Cathy must have looked in on me earlier because there was a message on my bedside table when I awoke, telling me that she had to go out but would be back shortly to check up on me. Easing around the bed, found that moving my legs still brought on unpleasant aches and pains around my bottom region, so I just laid back and tried to find a position that was comfortable.

I had remembered going to the toilet earlier on and felt a lot of pain in my anal region then. Although I could urinate OK, the moment I tried sitting down onto the toilet seat and trying to relieve my bowels, brought on a severe burning inside of me like I was chafed and red raw.

Even trying to wipe his semen that had been inside of me and must have oozed out while I slept, leaving me slippery and messy caused me intense pain. So I simply tried my best to just dab the paper onto the gaping opening to try and clean up the mess.

I recalled how Cathy had helped me into bed last night and bless her, must have put a pair of panties on me back then, so that when I’d woken up earlier and felt them damp and sticky I’d tried to change them and I remembered then that I’d had to take my time then as moving my legs around the crotch area brought on pain.

I’d gingerly taken those ones off and carefully put on a fresh pair, tipping some talcum powder in the gusset to try and help ease the rawness down there.

By around 10ish, I simply needed to try and rid myself of the dirty, unclean feeling I felt about myself after last night’s episode and although still feeling very sore, I felt that a shower might help me in that respect. Shuffling into the bathroom and turning on the shower, I let it run and adjusted the water till it was warm, then slipping off my nightie and easing my panties down to around my knees (before gravity did it’s work and they fell to the floor) stepped into the shower.

The warm water hitting my back seemed to soothe me and it was only when I moved my legs slightly apart and that water started to run into the crack of my bottom that I gasped and flinched, realizing that that was a big mistake. I felt the burning sensation of the hot water running down onto my tender and raw anal area.

I worked the hot and cold water taps till the water was only slightly warm and slid back under the water stream. The stinging effect on my anus was still there, but it was now at least bearable. I reached my arms around to soap my back and wash myself but screamed out in pain and quickly stopped as I felt the burning sensation of the soap suds trickling down onto my bottom opening.

Dropping the soap, I moved the shower head around me to get the shower stream to wash away the suds to try and stop the burning pain. I’m not sure how long I stood there, showerhead on hand, all the while, tears seeming to stream from my eyes. As hard as I tried, I simply couldn’t clean away the feeling of dirtiness and of being cheap. But then again though, how could a shower do that for me anyway?

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a bath sheet around myself and with the tears still flowing down my face, gingerly and with very short steps walked back into the bedroom and sat back down carefully on the bed.

It must have been about half an hour later that, still sitting with the damp towel wrapped around me, I heard a knock on my door that startled me back to awareness. Still weeping, I shuffled slowly out to see who was there. The knocking started again before I got there, but more forcefully insistent and I heard Cathy call out, “Nikki, are you there? Are you alright honey?”

I opened the door and my face must have told the story, because Cathy stepped through the door with someone I didn’t recognize and quickly closing the door behind her and proceeded to hug me protectively whispering soothing things words.

“It’s alright Nicole, I won’t hurt you honey. Relax Nikki, it’s alright to cry, come on honey, and let it out sweetie.” I simply just broke down entirely, my body trembling and shaking, whimpering, tears streaming down my face, sniffling and sobbing, melting further into the warm comfort and safety of her arms. She kept holding me and guided me back towards the bedroom soothing me with soft words of endearment and eased me back down onto the bed.

I recall her turning round to this strange woman and venomously muttering that if she ever got her hands on the mongrel bastard who did this she’d cut his prick off and stuff it up ‘HIS’ arse. A short time later Cathy went outside with this stranger and after a short time they both came back into the bedroom and Cathy introduced the stranger to me.

“Nikki, this is my friend Anne and she’s a doctor. I asked her around because I was scared that that mongrel you went out with last night might have hurt you.” Anne came over and reassuringly taking my hand told me that when I was ready, she’d like to examine me to make sure that I wasn’t hurt anywhere.

Cathy was still holding onto me for support and started rubbing my back through the towel with a slow circular motion. It was starting to relax me and I tried to hold back the tears, as I blubberingly thanked both of them.

