Jenna Peterson eagerly awaited Saturday morning, because that would be the day she expected to experience what she believed would be the greatest sexual adventure of her 18 years of life. She would get to go to the apartment of Brian Hanson, Assistant Dean of Students at the high school she attended, where he had promised her sexual pleasures greater than any they had yet shared.

She couldn’t help thinking that would be quite an accomplishment. During their regular trysts in his office, Mr. Hanson had eaten her pussy, fucked her there and in her ass, and let her suck him off, bringing her to at least two orgasms during every meeting except the first. On Saturday, he had told her, another man would join them, and they would spend all day in his bed doing all the things the two of them had done together over a period of about an hour during each of their previous sexual escapades. Jenna firmly expected to cum so many times that day she would lose track of how often that joyful peak was achieved.

The day finally arrived, and she carefully packed clean panties in her purse, along with the other personal items and cosmetics she normally carries. After thinking about some of the many possibilities for a few seconds, she also included the small dildo that had felt so wonderful in her ass during their last session. She had the address, and it was near a familiar bus line. After riding to the nearest stop and getting off, she had only a block to walk before she stood in front of the building that included the apartment of the man she expected to bring her to ecstasy that day. Jenna found his name and pressed the button under it.

“Who is it!” was the response.

She recognized his voice. “It’s me, Jenna, Mr. Hanson.”

“Okay, I’ll buzz you in. My apartment is on the second floor at the rear of the building.”

“This is about the hottest woman I’ve ever met,” Brian said to his friend, Ken Davis, an American History teacher in the high school where he was, at least until the end of the school year, an assistant dean of students. “She’s a beauty, and she loves all kinds of sex with men, and maybe even with women. We’re going to have a great time today. No problem about her age, because I checked her school records and I know she’s 18 years old.”

“Good. I really need to have a lot of fun. I’ve seen her around the school, and she’s a sexpot alright. I’ve been fantasizing about her all year. I could hardly believe it when you invited me here to share her.”

Their discussion of Jenna’s charms was interrupted by a knock at the door. Brian answered and held the door for the sexy student, who stepped inside and opened her arms and raised her face for his usual kiss of greeting. When he removed his tongue from her mouth, he turned to his friend to make the introductions, and she and Ken shook hands, being rather formal, considering their reason for being there.

Ken was quite surprised at Jenna’s appearance. He had described her as a sexpot, which was an accurate description, but she seemed to be concealing that fact. Instead of wearing a short skirt and a tight T-shirt without a bra, such as she usually, wore at school, the smiling student was wearing a faded, shapeless dress that extended to well below her knees. Just as every time he had seen her, the young woman’s face was beautiful with long blonde hair, blue eyes and a lovely peaches and cream complexion, but he really missed the sight of the succulent body he was expecting to see.

Jenna was elated when she found out who the second man would be that day. Although she had no classes with him, she had seen him around the school and had been quite taken with his youthful good looks and his large, muscular physique. Whenever she had a chance, she had thrust her breasts out toward him, or had walked past him with her hips swaying provocatively, in hopes of getting some kind of sexual proposition. Jenna hoped he would be as good a sex partner that day as she had always thought likely. She definitely enjoyed the long kiss they shared after the more formal handshake, and admired the burgeoning erection she felt when she patted his crotch.

Brian led the others into the room where his queen-sized bed awaited. He had made it that morning with a clean fitted bottom sheet and no other covering. Four pillows, all with clean cases, were scattered around the bed, and an open bottle of Aqualube as well as a goodly supply of condoms and a roll of paper towels sat on the dresser awaiting their pleasure. With Jenna still in her old, frumpy dress, they stood near the foot of the bed with the blonde hotsy facing Ken and her back to Brian. She tossed her purse onto the mattress and turned her head to speak to him.

While smiling at the sight of the supplies, she made a suggestion. “Why don’t you undress me like you usually do, Mr. Hanson?” To help with the disrobing, she scuffed her feet free from the crepe soled shoes she was wearing, leaving herself barefoot.

