I didn’t see Jenn for a while after we fucked like mad that day — I thought she regretted it and was avoiding me at first, and didn’t know what I should do next. She lived in the same building and I kept an eye out for her, but I didn’t see her so she must have been keeping weird hours.

Before I started overthinking it, she sent me an e-mail that just said she was working like crazy, training at her new job and we should catch up on the weekend if I was free. I didn’t realize she’d gotten another job, it must have happened quickly, so I popped back a quick note saying I’d be home all weekend so she could feel free to come by whenever.

I was glad she didn’t seem weirded out by us fucking — at the time, she had been both aggressive and comfortable, and wasn’t the type to get wound up about crossing boundaries like that, but still you never know with people. I wasn’t really after a relationship at the moment although I’d rethink my position if Jenn demanded it after that mad sex. Regardless, I was hoping we could keep fucking — I had NEVER fucked that hard or that wildly and I wanted more than a taste, although I didn’t want to come on too strong and screw up my chances.

The fact that she’d taken my money to fuck was really the thing I’d been worried about. I didn’t care, and she didn’t seem to care (hell, it was her idea), but it always changes things when money is involved. I had lost friends over lending them money, so didn’t know what to expect from paying my friend to fuck me. She didn’t mention anything about it in the e-mail though, so I decided not to mention it either. Maybe she didn’t care, or maybe she was embarassed. Either way, best to forget about it.

But Jenn hadn’t decided to sweep this all under the rug — far from it. Late on Saturday night she started hammering on my door. When I let her in, a woman I didn’t know trailed after her.

“This is Mel,” Jenn said. A pure bombshell. Jenn was gorgeous, but Mel was out of this world. Instead of Jenn’s C breasts, Mel had plump Ds. She was just as trim as Jenn, but more toned. Her hair was dyed platinum blonde in a bob cut and contrasted sharply with her dark black skin. She looked kind of like a darker Nicky Minaj.

The two of them were dressed to kill. Their tits spilled out of tight tube tops. Jenn was wearing one of those sexy little jean shorts that are cut so high you can see pockets hanging out the bottom, and Mel just wore a tight black miniskirt. “Can you get us some drinks?” Jenn asked as she led Mel into the living room and they flopped onto the couch. My cock got hard instantly — the last time I saw Jenn on that couch I was ramming my cock into her.

I got them some coolers and sat down on the nearby loveseat, flipping my feet up onto the stool where I’d bent Jenn over last week to fuck her ass. “So, tell me about this new job?”

She looked puzzled. “You already know about it.”

“What? No, the one you got sometime after I saw you last.”

“WHEN I saw you last.” She smiled. “Remember?”

“I don’t follow.”

“Don’t say you can’t remember fucking the hell out of me.”

I choked on my own drink and started coughing. Mel began to giggle and Jenn laughed. She turned to Mel. “We didn’t even make it to the bedroom, he just fucked my ass over that stool there.”

“Do you two fuck a lot?” asked Mel.

“No, that was the first time.” I had recovered a little and was glad to hear her say “first” instead of “only.”

Jenn turned back to me while Mel sipped her cooler. “My new job. Remember when you paid to fuck me? Well, I thought, what the hell? That was fun. So I went online to learn more about being an escort or something. That’s how I met Mel. She’s kind of showing me the ropes. It’s been pretty fun so far. I don’t know if I will actually do it, but it’s worth learning more about, investigating, don’t you think?”

My eyes went wide. “You’ve been fucking for money all week?”

“No, it’s weird, I’ve been kind of like, job shadowing Mel. I’ve watched her fuck a lot. The guys don’t mind, they love it really, it’s like an extra. I just masturbated while I watched mostly. But I did get in there and fuck this one black guy. Like I say, I don’t know if I really want to do this, but it’s fun learning more about it. You don’t just dive into a job like Mel’s.”

I didn’t know what to say. “Wow. I guess.”

“Mel makes good money. There’s no, like, pimps or anything the way she does things, it’s like having your own business. I haven’t really done it but I think it’s worth trying out anyway, and learning more.”

“She’s a quick study,” said Mel, “but I guess you knew that.”

“What all has Jenn told you about me?”

“Enough,” replied Mel, with a wink.

“I told Mel you were the first guy I fucked for money, and she said I really undercharged you.” They giggled. “But what the hell? You gave me this job, in a way. So I thought I should thank you.”

“Thank me?”

“Sure, why do you think I brought Mel over? It’s on me, buddy.”


“You like her, right?” Jenn reached over to jiggle Mel’s big tits through her tube top. “Look at these babies.”

Jenn was like my private pussy Santa Claus. “You’re serious?”

“Sure she is.” Mel drained the rest of her cooler and spread out her legs, to show me her pussy — she wasn’t wearing any panties under the skirt. “I’m still teaching Jenn a few tricks of the trade. She’s paying me to learn, so I told her for a little extra we could show her buddy a good time. Check out this trick.” She licked around the head of the empty bottle and hiked her skirt up.

Before I knew it Mel was plunging the empty cooler into her pussy. She fucked herself with it, nice and slow, working it in until the neck widened out fully. She squeezing her big black tits with the other hand, pulling them out below her skinny tube top.

I was speechless, staring. “You ever see that?” Jenn asked, a little awed herself at Mel’s bottle fucking. I shook my head no. Mel smiled.

“That’s right, white boy, take a long look at that tight black pussy.” She slid the bottle in and out, in and out, fucking herself slowly. I could see she was getting really wet. “You ever had black pussy?”

“Just a taste,” I managed, still staring. I don’t think I even blinked. “I ate out this black girl once, in high school, and she sucked my dick, but she wouldn’t let me fuck her.”

