The interior of the stretch Lincoln was plush black leather. The air was frigid and it felt exhilarating after the humid midday heat. The car smelled faintly of foreign tobacco and ultra expensive perfume.

The sudden darkness made me nearly blind for a moment but there was no mistaking the contours of the woman who sat across from me.

“Hello, Jaime,” she said warmly in her softly Spanish accented English as her driver, a giant black-suited Spaniard, shut the car door behind me.

“Aunt Vivian,” I acknowledged from the rear-facing jump seat. “How did you find me?”

“In Kenwood?” she laughed, “It wasn’t difficult. What would you be doing in this part of town, I wonder?”

“I guess you’d know Chicago, wouldn’t you?”

“Why would you say that?” she asked defiantly.

I replied with a grin: “Your reputation precedes you.”

She smiled back at me and looked me over; I took the opportunity to do the same to her.

I felt the intense jealousy I’d always felt for my Uncle John tick up a notch. How could he have ever convinced a woman like Vivian to marry him?

She’d been a fashion model in Buenos Aires in her youth. Her father’s connections to organized crime had given her notoriety; her beauty had given her the tabloid headlines and the opportunity to get famous. Time had been extremely kind to her. Her celebrity may have faded but not her looks … and certainly not her notorious reputation.

“Good! Then I don’t have to be vulgar and threaten you now, do I?” she said with a sly grin.

Her hair was long, still raven black, twin braids tumbling down either side of her face to frame her almond eyes. Her lips were full and soft looking, no age lines to mar them. Even her full natural breasts defied nature and remained as perfect as any woman could hope for.

I took in the classy long brown legs stretching from beneath the hem of her short black slip dress, letting my eyes follow the curves of her thighs and calves until they reached her thin elegant ankles and the ankle-high boots she wore.

Unlike her daughter, Ginny, Aunt Vivian apparently liked jewelry. She wore large Andean style turquoise and Lapis earrings and a thin diamond drop necklace dripping with diamonds … money, money, money. She was dressed for an evening out … not business.

“How ’bout them Cubs? World Series for sure, huh?” I asked to fill the silence.

She smiled at me like she would an obnoxious child. I ignored her; I guess I was beginning to develop a tolerance for disdain, maybe even asking for it, it only seemed fitting considering the mess I was in.

“Drive North, Andreas,” Vivian said into an intercom mounted near the rear window.

I let my eyes resume wondering over her exotic features, a bounty of races blended into a glorious genetic soup, the mixture somehow creating the beauty she wore like a crown.

I drank it in, seeing her daughter Ginny in every nuance of her features. She had managed to pass on all of her best qualities to her daughter in abundance … despite my prick Uncle’s contributions.

We pulled out onto the interstate before she spoke again.

“How have you been?” she asked.


How did she think I’d be?

“Really?” she asked, her tone suspicious.

“How’s Ginny?” I asked about her daughter mainly to deflect her question.

“I’d have thought you’d ask about your sister first,” she responded.

“Touché!” I laughed.

The last time I’d seen my sister, I’d literally fucked her stupid, in the very chapel she was getting married in a few hours before she was to take her wedding vows. I hadn’t taken it easy on her body – or the dress. Vivian had been the one to put Tabby back together in time for the ceremony … to cover for our incestuous indiscretion.

“But, since you asked about my dear Genevieve,” Vivian continued, “I will tell you that she has … changed. She is nearly as much of a wreck as you are. Her scores are suffering terribly and she is unruly, though unlike you she’s managed to keep up appearances.”

I’d spent Tabby’s Honeymoon fucking Ginny in a suite Vivian had rented for her in Vegas for the wedding. I wasn’t sure if Vivian knew about that – but chances were that she did – and chances were that this surprise visit was a result of it.

“I got news for you; Ginny’s always been unruly.”

She lit a long brown cigarette and blew the sweet smoke at me. It definitely wasn’t entirely tobacco.

“It came to my attention that you are having troubles as well … me picó la curiosidad.”

I hadn’t found the will to go back to my classes after Tabby’s wedding and I’d passed the time steadily spending my dwindling college fund on strings of very cheap strippers and very expensive booze.

Vivian was ‘connected’ after all – it made sense that she’d have had me checked out.

“Don’t we all?”

She shifted in the seat and handed the ‘cigarette’ to me. The top of the dress was severely low and her bare breasts were plainly visible from different angles when she moved. I didn’t try to hide my leers as I puffed.

