I walk into the massage parlor. The smell of fresh cut flowers hug in the air. That was one reason I had come back over and over again. More like a hundred times. Karen walked out. She had on a light color blue blouse on, Open a little on the top. Tight across the boobs. You could see a nice cleavage. She stood 5’7″ and about 125.

“Hello Andy. Did you miss me? I know that I missed you.” Karen knew the right things to say. She would never ask right out about why I came but she knew. We walked into the back room. A place that you could only go after you have been to her parlor a few times. Once inside the side room I could see the pictures of all the girls she had working at that time. I was looking at each picture thinking of what one I would like to try, or have again. Each girl was no younger then 18. Each one was checked and then had to show Karen what she could do. Each girl and guy had to be Bi. Each one went to see a doctor every other week. That was a must. I also had to bring proof once a month that I was clean. That was why I kept coming back. We both walked to the last room on the left. As I went in Karen looked at me and said. “Would you like a shower and a massage tonight my dear?”

“A shower sounds great and a massage sounds better. How about you starting and someone new comes in?” Karen walked to the wall of new pictures. She always had three new girls a week and a guy or two. They would last about three weeks and some moved on. The good ones stayed. I could see pictures of the 6 new girls I have not been with. I also saw one guy that looked great. No face shots. Just from the neck down. Some nude some topless. I could see one that made me hard but she looked a little to young for me.

“Tell you what my dear you pick. You know what I like!” Yes Karen knew what I liked. Soon we both got out of the shower and I went to the table. I lay face down and Karen started her massage. Her hands worked on my back. Karen never gives the same massage twice. Each one was different. Her soft hands worked down my back and then down my legs. Back up the other one and then back down. Soon I felt her hand on my ass. A finger moved slowly down my crack till I felt it slide down between my cheeks. Then I felt her finger going around and around my ass hole. Soon I felt it touch my hole and push some. Not to hard but just right. Then warm oil felt great. Then down and under more. I felt her touch on my balls and then the tight grip on them. She pulled down and turn some. What a feeling. Karen knew I was into pain. She was great at giving it and taking it.

“I have asked Rose to stop by. She is a small girl 5’5″ 103 brown hair and brown eyes. Her tits are a great, 34b. She is shaved with a small rose on her shaved pussy. She loves anal, both ways giving and getting. I have been told she has great hands and she enjoys putting her fingers in a guys ass. I also have been told that she has a great mouth. I have watched her take a cock of 7.5″ all the way down. She did gag some but she got it in. She will be in, in a few minutes.”

Karen knew that this is what I enjoyed. Soon I felt her finger working into my ass. Then another finger. I felt her finger work in and out my ass as her other hand rubbed my ass. Then I felt two more hands working on my back. I didn’t move. Soon I felt the new girls hands on my back and could smell her standing in front of me. I opened my eyes and could see a shave pussy looking back at me. It had a small rose on the top of it. It even smelled like a rose. I could not see her tits.

“Rose this is Andy. I have told him all about you, now I shall tell you about him. He enjoys anal like you. Both giving and getting. I have fucked him a few times with my strap-on and he has fucked me a few times. I have fingered his ass more then I can count.” When she said that she started to finger my ass faster. I starting to get into this more and more.

“Andy has only one thing wrong with him. His cock!” This was the time I enjoyed the most. The first time a new girl or guy got to see my cock. I started to roll over. I felt Karen’s hand grab my cock. Then I could hear her voice.

“What the fuck?” Rose was looking down at it and I looked up at her face to see the look. Rose was looking down at my almost 10″ of hard cock as I looked up into my granddaughters face. All I could do was look.

“So what do you think of his cock? And by the way he is not all the way hard.” I felt her hand starting to jack me off.

With that Rose looked up towards my face and then with a blank look said.

“Holy fuck!” Her eyes never left my face. What could I do? What could I say? Should I get up and leave or should Mary no Rose leave? What could I do?

“So Rose what do you think? Karen has told me that you enjoy, shall I say cocks, large ones! Do you think you could get this in you?” I watched as her eyes went from my face to my cock once more. Then I could see her smile. Just a little smile.