She had chosen to stand there in order to show her new sex partner her body and give him an idea of what a treat he was in for that day. After lusting for him all school year, Jenna was avidly looking forward to getting his cock in her mouth and pussy and even her ass, if that was his pleasure. The assistant dean took hold of the hem of the shapeless dress and started to slowly raise it. He had a suspicion as to why Jenna was attired in such an out of character way, and wanted to help her put her lush body on display to his colleague in the sudden way he believed she wanted to do. He raised the dress to the tops of her thighs and stopped there, helping her show off her creamy white legs and grinning at the avid expression on Ken’s face as he stared at them.

Brian paused in that position, for the effect he believed Jenna wanted, and noted how his colleague’s cock was straining at his pants until Ken loosened them and dropped them to the floor. He was wearing nothing but his shirt and boxer shorts — his feet and Brian’s had been bare while waiting for Jenna – and his cock was stiff and protruding through the fly when Brian quickly raised the dress the rest of the way. As the assistant dean had expected, the blonde hotsy was naked under it, and her breasts bounced and swayed after their liberation.

Ken gawked at the incredible sight before him. The luscious body that had been the object of his fantasies stood completely naked before him, with her breasts, which he was sure were 100% natural, pointing at him and her ripe pussy with the pouty lips ready for his pleasure and that of his colleague. Jenna was not as slow to react as he. She quickly got to her knees on the floor in front of the History teacher and, while looking up at his face and smiling at him, unsnapped the waistband of his shorts and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of his pants and his shorts and kicked them aside. Still looking up at his face with her beautiful blue eyes, she started licking the end of his rigid cock the way she always loved doing.

Things were off to a pretty good start, but not just how Brian wanted them. “Why don’t you two get onto the bed, and you can suck his cock while I eat your pussy, Jenna?”

The hot blonde student thought that was a great idea. She got back to her feet and, holding the cock she had started licking, led its owner to the side of the bed that awaited them. On the way there, she stopped and took the dildo from her purse.

“I’m sure you know what I want you to do with this while you’re eating my pussy,” she told their host.

Ken stopped too, but only briefly as he stripped off his shirt. He was as naked as Jenna, so he got on the bed and lay on his back to let her resume what she had started doing. Brian went to the dresser, stripping off his clothing on the way, and picked up the bottle of Aqualube. By the time he returned to the bed, he had divested himself of all his attire, and all three of the sexual adventurers were equally naked, with the floor littered with the cast off garments.

So everybody would have enough room, Ken lay near the side of the bed while Jenna knelt beside his legs facing him and holding his balls gently in her soft hand. When the third member of the group joined them, she reached back with both hands to spread her ass cheeks. Brian reached in with a thumb and index finger to pry open her pretty pink rosebud so he could insert the neck of the bottle of lubricant. She murmured in delight from that small penetration, and even more when she felt the gush of the cool, oily liquid. The feel of the long middle finger inserted into her ass to spread the Aqualube felt even better than the other preliminaries.

Brian expected to either fuck the blonde hotsy there himself or that Ken would, or that they both would before the day of sex ended. For the time being, he was only going to insert her dildo there and plunge it in and out of her while he was eating her pussy. He carefully eased the toy into her, while Jenna’s lush body squirmed happily until the dildo was all the way inside her ass, and his fingers held the disk at the end. With the sexy blonde’s rear pleasure hole taken care of, he was just as eager for the pussy eating to start as she obviously was. He could already smell the aroma of her juices, and didn’t want any more of them soaking into the sheet and being wasted than he could help.

Ken was flat on his back, and Jenna resumed licking the head of his cock while Brian lay on his back too, and slid over so his face was directly below the pussy of the student. She was already so aroused by the cock under her tongue and the dildo in her ass that her juices had started to trickle down her thighs and he licked them off her. As delectable as their scent had been, their taste was even better. After cleaning all the juices off her legs and crotch, his tongue started caressing one of her soft outer lips, while he continued using one hand to push the dildo in and out of her writhing ass.