“As for Tabatha,” she took it back and puffed again before passing it back to me, “She’s doing well and fulfilling her marriage vows.”

She paused to gauge my reaction. I put on a poker face and waited for the punch line.

“I hear the guy she married is the largest shareholder in Tomler Oil. That was a good score for her.” I had to say it. The hurt had made me angry and seeing Vivian only brought the intensity of it all back into sharp focus.

“She’s going to have a little girl,” she smiled like a cat, “Did you know that?”

There it was.

“I didn’t think that old fucker would have any good sperm left.” I said sarcastically to cover the sudden intense pain that shot across my chest.

“Not likely,” she replied, watching me again. “but I’m sure that yours are healthy.”

“You don’t mean …?” I couldn’t finish the sentence.

“I’m positive.”

Vivian was implying that I was the child’s father.

“Don’t worry … she’s fine.”

She put a hand on my knee to calm me, anticipating my question.

“Tests were done. She will be smart, beautiful, and happy. Not to mention that she will grow up to inherit considerable wealth … we should all be so lucky.”

“You can tell all that from tests these days, huh?”

Vivian grinned at my jest. At least she had a sense of humor.

My heart fluttered in an intoxicatingly strange mixture of joy, pride, and fear as the reality began to sink in. I’d never imagined I’d father a child with my own sister – although now that I considered it … neither of us had gone particularly far out of our way to prevent it either.

“She has already chosen a name for her … Vivian! Isn’t that sweet?”

“A phone call would have sufficed,” I said, feeling a tingling sensation creep up the back of my neck and a wave of chemical euphoria slide across the back of my eyes … definitely not just tobacco.

She blew the smoke at me again.

“You understand that my family has some interest in her well being?”

She meant her Father’s side of the family.

“And an interest in keeping me away from her. I got it, okay?” I tried to hand the cigarette back to her but she waved me away, “That’s why you put Ginny on to me.”

“You think I’m so wicked?” she asked, “Do you believe that I would I put my own daughter in such an awkward predicament?”

“You wouldn’t?”

“You are mistaken,” she looked out the dark tinted window, “As you pointed out … Ginny has never been under my control.”

I shrugged; I guess now I could believe that Ginny fucked me because she wanted to.

“Now the question I have to ask you is this: What do I need to do to help us get past all of this … nonsense between the three of you?”

“I’ll give you three guesses,” I taunted her; I never was able to pass up a chance to be an asshole.

She flipped her perfectly tended hair over her shoulder and absently let her legs fell open a bit, treating me to a view of some of the most sexy flesh in the Western Hemisphere.

“I need to know,” she insisted, “what I can expect from you.”

I didn’t have anything to lose so I went for broke.

“Spread your legs like that a little more and I’ll show you.”

She looked at me like she would a puppy that’d just pissed on the carpet.

“Not what I was hoping for,” she stated, “I thought we could be friends after I’ve brought you such wonderful news.”

“Ignorance is bliss.”

“True,” she shrugged and pointed at an ashtray in the handle of the door; “You’ve had enough of that … It has certain effects in high doses.”

I leaned over and stubbed out the smoke and looked up her dress in the process.

“And enough of that,” she laughed and crossed her legs demurely.

“Why are you toying with me?” I asked abruptly, paranoia creeping around the edges of the cottony comfort trying to smother my brain stem.

“What do you mean?” she asked coyly and twirled a braid through her fingers, her gaze a smoky sensual look so well practiced and so subtle that it almost looked innocent.

“It wasn’t necessary for you to travel half way around the world to tell me I’m the father of Tabby’s baby now, was it?”


“No, I think you want to know what I got that makes your girl so fucking crazy. Maybe you want to try a little bit of this action too?” I suggested.

I don’t know why, but I was determined to piss her off, throw her off whatever game she was trying to play with me.

“Maybe I should put you out of my car?” she replied.

“You won’t, though. Will you?” I laughed.

“I wouldn’t?” she challenged in return.

“Then you’d never get what you came for.”

“You are a child,” she said abruptly, “I gave you too much credit.”

“Seriously, why are you fucking with me, Vivian?” I asked again.

She reached for the com but I grabbed her wrist and twisted her face up to mine.

I don’t know why I was suddenly so angry. Maybe the drug, maybe the fury I felt at my Sister’s betrayal of our love, maybe the perverted lust for my slutty Cousin that consumed me and kept me awake at night?

