think?” she asked. Dean looked around, and saw all sorts of things that he half-expected a teenage girl to have in their room. There was a stereo, posters of bands, stuffed animal toys on a shelf and dirty clothes on the floor. Haley kicked some of the clothes out of sight in embarrassment and seemed not sure how to stand as she moved her arms from her hips to her head then crossed across her chest. Dean watched her, amused. He noticed that her hands often wandered to below her waist, and her fingers were fiddling with the drawstring of her sweatpants. Her nipples were very prominent through her shirt.

“It’s a nice room.”

“Thanks.” she said with a nervous smile, and took a step toward him. Finally she was pressed right up against him, and she started to undo his belt as she looked into his eyes. She slowly slid down onto her knees without breaking eye contact, and she bit her lower lip as she unzipped his pants, and reached in to pull out his raging erection. It was as stiff as a steel rod, and oozing pre-cum like crazy. Haley suddenly became breathless as she looked at it, and Dean wondered if maybe she was a virgin.

She took the tip of his cock in her mouth and started to suck. After that she got lost in the moment and took the whole thing in her mouth. Dean instantly knew that she was an amateur, but still enjoyed her efforts as she enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down on his dick. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and Haley pulled her head up sharply. Dean’s cock popped out of her mouth with a wet ‘pop’.

“Fuck.” she said, softly, and quickly tried to stuff Dean’s hard on back into his pants. He took over and zipped up just as the door opened and Haley stood up, looking flushed and embarrassed. Vanessa was standing out in the hallway, and looked at the two of them standing in the middle of Haley’s room, with Haley trying to appear nonchalant with some saliva around her mouth.

“I need to talk to you Dean.” Vanessa said, and walked away without waiting for him to follow. He quickly caught up to her, leaving a pouting Haley alone in her room, and Vanessa led him to her room.

“I know what you were doing in there.” she said as she closed the door. She looked stern and serious as she said it, and Dean started to get a little worried.

“Look, I know what it looks like, but . . . “

“You don’t need to say anything, Dean. I just want to tell you that you don’t want to get involved with my sister.”

“Why not?” he asked, still slightly worried. She took a step closer to him, and laid a hand on his crotch.

“Because she’s a virgin, and doesn’t know how to please a man.”

She turned around to lean forward and onto her bed, so that she was standing over it, and hiked up her skirt to show that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“Don’t you want a girl with a bit more experience?” she asked. Dean was caught by surprise. It looked like he was in the middle of some kind of sibling rivalry. Not that he was complaining, this was turning out to be fun. He stepped closer, and stroked her bare ass before him. She moaned slightly and moved back to pressed her ass against his crotch. Dean undid his pants again, letting them fall to the floor around his feet, and he made no hesitation in slipping his erect cock into Vanessa’s already hot and moist snatch. By now Dean was extremely horny, and he let her know this by grabbing onto her waist with both hands and pulling her hard onto his prick. He didn’t bother to start slowly either, and she didn’t seem to mind as he slammed his hips against her round ass again and again, powering his cock into her pussy. Vanessa bend down further so that she could bury her face in the sheets to stifle her screams of pleasure, but Dean wasn’t having any of that. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back, forcing her to lean back up. He wasn’t hurting her, that he could tell, just letting her know that he was in control. She seemed to like it, and was furiously rubbing her clit as fast as she could. The sound of their fucking was loud and obscene. The sound of his hips hitting her ass, the grunts and groans from Dean and the mewling moans from Vanessa, as well as the wet sound of her pussy being penetrated over and over.