Jenna would have been murmuring happily from the sensations of the toy and the pleasuring tongue on her pussy, but her mouth was too busy for her to say anything. She slowly licked the head of the history teacher’s cock in concentric circles, until her tongue was stroking under the hard ridge. For a couple of seconds, she remained in that position, before lowering her mouth to envelop the entire length of his cock, opening her throat the way she always likes doing and taking in every inch. He has curly dark brown pubic hair, and she loved the feel of it tickling her nose and lips.

More than that, though, she loved the way the thick shaft spread her lips and crowded her mouth and throat and the way the smooth skin felt as she laved it with her tongue. Jenna loved everything about sucking the nice big cock, of the handsome teacher, especially when she was able to set her own pace and look up to watch the grimaces of pleasure that flickered across the man’s face.

Ken was having a great time too. The girl sucking his cock was easily the most beautiful sex partner he had ever had, and quite likely the best at giving head. Her mouth was a warm, wet chamber of pleasure, with her lips stroking his erect shaft and her tongue caressing its length. It was a visual delight for him too, as her blue eyes gazed up at him and he watched his cock disappearing into Jenna’s pretty face and reappearing when she moved her head back.

The great time they were all having continued for a long time, and none of the three people on the bed said anything. Ken was getting close to cumming and, even if he hadn’t been, he was too busy reveling in the way the gorgeous blonde was sucking his cock, and she and Brian had better things to do with their mouths. Jenna knew the history teacher was moments away from cumming, so she stopped taking the shaft down her throat because she didn’t want to have him ejaculate suddenly without giving her the chance to fully relish the taste and texture of his semen. She tightened her lips and stroked faster with them and kept her tongue in position to catch all the juices she knew were about to fill her mouth.

“I’m ready to cum, Jenna,” he told her, quite unnecessarily, and she smiled at him with her eyes while her mouth caressed him even faster.

Brian heard the announcement too, and he was glad to know of it. He could tell Jenna was almost ready to cum too, and he knew the sensations of her mouth being filled with semen and of her swallowing it while he sucked her clit would be enough to start her climax. He wanted Ken to cum first, because he was afraid Jenna would lose control so much she would bite his cock, so he kept moving his tongue back and forth between her inner lips and would continue that until after she had swallowed all the semen Ken would be pumping into her mouth.

That was seconds away from happening. Jenna felt the teacher’s cock jerking inside her mouth and heard him groan joyfully and, seconds later, a big burst of his cum landed on her tongue, right where she wanted it. She kept sucking, and two more gobs spurted into her avid mouth. When she was sure he was through cumming, she pulled his cock, still fully erect, between her lips and smiled up at him while she licked all the juices from the outside. She would have done more about making sure to get all the semen from the inside of his shaft but, by that time, her pussy was demanding her full attention.

“Please suck my clit! I’m ready to cum,” she told the man who was licking her swollen lips. But let me lie on my back to make it better.”

Brian was glad to hear that, and he had no problem moving back and holding the dildo in her ass while she rolled over. When his mouth resumed its labor of love, he gazed raptly at the full length of Jenna’s beautiful body as it thrashed on the bed in front of him, and pressed his face in closer so he could use his tongue to push any loose folds of her clit hood out of the way. With no part of the protective hood hindering him, he engulfed the swollen morsel in his mouth and began to suck, while his tongue caressed the sides and top. As he engulfed her clit, he continued plunging the dildo in and out of her ass. Jenna had been fucking against his face for quite a while already, but the added stimulation of the changed position made the sexy blonde seem to be trying to wrap her avid pussy around Brian’s face.

“Like that!” She urged him. Seconds later, she cried out joyfully “Oh, god! I’m cumming.”

With her hands, she grabbed the back of Brian’s head and pressed his happy face against her pussy while her legs clamped onto his temples. Singing out in her joy, she bounced up and down on the mattress while her legs swung from side to side with his head a more than willing prisoner. Brian clung to her thighs, kept his mouth clamped on her clit and continued licking and sucking the swollen little morsel while he enjoyed the wild ride.