I pulled her close and glared into her eyes.

“Tell me how badly you want me to fuck you too!”

“¡Basta ya!” she warned.

“Let’s get it over with so I can get back to the bar before Happy Hour, alright?”

She had different ideas.

She twisted her body away from my grip and pulled my arms straight in the process. Before I could think to react, she suddenly and gracefully wrapped her legs around my arms and head so tightly that I heard cracking noises in my skull.

“¡Perro!” she spat, before releasing me by kicking me back into my seat with one solid thrust of her sharp heel to my ribs.

My mind reeled and I felt a sudden need to throw up … I hoped it was the smoke and the beer I’d drank for breakfast and not new brain damage from her leg hold on my cranium.

I rubbed my chest and grinned at her to disguise the embarrassing fact that she’d just kicked the shit out of me.

She laughed a gentle practiced laugh at my discomfort.

“Let’s try again, shall we?” she asked in a tone that implied the request was an order.

“I’d rather not.”

We were back where we’d started.

“Look at me, Jaime.”

I didn’t see anything better to look at so I obliged her.

“I came here because … because we are family,” she said, placing a finger tip under her chin – another model’s pose, “and my daughter is upset.”

“Bullshit,” I replied, “You came here because you’re bored and you thought that waltzing into my life on a pretext and toying with me would be amusing … Ginny pulls the same shit, and now. I see where she gets it from.”

She leaned forward and put her elbows on her knees: “You are cruel!”

“I’m cruel?” I leaned forward too so that our faces were only a few inches apart, “Do you know the pain I feel every moment of every day knowing I can never have what I need?” I looked down, “You have everything, mansions, cars, and now you’ve even manage to take my sister from me!”

She reached out and tipped my chin up. Her deep brown eyes were quizzical, almost analytical.

“I know you put her up to marrying that old fucker!” I accused her.

“You are very dramatic,” she said, “like your Mother.”

“Fuck you!” I spat and tried to turn my head.

She jerked my head back to force me to look into her eyes again.

“Is this how you treated my daughter?”

I looked down at my hands in guilt.

“¡Hola!” Vivian gasped, “It’s true then,” she let my face go and sat back, “¿Cómo sucedió?”

What could I say? I was rebounding from my sister at the time.

“Is that so wrong?” I asked.

“¡Minga! You are related!”

“Not really … I mean a little, right? I hear cousins get married all the time.”

“You don’t know anything about her!” She looked out the window, “Neither of you really understand what complications you could have … created.”

I leaned back and feigned a relaxed pose – Vivian knew I’d knocked up my sister and now she was worried I’d knock up Ginny too.

“I don’t want to know anything about her I don’t already know … she’s too much to handle as it is.”

“You will … but for now, I am owed an answer to my question.”

“I told you,” I said sitting back up to run my fingertips up her thin soft calves, “Spread your legs and I’ll show you.”

She leaned forward and placed her hands over mine but she didn’t exactly resist my caresses. As a matter of fact, she shifted slightly on the bench seat so that her legs fell open again, the dress sliding between her long brown legs.

“You are persistent,” she observed. “Aren’t things complicated enough for you?”

I felt my adrenaline pump in my chest. Being this close to her was very intense and the drug only heightened the sensation.

“I like complicated,” I insisted.

Her breathing quickened noticeably and she leaned forward so that our cheeks touched.

“I don’t!” she stated emphatically.

“I don’t believe you.”

“I can fix a lot of things, Jaime, but I can’t fix everything,” she said softly into my ear, her cheek pressed into my brow, the cool stone of the giant earring a stark contrast to her warm soft skin against my own.

“I can’t fix what’s happened between you and the girls already – but I need to keep this from spinning any further out of control.”

“Who’s askin’ you to fix anything?”

Vivian pulled away abruptly and rubbed her forehead as if I was giving her a headache.

I tried to pursue her but she stopped me with a palm to my chest.

“¡Que Dios me ayuda!” Her face twisted in anger, “How can I convince you …!”

I took another chance and pulled her back to me by the shoulders so that I could kiss her luscious lips this time – my inhibitions a long lost memory.

She didn’t resist for a few blissful moments but eventually regained her composure enough to gently push me away again.

“Perhaps … we can compromise just a little,” she offered.

“Who’s being complicated now?” I asked amusedly.

She glanced away … I brushed the braids from her face and smiled impishly at her.

