This chapter is for everyone who pointed out (and rightfully so) that chapter 2 of this story ended far too abruptly. I’m sorry, and here’s the rest ^_^


An hour later, Dean was sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand. Haley was on her knees in front of him, and Vanessa was beside her, teaching her how to suck his dick.

“Don’t suck so much, make sure that your lips are sliding along it. You need more spit on here, come on, make it wet.” she was saying. Meanwhile, Julie was behind Vanessa on her hands and knees, eagerly munching on her daughter’s wet snatch and asshole from behind. Dean had given the daughters the same suggestions that he’d given Julie. Now he had a family of sluts to attend to his every whim.

Once he was satisfied that Haley now knew what she was doing, he told the two girls to suck on their mother’s massive tits. They did, taking one each, as Julie sat back in the armchair opposite him. Dean took up position behind Haley and started to fuck her as he watched them suckle on their mother’s breasts. He positioned the head of his cock right at the entrance to her virgin hole, and pressed it firmly against it, pushing it inside. Haley gasped as she felt the intrusion, and Vanessa reached out to hold her hand. Julie stroked her younger daughter’s hair lovingly, and whispered soft words of encouragement.

“It’s ok sweet girl. It only hurts for a while.”

Dean pushed slightly harder, feeling her tight snatch give in little by little to his penetration. He felt some resistance, and knew that he’d reached her hymen. Haley was grunting and moaning the whole time, squeezing her sister’s hand, as well as her mother’s. Then Haley suddenly pushed back onto Dean’s cock , he felt a small ‘pop’ as the resistance gave way, and he went all the way inside her cunt. She screamed in pain as the point of no return was reached, and Dean held onto her hips as he started a steady rhythm, moving in and out of her softly. After a few minutes she was moaning, and moving her hips in a circular motion, relishing the feeling of being filled up by a man for the first time. Vanessa sat up and knelt on the floor beside her sister, and held Haley’s ass cheeks open as Dane picked up the pace a little. Dean watched with delight as Vanessa let a long string of saliva droop from her lips to land on Dean’s dick as it slid out of Haley, helping to lubricate it.

When Dean had given Julie suggestions, he’d given her three trigger words. If he said ‘bitch’ she’d get turned on, and unable to cum unless he said the word ‘whore’. If he told her to do something by saying ‘I want you to’ before it, she’d want to do it straight away. The last one he’d shared with the girls, so that they’d have the same effect on all three of them, but he’d given each of the two girls different trigger words for being turned on and making them cum, so that he could control each of them without affecting the others. He tried to remember the words he’d given Haley.

“Do you like the way my dick feels, slut?” he grunted, and Haley’s moans reached a higher pitch and urgency. She reacted immediately to her trigger word, and was getting hornier.

“You’re such a dirty little slut, aren’t you? You love having a cock buried in your pussy, don’t you?”

“Yes.” said Haley, in a long drawn out guttural groan. Julie was still stroking her hair and gently holding her head closer to her breast, encouraging her to suckle some more. Julie’s other hand was busy between her legs. Dean called her a bitch, and smiled as he saw her fingers work even faster at her juicy, swollen cunt. Her pussy was freshly shaved, at Dean’s suggestion, and she was loving the feel of her fingers on the smooth skin.

Dean picked up the pace of fucking Haley, wanting to make her cum for the first time on a man’s dick. He leaned over and grabbed a handful of her hair to pull her head back.

“Slut,” he whispered in her ear, “slut, slut, slut, slut, slut.”

Haley was going berserk, bucking and writhing like a wild animal, moaning and screaming like a maniac. All that was running through her mind was the frantic, relentless desire, and the pleasure that she was feeling at Dean’s attention and penetration. He chanted her trigger word over and over again, keeping time with his thrusts into her drenched pussy. Finally he could feel his own orgasm brewing, and he waited until the last minute before saying the word that would rock Haley’s world, giving her a massive, life-changing orgasm.