Knowing what the dildo in her ass would do for her, Jenna had wanted to lie on her back, and it worked just as she expected. With every movement, every time she rocked from side to side, bolts of pleasure rocketed through her body from the toy being driven in and out of her and being jerked around inside her, just as she knew they would. Besides those from the dildo deep inside her ass, even greater waves of excruciating joy radiated inward from the agile tongue that was caressing her clit and inundated her body.

From sucking off one man and swallowing his cum, besides having her pussy eaten and her ass stuffed with the dildo, Jenna had been in an extremely high state of sexual excitement, and her erratic movements showed it. She bounced all over the bed, and Brian was glad they were there, rather than on the narrow couch in his office. When she climaxed, all her muscles clenched at once; she cried out in ecstasy and rammed her pussy for an ultimate time into the face of the man who had brought about her tremendous orgasm. When she was done, she completely collapsed onto the bed, her arms sprawled out at her sides, and the rest of her body resembling a pink and blonde puddle.

Jenna’s legs were still draped over Brian’s shoulders, but they were no longer holding him captive, so he greedily devoured all the nectar that had spattered on her thighs, crotch and pussy lips. It was delicious, even better than it had been before her orgasm, and he had to resist the urge to also suck the juices from the dripping pink hole that had produced them. He was extremely horny and ready to fuck, and knew those juices would be needed to perform their natural function of lubrication. When his feast was finished, he carefully drew back from the hot blonde, letting her legs flop onto the bed, and went to get a condom from the dresser where he had left them.

He opened one of the plastic packs, removed the latex disk and rolled it onto his cock, returning to the bed when he was prepared. When he left, Jenna had been sprawled on the bed, her eyes closed and her lips spread in a smile of bliss but, when he returned, her eyes were open. Her lips were still parted in a smile and, when she saw his latex-clad cock aiming at her, the smile became wider and more lascivious. She reached down and spread her pussy lips, ready to welcome the big shaft she knew would feel fantastic, especially with the dildo still in her ass, giving her the form of double penetration that had been such a fabulous experience one day in the assistant dean’s office.

Brian knew her pussy would be wonderful too, and he got back on the bed and crept between her legs on his hands and knees. Jenna smiled up at him and continued to hold her pussy lips open as he placed one hand on the bed beside her while the other steered his cock. He moved closer, until the end was pressing against her wetness, and he moved it around to spread her natural lubricant. Still holding her lips apart with her thumbs, Jenna used her index fingers to guide his giver of pleasure until it was in exactly the right place.

“Right here,” she whispered, and sighed in delight when she felt the thick, hard head wedge between her thumbs and squeeze into the soft edges of the pink place that was so eager for it.

It was delightful for Brian too. The hot blonde student’s pussy was far tighter than he remembered, and he realized she still had the dildo cramming her ass. Its presence there made the fucking better for Jenna, and it made it better for him as well. He thrust forward again, and an inch of his shaft burrowed into the tight, wet hole, eliciting a moan of bliss from her, and a happy murmur from Brian.

He continued driving his cock into her in small increments, until it was all the way inside, and he could feel her soft pubic hair mingling with his. With his full presence achieved, he leaned forward and slid his hands under her, and she reached up to wrap her arms around his neck and pull his face closer to hers. For almost a minute, they stayed like that, waves of joy rippling through his body from where the muscles inside her pussy were massaging his cock.

Jenna was deriving tremendous pleasure too and, once again, she was glad she had thought to bring the dildo along. Her pussy was being stretched by the big cock buried there even better than it had during one of their regular trysts in his office. Her ass was being pleasured too, because her every movement made the toy move, sending waves of joy swirling through her body from where it was massaging her. When the assistant dean slowly drew back for the first long stroke, she waited and, when she felt his cock surging back into her, thrust forward. Their bodies came together with a soft, wet sound, and she felt the dildo burrowing even more deeply into her ass, besides what his cock was doing to her clit and all her other sweet spots. Jenna moaned in bliss from the incredible delights she was getting in both places.

