Dan was comfortably seated in his chair in front of the computer, with both his feet on the computer desk. His right hand was stroking his 7 inch dick, to prevent a quick ejaculation, while his left hand was cupping and massaging his balls. As it was his habit from a couple of years now, he inserted his white butt plug. His breathing was already heavy and drops of sweat were forming on his slender naked body. From time to time he used his index finger to collect a drop of precum and it tasted to him like nectar.

His eyes were glued to the monitor, were he was watching porn. And not just any porn. In time his tastes evolved from regular straight porn, to anal, than to anal mature women and now to mature women and bisexual boys. It wasn’t intentional, he didn’t consider himself gay or even bisexual. But once he opened video file which supposed to be only a threesome with two males and a MILF, and the action was in fact bisexual. From that moment on, he started to search for this type of movies on the internet. And this brought new tendencies in his masturbation. He started fingering his asshole as the actors were fucking each other and after not such a long time, he began experiencing with different objects. But they were all too big or too small or uncomfortable. So he ordered by mail the smallest butt plug from a sex toys site.

On screen, a young guy and a very beautiful blonde in her 40s were licking and sucking each other in a 69, with the woman on top. The blonde was alternating between sucking his cock and another’s guy cock, which was standing in front o her and sometimes she was putting both dicks in her hungry mouth. After a few minutes, the standing guy changed position and penetrated the blond from behind. As his fat dick was going in and out of her pussy, it rubbed directly on his friend’s lips and tongue. And to make it clear for the viewers that it wasn’t by mistake, he took out his dick covered in pussy juice and dived into the other guy’s mouth.

Right at this moment, the door flew open and the room was filled with light. Dan’s heart almost stopped as he saw his mother standing in the door way. She too remained there shocked at the view of her son. After a few seconds, which seemed like ages to both of them, she slowly closed the door and disappeared. Only then Dan changed his position. What would his mother think? How much did she saw? Did she notice what kind of movie he was watching? Or that he had a butt plug in his ass? At this last thought he almost panicked. What would his mom think of him?

He thought about going out of his room and talking to his mother, but what could he tell her? That he had no girlfriend and he didn’t get laid in the last six month? Or that he fancied kinky bisexual sex with mature women? Better if he left the situation like this and waited for his mother to say something first.

Anna wasn’t quite the usual mother. She was a very fit woman, with several tattoos and piercings on her body, which were proof of her wild youth. When she was young she played in rock band and she was always on the move and partying hard. Two years went on like this, with lots of sex with strangers, alcohol and drugs. Than, when she turned 21, she remained pregnant. It was a life changing moment and she decided to keep that baby whose father was absolutely unknown. Probably the result of a gang bang or quick fuck in some club’s toilet. She quit the band and returned in her hometown. The prodigal child was reaccepted by her family and after she gave birth they helped her start her own business, a flower shop.

Her son, Daniel, or Dan as everybody called him, was a tall and slender boy, with a cinnamon like complexion to his skin. He wasn’t very good at sports and instead of playing with other kids, preferred helping his mother in the shop. After college he returned home and become a florist himself, opening a new flower shop under his mother’s brand. The two of them were best friends, going to movies, dinners and trips together. In the evenings they used to watch TV together, drinking a beer and chatting about their day at work and how to further develop their family business. In the last couple of years, since Dan returned from college, they were so busy with work and each other that none of them had time for a relationship.

A few weeks passed since the door incident, as Dan called it, and he started to think that his mother forgot about it, since she didn’t mention it once. And slowly the awkward silences which had appeared between them started to fade way and in no time they were best buddies again. But now she was careful to knock each time she came into his room, and wait for his approval to enter.

In the night of Dan’s birthday they returned from the club at 1 am, both tipsy after partying with their friends and coworkers.

“Let’s have one more drink before going to bed” said Ann and pushed Dan on the couch.

“I’m in for a beer, thank you mom,” replied Dan smiling. He remained seated and waited for his mother to return.

But when she came back, she wasn’t bringing any beer, but a box wrapped with blue ribbon.

“I almost forgot to give you your birthday present!”

Dan started to unpack his gift.

“You didn’t have to, mother, the party was enough for me.”

But his smile disappeared when he saw what was in the box: a dildo, a butt plug, anal beads, tubes of lubricant and some smaller packages that contained women’s lingerie.

“What… what are these…?” asked the young man with a trembling voice?

Ann kneeled on the floor in front of him, took his hands in her hands and looked into his eyes.