“Cream.” he whispered. Haley screamed long and loud, like the roar of a wild cat, and Dean felt her squeeze down on him like a clamp as she came suddenly and violently. It pushed him over the edge, and he emptied his balls into her soaking cunt as he came. Julie sat up on the couch, and cradled Haley’s head to her breast, holding her as she had the biggest orgasm of her life, feeling proud of her youngest daughter.

Soon it was over, and both Dean and Haley collapsed to the floor, breathing hard and bodies shiny with sweat. As soon as he was able, Dean got to his feet.

“Julie, I want you to suck my dick.” he said, and Julie wasted no time getting into position on her knees in front of him. She didn’t hesitate taking his entire length all the way into her mouth, and moaned as she tasted Haley’s juices that coated it, as well as traces of blood from where he’d popped her cherry. She looked up at him with her big brown eyes, wanting to know that she was pleasing her master. As she bobbed her head up and down on his cock, behind her Vanessa was helping her sister onto the couch, and the two sisters were kissing softly as Vanessa rubbed herself, kneeling on the couch to face her sister seated at one end.

“Slave.” said Dean, and Vanessa responded to her own trigger word, and her fingers sped up, rubbing her cunt.

Under Julie’s tender administrations, Dean was soon hard again.

“Vanessa, are you wet for me, slave?” he said. She moaned loudly as she moved her fingers even faster, trying desperately to find release. Haley was still making out with her, and reached out to fondle her sister’s breasts. Dean sat down on the couch, behind where Vanessa was on her knees. He saw that she was indeed very, very wet.

“You’re really turned on right now, aren’t you slave?” he said. She moaned some more. He loved teasing the girls like this, getting them more and more worked up before he even touched them. Having this kind of control over them was intoxicating. He’d always had fantasies of dominating a woman in bed, of being in control. But when he’d suggested the idea to any of his past girlfriends, they’d just sneered and shook their heads, so he’d always had to do without. Now he had three women under his complete control, to fulfill his every command and love every minute of it. The fact that it was a woman and her two daughters was another suppressed fantasy that he’d only ever entertained in the privacy of his own mind. Never did he ever think that it would ever come true.

He reached out and pushed Vanessa’s hand away from where she was furiously rubbing her flushed and soaking wet pussy. He ran his own fingers across it, and his fingers were drenched from just that small contact.

“Mmm, I bet you’re aching to cum, aren’t you slave?” he said, and he saw her writhe in the sudden increase of her arousal. “I want you to sit on my dick, slave. Fuck my cock until you cum.”

Within seconds Vanessa was off the couch, and standing in front of him, facing away from him. She leaned forward and lowered her plump, juicy rump over Dean’s raging erection. Dean held his cock in place with one hand, and helped guide Vanessa’s hips down with the other. When her steaming hot pussy found the head of his dick, she sat down on it instantly. It slipped in with no resistance whatsoever, she was so wet and ready for him, and she groaned as he filled her up completely. She planted her hands on his knees, and started pumping her ass up and down as fast as she could. Dean was enjoying the view she was offering of her ass as she bent down low.

Dean looked up to see both Haley and Julie watching the scene, both of them were fingering themselves with unbridled, shameless lust. Haley was still at the other end of the couch, legs spread wide, and staring at her sister’s ass moving up and down. Julie was sitting on the floor next to her, also with her legs spread and both hands between them.

Dean knew that Julie was a natural submissive, and loved to be dominated even without his suggestions. A thought crossed his mind, and his cock twitched inside Vanessa as it did.

“Haley, I think your bitch of a mother has been really naughty.” he said, and he heard Julie gasp as she heard her trigger word. “I think she needs to be punished, don’t you?”

Haley nodded absently, still riveted to the scene before her, but Dean saw Julie’s cheeks flush red.

“Haley, I want you to spank your mother. She’s been a dirty bitch, and she needs to be punished like the slut she is.” he said, carefully fitting in both of their trigger words. “I want you to treat her rough, and make her your bitch.”