It quickly got even better for her. Over and over, but always moving slowly, the man leaning over her drove in and out, and the combination of the real cock and the plastic one made her pleasure mount as it seldom had before. She was moaning and sighing in joy from those two penetrations until a third one put a stop to her sounds of jubilation. Minutes after shooting his cum into Jenna’s mouth, the History teacher wanted to get ready for more action, so he knelt by the hot blonde’s face and rested his cock on her lips. It was still not fully erect, but she was not at all bothered by that.

Jenna opened her mouth wider and reached out with her tongue to pull the semi-hard morsel into where she and its owner would get the most pleasure from it. She had sucked him off a few minutes earlier, and neither of them wanted her to do the same thing right away. What they wanted was to get it nice and hard so it would be ready for her pussy after the other man climaxed from fucking her there.

After that, they would do whatever they wanted, and she hoped it would involve tongues and cocks pleasuring her pussy and her ass. She liked sucking a man off too, but preferred fucking and, since getting a cock in her ass a few weeks earlier, she loved it just as much back there. The best possible combination, it occurred to Jenna, would have been having three men in bed with her, so she could get a hard cock in all three places at once. That would be the most fun, and the thought of three men at once made her quiver in anticipation.

Just then, she and Brian were having some of the most fun they had ever had. His slow strokes into her pussy had brought both of them to the verge of their climaxes, and he told her so.

“I’m ready to cum, Jenna. How about you?”

She couldn’t speak with her mouth full of the other man’s hard shaft, but she communicated by nodding her head. The man on top recognized her response and moved up slightly on her body so his cock and her clit would massage each other as he drove into her and again when he drew back. He also started plunging his cock harder and faster into her pussy, and Jenna responded by matching his strokes. Her lips caressed the other man’s cock at the same tempo while her tongue caressed his shaft, loving the sensation of its hardness and smooth skin.

Her climax had been mounting, particularly with the special attention starting to be paid to her clit, until she could feel it about to erupt. Not wanting to bite down on the cock in her mouth once she started cumming, she moved her head to eject it. Mr. Davis didn’t mind; he had also been concerned with the possibility of being put out of action by the hot blonde’s teeth.

She was finally able to speak, and she did. “Give me your big cock hard, Mr. Hansen. Make me really cum!” He responded by fucking her even faster and driving his cock into her as hard and deep as he could.

“Uh! Uh! Uh!” Jenna whimpered. “Oh! Oh, yes!” she cried ecstatically as her orgasm started to overwhelm her.

Brian could never get tired of the spectacular way Jenna climaxed, and that time in his apartment was one of the best. Her legs gripped his and her arms hugged his neck, with her fingernails digging into his shoulders. The joy her pussy was giving to his cock was so extreme, he didn’t even notice the pain, although he knew he would later. He continued driving his cock in and out of her, and she clung to him so tightly he was actually lifting her from the bed when he drew back and plunging his cock more deeply into her pussy when his forward thrust squashed her against the mattress. With every thrust, the dildo in her ass was driven in deeper too, making her squeal in delight and turning her orgasm into the wild rodeo it was.

She continued cumming for two of the most fabulous minutes in her life and in that of the man on top of her. When Jenna climaxed, her back arched as she rammed her pussy against him for an ultimate time, all her muscles clenching and immediately relaxing. After her monumental orgasm, she sagged back onto the bed, with a smile of total bliss on her face and her eyes closed. The dildo in her ass was still sending currents of pleasure reverberating through her body and, just seconds after her second orgasm, another was already building.

Brian did not stop, but kept driving his cock in and out of her pussy. His own climax had been mounting for a long time, and he could feel the sensation as it seemed to gather from his entire body, even his fingers and toes, to concentrate in his groin. When it exploded, he uttered a guttural cry of joy and squirted a big wad of cum into his condom. He knew he was not through yet, so he kept plowing his cock into Jenna’s pussy as hard and fast as he could until he ejaculated twice more. He was done then, and he sprawled on top of the young blonde hotsy, but supporting his weight on his knees and forearms.

Ken was ready and eager for more. He had watched with awe as Jenna was cumming, and knew he wanted the same kind of fun with her. He went to the dresser, rolled a condom onto his rigid cock and returned in time to see his colleague sprawl on top of her, and knew Brian had also cum. He grinned, and tapped his friend on the shoulder, avoiding the fresh lacerations.

