This is my first submission and I opted to relate a story of Karma. A tale of how things have a way of balancing themselves out over time.


My ex-wife, Dana, has made it a point to cause havoc in my post-divorce life. She sought to punish me for 1)Finally calling her bluff as far as her repeated threats of divorce and 2) To go so far as to actually go out and build another, better, life without her.

I should take a moment at this point to give a brief description of Dana. She is a slightly heavy, not necessarily fat, but plump woman of 42 years. She has auburn hair, a medium complexion, and brown eyes. Her most attractive feature has to be a set of 36D tits with half-dollar sized areola, capped by large, thumb-size, brownish nipples. These nipples will stand out an inch when she is aroused and I absolutely loved to pull and tug on (which she hated, but tolerated) when we (occasionally) had sex. Dana had a beautiful pussy which she always trimmed short and occasionally shaved for me.

Recent events have brought the war between Dana and me to a crisis point. I have recently retired from the Navy and have sought to take custody of our two sons from her. This is based upon me being able to provide a better quality of life for them. I could never pursue this before due to my desire for them to have a steady home life, which I could not provide due to my military duties. My sons, 14 and 16, had recently asked if they could move in with me following a fight with Dana and her new boyfriend.

Dana immediately started to increase her attacks on my life, and sought to tarnish my military record and future employment by seeking a fraudulent restraining order on me. This action cost her nothing, at first, and cost me numerous legal headaches. We ultimately ended up in court over the restraining order and I easily prevailed. Now I seek to recoup the money that this cost me, and punish Dana. This leads to my story.

Dana was now in jeopardy of losing her house due to being required to pay me back several thousand dollars. Her finances had always been on the ragged edge due to her spending and had recently caused her to go into bankruptcy. She could simply not afford any more financial problems and now, with the court order to pay me, she was frantic.

Dana left a voice mail for me late one night requesting a chance to negotiate the payment terms. I initially ignored her plea, figuring that she was getting precisely what she deserved, Karma right? Several days later I began to think about those juicy tits and wondered if there was a way to perhaps get my hands on them again. Maybe to screw with Dana as she had been screwing with me. Maybe get some of the sex that she had denied me throughout our 16 year marriage.

I called Dana’s cell phone from a payphone a few days later (not wanting to leave a formal record leading to me as she often tried to set up little legal traps for me…). I told her that I was prepared to discreetly meet to discuss an alternative. I told her that we could meet in the parking lot of a local restaurant on Saturday morning. She readily agreed.

Saturday morning, I arrived at the restaurant early and parked across the street. Dana arrived late, as usual. I let her sit for fifteen minutes to see if someone was with her. She sat in her car quietly. I called her (again from a pay phone) and told her to move to a nearby parking lot of a local mall. I then followed her over. When she parked, I pulled up behind her and told her to leave her cell in her car and join me in mine. She looked confused, but complied. When she got out of her car she was wearing a fashionable sweat suit.

When she got in my car, I retreated to a remote corner of the lot and parked. I told Dana that I was prepared to offer an alternative to the financial schedule. She quickly requested the details and I responded by flatly proposed that she could trade sex for the first two months of what she was to pay me. She looked shocked and started to stammer. I spoke over her and continued “There are, however, some rules. 1) No negotiation. What I said was the law. 2) She was to comply immediately without any comment. 3) No more legal games. If these rules are ever in question, if there was ever a delay, if… anything; I would, of course, press on with my legal campaign, deny this meeting ever occurred and even seek further damages.” I asked if she understood. She started to stammer, but I shut her up and reiterated that this was a yes or no question and a one-time offer. If her answer was “no”, she could get out of the car and start packing her house. Dana’s eyes were a combination of fear and anger. I could also see the gears turning trying to find a way to turn the situation. She finally nodded “yes”.