Vanessa was still moving her ass as fast as she could, and the obscene, wet sound of her ass slapping against his hips was music to his ears as he watched Haley get up and grab her mother’s hair.

“Come here you bitch!” she snapped, and pulled Julie across the floor so that she was on her hands and knees, following her daughter. Haley pushed down on Julie’s back, forcing her face down onto the carpet, so that her ass was high up in the air.

Dean loved Julie’s ass. She was a heavy woman, not exactly fat, but just big and curvy, and her ass was impressive. Looking at it like this, on her knees and her face to the floor, it was so wide and huge that Dean wanted to slap it himself. Later, he told himself, you can do it later. Haley knelt down beside her mother’s ass, and wrapped one arm around Julie’s hips to hold her against her body. With the other hand, Haley reached out, and brought her open palm down sharply onto the luscious pale cheek. The sounds in the room were driving Dean crazy. The wet patter of Vanessa’s ass frantically moving up and down against him, the slap of Haley’s hand on Julie’s rump, and the mewling sounds of pain and pleasure coming from Julie. Dean admired Vanessa’s ass as it moved. It wasn’t as big as her mother’s but still nicely round and plump. He slapped it hard, getting a breathless gasp from Vanessa, who leaned forward more to grab her ankles as she moved even faster.

“Lust.” he said, and Vanessa’s second trigger word worked its magic as she suddenly came in the most violent and intense orgasm she’d ever experienced. It hurt his cock as she clenched her pussy so hard as she came, screamed wildly and loudly. Haley watched her as she paused in spanking Julie, blushing with arousal. As Vanessa’s orgasm faded, Dean pushed her away, and got up off the couch. He hadn’t cum yet, and right now he wanted one thing, and one thing only right now. He strode over to Julie, still on her knees facing away from him, and pushed Haley away and plunged his cock deep into her ass without any lead up or warning. His raging dick was already well lubricated from Vanessa’s cum and juices, so it slipped in easily, and the tight hole spasmed at the sudden, violent intrusion. Julie screamed, but they became moans as Dean started fucking her hard, holding on tightly to her hips, pulling her onto him. He slapped her ass with one hand, and reached forward to grab a fistful of her hair to pull her head back. This was by far Dean’s favorite position. It was the purest form of his dominance, and of her submission.

“Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.” he muttered, chanting the word in time with his strokes. Julie was wailing and screaming loudly. She was overcome with lust and desire, overwhelmed with pleasure and arousal. She was screaming incoherently, unable to think as she felt wave after wave of pleasure rip through her body, emanating from Dean’s vicious penetration of her ass. Finally, when he felt that he was just seconds away from his own orgasm, he leaned in close and whispered in her ear.

“Whore.” he grunted, and her screams went up a whole octave, and she came suddenly and hard. Her ass clenched down on his dick, like Vanessa and Haley’s pussies had, and for the second time Dean came hard, spraying white, hot semen into Julie’s bowels. Jet after jet of his cum was squeezed from his dick, milked by Julie’s ass as her orgasm came in waves, ripping through her and making her quiver and tremble.

He pulled away and his dick popped out of her rubbery asshole. After all that Dean was very, very tired. He told the three of them to clean themselves up, and he got ready for bed. To his surprise, both Haley and Vanessa started to lick Julie’s asshole at the same time, eagerly lapping up the drooling trail of semen that Dean had left behind. He hadn’t told them to do that.

Dean showered, washing off the sweat and cum, and letting himself relax after a long, full day. It was hard to believe that it hadn’t even been 24 hours since he’d met Julie at the supermarket, but now he’d taken her family under his sway. Once he dried himself off and went to Julie’s bedroom, he saw that the three of them had already made themselves comfortable in the bed. With a smile Dean crawled into bed with them, and all four of them snuggled close together as they all drifted off to sleep.

Talk about a dream come true, Dean thought with a smile.

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