Anne and Cathy went outside to the kitchen and came back a few minutes later carrying a tray with 3 cups of tea, a towel. Sipping the tea seemed to help me regain some of my composure because the tears and sniffling stopped.

Taking a deep breath seemed to help me steady me down and bring me back to reality. Dr Anne asked Cathy to let her have some privacy while she examined me. I quickly told Dr Anne that I wanted to have Cathy nearby and could she remain, to which Dr Anne reluctantly agree to, with a reply along the lines that Cathy could stay as long as she didn’t, interfere or say a word.

“Nicole,” asked Dr Anne. “Can you please take your towel off and lie down on your back on the bed honey?” While I did this, Dr Anne put on some rubber gloves and then carefully and lightly placed the towel they’d brought in with them over my genitals in such a way to allow me the feeling of modesty for the examination. “That’s it honey, try to relax while I examine you more closely” she cooed. “Tell me if it hurts, when I press down on anywhere” she reassured me.

With that, she gently eased her hands over my chest and using her fingers started to gently press down over the front of my body and slowly worked her hands all the way over the front of me to down just past me knees.

The shaking of my head, brought gentle steady “that’s good” remarks from Dr Anne and she quietly told me and Cathy, that at least HE hadn’t appeared to have hit or punched me, because she couldn’t see any signs of bruising or the like.

“Nicole, I know you’ve been through an ordeal honey, but I need you to roll over now onto your tummy and part your legs a little for me,” As I rolled over, shyly trying to keep the towel covering my modesty, Dr Anne said in a soothing gentle voice. “That’s it darling, just relax. Just like before, let me know if you feel any pain when I press down anywhere.” And with that, she started at the back of my neck and worked her way down my shoulder blades, around my kidneys then down to my legs and knees, all the while staying well away from my bottom.

“Nikki, I’m now going to touch you down around your bottom honey. But if you say stop, I’ll stop right away, until you say that it’s alright for me to continue. But I really do need to examine you thoroughly, so just try to relax yourself and let me know if I’m hurting you, alright.”

With that she gently slid her hands down my back and eased my bottom cheeks further apart to look very closely and at the same time very lightly brushing her finger over and around my opening, while gently working a finger inside of my anal rim. I started involuntarily tensing up and she immediately stopped and removed her hand saying, “I’m sorry honey. It must be very sensitive down there for you, but apart from a few small fissure tears, some chafing and bruising around your anus you won’t need any stitches, thank god. Nicole, I’m just going outside to get my medical bag and find some ointment to rub onto your bottom.” With that, she nipped outside for a moment.

Cathy bent over and asked me with urgent intensity, if the pig had raped me or hit me. I shook my head and told her that he didn’t really hit me, except he kept slapping me hard on the bottom. I went on saying that it was just that he got very horny and wouldn’t stop or slow down but it had been so nice the first time he did it, I told her, but then later on when he tried to do it again and started to make me feel sore he simply wouldn’t stop, even when I started crying. Cathy quietly cursed as she listened to the words rushing out of me in anguish.

“Cathy? How could someone that seemed to be so nice to me, suddenly need to hurt me?” I asked her. “When we use to do it, did I ever hurt you when I fucked you in the arse?” Dr Anne had just walked back into the room and must have overheard the end of my question.

“No Nikki” Cathy said. “You never hurt me, but then again you were always gentle, and even when you were desperately frantic, you always made sure that I was nice and slippery down there. You weren’t big, but boy oh boy you sure made up for it with vigor” she smilingly told me. “I felt that you always left my ‘back door’ well and truly open and I ALWAYS walked around funny afterwards,” she told me with a friendly smile, hoping that this might make me feel better, instead of feeling that I had been made to feel cheap, used and violated.

Dr Anne, then spoke in a more friendly tone and told me that she wanted to ease the pain and needed to rub some cream around the anal area so it wouldn’t hurt any more. And with that, she squeezed some ointment onto her fingers and started to rub the cheeks of my bottom.

“This is an anesthetic ointment and will numb the area. You’ll need to do this every 4 hours or so for the next few days,” She told me. She then applied the ointment rubbing the outside of my cheeks to start with and in a few moments the cream seemed to be working as I was beginning to feel an easing of the pain. Then she told me that she was now going to start to rub the cream closer to my opening, but she’d do it slowly and let the cream take effect before getting too close to my anus.