I waited for a moment and then told her it was time for a test. I ordered her to pull her sweatshirt up and show me her tits. She was shocked and started to stammer again. I said “show me the tits or get out”. She slowly pulled the shirt up to reveal a sports bar that was ready to burst, large nipples plainly visible. I told her to pull the bra up. She complied and released her large tits. They were even larger than I remembered and the nipples were jutting out to the sides with combination of the cold and excitement. I reached over with both hands and grasped the nipples and began to lift the breasts. Dana made a muted whimper, but that was the limit of her protest. I steadily increased pressure, crushing both nipples, her eyes closed and she bit her lip. Finally I released her tits and retrieved a green laundry bag from the back floorboard. I told her to place this over her head and lay the seat back. When she did this, I took several pictures with my digital camera of her laying back, tits jutting and nipples hard. I started the car and drove several laps around the parking lot and we departed for the next chapter of my plan.

I had reserved a cheap nearby motel room, and after driving around for about twenty minutes we arrived. During the drive I had amused myself by alternately slapping Dana’s tits and tugging on her large nipples. She remained quiet under the laundry sack.

I stopped the car near the exterior door to our room and after a quick look around the parking lot, pulled the sweatshirt down over her Dana’s tits and helped her out. I pushed her through the doorway and quickly closed the door. My intent with the laundry sack and other precautions was to prevent Dana from having any specific details which she could possibly use to give me grief in the future. I wanted to keep every advantage possible.

After pushing her through the door, I turned on two digital video cameras I had set up earlier that morning, both with different angles of the room… I told Dana that she could remove the bag and offered her something to drink. She was a little mussed and drank about half a bottle of water. I sat down in a chair and asked if she was ready to continue. She slowly nodded. I told her to remove all of her clothing. I pulled out my camera and started taking pics of her strip. She was disturbed by this, but I told her “my rules) and she reluctantly kept removing her clothing.

Dana slowly removed the sweatshirt revealing her tits, nipples jutting, still hanging below the sports bra. She then quickly removed the bra. I told her to stop and to face the mirror over the TV. I also adjusted one of the video cameras to capture the video from below. I stood and came up to stand behind her. I told her to place her hands on her head and to keep them there. I reached around with both hands and again started to maul her tits. I initially crushed them in my hands and then, grasping both nipples, pulled them out away from her body causing both tits to cone. I shook the tits by the nipples and really tried to hurt her. Dana always allowed me to play with her tits during our marriage, but always stopped me from doing much with her nipples. Now the tits were mine and I abused them for the next ten minutes alternately slapping them from the bottom and sides and sadistically tugging and twisting the nipples. Dana had closed her eyes and made small sounds through clinched lips.

I stopped the abuse for a moment and told her to face my chair. I sat back down and recorded my progress with the still camera. Her tits were pink and flushed. The nipples were standing out like never before, hard and pointing out to the sides.

Dana had tears in her eyes as I ordered her to remove the rest of her clothes. She rapidly lowered her pants revealing a pair of granny panties. I told her to remove them as well, put her hands back on her head and to spread her legs. She was horrified, but complied. During our marriage she had always trimmed her pussy hair and only occasionally shaved it. Now it seemed that Dana had recently waxed all the hair, leaving her cunt bald. Extremely exciting! I adjusted the video camera to capture her bald pussy and took a few more digital stills .I reached over with my right hand and ran my hand over her cunt. She started to close her legs, but I barked at her to stop. Dana hated the word “cunt” so, as I started to insert a finger, I asked her why her cunt was so wet. She could do nothing but whimper. I could see a combination of anger, fear, and arousal in her eyes.

One finger became two, which became three, and then four. She was standing still, legs spread wide, and I was trying to push more and more of my hand inside.

I finally ordered her to sit back on the bed to record my progress. She sat there with her thighs as far apart as possible while I took several pictures. I then pushed her back and told her to lift her legs for more pics. She grasps her legs behind the knees and pulled her legs back. I took few pictures, slapped her cunt, and barked at her to pull them back further. She started to cry, but complied. This exposed her gaping cunt hole and also exposed her ass underneath. I slapped her pussy, inserted fingers in her cunt (attempted my whole hand), and took a few more pictures. Some very detailed of my fisting attempt. I even forced a couple of fingers up her ass. This was always an extreme taboo during our marriage.