“I think I would like to try and then try once more. Think you could force it in my ass if I asked you to?” Now that was something that I would love to try to do. Just thinking of it made me hard. “Andy I do enjoy a nice hard cock going in me. And I think that your cock could do a great job on me.” With a smile she looked me right in the eye. “And I do think I could please a man like you, in many ways.”

With that she put her hand on my cock and started to jack me off. I never took my eyes off her face and Mary no Rose kept looking right into my eyes. It was like she knew the taboo feeling I was having and I knew what she must be feeling as well. She was bent so her small hand could grab my cock and that made her pussy close to my face. I knew the rules. I had to ask before I did anything that was not what was in the safe sex rules.

1 No oral sex without a condom or dental dam without asking first.

2 No fucking without a condom. Unless you ask, and have the doctors letter.

3 If a girl or guy says the safe word the other person had to stop. If not you hit the door.

I could see my granddaughters shaved pussy just an inch from my face. I could smell her rose. I could see that she was wet. I looked back up at her sweet face and I could tell that she was telling me to lick her.

“Andy if you would like to lick my pussy please do. I have just given Karen a clean bill of health and she has told me that your clean as well. Would you like me to try to take that cock into my mouth? Without a condom!” Karen looked at Rose. Then back at me.

“Rose is good but I don’t think that she can take it all the way in. I have watched her suck a few cocks but nothing as big as you. Please say yes Andy. It would be nice to see her meet her match!”

“As long as I can lick you without a dental dam. I would love to taste your sweet juices right from you pussy. You do like the word pussy? Or would you like me to use a different word? Cunt, hole, honey pot, cunny, eat at the “Y”. Tell me what you would like.”

“Bo,” Rose almost called me by my real name of Bob. “Andy I would love to feel you tongue on my cunt. Would love to feel you lick my pussy clean. The idea of a man like you sucking my lips into your mouth turns me on. Please lick, suck, tongue or eat my pussy.” With that Rose put a knee along side of my face. Then the other one came up I watched as her pussy got closer and closer. I looked down and watched as her lips got to about an inch from my cock.

“Go for it Rose. Show your.” Now I almost said it, grand dad, but I stopped. “Or should I say show this old man that you can take it. Suck it in. Take my meat and make me beg you to keep going. Make an old man happy. Let me watch you take as much as you can into your mouth. Lick my balls if you can.”

I felt her lips on me. Not just on my cock but on my lips. I felt my granddaughter’s lips kiss the tip of my cock and then lick it. Then I watched as best I could as she opened her mouth and take the head in. Then pull off. I could feel her take about 2 inches in and then back out. I felt her mouth push down and take in 3 then 4. Back up and then back down. 4 and then 5 inches. Rose took 5 inches in and she never backed off. Soon her head was bouncing up and down on my cock. The same cock that fucked her grandmother to make her mother. All I could do was think of how it felt. The taboo feeling of it. Knowing that she was doing this to me. Not just to me but in front of another female. Then I felt her pull off. She pulled back and looked at me. Watching her do that turned me on like never before.

“Now my sweet man I’m going to try to take it all in. Take your cock into my mouth and deep throat you. Has anyone ever taken you all the way into your mouth?”

I looked at her, licked my lips. “Rose only three females, one guy and one TS has ever got this cock all the way in. I would love for you to be number 4.” A wicked look came to her face. A look like I had just put a red flag in front of her.

“My dear sweet man. I would love to be number 4. I shall try my best. But the truth be told I have never had a cock this size before. I shall try to take it. But if I fail I still would like you to try to get it in my ass.” The thought of fucking her ass was now worth anything that I had to do. I watched as she kissed it once more and took in about 5 inches. I do not have it marked off in inches. But I can tell by what is left when someone takes it in. Rose had about 6 inches in and she started to gag. Then 7. I watched as she pushed down on it. Then pull back up. I could see tears on her face as she tried to take more. Then about 8. That was when most girls had to stop. At 7 or 7.5 is it for most girls. A few TS’s got that much in and then I watched as she worked in another half inch. I would say at about 8.5 is when she gagged . I thought she was going to puke. She gagged that much, but she was trying to get it in. I felt her pull back some and try once more. Then I felt her gag once more. I felt it hit the back of her throat and then I could feel it close up on her. Once more back up and then back down some, back up and then down once again. Each time she hit that 8.5 or what ever it was and she would gag. Then I could see Karen reach over and push her head down. But Rose would gag and pull up.