“I say, old boy. May I cut in?” he asked in a mock British drawing room voice.

Brian would have preferred to remain in that position for a few more minutes, catching his breath and resting from the great fucking he had just gotten, but he got to his knees, easily pulling his cock from the dripping pussy that had felt so incredibly great. Even before he had completely moved aside, Ken was kneeling between Jenna’s legs and leaning forward, guiding his cock with one hand, until it made contact with her wetness. He rubbed the head in what seemed to be almost a lake of her juices, centered it, and thrust forward. She was so wet and so relaxed and so stretched from the first cock that had fucked her that, even with the dildo in her ass squeezing her pussy tight, most of the second shaft burrowed quickly inside.

Jenna had been resting and catching her breath from the fantastic double penetration she had just experienced with Brian but, when she felt the second cock seeking entrance, she opened her eyes and smiled at the man who was starting to fuck her. When his cock surged into her, it already felt terrific, and she let him know.

“Oooo, that feels good,” Jenna murmured. “Really give it to me.”

The man started to really give it to her, sliding his hands under her arms so he could lie over her and plunge his cock the rest of the way into her pussy. When Jenna felt the big, hard cylinder surging into her, she grabbed his upper arms and fucked back to meet him, until their bodies came together with an erotic wet sound, spattering her juices over both of them. The lay like that for about a minute, letting pleasure pour through their bodies from what her pussy and his hard shaft were doing for each other.

Ken drew back slowly, as if reluctant to remove his cock from such a wonderful place, paused with just the head inside and rammed forward again, Jenna felt his rigid giver of pleasure surging into her pussy and jolting the dildo in her ass, so she spread her thighs wider, hooked her ankles around his legs and pulled her eager body against his, fully imbedding his cock inside her. They sighed from the exquisite pleasure they were both getting, as more of her juices ran from her pussy and soaked into the bed.

“I love that,” she whispered to him. “I love how your cock feels.”

“I’m glad you do, because your pussy feels so good to me.”

He drew back for another stroke and she met him again, spattering her juices over both their bodies. Over and over, they fucked with that same stroke. The feel of the dildo in her ass and the big, thick cock driving into her pussy were giving Jenna some of the most incredible pleasure she had ever known. Her moans started to end in whimpers and she began rocking from side to side under the man who was bringing so much joy to her pussy.

Ken had noticed how eagerly Jenna was moving under him. “Do you want to set the pace?” he asked.

When she happily nodded her head, he pushed himself higher so his body was not covering hers, although her legs were wrapped around his and she still held his arms in her hands. Jenna pushed against him, withdrawing her pussy most of the way from around his cock, then used her hands and legs to pull herself against him again, fully imbedding his cock inside herself and eliciting moans of bliss from them both.

“That was wonderful,” she sighed.

He nodded his head in agreement, and she repeated the stroke. This time, when Jenna was impaling her pussy on his cock, Ken thrust forward, raking the top of his shaft against her clit, and sending great gales of bliss sweeping through her body. She moaned with delight; he echoed her happy sound, and she slid back away from him for another, just like the first two. As she glided to and fro on the bed, her movements grew wilder under him and she started thrusting her legs back and forth past him. Over and over, they repeated the stroke, until she whispered some good news into his ear.

“I’m almost ready to cum.”

“Me too. I’m ready to cum too.

Faster and faster, Jenna fucked her pussy on the hard cock that rammed back into her and massaged her clit with every stroke. Jenna’s climax, which had been building slowly, mounted by leaps and bounds, until she started to cum again, this time with no announcement except an incoherent cry of joy.

Her feet rose high into the air as she clamped her legs around the man on top and she drove her fingernails into his shoulders as she had into the other man who had fucked her to a climax. She sobbed and whimpered and moaned until her back arched under the history teacher, and she climaxed with another cry of joy. Jenna sagged back onto the mattress but Ken took over again, driving his cock in and out of her until he also reached a climax, filling his condom with three separate spurts of cum and sprawling on top of her after the third. They lay quietly in a happy pile, done for a while, but both knowing there was more great sex in store for them that day.

