To be my girlfriend you must accept that I don’t want to fuck your pussy. The only pleasure a woman should get is from being sexually submissive. This means that the only sex you’re going to be allowed to enjoy is getting your ass and throat fucked. You may play with yourself while I am using your other holes, but that is the only way you’re going to be allowed to cum. Even if you masturbate, I want you to have something in your ass and/or throat when you’re doing so. You’ll need to ask for permission every time you masturbate or orgasm if I’m fucking you. And I won’t always say yes, either. I want you horny and frustrated most of the time.

If you want to be my girlfriend, you’ll have to be prepared to have every aspect of your life controlled by me. I’m going to tell you what to eat, what to wear and what to think. One of your first symbolic acts of submission I want you to under take is getting your nipples pierced. I love torturing nipples and you’ll learn over time to take an overwhelming amount of pain. Your nipples will always be sore and aching as a constant reminder of your place as my whore while you go through the rest of your life; while you work, while you go grocery shopping, while you visit family members.

The second thing I’m going to train you to do is deepthroat like a good little whore. We’ll practice for an hour a day by me shoving my erect dick as far in your throat as you can take while you try not to gag. We’ll practice with dildos of varying sizes and I’ll finger your uvula like it were a clit, treating your face like the fuckhole it is. I like to fuck a bitches throat so she can’t talk the rest of the day (not like women should talk anyway).

Every time we have sex you’re going to have to swallow. I will never cum inside your ass, I’ll always pull out. And if any gets on your face or clothes or on the floor or your back, I’ll make you drink every last drop. It’s always awkward at first to be honest, but I love making a girl do it none the less.

Now I must say I’m on medication that makes it hard for me to cum. So you’ll have to get used to me fucking you in the ass for extended periods of time, an hour to an hour and a half on some particularly difficult days. And I’m currently saving up to get my 6-incher increased to a 7 or 8 incher, so you’ll need to, at some point, need to take a very large and thick cock as well. I’ll be frank with you. The reason I want the size of my dick increased is simply because I just like seeing a woman struggle. And I’ll fuck your ass vigorously enough that you’ll always struggle with it.

If it isn’t already clear by now, I like my women whores. I like them to act like whores and I like them to dress like whores. And at some point I’m going to make you dress up in some humiliating whore outfit and take you to a bar and show you off. I’ll let you be groped by strange, drunk men. Maybe if you’ve been a bad whore I’ll take you to the men’s bathroom, have you kneel on the disgusting floor, blindfold you and have you suck off any man who needs his balls drained. When I have my friends over you’ll need to be prepared to not only serve them drinks and snack, but to be ready to get on your knees and suck them off if they so desire.

You’ll get used to an increasingly degrading and humiliating lifestyle of total submission. Eventually you’ll be eating all your food from a dog dish on the floor and I’ll strip you of your name and replace it with something like “dumb whore” or “fuck slave.”

In time you will shed your ego and think of yourself as just meat. Meat that I own and that is only worth anything to me as place to dump my cum. It’s very zen in a way. But I’ll have your limits so abolished that when I tell you to walk down the street with my cum drying on your face you won’t even hesitate. You’ll be so used to the constant humiliation and degradation that those feelings will simply become a part of your new reality.

So that’s basically what I’m looking for in a relationship. I’ve abused my share of women before, but never to the extent that their entire lives revolve around me, being turned into egoless sex-zombies.

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