After a while, Vanessa became more frantic in her rubbing, and she was moving back onto Dean’s cock even more than before. He knew that she was getting close, and he redoubled his efforts, pulling on her hips even more to pull her onto him even harder. When her orgasm struck, it was very loud. She screamed out in raw, primal pleasure, and her whole body was shaking. Her legs gave out and she fell to the floor, draped forward over the bed. Deans dick was still rock hard, and glistening wet with her juices. It was getting painful now, and he was getting desperate for release. He started to stroke his dick, but Vanessa saw and batted his hand away. She took his whole length into her mouth and started to clean her juices off of it. It was clear that compared to her sister, Vanessa was a pro at sucking dick. She wasn’t sucking so much, but letting her lips slide over his cock, and she let a lot of saliva build up to make the whole thing even more slippery. Her tongue was working wonders on the tip too. Every time she bobbed her head up, her tongue would swish around the tip, sending waves of tingling pleasure wash through him. He could feel his orgasm brewing in his balls, and he put his hands on her head, helping her keep the rhythm.

“Stop that right now you two!” said someone at the door, and both of them looked to see Julie standing in the open doorway, hands on her hips and red in the face. She looked furious. Haley was poking her head around the edge of the doorway, her eyes wide and glued to the scene before her, Vanessa on her knees with Dean’s rigid cock in her hand.

“Mom, I . . .”

“Don’t bother! Dean, come with me right now!!”

The moment that Vanessa had stopped sucking Dean’s dick, the pleasure she caused was quickly replaced by discomfort. Dean still hadn’t cum, and it was really getting to him. As he pulled up his pants and walked out of the room to follow Julie, he felt a small feeling of deja-vu. It was just like following Vanessa out of Haley’s room. He hoped that Julie intended for it to be the same as well, otherwise Dean would have to make a few suggestions to make it that way.

Julie led him to her room, and locked the door behind them. She was still red in the face, and her nipples were straining against the material of both her bra and shirt. Dean wondered how long she’d watched him and Vanessa before stopping them. She paced back and forth a few times before she spoke. She didn’t look directly at him.

“I don’t appreciate what you just did.” she said eventually.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, I brought you to my home because I . . .” she hesitated, and her eyes were shimmering with held-back tears.

“Because what?” Dean prompted.

“Because I thought you wanted me.” said Julie in a small voice. She sighed and sat down on her bed, burying her head in her hands. Dean tentatively sat down beside her and put a hand on her shoulder. Dean’s suggestion of trusting him was still working, because she leaned over and fell into his arms. He stroked her back as she cried into his chest.

“When my husband left, I thought that was it for me.” she said. “I thought that it was all over, that I’d never find anyone ever again.”

“Do you want to tell me about it?” Dean asked.

“I’ve never told anyone about why he left.” she sobbed. Dean could feel his erection straining through his pants, and it was pressed hard against her as she leaned into him. There was no way she could not know it was there. She didn’t pull away though.

“It might make you feel better to tell someone.” said Dean. For a while she didn’t say anything, and when she finally did, it was in a quiet voice.

“He said I sickened him.” she muttered. “He stormed out of the house and never came back because of me.”

“Why? What happened?”

“I asked him to . . . do things. You know, in bed.”

Dean’s cock twitched, and he tried to shift away from her to make it more comfortable, but she had her arms around him now, and he couldn’t move away.

“What kind of things?” Dean asked. He wondered what kind of things would make a man leave his family in disgust.

“I asked him to . . . say things.”

“What things?” Dean whispered, and stroked her back some more. He let his hands fall a little to her side, and he touched the side of her breasts. She didn’t stop him.

“I wanted him to call me his bitch.” she said. “I wanted him to dominate me, to smack me and pull my hair. I wanted him to make me his, but he didn’t want that. He said I was a freak, and that it sickened him to be with me. So he left.”

“He was an asshole, Julie.” said Dean. “You can’t blame yourself for that.”

Julie sat up and started to pace around the room again.

“You don’t understand. I haven’t been with anyone since him. I haven’t felt the touch of a man in ten years. I’ve been afraid of it because of why he left, afraid that no one would want me. When I met you I thought that I was wrong, that you could want me. But the moment you come to my home, you’re in my daughter’s room, fucking her like a dog and pulling her hair!”

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