Jenna especially knew it, and she wanted to tell the two men what she had been thinking about. “I really love what this dildo does for my ass,” she started by saying.

They both smiled, glad to know the young hotsy was enjoying herself so much, because they certainly were too. Brian responded aloud. “I’m glad you like what it feels like, Jenna. It’s sort of like a double penetration.”

“I know, and it’s wonderful, but I can’t help thinking the real thing would feel a lot better. Your cock in my ass some days in your office and in my pussy other times sure did.”

“It would, but do you think you’re ready for two of the real things yet? That’s called a girl sandwich, by the way.”

“I think so. I’d sure like to try. I’d love to be the meat or cheese between you two slices of bread.”

Brian was agreeable to the idea. “I’ll lie on my back,” he suggested. “You can get on top of me. Have you ever used the female superior position before?”

“You mean with me on top? Just once, with my boy friend, and it was a lot of fun. But mostly they like to get on top so they can be in control of what we’re doing.”

“Well, on this bed we believe in full equality.”

He had been stretched out on his side by the edge of the bed but, when Ken got off her, Jenna got up and went to the dresser for a condom, and he replaced her, lying on his back with his cock nearly erect already. She opened a new packet, removed the contents and set it aside temporarily. His cock was not hard enough, in her opinion, but she knew how to change that and didn’t want the latex thing interfering with what she would be doing.

Carefully, Jenna rolled the old condom up to the tip of Mr. Hanson’s cock until it came off. Avidly, she licked her fingers, relishing the taste of his cum sticking to them, before going after the much larger quantity on the outside of his shaft. She engulfed his semi-hard cock in her mouth and moved her face slowly up and down, cleaning off the semen with her tongue and feeling his shaft as it grew harder from her stroking with her lips. When it was standing fully upright again, she kissed the tip and rolled the condom into place.

The bottom slice of bread of the sandwich was prepared, so Jenna straddled his legs while facing him. Ken saw what was happening and wanted very much to be the top slice of bread, but he saw the dildo still protruding from the place where his cock would be. The plastic toy had worked its way partly out, so he took the end in his fingers, gently pulled it the rest of the way and wrapped it in some of the paper towels from the dresser. When he returned to the bed, he was carrying more of the towels, and he waited for the others to get ready for him to join in. Jenna smiled back at him and moved so her pussy was directly above the cock that would soon be stuffing it.

She was so wet in anticipation of another new sexual experience, which she expected to be as delightful as some of the other things she had done with Mr. Hanson, that juices were dripping from her pussy and landing on the waiting cock. Slowly, with her fingers holding her lips spread, she lowered herself, while the man lying below her held his erection for her to imbed in her pussy. When she made contact, Jenna stopped and he moved his cock around in the wetness to spread her natural lubricant. When that was done, she lowered her body farther, and felt the head of the waiting cock wedge between the soft, pink edges of her waiting hole. She stayed in that position for a few seconds to relish the extreme pleasure that was already rippling through her body.

Both men’s cocks had already been inside that adorable place, so she was not very tight by that time, but her pussy was greedy for more. She lowered herself a little farther, and two more inches of the assistant dean’s stiff shaft were enveloped, sending more and stronger waves of pleasure through her body. Seconds later, still on her knees, she moved her pussy closer, and almost all the rest of Brian’s cock was engulfed. Jenna stopped there and leaned forward, stretching her legs out behind her, until she was sprawled atop the host of the sex party. Brian placed his hands on her ass because he knew once the double fucking was underway, he would need to push down on her there to drive his cock up and into her as far as possible.

Wanting to get her ass crammed as well as her pussy, she reached her arms back and spread her cheeks so that could happen. That was Ken’s cue to get busy. He had been holding the bottle of Aqualube and he reached between the lovely hemispheres to pry open the sides of her cute pink rosebud. After having had the dildo inside her for so long, this was easy to do, and he placed the open neck of the bottle against the hole being opened. He squeezed in a big dollop of the lubricant, and Jenna cooed happily as she felt it gush into her ass. Her sounds of joy were louder when a long finger eased its way into her tight channel and spread the oily liquid all over the inside.

