Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and some violent situations. In addition, all characters in any sexually explicit conduct are over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time this story was written.


I had recently sprained my ankle badly at our annual, summer picnic softball game and was gimping around on a crutch, until my muscles healed. I was very bored and horny.

As I lay on the couch watching the sexy soap actresses, I began to get terribly horny. My cock seemed to rise and retract non-stop and my prostrate would not stop throbbing, either.

I had been laid up for over three days now. My ex-girlfriend was not about to stop by for a booty call. There was no relief in sight.

After feeling sorry for myself for about another hour, I developed a plan. I was an adult after all. I could take care of myself.

I grabbed a plastic bag that contained my pain bills and some other junk from the drugstore, emptied it, and gimped to the kitchen. This was going to be a one-stop-shopping expedition.

Upon opening the fridge, I reached into the veggie bin and grabbed a cucumber that most resembled a large cock. It was roughly twelve inches long and two inches in diameter.

I dropped it into the bag and then hobbled over to the far counter, opened the cupboard, and retrieved a bottle of pure virgin oil. Presto! My shopping was complete.

The cucumber needed to warm up before I abused it, so I set on a tray nearby, hit the couch, grabbed the remote, flicked through the adult channels, until I found the hottest interracial, gangbang, butt-fuck flick. I smiled smugly. There was more than one way to skin a cat!

The movie started out with a slim, white, chesty blonde stripping and playing with herself, until the movers arrive. When she hears a knock on the door, she opens it immediately. Four to five black guys walk in and the hardcore sex begins.

The horny blonde drops to her knees and begins lustfully sucking an array of semi-hard, black, monster cocks that when completely hard will spread her pink anus so wide that you will be able to see her tonsils. Even knowing that she probably will not be able shit for a week, I was jealous.

After several minutes of cocksucking, the boys’ glistening cocks were erect and swollen. However, before fucking the shit out of her, they pay homage to her asshole first. Each guy buries his face between her cheeks and gently tongue-fucks her pink anus.

After about thirty minutes, I couldn’t take it anymore. I turned on my side, eased my skivvies down over my smooth ass, grabbed the olive oil bottle, opened it, and began to apply the oil to the outside and inside of my anus. When I felt loosened, I quickly applied the oil to the cucumber.

I was in a rush now. I wanted this bad boy up my horny ass! Watching the blonde squeal and writhe on her belly as the mammoth cocks, one after another, plunged in and out of her beautiful, round derrière was intensely stimulating.

I held one end of the cucumber against the couch and then pushed my ass back on the other end. I groaned loudly with delight as the slick, smooth cucumber spread my anus and easily advanced up my horny rectum.

Although my prostate was loving every fat inch, I had to pause after I had five to six inches up me. My sphincters were clenching the cucumber so hard that I could not go any further.

After a few minutes, I was able to push at least another three inches into my ass. It felt wonderful to have rectum filled so completely. The amount of precum flowing out of my cock confirmed my desires and need for relief.

As I began to slowly jerk my cock and hump my ass back and forth against the cucumber, I saw Beth’s face in my living room window! Her skinny legs were determinedly taking her to my front door! I froze.

Beth was one of our executive secretaries at work. She was a statuesque, longhaired, blue eyed, blonde with magnificent 32 DD’s. Yes, Beth was quite striking; however, her cleavage made it difficult to look at anything else.

Beth lived in a townhouse a few doors down from me. Word had it that she had collected a huge settlement, when her husband perished in an auto accident.

That made sense because there was no way she could have afforded the townhouse based on the salary my cheap employer paid their secretaries. Fortunately, I was one of my employer’s best sales representatives. They and I enjoyed the fruits of my labor.

I think Beth glanced in my direction for a second as she walked by. If she did, I was pretty sure she did not see anything because it was dark inside my living room. The back of my TV faced the window.

When Beth knocked on my screen door, I pulled my comforter over my naked lower body with one hand and hit the remote OFF button with the other. When Beth knocked a second time, I managed to croak, “Come in.”

“Hi! I just wanted to see how you were doing,” Beth said as she let her smiling self in.

Beth looked at the TV as she walked over to me. I could easily see that her nipples were rock hard and that she probably thought the TV had been on.

“We miss you at work and we haven’t heard anything,” Beth said as she sat down on the edge of the couch. I could only give her a tight smile.