It took her about 5 or so, and she was very careful. Dr Anne then asked Cathy to reach into her medical bag a get her a tampon. Cathy rummaged in the bag and handed her one. Anne then coated it with the ointment and proceeded to slowly ease it up inside of me.

Apart from the embarrassment I felt at having had the doctor have to do this to me, it didn’t appear to hurt.

Dr Anne smiled at me and said “I’m finished down there now, Nicole.” The ointment must have been working because I was visibly starting to relax my body and start to become less rigid.

“Right” Dr Anne said in a more business like tone. “Now we still need to clean you up down there and make sure it’s sterilized and clean. This antiseptic, might sting for a moment she warned.” But when she dabbed on the cotton wool wipes, I didn’t feel anything.

“I’m also going to have to give you a penicillin injection and we’ll need to take some blood as well and get the sample analyzed for any possible diseases,” Dr Anne stated.

“I know he didn’t use a condom” remarked Dr Anne, “because there’s dried semen traces still inside of you. You know, you really were foolish for not making him a condom, don’t you,” Dr Anne told me firmly.

I started to tear up and blubberingly tried to explain that Greg had gone and got tested 3 months earlier and had been abstaining since then.

“Rubbish” Dr Anne growled. “When can you believe what a man tells you, hmm? Anyway”…She resignedly sighed. “The damage may have already been done. You’re going to suffer a terribly emotional time now waiting for the results to come back, don’t you?”

She then looked me in the eyes and asked sincerely if Greg had raped me or not. I told her that NO, he hadn’t initially raped me and that I had been more than a compliant participant, which made Cathy sharply retort that, maybe I ‘had’ been willing the first time, but certainly ‘not’ the second, she hissed.

Dr Anne seemed to change her attitude to one of a gentle and kindly person who was simply trying to help me when she stated that, what I needed now…was a good bubble bath soak. Then she asked me if I felt well enough to get up and take a bath. I slowly started to raise myself from the bed, and gingerly put one foot on the floor. The pain didn’t seem to be down there anymore, and I started to visibly relax my body.

“That’s the cream taking effect. Feels better down there now, doesn’t it?” Dr Cathy asked me. I smilingly nodded and started heading towards the bathroom to run the bath.

“It’s not a nudist colony around here you know! Cathy called back to me. “Don’t you think you’d better put a nightie or something first?” Se handed me one from out of the drawers and I popped it over me while still gingerly walking to the bathroom to start the spa-bath, before then returning to the lounge room and rejoining the pair of them sitting down. As I sat, admittedly with a little bit more restraint, feeling the tampon inside of me we all drank some fresh tea and chatted about how things would go from here.

Dr Anne advised me that, by law, she had to report the incident, but that she would tell the authorities that the victim did not wish to name her offender or to pursue the incident any further. She was however, concerned about the fact that he was not wearing a condom, but I told her that Greg had shown me the health clearance certificate about a week ago, and I believed him when he’d told me that he had been abstaining since he took the tests. Dr Anne sighed and said that for my sake she hoped he’d been telling me the truth, because she told me in a chilling voice “STD’s, especially HIV or herpes, weren’t fairytales… they were nightmares.”

“Anyway, let’s keep a positive line of thought going. So which name do you prefer to be called, Nicole or Nikki?” Dr Anne gently asked me.

“I prefer Nikki, Dr Anne” I told her.

“Well then Nikki it is” Dr Anne said. Her tone of voice changed and she spoke to me kindly but with firmness hidden behind her tone. “Now then” she started. “You’re to abstain from anal sex for the next 3 months to let your bottom heal up and NO other types of sex for the same period. I’ll also need you to visit a special clinic later on today or at the latest by tomorrow for a check up. Here’s the phone number and address of a clinic which is nearby your place” she said handing over a business card. Tell the doctor who examines you that I’ll fax over the results of the blood tests to their offices as soon as I receive them.”

Continuing on she said …”I’m not quite finished with you yet either, because I’m possibly going to have to give you another injection before I leave, but you’ll need to do an anal douche to clean out any semen left inside of you first, OK.”