I felt it come out her mouth and her face was all wet. Tears coming out her eyes. She was mad that she could not take it all.

“I’m sorry that I can not please you Sir. I guess I’m not as good as I put on. But I shall try each time harder and harder if you will let me.”

“My dear Rose you can try anytime you like. Night or day. Anytime. Now please my dear I have been dreaming for years of licking your pussy. Sucking you and licking you clean. Bring that pussy to my old lips. Make an old man happy.”

With that Rose pushed her cunt to my mouth. I felt the warm skin push my mouth closed. It was like I was kissing a mouth. But it had no teeth. I felt it open some so I could French kiss it. My tongue went in but found no tongue to dance with. I licked around and pushed in and out like it was a small wet cock. I felt her pussy open some as I kept licking it. I found her clit and licked and sucked that and soon I felt her fucking my face. I could hear her saying things to me.

“Suck it old man, lick it like you have never licked a pussy before. Please me and I shall be yours forever. OH yes do that. Yes suck your little girls clit. Pull it into your mouth like I had a small cock. I’m getting close. So close that I’m going to cum in your mouth.” I felt her fucking my face and my nose was pushing into her ass as she did it. Then I felt a mouth on my cock. It was Karen. Karen was sucking me as I sucked on my granddaughters pussy. I felt the taboo of it but I could not stop.

“I’m going to move some and I want you to lick and tongue my ass. Lick it like a slave. Lick it like the ass sucker you are. Think of all the years you thought of doing that to me. Think of when I sit on your lap and you got a little hard and I would stand up and go to my room. Think of how many times you went to your room and jacked off thinking of this. Think of me pushing my dildo in and out my pussy , thinking of you doing it. Watching me as I fucked my cunt and then my ass with it. Come on I’m close. When I cum your going to fuck me, fuck my ass like you have wanted to for the last few years.”

Soon I was licking and sucking her ass. My face pushed up and my tongue going in and out. I have always loved eating ass. But to do it to your granddaughter. What was I doing. I held her cheeks open and pushed her ass tight to my face. I felt Karen pull off my cock and then I could feel her licking my grand daughters pussy.

“Make it wet old man. Make it wet for your cock to go in. Your going to fuck my ass and make me scream. Make me beg you to fuck me harder. Your tongue feels great in my ass, Karen’s tongue feels great in my pussy. Make me beg for it. Make me call your name. What name would you like? Old man, Daddy, Uncle Bob, Granddad or Father? Now fuck me, fuck me like no other man has fucked me!”

I could feel that she was close. I pushed her off and then told her to lie face down on the table I was going to fuck her.

“Lie down, face down at first and I’m going to start to fuck you. Then your going to scream. Your going to call me what ever you like. First I’m going to stick it in your pussy get it wet and then fuck your ass. Then I’m going to turn you over so you can look me in the face as I fuck your ass. I know that is what you want baby girl!”

I pushed her down hard. This was not going to be a love fuck. I was going to fuck her hard and fast. I wanted her to know that I was the person in charge. I pushed her legs open and put the head of my cock on her pussy lips. I smiled to myself. I placed my cock on her pussy lips. I could feel the wetness of them on my head. I could feel it dripping out onto my cock. I knew what I was going to do. But no one else did!

“Slow and easy or?” By the time I got the word “or” out I had push in about 7 inches. It was hard to get it in but I did get it in. I could hear her scream and try to pull off but I held her in place. I pulled back and in once more. Then after about 5 strokes I pulled it almost all the way out. Then down hard and fast. I push it all the way in and Rose let out a scream.

“Holy Fuck granddad I never thought I would get it from you like that. OH does it feel good but it does hurt some. I have never had a cock that size in my cunt.” I started to fuck her slow and then when I felt her open, just a little I started to fuck her faster and harder. I had all 10 inches in my granddaughters pussy. I could hear he grunt each time I pushed in and felt her tight young pussy grab my cock. I held her in place . If not I might have pushed her off the bed. Karen had gotten up and was standing behind me. Her right hand holding my balls as I fuck this ‘new’ girl. I was thinking if she knew that this young 20 year old was my granddaughter. Or was this just another roll play game. I now felt her finger rubbing my ass hole once more. Karen and I have done this a few times with others.