Beth’s curvy ass was just inches away from my throbbing hard-on and that wasn’t going away anytime soon. The huge cucumber nestled in my rectum was constantly stimulating it. In addition, her sweet, smelling perfume, hard nipples, large breasts, and bare, smooth female flesh — legs and arms all conspired to overwhelm all my senses.

Although I did my best to look into her awesome blue eyes, it was extremely difficult. Beth was fashionably dressed, as usual. She was wearing a revealing, red, lace up tank top with silver grommets on the plackets, white shorts, and sandals.

When my eyes could not help but wander over Beth’s enticing cleavage, I quickly complimented her on her fancy top. Thank goodness!

Beth was pleased and took the bait. She expounded, for several minutes, about shopping. This allowed me to get my head together. All I had to do was nod every once in awhile as Beth rattled on.

Beth ended her story by asking me if I really like her top. I said yes and as I vigorously nodded my head, I instantly remembered our first meeting at work.

As I walked out of men’s room at work, Beth had just finished taking a drink from the water fountain. Since we were both headed in the same direction, we fell in step together as we walked down the hallway.

I had given the attractive looking Beth a quick smile, but nothing more. I was busy and had to get back to my office.

Unexpectedly, Beth turned to me and said, “They’re real you know.”


“Yes. My girls,” Beth said as she looked down at her boobs.

I chuckled and said, “I believe it.”

“No. They really are. Feel them.”

I panicked when Beth said that. I could just see my VP stepping into the hallway as I grope his secretary’s large breasts.

As I was thinking about how to get out of this, Beth took my hand and put it on her breast! At this point, I was truly alarmed.

“Go ahead…squeeze it.”

Hoping she would leave me alone, I squeezed, and quickly withdrew my hand. About a second later, I thought I’d better confirm her breast felt real or who knew where this was going to go?

“Yes, they’re real…really nice.”

I didn’t want to appear to be insensitive or aloof. Maybe she was just having a bad day… On the other hand…

I quickened my pace and then suddenly stopped. “Shucks! I forgot my papers!”

I immediately completed an about face and headed back to men’s room. I thought it best to get away from her – right then and there.

Years earlier, during a smoke break at work, Beth told me she had been born with extra organs. Puzzled, I asked her what she meant. She looked at me with her extraordinary, big, blue blues and explained that she had born with three working kidneys.

Although I believed Beth, I was skeptical. Her stomach was so flat… Her hips were so narrow. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her…

My thoughts about Beth were interrupted, when Beth said, “You look a little pale. Can I get you anything?”

“Some water, please…if you don’t mind.”

“I sure don’t. Would you like some ice with it?”

As soon as Beth went into my kitchen, I quietly grunted, shitting the cucumber out of my ass. I quickly pushed it and the olive oil bottle into the crack between the back of the sofa and the cushions. As luck would have it, I heard the olive oil bottle fall to the carpet, underneath the couch.

“Please dear god”, I prayed. “Please do not…”

“Here is your water,” Beth said as she handed me a glass. “I wasn’t sure which glass you wanted so I grabbed this one. Is that okay?”

“You mean the cleanest one you could find,” I thought as I nodded and gratefully drained the glass.

“Thanks Beth. That was perfect timing…”

Beth did not go home – for several hours. She stayed and cooked us supper. While she was in the kitchen, I managed to pull my skivvies up.

Beth was a man’s woman and did not mind the fact I hobbled around in my boxers. That was what guy’s did. I wasn’t so sure about the cucumber thing though.

For desert, Beth made us rum drinks. That’s when our libidos went into overdrive – hers anyway. Mine was already working overtime.

It all started when Beth asked me what I thought her worst physical feature was – her prominent Italian nose or her skinny legs. Needless to say, I did not answer that question.

Instead, I mentioned her assets. Her long blonde hair, her big, beautiful, blue eyes, etc.

Beth knew I was dodging the question and teased me, but she did not press me. Instead, she asked me what was either my very best or worst sexual experience.

I said, “You first.”

Beth paused and then said, “Okay. But you can’t tell anyone!”

“Heck no. Of course not!”

“Okay… Right after high school, I went to a birthday, swimming party. A girl friend of mine had invited me. It was an all girl event. No guys.”

“I wore my new micro bikini. All the girls who had a body wore them then. By the end of the day, I was pretty light headed, but I knew that I could make it home safely. I slipped my t-shirt on over my bikini and hit the road.”