She was ready but the man’s cock was not. After being sucked off by Jenna and fucking her pussy, Ken had lost much of his horniness, and didn’t have enough of an erection to be squeezed into a place as tight as her ass. This was not a problem, because he knew what to do about it. Holding a condom in his hand, he moved around the bed until he was Kneeling in front of Jenna so she could see what was needed. It was not a problem for her either, and she took his cock into her mouth and started stroking it between her lips and caressing it with her tongue. In less than a minute of her expert ministrations, Ken’s cock was fully erect, and he slipped on the condom and went back to near the foot of the bed. Brian’s legs were spread apart, and Jenna was straddling him, so he knelt between the two pairs of legs that were stretched out on the bed. There, he finished using the lube by thoroughly coating his cock.

While using her mouth to make his cock hard, Jenna had released her cheeks, but she reached back and spread them apart again. Ken reached between them and pried her cute rosebud open with the fingers of one hand while the other one steered his cock toward that adorable pink place. When the tip pressed against the rosebud and between his thumb and fingers, he moved it up and down to spread the lubrication and to make a slight penetration between the soft, puckered edges. With everything in readiness, he gave a firm push forward and sighed happily when he felt the head of his cock wedge through the ring of muscles around Jenna’s ass and into the tight channel beyond.

She was much more vocal in her expression of bliss. Added to the joy that was already throbbing through her body from where her pussy was crammed so full, a powerful new burst of pleasure flooded her body from the entrance to her ass being stretched open. She continued holding her cheeks apart and was rewarded when, a few seconds later, the hard cylinder burrowed more deeply into her. Her body began writhing in bliss from the fabulous double penetration she was starting to receive.

Brian lay on his back waiting for his friend to finish cramming his cock into the hotsy’s ass so they could begin the double fucking. He heard Jenna moaning with bliss every time Ken’s shaft was driven more deeply into her and the jolt, as her pussy rubbed against his cock, sent swirls of delight through his body. Even after being somewhat stretched by the dildo, the blonde’s ass was tight, and was being compressed by the big, hard shaft in her pussy, so it was taking Ken a long time to plow his cock all the way inside. After he had it inside her deeply enough, he no longer needed to steer, so he wiped his hands off on one of the paper towels and placed his hands on her hips so he could pull back on subsequent thrusts.

Finally, it was imbedded to the hilt. Ken moved his hands to Jenna’s shoulders as he stretched his torso out on top of her, and the three people lay in a pile of joy. The woman in the middle was stuffed as she had never been stuffed before, and the men had their cocks in the tightest places they had ever known. She was already moaning blissfully while waves of pleasure coursed through her body from two places, and she could feel her climax mounting, even though the fucking hadn’t really started yet.

When it did, Ken slowly drew his cock back, paused when a few inches were still inside, and started to drive it back into her. Through the membranes separating Jenna’s two pleasure channels, Brian felt his friend’s cock surging into her and drew his back at the same pace. When the first stroke was finished, one cock was at the entrance to her pussy while the other was impaling her ass so far she could feel the man’s pubic hair tickling the insides of her cheeks.

The next stroke was the opposite, with the man on the bottom, his hands still tightly holding Jenna’s hips, thrusting his cock into her pussy while the man on top pulled his back from her ass. Because she was so tight, and would be until she was stretched a lot more, both men were being careful while plunging their cocks into her, and would continue at a slow speed until she was either stretched farther or reached an orgasm.

As the two men surrounding her alternated plowing their cocks in and out, Jenna knew the latter possibility would happen soon. Not just waves, but great tsunamis of pleasure were crashing through her body from both pleasure holes that were being stuffed. Every time Mr. Davis drove his cock deeply into her, she thrust her pussy down to meet it, and when she felt Mr. Hanson’s cock surging into her ass, she fucked back to meet him. Although they were moving slowly, her level of pleasure was mounting rapidly and, after a few minutes, her orgasm was about to explode.

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