This is a wife sharing, cuckold story. If you don’t like these kinds of stories then why in the hell are you reading it. If you want romantic stories then you need to be reading the stories in Romantic Encounters.

Tuesday morning, the second Tuesday under “Heather Rules,” I wake up smelling fresh bacon and eggs and hearing voices one of which is Heather’s.

By the time my eyes are able to focus, Heather is standing in the doorway naked, of course, with our ever faithful personal bellboy, Jason. I hear him tell her; “It’s a date; I’ll pick you up Thursday morning,” and then she kissed him on the lips. Flustered, Jason disappeared down the hall; Heather standing in the hall waving goodbye until Jason is on the elevator.

Heather turned and seeing me awake said, “I’m sorry, we didn’t mean to wake you but it’s just as well breakfast is getting cold.” I must have looked confused because Heather smirked and added, “I woke up early and ordered breakfast, I didn’t think you’d mind.”

Then the look on her face became very serious and she answered my unasked question with broken sentences, “Yes, I’m OK, it’s just that yesterday…I…but I think we both know….” Then a smile came over her face and her demeanor changed, “I’m a whore now and that’s just the way it’s going to be, at least while we’re in California.”

She next started to say something and then stopped. I think she was going to ask me if I was OK but then realized that my agreement to Heather’s Rules meant I did not get an opinion.

I just grunted and crawled out of bed and went to the bathroom.

The funny thing is I was alright with everything. Mentally, I knew I should have been pissed off and demanding that Heather stop this shit immediately but in all honesty I was not. I liked Heather this way; I liked being married to a whore. It made her more desirable to me somehow knowing I was getting for free what others were paying for and no matter what Heather would always be mine. Well, mine and Sy’s.

Heather, still naked, was sitting on the balcony munching on her breakfast when I joined her. “So, you probably gave poor Jason a heart attack when you greeted him at the door.” I said breaking the morning silence.

Heather just smiled, “Oh he was a little startled at first but he got over it quickly enough. It was so cute how he blushed and tried to pretend not to look while checking me out. He even asked me out on a date.” Heather said with a sly, smug, devilish look on her face.

“He did, did he?” I asked in mock indignation.

“Yep, he and some of his friends are going water skiing Thursday to celebrate one of the boy’s eighteenth birthday and Jason asked me to come along.” Heather answered. “I think it will be fun.”

“How many of his ‘friends’ are there going to be?” I queried.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask,” she answered. “Like you heard, Jason said he’d pick me up early Thursday morning since it’s a long trip to the lake and he’ll have me back later Thursday.”

I just raised my eyebrows and we changed the subject, deciding to have dinner and do some dancing tonight. After we finished breakfast, I barely had time to shower and get dressed for today’s class. What I really wanted is to have Heather’s pussy wrapped around the hardon I always seem to be sporting lately.

Heather saw me off by standing in the hallway, naked of course, until the elevator came.

In class, Don was a much happier man, smiling and giving me a high five when we met at the break. “Damn that whore was good. I fucked her three times; I never fuck anyone more than once before I fall asleep. The last time she let me cum in her pussy, god it felt so good, having her pussy wrapped around my bare cock the way god intended it to be. Cost me a helluva lot but it was worth every penny. Best piece of ass I ever had,” he exclaimed.

I felt a little embarrassed having another man talk about fucking my wife and her being a “whore” but that was nothing compared to how honored I felt to be married to a woman who could be so highly praised for her skills in the sack.

By the end of the day, I was starving and ready to get back to my wife and have a fun evening with just her and me. But then I had a thought and I almost let it pass but instead I pulled out my cell phone. Pulling out the card I had put in my wallet; I dialed the number and the voice on the other end answered and said, “Hello, this is David.”

“Hi, David, this is Larry, Heather’s husband. Listen, Heather is free tonight and I thought you might like to drift by and join us latter. Maybe for coffee and dessert and some dancing and maybe some fun after that,” I told him.

David, of course, was all for it. We arranged for it to look like a coincidence that David would run into us at the restaurant where I would invite him to join us and the rest will play out from there.