“You know I love you and I would do everything for you. I’ve done a lot of foolish things when I was young and I believe I experienced almost everything there is about sex, and I don’t regret one single action. And I believe you should live your life too and enjoy all the pleasures in it. Don’t hide behind my back and masturbate. I want you to experience in real life all the things that excite you. I beg of you, let me help you and you’ll not be sorry”.

Dan was calmer now, the panic that he felt when opening the gift almost completely gone.

“You don’t think that I’m a pervert and I should keep it to myself?” asked Dan with a tremor in his voice.

“No, my love. On the contrary, you should give in to your desires and experiment whatever you, as long as it’s legal and it doesn’t harm your health, of course.”

“I’ll think about it…”

“You promise?”

“Well… yeah…” responded Dan, with a voice that was still full of incertitude.

“I have a proposition for you”, said Ann with a smile on her face. “How about you’ll do your old mom a favor and try the gift I gave you.”

“Wow, mom, you really want this, don’t you?” Now Dan’s voice was slightly naughty.

“Only what’s best for you, my love, only what will help you develop into a strong and balanced man.”

“OK that I’ll go to my room and…”

“No, please Dan!” His mother interrupted his words. “Try it here; it’s my gift after all!”

“But… these are sex toys! And this lingerie, I don’t know what you meant with it. What am I supposed to do with it?”

“Try it on, of course!” Now Ann was laughing with all her heart and kissed his son on both his cheeks.

“Just put it on and if don’t like you give back to me and we shall never speak again about it.”

Maybe it was the booze, maybe the sexual excitation seeing all those shiny sex toys or maybe the view inside his mother’s shirt, where he could clearly see her B cup breasts, but Dan was starting to have a hard on and his mom’s proposition didn’t seem as strange as it supposed to be.

“But I can’t…” whispered Dan blushing and unconvinced, and Ann knew right away that she had won.

“I’ll help you.”

Ann stood up and began unbuttoning his shirt. Then the jeans. But when Dan remained only in his briefs, with his erection clearly visible, he started to be ashamed again, and covered his groin with his hands.

“Can we have a drink before continuing, mom?”

“Ok, a beer?”

“Beer is fine. And mom…?”

“Yes honey?”

“If I’ll be completely naked and even doing, you know… stuff… with your gift… wouldn’t be fair for both of us to be on an equal position?”

“You want me to be naked also?” She didn’t plan this, but she didn’t dislike the idea either. In fact her pussy was getting wet. “I’ll think about while I’ll get the drink. After all, I’m your mother. But you young man, I want to find you completely naked when I’m back.”

A few minutes past since Dan waited, naked, on the couch. Some traces of shame were still running through his head, but his erection remained firm. He decided to go with the flow. He knew that whatever will happen, mother only wants what’s best for him. In that precise moment, Ann entered the room. She was pretty and sexy like a wet dream: dressed only in a short white nightie, which almost left nothing to the imagination, and wearing a pair of high heels, she brought in two beers on a plate. Dan’s heart began to pump blood faster and all of it felt directed right into his shaft.

“Now mommy’s going to take care of you baby,” said Ann putting the plate on the coffee table. “I’ll show you how it’s done and you’ll repeat after me.”

The beautiful lady turned around and slowly bent her body until her nightie rose up, allowing Dan to see her ass in its entire splendor. It looked so round and firm, like an apple. And between those beautiful legs, he could see the most beautiful pussy, completely shaved. He felt his mouth watering, but knew this was not what his mom had in mind for him. Slowly, Ann put her right hand between her legs and started caressing her pussy and rosebud, spreading the thick pussy juices onto her other opening.

“You like what you see, honey?’

“I love it, mom,” answered the young boy with a trembling voice. He didn’t even touched his cock and already felt like he’ll ejaculate very soon.

“Hold your horses and just watch mommy playing.”

Ann inserted one finger into her ass and started moaning while playing with it.

“It feels so good… please honey, give me the anal beads from the box.”

Dan searched quickly and hand it over to her. She lubed the toy with a lot of spit and started inserting it into her anus. Gently, one by one, the bead were disappearing into her rosebud, starting with the small ones and until the last one, almost an inch in diameter, was gone from sight as well. Ann’s moaning during the process was like a siren’s song to Dan, who kneeled close behind his mother, keeping his eyes fixed on her ass.

And Ann took her hand off the beads, clearly indicating to her son what she wanted. Dan didn’t need much encouragement and started to gently extract the beads, hypnotized by the view of the beautiful pink hole opening each time a bead passed through and closing behind it. He wanted to tuck that ass, kiss it, bite it, but refrained and did only what his mother told him to. When the last bead was out he pushed them back, one by one, accompanied by his mother’s moans and whispers of approval. After several rounds, Ann took hold of the anal beads and turned to him, with her eyes lost in ecstasy.