“I decided to take a short cut down a dirt road, which would save some time because I could feel my bladder starting to fill up again. I’d had a few beers throughout the day…”

“About half the way down the road, my old car got a flat tire. I knew what to do having watched my Dad more than once.”

“I opened the trunk and as I reached for the spare, I realized I was going to get my brand new t-shirt blackened, so I took it off. My boyfriend had given it to me and I didn`t want to get it dirty.”

“I had the jack out and was getting ready to put it under my car, when a car drove by. The guy pulled over and stopped.”

“An old black guy rolled his window down and asked me if I needed help. I told him my tire was flat, and I was trying to get home from a pool party. Then a bee bit me.”

“A bee!”


“Anyway, I accepted his offer to change it. I really wasn’t in the mood after that. He also put some balm or salve on my sting.”

“He said, ‘My wife used to rub it on her ring. It really excited her. She said it felt very soothing.’”

“I started laughing. I said, she got excited when you put it on her ring finger? I am sure!”

“He smiled and looked me and said, ‘I don’t mean that ring lady. You know…the one you sits on.’”

“I didn’t know what to say. Also, I could see he was staring at my boobs. I looked away and then down. This old guy had a huge bulge in his pants!”

“I was curious. I had never seen anything that big before – in a man’s pants. Ha! Ha!”

“When he saw me staring, he asked me if I wanted to see it. When I hesitated, he said I’d probably never see another one like it!”

“This was awkward. He wasn’t going to show me, unless I unzipped his pants. I wanted to see it…so I did. I guess all the liquor and being around all those half-naked, girls all day made me bold and horny.”

“I got down on my knees, slowly unzipped his pants, and reached into his underwear. His thing was huge! Like a big, long, rubber hose.

Anyway, I grabbed it and pulled it out of his underwear. I sat there looking at this black, one-eyed monster.

“When he said, ‘You know what to do,’ I put it in my mouth and looked up at him. What a look of satisfaction he had. I had the feeling I was the first white woman to ever put his cock into her mouth!”

“I sucked him for some time. It was actually fun to suck them something that big and rubbery. He enjoyed it, too. He emitted so much precum that I actually thought he had cum once or twice.”

“I told him he tasted good and he said it was diet. He said he ate only natural foods.”

“Anyway, my pussy became so wet and itchy, I just stood up, grabbed his cock, and guided him around to the back of my car. Not a word was said!”

“I pulled my bikini bottom down, and bent over the open trunk. At this point, I didn’t care which hole he fucked. I was gonna cum either way.”

“He took out his can of salve, again, and lubed me real good. Actually, he finger-fucked my butthole, until I was on the verge of cumming, then he pushed his big, purple cockhead into my bottom.”

“Wow. It was big and as soon as he entered me, he grabbed his shaft and began making circular motions with it. That big cockhead just kept rubbing my g-spot… Eventually, I started cumming so hard I thought I was gonna…shit!”

“After I came a zillion times, I was loosened up enough for him to push into me. I felt some pain at first, but then it became total fulfillment. His cock felt so good!”

“He was my first black man…to cum in my butt. I don’t know if it was color, size, or a spur of the moment thing…”

“Anyway, ever since then I’ve loved anal! As a matter of fact, for the rest of that summer I looked forward to taking his big, fat cock up my butt, almost every day! We got so carried away; he began inviting his old buddies, too.

“Sometimes I would be gone from home half the day and then come home exhausted and smelling like a sperm factory, having so many cocks cum in me… My parents caught on… You’re the first person I’ve ever told this to…”

“Not even you’re…husband?”

“Hell no!”

“We had just gotten married!”

“You were married?”

“Yes. He was not very romantic and did not see fit to take care of my needs. I was young, horny…”

“Okay. Now you!”

“Alright. Please do not tell anyone, either!”

“No, I won’t.”

“This is kind of embarrassing…and I haven’t told anyone either, especially, a woman.”

“It’s okay,” Beth said as she grabbed my hand. “You can tell me anything. I am a pretty open minded girl.”

“A couple of my friends and I were on a weekend pass and had gotten a hotel room in Atlanta. We wanted to get some…pussy. Well, we didn’t. We stopped…they did, they were older than me…and bought some liquor before heading back to the hotel.”