Mel popped the bottle out and tossed it aside. “Well, come eat me out, and you can fuck whatever you want.”

Any reservation I might have had about fucking a real hooker, or fucking in front of Jenn, disappeared. The next thing I knew, I was on my knees with my face in her cunt. She kept that pussy clean — it was sweet and delicious, and I licked and licked her, sucking her into my mouth, while Mel moaned.

“Shit, you’re really going for it,” I heard Jenn say. I turned my head and saw she had her shorts off and was rubbing her clit.

“Honey, let him handle that,” scolded Mel. She pushed my head back and directed it toward Jenn’s pussy.

I plunged into Jenn’s cunt with glee. She was a bit more aggressive than Mel, which made sense I guess, because Mel’s job was to let me do whatever I wanted. Jenn ground her cunt against my face. She came quickly, and I lapped up her juices greedily.

Mel had meanwhile discarded her tank top, and was on the floor clawing to get my shorts off. “Let’s hit the bedroom,” I said.

We rolled into the bedroom, shedding our remaining clothes. Jenn and Mel sat on the bed while I pulled off my shirt.

“So I’ve paid Mel to do whatever you want,” said Jenn, “and I’m paying her extra to teach me stuff too, right? One thing she says I need to learn is to take orders. So you’re the boss — just say what you want us to do.”

“You’re my best friend forever.”

“Seriously, I need to learn to fuck on command, so command us a little.”

I thought for a second. “I want to watch you two dyke out and 69, and then I’ll jump in after a bit. Mel on top.”

Jenn stretched herself across the bed, obedient, and Mel reversed herself on top. They didn’t waste any time, and I got the sense they’d done this before. At first they kissed, slowly, and jiggled their tits together a bit for my benefit. Then Mel bent down to suck Jenn’s tits into her mouth. She sucked them while Jenn squeezed Mel’s tits and moaned.

They reversed to 69, their tits pressing against each other’s bodies as they licked one another slowly. Their fingers explored each other’s pussies as their mouths glistened with each other’s pussy juice. I stroked my cock slowly as I watch the two.

As you might expect, Mel was a little more naughty and adventurous than Jenn. While Jenn mostly sucked on Mel’s clit, Mel spent a lot of time licking Jenn’s pink asshole. It made me think about the last time I saw Jenn’s ass, with my own cum leaking out of it. That thought made me want to get in there and join the action.

I decided to start with Mel, and brought my cock up to her pussy. Jenn was still licking Mel, but stopped long enough to grab my cock and guide it into Mel’s fleshy cunt. My first black pussy accepted my cock hungrily — Mel pushed back to suck me into her up to the hilt. My balls slapped against Jenn’s face and she laughed and started to lick my balls as my cock twitched, sunk deep into Mel’s pussy.

I held my cock deep in Mel as Jenn sucked my balls for a bit, and then started to slide in and out of Mel’s hot, wet cunt. “Keep eating her cunt,” I told Jenn. She dived back in, licking up and down Mel’s cunt and my shaft as I fucked Mel slowly. I sped up a bit, but not so fast that Jenn couldn’t keep licking my shaft as it plunged in and out of Mel’s pussy.

Then I pulled out of Mel and tilted Jenn’s head back. “Deep throat me.” She opened her mouth wide and I slid myself in, slowly. Jenn gagged a little, but took me deep. I slid myself in and out of her velvety throat. Mel was still licking Jenn’s pussy and ass and Jenn moaned around my cock, getting it slick with her saliva.

I pulled out of Jenn’s throat and told her to move back on the bed, out of her 69 with Mel, so that she could prop herself up on my pillows and face me while Mel ate her pussy and I fucked Mel’s ass. She moved and Mel slid down closer to me. She turned back to me and spread out her ass cheeks for me to fuck.

I was nice and slick with Jenn’s saliva and slid into Mel’s ass easily. As her hot black asshole closed around my cock, she turned back to attack Jenn’s pussy. Jenn gasped and grabbed her tits, massaging them while Mel ate her out. She squeezed her tits and moaned as she watched me fuck Mel’s asshole.

Once I saw that Jenn was watching me fuck Mel, I started ramming Mel harder and harder. Jenn’s eyes slid up to meet mine and we stared at each other while Mel sucked her pussy and I fucked Mel’s ass for all I was worth. Mel serviced us both eagerly, shoving her ass against me while thrusting her fingers and tongue into Jenn’s slick pussy.

“You are the best friend in the world,” I gasped to Jenn, as my cock thrust into Mel’s ass. “But I don’t know about you becoming a hooker. What kind of hooker pays another hooker to fuck her clients?”

“It’s not the best business plan. FUCK,” Jenn screamed as she came in Mel’s mouth.

“You should just be my hooker. Run my sex life.” I was still drilling Mel’s ass, grunting my words between thrusts. “I’ll put you on salary if that’s what it takes. I’ll get a better job or something.”

Jenn laughed. “You couldn’t afford it. Save your cum for me.”

“I thought I was the boss. If you want it you’d better hurry.”

She pulled away from Mel and move her head down to rest on the small of Mel’s back, facing me, watching me fuck Mel’s ass up close. “Cum for me,” she said, opening her mouth wide.

I pulled my cock out of Mel’s asshole and exploded all over Jenn’s face. Cum splashed against her cheek and a thick jet hit Mel’s tight ass, glistening white against her black skin. I managed to get most of my cum into Jenn’s mouth, although a fair bit ended up on her face and on Mel’s ass.

Mel wiggled around and grabbed Jenn’s face, leaning in to kiss her, and I watch the two share my cum, swishing it back and forth between their mouths. Finally, they each swallowed a nice load.

I collapsed on the bed. I was going to like Jenn’s new job.

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