I then put her on all fours for yet more pics. My cock was getting extremely hard at the poses I was forcing her to assume. I decided it was time for a little relief. While she was on all fours, I pulled my nine inch cock out and aimed it at her mouth. Dana took it without any resistance and I slowly fed more and more into her mouth. She started to choke some, but I just grabbed her hair, lifted her face, and kept pushing. During our marriage Dana would seldom give me head, and when she did, it was only the first couple of inches. Now I was really pushing my cock down her throat. As she was sucking I could look behind her and see her ass in the mirror. I reached back and spread her legs to really expose her bald cunt and small asshole. More pictures.

I started to force my cock into her throat faster and faster. Dana was choking and gagging. I was also reaching underneath her to grasp her swinging tits and roughly pull and twist her nipples. Before I came, I flipped her onto her back with her head hanging over the edge of the bed. I reinserted my cock and continued my abuse of her tits. Dana was really gagging and her legs were flailing about. I released her sore nipples and grabbed both of her knees, pulling her legs up and apart. I ordered Dana to hold them there. While fucking her mouth, forcefully, I again began to slap her bare cunt. She was screaming around my cock, but never let her legs go. A few minutes of this and I shot one of the biggest loads of my life right down her throat.

After my climax I slowly withdrew my cock and wiped it all over her face and into her hair. Dana lay unmoving on the bed, sobbing. I retrieved my camera and took more pictures of her cum stained face, reddened tits, and obscenely spread cunt.

I offered her the remainder of her water and while she was drinking, I started preparing for the next chapter in today’s event.

I had purchased via mail order a large cone shaped dildo. It was eleven inches long and about four inches in diameter at the base. I placed it on the floor and directed Dana to climb off of the bed and sit on it. She slowly moved off of the bed and, giving me a fearful look, started to slide the dildo into her cunt. It was obviously too large and she was starting to resist. I moved my chair over and started slapping her face with my still hard cock. She took me back in her mouth and I slowly started to push her shoulders down, in turn forcing her onto the rubber cock. Dana’s resistance was rapidly crumbling. I kept pushing more cock into her mouth and more rubber cock into her cunt. As she neared total impalement, I pulled my cock from her mouth and started to slap her tits, slowly at first, but then harder and harder. She cried out as she began to fuck herself with the dildo, I just kept slapping her tits. Andria gave a final strangled cry and went limp. She fell back, legs folded behind her, with the massive dildo still buried in her cunt. I, of course, took more pictures.

My cock was so hard again that it actually hurt. I picked Dana up off of the floor; the dildo slowly came out of her pussy, and positioned her face down on the bed. I placed a couple of pillows under her belly and positioned her ass in the air. Throughout our marriage, among a lot of other things, Dana’s ass was strictly off limits. I was about to change that.

Dana was still in a stupor from her orgasm, and did not react when I stepped up behind her and roughly slammed my cock into her cunt. She grunted a little as my weight settled onto her. I slammed her pussy for a few minutes, absolutely as hard as I could. I twisted a hand in her hair and pulled her head back. Her cunt was loose after the large dildo. I told Dana through gritted teeth that I was now going to take what she always denied me.

I pulled my cock out of her loose wet cunt and positioned it at the entrance of her ass. I nudged her and I felt her body stiffen. I slapped her ass hard and told her to stay still. I ordered her to pull her cheeks apart with both hands. She reluctantly complied, and buried her face into the bed. I took a couple of pics of her ass and pussy spread open. I then nudged her asshole again with my cock and slowly started to feed it into her. As soon as the head was in, I grabbed her hair again, pulled back, and slammed my cock into her ass in one forceful lunge. Andria screamed into the bedclothes and tried to crawl forward off of my cock. I followed her, trapping her against the headboard and began to really slam her ass. She was crying and trying to pull off. I just slapped her ass hard and kept pounding. I reached under her and started mauling her large nipples again. I had never pulled or twisted them harder! Her asshole was clenching my cock harder as I, in turn tortured her tits. After a few minutes I exploded into her ass.