I knew it was insane but sanity left me a long time ago. I knew I was arranging for David to fuck my wife and that I should have been ashamed of myself but I was not.

I love Heather and I love letting other men fuck my wife. If you have a problem with that then FUCK OFF asshole!

Heather wanted to surprise me so I went to the restaurant and waited. I had just sat down when in walked the most beautiful redhead in the world even though everything about her screamed slut!

Heather’s hair was showy but tasteful. Her alabaster skin was perfectly polished giving her a radiant glow. Her makeup was heavier than normal but it was perfect from her ruby red lips, to her blush to her mascara.

The dress she was wearing was unbelievable. It was a tight fitting gold lame that just covered her breasts in the front, the shoulder straps crisscrossed in the back leaving her back bare almost to her butt. The hem ran to maybe two inches below her crotch showing off her sexy legs and a lot more than that if she was not careful. It was so form fitting that it was obvious she was not wearing anything underneath, as evidenced by her nipples standing out high and proud against the stretchy fabric.

Her breasts had that special jiggle I love watching when she moved.

Her matching Gold 5″ spike heel shoes finished of the outfit. And of course, the silver colored chain around her ankle denoting Heather’s indentured status.

Heather came to me and we kissed passionately, every eye in the room watching us.

Our waiter came to us, or should I say Heather, instantly. Heather started with some white wine; I, of course, stayed with my normal iced tea.

Heather was absolutely radiant and she knew it. She provided the waiter with an ample view of her almost bare tits and she even pretended to drop her napkin just so she could give him a close up look at her long legs and probably her bald pussy when he picked it up for her.

All through dinner, we laughed and talked and held hands and kissed the way lovers do when their love is new and fresh. Men stared at us, well Heather actually. She knew it; I knew it and we both loved it.

By her forth glass of wine, Heather had lost all inhibition and was very giddy. She was laughing almost constantly; causing her braless breasts to jiggle, fantastically, just the way I like. Our poor waiter had a devil of a time hiding his boner from the other patrons.

Practically on cue, David strolled by our table and even better, he caught Heather’s eye. Heather grabbed him immediately and even greeted him with an enthusiastic embrace and a sexy full kiss on the lips; telling him to join us. And of course he accepted.

Dessert was ordered. David ordered a cognac for himself and Heather; he offered me one but I declined. Between our waiter, David and me, Heather had the undivided attention of three very horny men. As we enjoyed our dessert, David kept Heather entertained by whispering compliments and dirty things into Heather’s ear. Heather giggled like a school girl and playfully swatted David on the hand pretending to be embarrassed.

David rested his hand on the bare inner thigh of Heather’s right leg and slowly rubbed it; pushing the hem of Heather’s short dress higher and higher up her leg. Neither Heather nor I did or said anything; we were both just enjoying the moment.

Heather was buzzed when we got up to leave so she was in a very good mood. She left David and me to go to the ladies room but not before giving both of us a kiss. On her way back to us I watched as she passed our waiter, whispered something to him making him smile and they immediately disappeared into the kitchen.

David went to get his car as I waited for Heather. Curiosity got the better of me so I went around to the back of the restaurant and in the shadows I could see Heather topless and on her knees; her right hand and mouth wrapped around our waiter’s cock and her left hand working the guy’s scrotum and balls.

Silently, I watched as my wife worked to bring this guy off. He had his hands on the back of her head; guiding her as she bobbed her mouth up and down on his hard pole. All too soon, the guy moaned and I watched as his ass contracted and he shot his hot semen into my slut wife’s mouth.

Once his contractions stopped, Heather stood up with her nasty mouth open so the guy could see his semen deposited there. She closed her mouth, swallowed and licked her lips before she opened her mouth again to show our waiter that his stuff was all gone.

About that time, I realized I probably should not have tipped him since I think Heather had given him a big enough tip already.

Still topless she made small talk with the waiter as he fondled her bare breasts and pinched and sucked her nipples. Now it was her turn to help him as she used her hands on the back of his head to guiding him in pleasuring her breasts.

His break ended far too soon for Heather and he went back into the restaurant a much happier man.