After I’d finished the “2″ douches, Dr Anne had ordered me to do another one, just to make sure I was ‘sparkling’ clean ‘back there.’ She then told me she also debating in her mind as to whether I might need that second injection before she left.

When I asked her what it was for. She paused thoughtfully for a moment and then smilingly told me, I might need an extra ‘booster’ shot, but she wanted to see if I suffered any adverse reactions to the penicillin shot first.

Afterwards the 3 of us sat around talking for awhile. Dr Anne told me that I should consider her a confidential friend and call her Anne from now on. Apparently, so I learned later on, it was part of a recognized rehabilitation process to get the victim of a rape to try to discuss with someone they trusted, what had occurred. With that she asked me to try and tell her what had happened to me last night.

Just as I was about to start, Anne turned to Cathy and sternly warned her not to interrupt or say anything at all, because she’d known Cathy long enough to know all about her too, so she could never be one to criticize anyone.

“Remember David, Cathy…hmm.” Anne threateningly remarked.

I didn’t for the life of me know who David was, but Anne knew and Cathy’s face went pale and she seemed to become far more docile and demur as she sat back quietly to listen too.

With that out of the way, Anne asked me to begin and so I retold her all about the previous night, starting from when Greg had called over for me, to my getting into the car, to the restaurant, to the dinner itself, then the ride back to his place, the sex, and finally, how I felt about what had occurred last night.

She was a good listener and knew how to gently draw out the facts by occasionally interrupting the flow with pertinent questions and did it in such a way that as ashamed as I felt at what happened, it was almost like a weight being lifted from my shoulders, finally telling someone else.

When I’d finished retelling everything and answering Anne’s probing questions, I sat back, head in hands and broke down weeping unashamedly. As quick as a flash, Anne was beside me firmly holding me in her arms, quietly telling me, again and again, that it was over now and finished. No one else would ever need to know.

In tears, I hugged her and suddenly felt cleansed as if a burden had been taken off me. I liked and trusted this woman and I’d now look upon her as a friend indeed. Cathy came over and joined in a group hug that finally made me start to smile and laugh softly while quietly thinking, that these 2 people didn’t look down on the life that I led, or on me or what had been done to me for that matter.

All the time she’d been here, Dr Anne had called me Nicole, regardless of my obvious male body. She’d treated me like I was an innocent ‘female’ rape victim even though ‘I’ thought that I’d encouraged Greg into doing this to me.

Anne eventually let go of me and said that she had to leave now and could Cathy drive her back home, but asked Cathy if she would come back to keep me company after dropping Anne off and to stay with me for a while.

Anne then asked me in a friendly and sincere tone of voice, if I enjoyed dressing like a woman and would I seriously consider wanting to live like one. I nodded my head vigorously and gushingly told her that I was far more happy being a woman then I was being a guy always wished I’d been born a woman.

At which point Cathy piped up and said, “Anne, if you’d seen how she was dressed yesterday, you wouldn’t need to have asked that. Believe me when I tell you that Nikki was dressed like she was going out hunting for bear and looking forward to it…crotchless panties and all! And to think, that all those years ago, we might have actually married one other?”

Anne looked confused, until Cathy told her it was a long story, best left for the drive back home to her place. “Anne, you’ll simply never believe it” Cathy remarked.

Anne winked to me, smiled and then told me, that as I didn’t apparently seem to be suffering any adverse reactions to the penicillin injection and that she thought it mightn’t be a ad idea to be safe more then sorry and that she was going to give me another, booster injection. She picked up her case and led me back into the bedroom, where upon she closed the door and instructed me bend over lift my nightie and ‘smile.’

While I was doing this, she opened the case and extracted a needle and filled it from a vial, and proceeded to inject me in the fleshy part of my butt. This injection, she told me, may feel a little bit warm at first, but not uncomfortably so. She was right; I did feel a warm rush sensation in my bottom but not unpleasantly so.

I stood up, gently rubbing where she’d stuck the needle and followed her back outside. Anne then told me, she’d give Cathy some prescriptions to hand over to me and to make an appointment to see her at her surgery sometime in the next two days, without fail.

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