I pulled my cock out of Dana’s ass and walked around the bed. She was whimpering and looked at me with tear-filled eyes. I grasped her hair and lifted her head. She looked at me and slowly shook he head “no”. I paid no attention and slapped my shit covered cock against her cheek. I forced it against her pursed lips. Finally, I was fed up, and reaching underneath her, grasped a tortured nipple and started to twist. She cried and opened her mouth. I shoved my shit covered cock into her mouth and told her to clean it off.

Afterward Dana was crying on the bed. I walked around the bed taking more pictures of my aftermath, especially my come dripping from her ass and her gaping cunt. She, up to this point, had said nothing. Now she started to complain and get back to her bitchy self. I stopped her by reminding her of all the video and pictures I had taken. I also reminded her that there was nothing legal to say I had to do anything about her financial mess. After about 30 seconds of this I was simply fed up and advanced on her again. I flipped her onto her back, pulled her head over the edge and began to fuck her face some more.

Dana struggled, but I was angrier than before and, after two orgasms, my cock was more sated for the long haul. I pushed it further down her throat than before and actually was able to cut off her air. I grasp her around the neck and held it there. Dana struggled, legs flailing, but was unable to push me back. I did this several times, while thoroughly enjoying both her discomfort and the flashing of her bald cunt as her legs thrashed. My cock was ¾ hard when I started this new event. It got harder and harder. I resumed torturing Dana’s tits and nipples, actually pulling her to me and forcing my cock further down her spasming throat by those large nipples.

I was preparing to give Dana yet another load of cum down her throat, and I pulled out, adjusted the cameras, and sat back in my chair. I ordered the teared up Dana off of the bed and told her it was time for her to ride some. She slowly got off the bed and staggered over and began to climb in my lap. I told her to turn around and face the cameras. I did not want to be face to face and moreover wanted a real humiliation fuck as the final act. Dana started to back up to the chair; I stopped her briefly and placed my cock at her asshole. She started sobbing, but kept coming back, slowly forcing my cock into her ass. Soon I was buried in her ass and she was crying a little louder. I reached and grasped both of her legs, pulling them off the floor and anchoring them over the arms of my chair. This forced a scream as her full weight forced my cock deeper in her ass. I grabbed Dana’s hair and pulled her back, causing her tits to jut toward the cameras and gaped her abused cunt. Then I began to thrust up into her and reach around for her nipples… again. Dana was crazed with pain. I was guiding her up and down by tugging and pulling on those nipples. She was crying and I just became more and more brutal. She was attempting to push herself off of my cock, but was simply too weak. I finally released her nipples, pushed her over, and shot my final load of the day into her abused ass.

I pushed Dana on over and she collapsed to the floor on her side. I kneeled next to her and pushed my cock into her mouth for the second cleaning of the day. This time Dana didn’t resist and slowly licked the slime from my cock. When she was finished, I helped her to her feet, shoved her toward the bathroom to clean herself up, and went to review my recordings.

The digital record of the day’s events was better than I could have hoped. It chronicled the whole depraved scene, from the initial arrival to the final submission. The last evolution was the sweetest of all. Dana was astride my cock, legs outside the arms of my chair, and tits red with abuse. You could clearly see how my cock was making her ass stretch and pull with each thrust, and also see well into her bald gaping cunt. Dana’s cunt was so obscenely displayed. Her head was flopping loose with my thrusts and her eyes were only showing the whites. Awesome video.

After about twenty-five minutes I heard the shower stop in the bathroom and Dana emerged wearing a towel. She was very subdued and did not lift her eyes from the floor. I quietly ordered her to dress, she complied, and I replaced the laundry sack over her head. After checking the parking lot, I lead Dana back to my rental car, and placed her inside. I repeated the circuitous path back to the mall and stopped in a remote corner for the final talk.

When I removed the bag and sat her up, Dana remained subdued. I passed an envelope with the first month’s cash inside to her and reminded her of all the pics and video that I had taken. I said that no one would believe that this had occurred and if I had the slightest impression that she told anyone of the events, that I would ruin her life. I also told her that I would discretely be in touch and grabbed and squeezed the nearest tit. She grunted with pain.

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