Heather waited until he was gone before she walked over to me. “I didn’t think you had seen me,” I told her as she stood in front of me still naked from the waist up. I took advantage of the opportunity to stroke her still wet nipples and fondle her bare breasts.

She just smiled before turning her back to me and asked me to, “Lace me up.”

I pulled the strings of the straps up to her shoulders, recovering her breasts, tightened the laces crisscrossing her back and retied the ends. With Heather decent again we were ready to find David and leave for more fun.

David took us to a dance club and for the next couple of hours Heather danced with us and several of the other guys that asked her. David and the others took advantage of their time with Heather as they ran their hands over the bare places of her body, repeatedly squeezing and fondling her tits and ass as they danced.

Heather and David came back to the table where Heather sat on David’s lap. David pulled Heather to him and wrapped his arms around her kissing her deeply over and over again. It still felt a little strange watching another man be so intimate with my wife but more than that, it was too much of a thrill to ever stop.

David’s hand was under Heather’s dress. He turned her so that I could see his middle finger slide in and out of my wife’s sopping wet hole.

Heather broke their kiss and softly whispered, “I’m ready.” David and I immediately knew what she meant. David settled our tab and drove us back to our hotel. Instead of going to our room though, David took us to one of the suites on the top floor of the hotel. A perk of being the cop in the hotel I suppose.

Once in the room it was apparent that David had prepared. The lights were dimmed and soft romantic music played in the background. David opened a bottle of Champaign that he had chilling in a bucket and poured two glasses. Handed Heather her glass, he took the other. I was here as an extra.

After sipping their Champaign, Heather and David embraced and began kissing tenderly, their bodies swaying in time to the soft music. Pangs of jealousy stabbed me in the stomach but my horniness kept me glued in place as I watched the erotic scene unfolding in front of me.

David’s hands gripped Heather’s butt cheeks tightly, pulling her body hard into his. Their tongues danced in and out of each other’s mouths as the sexual tension rose. I stood silently observing and videoing, recording another of my wife’s infidelities.

A tug of a string and the knot binding Heather’s dress to her body was gone. The twin threads crisscrossing Heather’s back slackened. David and Heather’s body separated enough for David to slide the cords down and off Heather’s shoulders.

The layer of golden fabric that had covered Heather began to be peeled from her body to reveal the twin succulent orbs of her breasts tipped with their matching pink spheres. David reverently held them in his hands whispering almost inaudibly, “So beautiful.”

David bent his head and drew one of the tender nubs into his mouth causing a sigh to escape Heather’s lips. David turned his attention to the other before returning to the first and then alternating one to the other. Heather entwined David’s hair in her hands encouraging him in his oral explorations.

Heather pulled away from her new lover long enough to slip her dress off so that she now stood naked for his admiration. Lascivious eyes raked over her pale flesh taking in the beauty of her nakedness. David was totally captivated by the sensual creature in front of him and could only keep repeating, “My god you’re so beautiful.”

It struck me how true he was and how much I had taken Heather’s beauty for granted through the years. Sometimes it takes having others to point the obvious out to you to know how blessed you are and how easy it is not to appreciate the gifts we are given.

David’s eyes settled on the vertical slit running between Heather’s legs. A shaking hand went to it and a single finger slid up and down its length which was wet and gooey with Heather’s love dew. Heather’s love lips parted and separated as the invader probed up and down. Heather’s eyes were closed and her face reflected the pleasure her lover’s digit provided.

David stopped rubbing and brought his sopping wet finger up to his nose to savor the heady aroma of my wife. The finger next went in his mouth for him to taste the ultra sweet nectar. My mouth was watering like I tasted the same sweetness David did.

After that, David guided Heather in a slow spin as his gaze roamed up and down the naked womanly vision before him. With Heather’s back to him, David next reached around Heather’s body to clutch her breasts greedily in his hands and pull her bare body into his. He pulled Heather’s hair to the side and sensuously began to kiss and nibble the tender skin of Heather’s earlobe and neck.

Heather’s breathing was rough and ragged and her constant sighing revealed her increasing agitation as her pleasure rose.

When Heather was ready she turned around to face her tormenter and began to release the buttons of shirt in preparation. In quick order David was unburdened of his shirt, pants and other garments until he too stood naked before his lover, my wife, his hard cock jutting lewdly out in front of him pointing straight at Heather for her own lustful and admiring gaze.