“Your turn, honey, sit down on the coach,” and as she was saying that she pushed him until he was sitting with his legs apart and a raging hard on pointing the ceiling. First she licked clean the anal beads while with her right hand she started to play with the young man’s anus.

“Tell me if it hurts, ok son? I took a lot of cocks in my ass, so I’m used to it and learned to enjoy it, but you’re almost a virgin. I’ll prepare you first.”

She moisture her index finger with spit and gently inserted in Dan’s ass, who couldn’t suppress a groan of pleasure. Ann was using slow, tender strokes fingering him and watched intently how his shaft was trembling with excitement. After a minute or two she couldn’t refrain any more and broke her last barrier kissed the beautiful cock right on top, savoring her son’s sweet precum. She proceeded by lovingly licking it, kissing and swallowing each of his balls and as she took his whole cock in a deep throat she inserted her middle finger as well. Feeling this simultaneous attack, Dan almost screamed in delight. Already his mom was giving him more that he ever dreamed of receiving from a living creature.

“Mom… I’ll cum… if… you… don’t… stop…” gasped Dan.

“No problem son, I’m sure we can find more in these beautiful balls of yours,” laughed Ann. And she recommenced her loving attacks on his dick and anus. She felt how it was growing and shivering and sucked passionately until thick spurts of cum filled her mouth. Only then she stopped and swallowed all his semen. Finally, she extracted her fingers and looked up to him licking the last drops off her lips:

“”Wow, honey, you’re delicious!”

But Dan was unable to respond. He just lay there, with all his body shivering and covered in sweat. Only his eyes were smiling and were full of love as he looked at his mother.

“I love mom” was all he was able to say after a few minutes.

Ann got up from the floor and cuddled next to him on the couch.

“I can’t wait to continue son. I haven’t cum yet and my pussy is dripping.”

Dan’s mother gathered some drops of pussy juices on her finger and smeared it on his lips. She licked it and felt how her sweetness melted in his mouth. And, as if by miracle, his cock started to grow again.

“It seems that you like my taste. I’d better feed you some more, son.”

And she stranded on top of him, lowering her pussy right onto his face. Dan needed no more encouragements. He started to kiss and lick her lips passionately, getting drunk on her nectar. It was now that he noticed she had a piercing in her clit, and found it to be very sexy. He played with it and put all his oral skills into pleasuring his mom. Ann’s body was rocking on top of him, sometimes almost suffocating him, but he didn’t say a word of protest. Small orgasms were shuddering her body and, finally, she let herself fall into her son’s lap. She started to kiss him gently all over his face and son their mouths were locked in a lustful kiss. They both felt how their love of a life time, between a mother and a son, was now completed by sexual love, as their tongues and bodies melted into each other. Dan’s erect cock was now resting onto her pussy’s velvet folds, trying to find it’s way in.

“No, Dan, wait, not yet. There is still something in your gift you need to try.”

She reached for the box and took two butt plugs, a smaller black one, and bigger one, transparent, made of glass.

“One for you, and for me,” she said smiling. “Lie there, on the floor.”

Like any respectful child, Dan lied on his back, waiting for his mother’s instructions. She laid down between his legs and concentrated again on sucking her new favorite toy, her son’s cock. But this time her kisses and licks went slowly downward until her mouth reached his anus, where she proved to have real skill. In no time, his rosebud, already loosened by the previous fingering, gave way to her tongue. She was tongue fucking him and he loved every part of it. When she felt that Dan was relaxed enough, Ann commenced to gently insert the smaller butt plug. At first he gasped and felt a little bit of pain as his anus dilated around the rubber toy, but when it was completely inside he was covered by a wave of pleasure.

“Will you do the same for me, honey?” asked Ann while handing him the glass butt plug. And to make it easier for him, she moved her body in a 69 position, presenting her beautiful lady parts for him to admire. But this time he only licked for a few seconds her wet pussy and then concentrated onto her pretty pink asshole. As she had done before, it was his turn now to tongue fuck her and to apply gentle sucking motions. When he considered her ready, Dan inserted the butt plug in the right place, listening to her groans of pleasure.

“Now you’ll have to fuck me, because I can’t take any more of these teasing,” said his mother and she impaled herself on her son’s cock. This time he lasted much longer, changing several positions, until he started pumping his semen again inside her. And when the last spasm of gone, they almost immediately felled asleep, embraced, right there on the floor.

To be continued…

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