My dual life continued with me switching between my role as a wife who was desperate to please her husband and a college girl who had no responsibilities or guilt. It was only with much effort that I was able to keep these two lives separate in my own mind. This ability has been what has let me survive all the regret and remorse I have felt through the years.

My husband Tom and I had gotten involved with a younger couple across the street. Tom was 29 and I was 28. Mark was 23 and Donna was just 21. They had been the aggressive ones and we had swapped partners for the first time a week earlier. I had gone along with what happened because I knew Tom wanted to do something like that. I hadn’t really wanted to become involved sexually with anyone in my role as a wife and mother.

I had classes three days a week at the college where I had returned to school the year before. At school, I had developed a group of friends with whom I played the role of a single college student. They had no idea I was married with three kids and was 7 or 8 years older than them.

I had kept myself in shape since cheerleading in school, and at 5-8, 125, 36-25-37 I easily passed as much younger. I had become sexually involved with several of them and I kept that part of my life secret and separated from everyone. I didn’t really need any further involvement, but Tom was very hot for this sort of relationship with Mark and Donna. I felt like I had to do this because it satisfied my husband and it eased my guilt about my college affairs.

After the night we had changed partners and all ended up in Mark and Donna’s bed, things at home were quiet. The next Saturday, I was studying for a big exam. Tom had been puttering around the yard while I had my nose in my books.

After dinner, Tom pulled me into our bedroom and told me he had been with Donna across the street for about an hour while I had been studying. He said he didn’t want to lie to me, so he just told me about it. I was upset, more hurt than angry.

Tom said they had both been outside doing some yard work and she had offered him a beer. When he went into the house with her, they just started kissing and stripping each other’s clothes off. She had sucked him and stroked him until he almost came right there in the kitchen. Then they had gone to the bedroom.

Tom said they had spent the next hour doing everything they could think of sexually. Tom had cum twice and Donna had several orgasms. She had let him cum in her mouth while he was going down on her. After she got him hard again, she climbed on top of him and rode him frontwards and then backwards, cumming several times.

Tom told me he didn’t mind if I wanted to get together with Mark. He said he didn’t care how often I fucked Mark or what we did. He promised to tell me if he did it with Donna and I told him I would tell him if Mark and I did anything. Tom was a wild man in bed that night! I didn’t know what to think. How could he really love me if he didn’t care what I did? What if he knew about my friends at school and what I was doing with them? Would he still say, “Do whatever you want!”?

I didn’t know whether to be mad with him about sleeping with Donna again or to just take him at his word. Sunday afternoon I answered the phone. It was Mark. He wanted to know what time I got home from school on Monday and if he could stop by for a while. He had Monday off and thought we should talk about Tom and Donna. I knew what he wanted, but I wasn’t sure I was ready to do it. I told him I might stay late and study at school on Monday. He seemed disappointed, but said he’d catch me another time.

By Monday when I left school, I was about studied out. The test was the next day and I had crammed all I could. I knew Mark would be home and probably watching for me to arrive. On the way home I decided that I might as well let him come over. It might take my mind off the test for a while. Besides, I wasn’t certain that he wanted to sleep with me, I just suspected. Maybe he really wanted to talk about Tom and Donna. I made up my mind to let things happen however they happened. If he didn’t call, fine. If he did, well we would let things follow their course.

I got home just after 1:00 in the afternoon. The kids wouldn’t be home until 3:30. I hadn’t been home 10 minutes when Mark called. He asked if he could come over and I told him that it was OK. We talked for a few minutes about the night we had swapped partners and about Tom and Donna fucking on Saturday. Mark wanted me to know that he wasn’t upset and felt very comfortable with Tom and Donna being together. He said that he wanted to be sure that I wasn’t jealous.

I told him I was a little mad that Tom had done it without telling me, while I was studying at the house. I also told him I didn’t want things to get out of hand. I had concerns about the neighbors becoming suspicious. Mark was very agreeable to everything I said and we seemed very comfortable.

We began to kiss and make out on the couch and then moved to the family room to get more serious. Mark finished taking my blouse off and as I undid my bra, he stripped his pants and shirt off. We stood and kissed and felt each other. I tugged his shorts down to grab his cock in my hand, and he kicked them the rest of the way off. As I stroked him, he undid my jeans and pushed them over my hips. I wiggled them to the floor and stepped out of them, naked.

Mark moved me back to the bar and onto a bar stool. He knelt in front of me and spread my legs as I sat on the stool. I leaned back with my elbows on the bar to support myself as Mark began to work on me with his tongue. This went on for a few minutes, and then he stood up and moved between my legs. The stool was at the perfect height for him to slide his cock into my cunt without any adjustments. He stood in front of me, holding my hips and plunging in and out of me. I saw him starting to get pretty excited and I grabbed his cock, squeezing him and pulling him out.

“Your turn,” I said as I slid off the bar stool. As I held his cock, Mark turned and sat on the bar stool while I knelt and took him into my mouth. I sucked him and stroked him until I thought he was going to cum.

“How do you want to do it?” I asked. He didn’t say anything. He just got off the bar stool and pushed me up to it, bending me over so I was lying on the stool with my ass toward him. He pushed his cock into my cunt and began fucking me so hard I thought the stool would fall over. He began groaning and thrusting deeper. As he started to cum, he pulled out and shot his cum all over me.

There was a lot and it was running all over my back and my ass. Some had gone into my hair. He grabbed his shirt and started to wipe it off me. I said, “We’ve got time. Want to take a shower with me?” Mark just grinned and followed me upstairs into the bathroom.

We soaped and lathered each other, kissing and playing with each other. Mark was hard again. He asked me if he could fuck me in the ass. I hesitated, but he begged and I said OK. We got out of the shower, still wet.

Mark soaped my ass, and rubbed lotion on his cock. He lifted me up onto the bathroom counter, pushing everything into the sink. I lay back as far as I could and pulled my knees all the way up. Mark started with his fingers and loosened me up. In a minute I was ready for him and he slowly pushed his cock into my ass. I was wet and soapy and with the lotion on his cock, it was the slipperiest I had ever been. Mark was able to pound as hard and fast as he wanted to, and it was very nice for me too! He came loudly and was deep inside me.

Mark jumped back into the shower and I sat on the toilet, letting him drip out of me. We toweled each other off and dressed. He left me with a kiss and went back across the street just before the kids came home. I felt content and satisfied even though I had not had an orgasm. Tom and I had a really hot night as I told him what had happened. I did have an orgasm while we made love that night!

As I drifted off to sleep, thoughts of Tom and Mark were replaced by thoughts of the group at school, the test tomorrow, and the challenge that my friend Debbie had made!

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