“We sat around drinking and telling stories. I told them a funny story about Asians. Fred, a black guy, had to piss and when he came out of the bathroom, his cock was hanging out of his boxers. Although he was limp, it hung about seven inches.

“As he looked at me, he grabbed his cock and asked if the Asian guy was ‘this big?’ His cock hung over his hand like a huge hose, too.”

“I had never seen a cock that big. I just stared at it.”

“Fred saw me staring and asked me how big did I think he could get? I mumbled something and Fred laughed. He then walked over to me and started jacking his cock right in front of my face. It grew about another two inches!”

“When his precum started to ooze, Fred stopped. He dabbed it with his finger and then stuck his finger into my mouth. He then asked me if I liked it.”

“Fred dabbed some more and tasted his own precum. He smiled and said, ‘Sweet, huh?’”

“When I nodded, Fred said, ‘Well, have some more.’ He stepped forward and pushed his big cockhead into mouth.”

“Like this?”

My eyes opened wide as Beth smoothly reached into my boxers, grasped my semi-hard cock, and pulled it out. She licked her lips and then her blonde head descended.

Moments later, I felt her tongue licking the precum off my cockhead. Beth gave me a couple of licks and a light suck before engulfing my entire cock in her warm, wet mouth.

“God! Damn Beth! That feels…sooo good!”

The veins in my cock were rapidly pulsing as my every heartbeat pumped huge amounts of blood through them. In no time, my cock was swelling to historic proportions.

I always loved receiving a blowjob and Beth appeared to be an expert cocksucker. She made a perfect ‘O’ with her mouth, which allowed my saliva-coated cock to easily glide in and out of her cunt like mouth.

To top it off, as Beth sucked me, she gently milked my balls. The slight pull and tug was so stimulating that I could only grip her hair tighter.

Beth broke the intensity level, when she released my cock from her mouth. I was somewhat relieved because I was within seconds of blowing. I really didn’t want to cum after only four minutes!

As Beth stroked my hard cock in long fluid movements, she looked directly at the eye of my cock. Whenever a drop of precum would ooze out, she would dart her tongue out, catch it, and swallow it.

Without taking her eyes off her food source, Beth said, “Continue your story…while I play with you.”

“So I sucked his cock…but not nearly as good as you…that’s for sure! I held his cock in my hand, stroking it as I sucked it.”

“Steve, the other guy, had taken his clothes off and had pushed his tan, semi-hard cock into my face, too. I took turns sucking both their cocks, until the guys took me over to the bed. They stripped me and told me to lay face down on the bed.”

“Had you ever sucked cock before?”

“When I didn’t move, the guys grabbed my legs, flipped me over onto my stomach, and spread my legs open. Fred straddled half my ass so I couldn’t move. Then he grabbed my butt cheeks and then spread them open, exposing my asshole.”

“Meanwhile, Steve brought over the tub of margarine we had bought for sandwiches and they began scooping up gobs and pushing them into my asshole with their fingers. I couldn’t help but groan and grunt, and squeeze my anus tight around their fingers whenever they rubbed my prostate. It felt incredible.”

“I was embarrassed when the guys teased me about my stimulation.”

“Steve said, ‘Look! He’s got a hard-on!’”

“Then Fred chimed in and said something like, ‘His cheeks are softer than my girlfriend’s! The Pillsbury doughboy got nothing on him!’”

“Anyway, when Steve said I was lubed and ready to go, Fred began moving his big, fat cock back and forth between my greased cheeks. Although, that felt good, too, I was kinda scared. His cock was pretty big.”

“I stopped worrying about my ass, when Fred reached under my chest and grabbed each of my hard nipples between two fingers. He slowly began applying pressure, until he was pinching them hard.”

“When I hollered, Steve told me to shut-up and suck his cock. It was kind of small I thought when he put it in my mouth, but it grew large – right in mouth as I sucked it.”

“I know what you mean,” Beth said as she stroked me.

“Steve grabbed my head and started face-fucking me. In no time, my forehead was slapping his stomach repeatedly as Fred played with my prostate. I felt really humiliated – being treated like a little whore. The guys were really enjoying themselves!”

“Although I couldn’t see anything, I felt something big push against my butt… Moments later, my anus easily gave way for Fred’s large, greasy cock. I was actually amazed…even when I felt my rectum passage expanding to accommodate his thick cock…that there was no pain.”

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