David was remarkably fit for his age, lacking the pot belly and love handles that are the plague of most men his age. A circular scar on his chest bore witness to a bullet wound suffered years earlier. In front, David sported a rock hard circumcised cock that stood straight and proud, 6″ long and fairly big around.

Heather toyed with it in her hands as she looked into David’s eyes and coyly giggled and smiled before she sank to her knees. Heather took her time admiring her latest toy; eyeing it appreciatively and rubbing her hands up and down and around its girth.

At the tip, a drop of fluid winked from the hole. Heather smiled playfully and stuck out her tongue and touched it to the opening in the purple head; tasting David’s first few drops of cum. Once these were gone, Heather opened her mouth and engulfed the tender flesh; her lips encircling the shaft behind the head. Heather’s cheeks alternately puffed out and drew in as she began to suck on David’s hard cock.

Silently I removed my own clothing and released my own over hard cock; it felt so good.

David could only stand much of Heather’s oral ministrations before he risked dumping his load down her throat. Despite the overwhelming feeling of pleasure he was feeling, he was intent on depositing his seed in Heather’s love box.

Without speaking, he reached down and pulled Heather to her feet. Engulfing her in his embrace, he kissed her lustfully before he lifted her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom as I followed close behind.

Once in the bedroom, they continued their lustful kissing until David laid Heather onto their waiting bed. Staring deep into her lover eyes, she opened her legs for her newest lover to admire her exposed slit and its tender fleshy folds for the first time. David’s eyes were filled with admiration and lust.

She ran the fingers of her right hand up and down her wet slit from her clit to her vagina several times until she stopped and separated her two tender petals; pulling them wide apart to unveil her most intimate pink treasure normally hidden beneath.

David took a few seconds to gaze at the womanly vision presented to him before he crawled between Heather’s spread legs and pointed his stiff member at Heather’s waiting entrance. Heather’s hand wrapped around his pole and David pushed forward, making contact and then slowly sank himself into my wife’s pussy.

Heather sighed and a low, growling, “yesssss” escaped her lips as the hard shaft slipped past her outer lips and began to fill her love tunnel with its engorged hardness.

Although I know it had happened several times over the last week, this was my first time to actually watch another man fuck my wife. On one hand, I felt like someone had just punched me in the gut. On the other hand, it was one of the sexiest, most mesmerizing things I have ever witnessed in my life; seeing David’s hard cock disappear into my wife. My wife, who until only a week ago had only had sex with me.

My cock still gets hard each time I watch the video I have watched hundreds of times of David’s hard cock sliding into Heather’s overheated vagina.

David’s ass began to slowly rise and fall as his cock moved in and out of my unfaithful wife. I could almost feel her moist tightness around my own hard cock, having felt it myself so many times before.

There was no way David was going to last long even though he was determined to take his time. I was still videoing the sexy scene and focused close up from behind as David’s rod slid in and out, building to the inevitable climax. The image of David buried balls deep in Heather filled the view finder as David’s balls pumped up and down; the unmistakable sign that David was pumping his hot semen into my adulterous wife.

David lay on Heather kissing her for a few moments before he rolled off of her and pulled his rapidly deflating penis from my wife’s just fucked vagina. I stayed focused on my wife’s pussy as it closed behind David’s just vacated cock; capturing the image of another man’s semen left in the interior of my wife’s tunnel and coating her delicate nether lips.

I never stopped videoing. I was determined to capture as much of the salacious scene as I could as David’s cream oozed from Heather’s pussy. As I videoed a finger came into my viewer and began to curve indicating it was my turn. I set the camera down still pointed at the bed and moved to where Heather wanted me.

Heather patted the covers next to her and I lay down next to Heather just like she wanted. I should have known what was coming but I was still surprised.

Heather smiled devilishly and straddled me with her legs on either side of my head. I gazed up at Heather’s bald pussy, slick and dripping from a mixture of Heather’s love juices and David’s freshly deposited semen, still steaming. Heather’s lowered her freshly fucked pussy closer to her target.

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