I pulled out and then placed my cock head by her ass. I could feel her tighten up. Karen new this was going to happen and she had placed a tube of anal lube by the bed. I put on about 6 drops and started to push in. At first it was to tight to get my head in. My cock is not that wide. I would say it was about as wide as an empty toilet paper roll. But it is not that hard it can not bend some. I could hear Rose breathing and she would breath out each time I pushed in. This girl knew how to ass fuck.. Soon I had about half in her. I have fucked a few girls and a few TS’s asses. But none of them felt this tight. I was just pushing in and pulling out and then I heard her say.

“Granddad don’t push it in all the way. Let me turn over so I can watch you as it goes all the way in. See the look on your face and also let you see the look on my face. Please granddad?” I was still going in and out. I felt Karen’s hand on my balls and she pull them back each time I pushed in.

I now rolled her over. Pushed her legs up and bent her legs so her knees were now on her tits. MY cock once more on the edge of her ass hole. I could see her eyes and they told me “YES”. Once more I started to push. I just got the tip on when I heard Karen say.

“I love this roll playing game you two have going on about granddaughter and granddad. Wish I would have thought of it.”

Rose looked at Karen and just let it out. “Who said it was a game! Karen. This is my grand father and I have thought of doing him years back. Never knew he had a cock like this. If I did I would have fucked him when I was 18.”

I just couldn’t take anymore. I pushed in and it went in. Deeper then I thought. It was tight and hot. Words can not tell the way her ass felt around my cock. I went in and bent so it could keep going. Soon I had about 7 inches in and I pulled out. Then right back in. I looked down and could only see about 2 to 3 inches left. I dropped a few drops of anal lube on the rest and pulled it out. Then I watched her face as I pushed back in. Taking 7 inches she smiled and then I pushed in 8. Her eyes open wide and I could see a tear. I pulled back about 2 and then pushed in three. I now had 9 inches in her. Her mouth was closed . And I could feel her tighten up once more. I watched her bite her lower lip and her face looked like she was in pain.

“Please granddad do it, do it fast. Don’t make me wait. Give it all to me. Make me yours. Please!” The look on her face told me all I wanted to know. I pushed down hard and I felt it go in. My balls now touching the bed and her cheeks. I was now balls deep in my granddaughters ass. I did not move for about 5 seconds. Her mouth was open I could hear her breathing and see her tongue touching the inside of her upper teeth. Then I watched as she bite her lip once more.

“Oh my god. I have never felt this full. I have never had anything in my ass that long. Not ever my dildo. Karen has my grandfather fucked you this deep?” Mary open her eyes and looked at Karen. She then swallowed. It looked like she just swallowed a load of cum.

“No I have never had him that deep. Are you guys joking me? This is your real grandfather? Did I hear this right?” Karen looked at me and back at Rose or Mary what ever.

‘Yes he is. But he never knew I was doing this. But I’m glad he comes in.” Mary looked back at me. “Granddad will you now make love to my ass. I do not think I could take a hard fucking. So please go slow at first. Let me open some and get use to that thing. Please?”

I knew from all the others if I pull all the way out it will hurt each time I push all the way in. So what I do is pull out about a littler less then hallf and then back in. A tip from your uncle Bob. Try it that way. It works better. I pull out about 4 inches and then back in about 3, out5 in 4, then out 4 then all the way in. Pull out about 5 and go in about 4 do that for about 5 times and then all the way back in. I have had it done to me like that and it will drive you nuts. It feels better then pulling out most of it and then going in all the way back in. It does hurt that way. And it makes no difference how big you are. An ass will close up if you pull it all the way out and try to go back in. Half way out, for me that is 5 then just over half of that in 2 ½ then out some and in a littler more.

I started to make love to my granddaughters ass. This is something that I never thought of doing. Yes I have thought of her but never thought I would be doing it. In and out I went. It was like a church bell ringing. IN out, in out, in out. With each in and out I watched her get higher and higher. I knew the feeling from being fucked just like this. After the first time I knew why girls like to be fucked. Soon I was getting close to shooting. I started to move faster. I watched her face to see if it was the right time. Soon her legs open and she put them around me. I started to move faster. Soon I was going in and out almost as fast as I could. I could hear Karen talking to us.

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