Her hair shimmered from the green glow of the com LED and I felt the chemical wave of euphoria spread from my eyes down my spine and into my chest. My mood shifted a bit and I shivered.

She studied my eyes – I could tell she could see how badly I was starting to tweak.

She took my hands in hers and guided them back to her silky smooth thighs.

“So soft,” I muttered.

She sighed in resignation and looked out the window again.

“Maybe you were right after all,” she suggested, absently running her bright red fingertips up my arm. “Maybe I came here because I really do want to … to get to know you better.”

“What is it with the women in my family?” I asked rhetorically.

Her eyes lit up in amusement.

“It hasn’t really been so terrible has it?”

I thought about it for a moment.

“Yes, it has.”

“Are you sure?” she purred, reaching between my legs and brazenly clutching my penis, placing her cheek to mine again. Her soft breasts pressing into my chest.

I wasn’t expecting her to pounce on me like that and I shuddered at the feel of her body against me.

“Not anymore,” I admitted.

“I see,” she chuckled, running her fingers along my shaft as if measuring it as it twitched behind the denim barrier of my jeans.

“That’s fortunate because I do need you, Jaime.”

“Ha! I knew it!”

She chuckled into my ear.

“Not quite what you imagine I meant but… I do need you to help me.”

“Go on,” I urged.

“In payment, I will help you to make your life more manageable again – for your sake,” she took my earlobe between her teeth and tugged, “And for the girls’ sake as well.”

“Sounds nice,” I muttered, as my reasoning evaporated and she gently kissed my neck behind my ear.

Her hair smelled like fresh rain.

“What do I have to do, then?”

She pulled away from me and grasped my hands tightly to stop me from caressing her magnificent legs.

“¡Muy Bien!” she laughed, “Now, you see? Isn’t it much more pleasant for you to play nicely with me?”

“Yes,” I admitted reluctantly. She’d managed to twist me around with a mere few soft touches and now I was at her mercy, literally starving for more.

She resumed gently caressing my bulge and I resumed running my hungry fingers up her thighs.

“You will work for me.”

“I don’t need money,” I informed her.

“I can promise you that you will get … whatever you may need.”

She looked into my eyes meaningfully and I knew that she meant it.

“Do we have a deal?”

“Deal,” I stated.

She reached back into a pouch mounted below the intercom and pulled a packet of papers from it. She tossed them onto my lap where they teetered on the point of my straining bulge for an awkward moment before I could react to catch them.

Vivian lit the smoke back up as I leafed through the packet.

My Passport; plane tickets; traveler’s checks; and a credit card.

“I took the liberty of picking up some things for you.”

“Where am I going?”

“Far away.”

“So, I’m being exiled,” I laughed.

“In a manner of speaking,” she said quietly.

“It won’t make a difference,” I told her, “Ginny’s gonna do what Ginny does.”

“Not with you,” she laughed softly in return and resumed kissing my neck, unzipping me and freeing my cock from my jeans.

“We’ll see about that,” I teased.

“I have another need now, Jaime,” she whispered, pushing me away sharply and sitting up to slide the slip dress over her head.

She was displayed before me, clad only in a shear black thong and the retro boots. I felt my cock jerk in animal anticipation and precum ooze out of the tip, my balls clenched and my adrenaline coursed through my veins.

“Do you want to know what it is?”

I was seeing Vivian as I’d always wanted to … prayed that I would one day. She looked the way thousands of young men had imagined her when they jacked off to her photo spreads in Spanish Language fashion magazines.

“I need you to get on your knees, Jaime.”

I dropped to the cab of the car between her knees like I was pulled down; already her willing supplicant.

“It would please me to know that you will respect me,” she placed her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face between her legs.

I rubbed my cheek along her inner thigh reveling in the warmth and silkiness of her dark skin. I inhaled the fragrance of her panties. A floral body wash subtly blended with the musky scent of her arousal.

“Do you want to please me?” she asked.

I gazed up at her from between her legs and nodded enthusiastically.

“Show me,” she ordered.

I kissed and nibbled my way from the light coffee cream of her inner thighs to her moist sheer black thong. It was dotted with embroidered pink roses in a heart shaped pattern over her fat luscious mound.

Her long sexy legs wrapped around my head again, squeezing the rough pattern into my lips. She thrust her hips at me and jammed her cunt into my face brutally while pulling me into her lap by leveraging her grip on my skull.

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